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Zac Efron & Vanessa Hudgens Split

Zac Efron & Vanessa Hudgens Split

Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens have ended their four-year relationship, sources confirm to

The 23-year-old actor and his High School Musical co-star, who turns 22 tomorrow, “are still good friends,” the source added.

Zac is currently filming The Lucky One in New Orleans, while Vanessa is wrapping up work in Hawaii on Journey 2: The Mysterious Island before production moves to North Carolina.

Yesterday, Zac was spotted at the New Orleans Saints game with Twilight stars Kellan Lutz and Taylor Lautner. Miley Cyrus was also in the Superdome cheering on the home team. Zac and Kellan pic here!

E! Online was the first to report the split.

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  • SONY

    freaking news…my litle sisters are crying ..pretty rar3

  • Tom


    Yes he is. You need to get over it.

  • Tom

    He’s gay, she’s straight. That’s why they split.

  • Tiptoes

    Its amusing how some of you posters are assuming the reasons of the break up specially you Florence. if I read back to the article, it was a mutual decision to “take a break” – meaning that both of them are focusing right now in their careers and obligations. Their relationship takes a back seat… whether it will be a permanent break or there will be a reunion weeks or months from now, will depend on ZV. I am saddened by it but if they feel its the best for them, then let us support them.

    If you are following their careers very closely, you would know that Vanessa has 2 movies coming out early next year plus another movie she is currently filming. Zac on the other hand, has projects to get off the ground, being a producer of his production company. If they feel right now because of their schedules that they can’t spend together as much as possible, and they need to concentrate on their careers, then let us respect that decision. I have no doubt that they still love each other and have great respect for each other.

    Also, Happy Birthday to Vanessa. Enjoy your special day and have a great time in your party.

  • http://itsmebeluu beluu

    oh gosh! i don’t know if it’s really true, the people are always making rumors about them! really i can’t believe it!

    they haven’t broke up, i feel something, that make me believe taht it isn’t true!

    zanessa alive zanessa alive! i’m sure of that (:

  • Lilly

    Are you a personal friend of Zac’s? If not, then you do not know if he is gay or not. Stop stating things as fact when you don’t know.

  • BOJI

    Tiptoes, I’m inclined to agree with you. I believe they still love each other as is evident in the recent video and know that right now they need to focus on their budding careers. I think sometimes, when you invest too much in a relationship, it only serves to hold you back from your potential and your ambitions. Taking a break doesn’t mean total separation, it just means giving each other time and space to do whatever it is they need without having to constantly concern themselves with whatever the other half thinks or opines in their career moves or social forays. Yes, they both want to discover themselves, better now than before it is too late, I say..

  • Math_Lover

    Where is my post Jared?
    It should be #223…..


    I hope it’s true. I was growing tired of their allegedly perfect relationship. Prince and Princesses and happily ever afters only exist in fairy-tale land and I was getting very bored of reading Cinderella and Prince Charming.

    Welcome to reality, Zac and Vanessa. I hope you both can breathe a bit better now the peformance is over.

    PS: I disagree with Tom. I think both play for both teams.

  • kyle

    Tiptoes and Boji, i have exactly the same sentiments.

  • Tiptoes

    Thanks Boji and Kyle. I have read the posts of Karen over at JJJ and agree with her that this step is more career related than anything. I rather that they take a step back and re-evaluate what they really want and their priorities so there are no regrets and disappointments later on. They are both very young and still have so much more to accomplish. I know its hard for us fans to understand this as we don’t really know what its like to work and live in the media. We can only hope for the best for them.

    What is really disappointing are the celebrities who are married and are getting divorce (Dexter stars, Scarlett and Ryan).

