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Zac Efron & Vanessa Hudgens Split

Zac Efron & Vanessa Hudgens Split

Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens have ended their four-year relationship, sources confirm to

The 23-year-old actor and his High School Musical co-star, who turns 22 tomorrow, “are still good friends,” the source added.

Zac is currently filming The Lucky One in New Orleans, while Vanessa is wrapping up work in Hawaii on Journey 2: The Mysterious Island before production moves to North Carolina.

Yesterday, Zac was spotted at the New Orleans Saints game with Twilight stars Kellan Lutz and Taylor Lautner. Miley Cyrus was also in the Superdome cheering on the home team. Zac and Kellan pic here!

E! Online was the first to report the split.

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Credit: Frazer Harrison; Photos: Getty
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  • ladysdsandiego

    nooooo!!! i feel like my heart is breaking!!! i just wish them the best and will continue to support them.

    i just hope vanessa feels okay since her birthday is tomorrow.

  • andrea

    @Dexter’s girlfriend: it’s obviously possible

  • Gab

    I’m usually a cynical a-hole but I had a weak spot for these two. It was nice seeing how together they were and how much fun they had with each other despite all the haters and the scandal. Too bad. But they both have careers on the rise (yes, Vanessa too with Sucker Punch happening soon) so they’ll be keeping busy. I just hope this isn’t about a third party, that would be so disappointing.

  • kelena05

    NOOOOOO this can’t be trueeeeee!!!! :(


    I read that GINA, Zac’s agent confirmed that He and Vanessa are taking a break for now. I wish both of them the very best, and God bless them both always and i hope they find want there looking for, my gut tells me that some day they will find each other again they are soul mates in there heart’s. For people who think Vanessa is not avery good actress, is going to get a rude awaking, i think she will be successful. in anything she does.

  • whitney

    It will be really painful for them to see each other move on in the media. Four years is a long time, they’ve shared a lot. I’m sure this isn’t easy.

  • hu

    i loved them togethe since highschool musical

  • kattt

    they’ve been together five years. anyone else find this article kinda suss? especially considering he just spent this past thanksgiving with her and with the photos that were released of the two of them..

  • Rn-224

    so sad……
    but I’ll always support U, Vanessa…….. no matter what…
    really want to see your smile…

  • so sad

    I think Zac’s peeps are the ones who leaked. The comments about them “running their course, still being friends, etc” just tells me it was them, to not make Zac look bad in any way. Love NEVER “runs it’s course”. It stays strong and does NOT take a break.

    I wish them the best. I can officially say I have no one to root for in Hollywood now. NO one. They were the only ones who seemed true and real to each other ( of unmarried couples anyway.)

  • Soul Fly

    NOOOOOOOOOOoooooooooooooooooooooOOOOOOOOOOOOO is exactly what I was thinking…

  • jj

    They are young. Do you guys think they would have lasted forever? They actually lasted longer than most young couples.

  • :(

    So sad

  • Akiko

    OH SNAP! And fangirls everywhere are rushing out to buy new clothes, makeup, and GPS to stalk and hopefully snag this new bachelor.

  • Thank God!!!

    Those fakers and their fauxmance was soooooo boring.

  • About Time

    I never liked these two together. Vanessa is a lil ho. Remember the n.ude pictures? Disgusting really. I think Zac’s career will flourish thanks to this break up. Vanessa’s holding him down.

  • yuri

    I don’t believe :(

  • samantha

    i don’t believe it!
    zac or vanessa sasays something plzz
    don’t break my heart

  • Gaby

    Sabe sou uma grande fan de Zanesa desde o ano de 2006,eu realmente acreditava no que eu achava que era amor,porque uma relação que as pessoas realmente se amam não acaba assim do nada tem que ter uma explicação melhor sobre o que aconteceu, afinal as fans merecem esse respeito,tenho certeza d que agora neste exato momento em que escrevo milhares de fans estão chorando em suas casas,porque aquilo que elas acreditaram durante 5 anos simplesmente não existe mais, quem “terminou” foi Zanessa mais pode acreditar que quem mais sofre somos nós as verdadeiras fans que Zanessa,porque isso sim é que é amor,amor de fan é um amor justo e verdadeiro porque é aquele amor que você mata e morre por por uma pessoa que nem sabe que você existe sem querer nada em troca é isso sim é que é amor verdadeiro,estou muito triste por Zanessa ter me machucado e feito tão mal, mais sabe de uma coisa isso não importa porque eu jamais irei deichar de ama-los como sempre amei porque eu sim eu sou uma fan de (triste não poder mais escrever zanessa)Zac Efron e Vanessa Hudgens,embora eles tenham me deichado realmente triste também me trouxeram muitas alegrias em todos esses anos.♥

  • Julieta

    WHAAAAAAAAAAAAT? I Can’t belive this!! They looked very happy together. All I can say is that I’m shocked and sad :(