  • nat


  • amelia25

    I cant believe, sorry for both

  • darla

    Career related ROTFLMAO. Here are some questions;
    Who among this two have a movie coming out earlier next year?
    answer: Vanessa.
    Who has a movie that tank in the box office despite the much publicized
    nude photo leak:
    Answer: Vanessa ]
    Who is the martyr girlfriend who endure the humiliation of being treated like a real life stripper by her boyfriend in the remake of rent
    Answer: Vanessa
    And because of that you is the person you feel sorry for that you as a fan will do anything to make her/ him happy by watching her seemingly crappy movie that is about to come out:
    Answer: Vanessa Hudgens

  • Emma

    hey guys if they are both away filiming then there is a very slim chanve of a brake up so suck that all you stupid people making these rumors up

  • Tom


    Are you? No. So you can’t say he’s straight. Stop stating facts when you don’t know.

  • Tom


    Perhaps they are both bi.

  • go sox

    @Tiptoes: While you speculate this is career related, some of us think this is related to the fact that they may have reached a crossroads in their relationship. I’m sorry, but you can’t date forever, and at some point, EVERY long term relationship has the discussion about “where do we go from here”. Only they know what the issues were…….it’s possible it could be a combination of both, and a break was the wise way to go for them to re-evaluate, and find out what they do want. Either way, only Zac and Vanessa know for sure.

  • hmmm

    ooo man relief!

  • Bradley Bobst

    I’m Having A Hard Time Understanding all of this Because If Zac and Vanessa Broke Up over the Thanksgiving Holiday then why is the media Just Breaking Story I Believe there is more to story then the media knows But Jill did say that Gina said they where Taking a Break.

    If They Break Up don’t you think the Reps and Ken Barker would have said they where Breaking Up for Good. I heard Ken Barker says that they where Taking a Break I’m so Not Getting all of This what the Heck Happen Two weeks ago they where so in love and now they are having Trouble in their Relationship. Something about this Story is not Adding Up here maybe in time we will find out what happen.

    But I still Have Faith that Zac and Vanessa will Find their way back each other because they are so meant to be together, Because their Love is real and True and No matter what happen true love will never die.

  • abby

    @tipteos ,im with you, you are rigth they are fuccosing in there career,sooner or later they will be back as what they rep says,us zanessa fan i feel that ! that no matter what they love each other and itshown,maybe 2 month or 3month ,we will see.

  • mhay

    i dont know if i watch HSM again because if this.

  • TC

    According to The awful truth and blind gossip. Zac had a brief affair with a stripper. The love is gone

  • jean

    really a bad news…it breaks my heart…

  • nora

    HEARTBRAKE, HEARTBRAKE, cant believe it……. oh no. seriously.
    even though this is non of my business and its their private life, but being a huge zachary fan and like following everything , its like i have a 500 kilo box in my heart. im speechless, not in a good way. what a shock. still rewinding everything in my head, WHATTTTTTTTTTT!!!!??!!!!!


    @Tom: I think they are both bisexual too, which means everybody has a hypothetical chance with Zac! Now I can finish my story where Zac plays a bisexual mechanic without reality impeding on my imagination. (-;

  • Willi132

    Meu Deus eles tem que voltar, se ñ como eu vou assistir High School Musical, pensando que eles terminaram o relacionamento…

  • florence

    @TC: That is more likely to be the reason for the split, I don’t buy the career or distance part of it, but the single life part that to me rings more true especially on Zac’s part and some of the things he has recently said, and with the strip club if it was so inecent then why try and hide it.

    I just feel that he feels that he is missing out on being one of the ‘guys’ and doing what ever he wants to do with whoever he wants to do while he has a gf, so of couse he wanted the split, he’s always said that he has never felt the need to play the field, well I guess that is’nt true anymore, and he obvioulsy feels that the grass is greener on the other side, so go on Zac go and bed as many women as you want and profess your love for them, Vanessa is well out of it.

    Guarantee you HE will be the first one to get new arm candy and parade it in front of the cameras, who know’s I would’nt be supruised if it was either Amanda, Nikki or even his latest lady co-star, but it will be him who get’s with someone first.

    Just now that after all the crap he spouted about how much Vanessa means to him, how supportive she was of him, how she was the best gf in the world and he could’nt imagine his life being any different with her in it was just that crap.

    If yuour going to break up with someone why go on holiday with them and be all over them like he did for Thanksgiving, that’s just cruel.

    So go back to your stripper Zac I hope ity was worth it, becuase Vanessa is worth tne million of you and twenty million of some sleazy stripper. YUou’ve lost the most not Vanessa.

  • Danielle

    I’m in shock, too… I just can’t believe it!!!!!!!! nOOOOOOOOOO

  • lady

    i wish zac and vanessa could get off there ass and fight for each free not fun. but zac guys friend told they are have fun with all the lady. so zac went it now.yes they work in other place. but they was going to see each went they had a break in the move they was make.he going to be soory.i my husband die this yr then my brother in law did to and 2mo ago my mom die. i would gave any think for them to be here. i lose my true ia cancer.i now i hear this.what wrong with these people love come around one time.the true love.what wrong with these guys think it better on the other got work on it. my husband was in the air force. he gone 2 over sea. he was more away with is job. but we still fight for are to was together for 5yr and now zac want to be free.vanessa was with you though everthink.she was there for you.people tell you to bump better fighter for her befor it to need to talk think out and listen to each ment gave and take.went it get hard you call qiut.if that what you wantzaci wish you the best.but you will be sorry be drink around drug.if that what you call that you will lose everthink you work for.vanessa party on the 18 i know you are will fine some one but it want be real love like you had with zac

  • birdie

    These are two great people, I really wish them the very best in their

  • kgg

    bringing my post over from JJJr.:

    It touches my heart that this relationship has affected so many people from around the world. Love is an international language that everyone speaks. Isn’t it strange that no matter what was going on, whatever problems anyone was having that just knowing they were together just made things a little brighter. Thanks to everyone and their wonderful comments. Just remember: love conquers all and I know in my heart that this will be a temporary break and they will soon be back together as we hope.

  • Tiptoes

    You know you can tell from reading some of the posts here who has MAJOR INSECURITY and RELATIONSHIP ISSUES in real life. Your speculations about the break up (like Zac wanting to date) and what they will do next (Guarantee that He will have a new arm candy) is pure silliness and idle gossip. NO ONE knows what really happened – so stop making up stories with what happened in Hawaii. Anyone who says they have “insider sources” about the reason for the break up is LYING! If you have followed ZV for years, you would know that this relationship is just between the two of them – and NO ONE ELSE.
    So let us leave them alone to sort out what they want to do.

    And KGG – that is really beautiful.

  • Math_Lover

    I’m not happy for their parting… just feel better, cause no more of his fans dissing Vanessa for dating “their man”. Vanessa is always the one who getting “bad words”, and treated as if his lapdog…, said that “he is too good for her”… uugh… I think She is the one who deserves better..
    …Hope this separation will prove that she will achieve a good career without him.,. She’s kind of hard worker…

  • kyle

    @Tiptoes: You nailed it, Tiptoes.
    Vanessa and Zac are still very young so let us give them the chance to find out what they really like, achieve what they want to achieve . As fans, we can only hope that this temporary break from each other will not become permanent. In the end, it is their life and whatever decision they have agreed on, let us just respect that. After all, it is theirs and not ours to make.

  • Tiptoes


    TSK… talking to yourself. You are hopeless.

    Kyle – thank you for that.

  • NavajoTaco

    Oooo this is sad i dont what to see them to be over :.( well i hope they get back together! :(

  • florence

    @Math_Lover: Excatly Vanessa was always the one being called names, always people saying that SHE was’nt good enough for him, she was using him, she was to clingy etc, Zac could NEVER do any wrong in this relactionship it was always Vanessa.