  • Gaby

    (I do not speak English then translate what I said on google sorry if something wrong)You know I’m a big fan of Zanes since the year 2006, I really believed in what I thought was love, because a relationship that people really love each other just like that just do not have to have a better explanation about what happened, after all the fans deserve that respect, I’m sure it that now this very moment I write thousands of fans are crying in their homes for what they believed for five years simply is not there, who “finished” was Zanessa more who may believe that suffer most are the true fans that we Zanessa, because THIS is what love is, love is a fan and love just because it’s real love that you kill and die for a person who does not even know you exist without wanting anything in exchange is that yes it is true love, I am very sad about Zanessa and hurt me so badly done, the more you know what it does not matter because I will never deichar to love them like I always loved because yes I am a fan of (sadly no longer able to write zanessa) Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens, although they have me really sad deicha also brought me much joy all these years. ♥

  • Emma Efron

    This is really shocking ik how everyone feels about this & this was 1 day before Vanessa’s b-day.

  • rassa

    that’s great
    zac is too hot for her
    she’s too sluty

  • http://Facebook Victoria Clare

    YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FINALLY!!!!!!!!!! THEY BROKE UP!!!!! SO HAPPY!!!!!

  • BOJI

    I’m behind Vanessa a100 per cent. Here’s to The Future and a New Beginning, Vanessa. “HAPPY BIRTHDAY!” MAY YOUR CAREER TAKE OFF LIKE A ROCKET TO MARS. I can only predict good things for you ahead,

  • bob

    well now he dumped vanessa hugeanus, he can date any GUY he wants too

  • Math_Lover

    Hope she will find someone better…
    but now, …focus on your career Vanessa.. there must be a true love for you..


    Zac and Vanessa. will never find other people has great as they are, to each other. and the kind of support they gave each other, know matter who they with. deep down they still love each. love doesn’t stop,just like that, I hope want they have done will be worth it.

  • Warren

    Miley has said Zac was her dream guy and now they are in the same city doing movies and he just broke up with Vanessa……..hmmmm. Stay away from my Miley, Zac!

  • Bunny


    You’re more mature than I could ever be haha. But what you say makes sense and I agree with you completely. But I can’t help but be really sad if this is true :(

  • Hallo

    Can not belive it…….anyway still long way to go.If it God will they can be together agian. Live still on. Actulaly I am the fan bcos of their relationship….like to see them together.

  • Marisa

    Omg:’( nooo! this cant be true… I hate that!! but it may probably is false… we dont really know.., we have to wait for someone to say the truth.. vanessa or zac could be that “SOMEONE”.. if it is true im so sad..

  • kyle

    I hope this is just a rumor but if it’s true that they have split up, then it is really a sad development for my favorite couple. I will still support their individual careers though.

  • lily

    If this is true Vanessa I am behind you 100%

  • Soni

    I am behind both of them.
    I do not think it id true. First of all, JJ IT IS 5 YEARS TOGETHER NOT 4
    After all that has gone on in my life this year. this is the one thing i am so shocked by/
    at least i still have pictures of them

  • what

    bummer :( they were really cute together and they seemed happy. hopefully it’s not true.

  • Danni


  • jasmin

    I really don’t understand the hate on Vanessaa just because she’s with Zac…it’s not like these girls will ever be able to get with him or even have a chance with him. If they are true fans of his they will respect his choice and the people he loves. They might be on a break but I truly belive that they are still in love and respect each other.

    I really do hope that this split is in good terms and that they stay friends and continue to support each other.

  • Samm

    NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! im crying! My world literaly froze when I read this!

  • Anna

    Wtf is up with the Hollywooders these days?! All of them are breaking up nowadays!

  • isHotr

    this is SO sad…I was really rooting for these two as well! They seemed so good together. this IS a good breakup.

  • isHotr

    @Samm: for real!

  • lala

    Noooo :/
    They looked so good together!
    Ugh…. oh well.
    I hope this isnt true but if it is then i hope it goes well for them both

  • Roadhouse

    It was reported by E! after they confirmed with their reps. They were draging each other down. All I can say is YAY!

  • go sox

    Very sad news. The only couple I have ever rooted for in Hollywood. Ever. Sometimes couples do love each other, but it’s not the right time for them. After 5 years, a woman deserves some kind of commitment, even if it’s not marriage for a while. I think they just didn’t want the same thing right now in their relationship. But I respect their maturity in knowing they need time apart right now. They have always handled their relationship with care, and I imagine a lot of thought went into this decision.

    Love ya, Vanessa….thinking of you, and hope your birthday gives you something to celebrate! You are an amazing woman….beautiful, sweet, generous, thoughtful, caring, talented, and sexy as hell. Be strong, and know we are thinking of you.

  • TN

    I can’t imange!!

  • kkkkkkk

    he finally shaved his beard

  • michelle

    My prayers had finally been answered :) Zac has his career ahead of him. Obviously, he’s not ready to settle down. Plus Zac is still young and hot. I’m sure he’ll find someone better.

  • kami

    i thought they’d been together over 5 yrs. that’s what zac said in one of his csc interviews. they are taking a break. that can be good for both of them.

  • shem

    NOOOOO ! this cant be true ! :((((((((((((