    But who when it came time for them to promote their films who was it that the story’s always came out about visiting clubs, going off with other p[eople, gettiung drunk, ZAC and I don’t care what people say but I have always said that their is some truth behind the story’s and one day it would affect them, also all his gushing about co-star’s and how beautiful, sexy, great they were, how much he enjoyed his sex scene with Amanda and found it VERY PLEASURABLE on his part that statement alone signaned that he wanted more than just acting it out with her. Yet Vanessa openly said that she did’nt particulary like doing kissing scenes with other people, but ovioulsy had to as it being part of her job, but you NEVER heard her go over the top about her co-star’s like Zac did, and he used to say these things especially about Amanda with a stupid grin on his face, he treated Vanessa and their relactionship like a joke, again trying to be ‘ one of the guys’

    Well he can now go home and I don’t mean LA. and go off with ‘ the guys’ and do whatever he feels like he is missing out on by being with one person. And before anyone says it I know of people who got together when they were 17-18 and are still together to this day, so I don’t think their ages had anything to do with the split, they are both in the same buisness so know it is tough and they have dealth with distance and seperation before, and yes there careeers are taking off but again it has never stopped them being together before.

    No this is plain and simply Zac wanting to be the ‘ man sorry boy about town’ and be able to have a different girl whenever he wants becuase they know as he has said by his own mouth that he is NEVER going to get married so they know that he won’t commit to them fully, but just enjoy bedding them and professing his love for them until the next one catches his eye.

    He even signed a photo to a fan ‘ To My Love’ sorry but should’nt a comment like that be saved for Vanessa not a fan, I can understand with Love, but ‘ To My Love’ is just wrong to put on a photo for a fan.

    And Vanessa does deserve better and perhaps now the press will see her as a indivudual who is just as much capable as making good movies as Zac, because he has been the one that they have raved about and been put up on a pedestal by the press and his fans who thinks like him that he is god’s gift to women and perfect in every way, well I hope that all of Vanessa’s films are a big hit for her and that she will finally be seen as more than just Zac’s arm candy by everyone.

  • florence

    It is offical Zac’s rep Gina is going to be releasing a statement this saturday. How cruel is that the same day that Vanessa is having a party, first it gets annouced the day before her actual birthday as if that’s not insenstive enough, but then to give out even more details the day of her party is just cruel. And before it’s said Zac must have said it was okay to do this, showing once again no regards for Vanessa’s feelings.

    She is best to let him go and just get on with her life, but as for staying best friends then NO, ebing polite to one another then yes but as for still going to be hanging out then sorry but no, the split is done so be it.

    And again it is Zac and his people who are making announcemnt’f first, at least Vanessa is showing some dignity and keeping quiet.

  • Ceres

    it’s not true! you are lying

  • Holland

    @florence: I’m curious, where did you get that information?

  • Joanne

    i am just so sad…

  • abby

    @florence,you are right !!!!!!!!!!

  • amelia25

    So sad!

  • magda tenšek

    OMG i coudt get over myself for 3 days and its not a brak up its a break they do love eachother its just the distance i belive in them i really hope they realize ( zac realizes ) what has he lost

  • somethingm


    and your source is based on an unreliable tweeter who DELETED her posts???????????? Stop making up rumors and assumptions when you don’t have the “inside story”. And what if Gina is there on official capacity as Zac is winding down TLO and may give interviews about the movie. YOU DON’T KNOW ANYTHING! Stop acting as if you do.

  • Tiptoes

    talking about twitter :

    HOLLYWOOD UPDATE: High School Musical stars Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens reportedly split Error Reported, We are sorry for that !
    about 9 hours ago via Hollywood News & Buzz

  • Soni

    As in real couples lives, you can have careers and relationships/marriages. You need to work at both. If you love each other, support each other and communicate with each other, you can have both a career and relationships.
    I love both Zac and Vanessa because from day one of their relationship they have always reminded me of my husband and I when we first dated and now 25 years later we are still together because of the love, support and communications.
    That was my hope for Zac and Vanessa, we will haveto see what happens.
    But in hollywood, just like in real life, couples can have it all, if they want it all.

  • Abby

    @tiptoes ,I try it not coming ,it’s not shone ,if that is true ,omg!!!!!!!!!!! I can breath now,coz it’s true that they are split ,?one of them will informs there fans ,what’s going on if they really love there fan,coz now all over the world there fans are depressed of what happened ,now 3days already not clear yet!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They are killing there fans right now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ahhhhhhjhjhhhhhhhhhhhhjjjjjhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Wanda Lynn


    You remind me of A Member on other websites named Gracemarie.