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Zac Efron & Vanessa Hudgens Split

Zac Efron & Vanessa Hudgens Split

Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens have ended their four-year relationship, sources confirm to

The 23-year-old actor and his High School Musical co-star, who turns 22 tomorrow, “are still good friends,” the source added.

Zac is currently filming The Lucky One in New Orleans, while Vanessa is wrapping up work in Hawaii on Journey 2: The Mysterious Island before production moves to North Carolina.

Yesterday, Zac was spotted at the New Orleans Saints game with Twilight stars Kellan Lutz and Taylor Lautner. Miley Cyrus was also in the Superdome cheering on the home team. Zac and Kellan pic here!

E! Online was the first to report the split.

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Credit: Frazer Harrison; Photos: Getty
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  • florence

    @Tiptoes: Are you saying that the SPLIT report was faulse?

  • florence

    @somethingm: It is what I read on another site.

    I never said that I had the inside story I was just having my say like everyone else has been doing. It would’nt suprise me if it is true especially on Zac’s part, as I said I don’t buy the distance or career things that got said becuase they are used to that and have always managed, but why put in about the Single life part if it’s not true, and after all of his comments on vidoe’s and in magazines to me is seems that Zac is the one who wants to sow his wild oats and have has many women as possible, let’s hope he get’s it out of his system otherwise he will prove everyone right who said that he is a player.

  • florence

    @Wanda Lynn: Not me I have no problem using my real name I’m very proud of it, but if that’s what you think then fair enough.

  • http://Zanessafan1 Fmik3689

    U guys believe this shit?! Its just a rumer u must be laghing now! We will not believe anything unless zac or vanessa say so , the sorse could be anybody, its a lie, noe whos with me guys

  • Miomiemiemie

    Super Damn Sad.. :C I’ve constantly view their update on JJ..I cant believe it happens.. Wish they get back together and get a bless for their relationship.. Never say END to this relationship.Indeed

  • Miomiemiemie

    Super Damn Sad.. :C I’ve constantly view their update on JustJared..I cant believe it happens.. Wish they get back together and get a bless for their relationship.. Never say END to this relationship.Indeed

  • magda tenšek

    on vanessa s imdb page says that : Split with Zac Efron [December 13, 2010]. soooo i ts true buttttt there is a big chance that they will be back together when everything calms down because they are in love and we all know their love is way too strong to just let it go after 5 years

  • Samii

    nope its true.
    Just went on gossip cop.
    They usually contact their rep or them.
    Pretty sad. I do think they will get back together or maybe they really are just better off as friends .

  • hanna

    I still have a weird feeling about this, i seriously don’t know what to believe..

  • eny

    omg im really crying whyyyyyyy they wos the best couple i love them i hope see still together i hope with heart

  • Emma Efron

    @Tom: Zac is NOT gay they were dating so he wouldn’t be gay. But they broke up now. :D

  • katie

    Guys, I know we all love this couple but we’re acting stupid. They are a NORMAL COUPLE and NORMAL COUPLES break up and take breaks all the time. So what if they are on break? So wha if they are done? It’s THEIR life. Let them live it. We got five years of love, we should be greatful. One day we’ll find out whether they are together or not, whether they are friends or not and we should be happy for them either way. Let them live their lives and make their own decisions, or go and mope. Either way your opinion doesn’t matter to them. Zac said it himself, they are in the relationship for themselves.

  • Soni

    Ok, I always said that IF Zac and Vanessa ever REALLY did break up, it would be all over the new, Well it is all over the news.
    Now for more on my take on this:
    I have followed Zac and Vanessa since HSM started and have loved them because they were so cute and lovable and remined me of my husband and relationship/
    Every relationship has ups and downs, no matter age or how much distance between. With Zac and Vanessa, they were together for 5 years and were also seperated many times because of movies. So why after 5 years is the age and distance apart such a big issue?
    I think because Zac just doesn’t love Vanessa anymore. Which is surprising because of the trip to Hawaii in August and the new rings and then going to see her in Hawaii during thanksgiving. But if he loved her, he would not have broken up with her 1 day before her birthday and would not have his publicist make a statement about the breakup the day of her party.
    I feel for Vanessa and I hope that she can rise from this and find someone who will treat her the ways she deserves. I am sad because I always thought that guy was Zac.
    BUt like some of the other posts, we should have seen this coming because of some of the things Zac has said in some of the interviews, LIke:
    The love scene with Amanda Crew was pleasurable.What guy says that in an interview when he has a beautiful girlfriend?
    How he has racked his brain of why he is not playing the field? Yes I know he anwered he is not that type. Then he should not have said it.
    Back years ago when he kisse Nikki Bloskly on the lips during a interview. Sorry you just don’t do that when you have girlfriend.
    Saying how all his leading ladies have been amazing, attractive , sexy women. Just to name few things.
    I do not know exactly what has happened, but if not all of those pictures were true feelings, then what were they?
    I think if Vanessa was a smart girl like I think she is, she will find someone who will treat her the correct way and love her.Too bad for Zac, he seemed to be the wrong one. But I can tell you, he will not find anyone like Vanessa. SHe is a one of a kind of girl. She was the only one for him

  • lalabub28 update! she not wearing her ring and she is probably doing an interview as well so im sure she is gana confirm their “break” up

  • Haters Suck!

    I’m not sure if this is true or not but this isn’t the first time distance has gotten in the way of this relationship. I heard when Vanessa went on the hsm concert tour and zac was filiming me and orson wells this same thing happend. Also, when vanessa was doing beastly and sucker punch and zac was filming csc, they were filming those movies in the same place so it was easier to still see each other. And if this did happen, I doubt it happend the day before her birthday but happend way before we all just heard about it then. I still wanna hear this from them before I believe it but even if this true,I just got a feeling that I think it will be just a break and we’ll see these two together again.

  • florence

    @Soni: Could’nt agree more Soni about the comments that Zac has made especially about his co-star’s especially the one about the sex being Very pleasurable for him that he did with Amanda and then they flew back to L.A. together so I think that Zac was or does have feelings for Amanda and we will see them togetherbefore long.

    And as you say the comment about racking his brains as to why he was’nt playing the field, well if you have to rack your brains to figure out why your only staying with one person then it’s time to let that person go so you can go out and see what you think your missing, and most times you relaize that you was’nt missing anything at all but by doing that have lost the one thing you should have worked harder to keep, it will be a bigger loss for Zac then Vanessa.

    And I bet Nikki is smiling from ear to ear about this news, when she said that about Zac never marrying Vanessa but her, he should have come out and said something then but he never did so again did Nikki know something that nobody else did. They kissed on a show when there was no need to kiss, and he even said afterwards that he would get into trouble. So it seems he has done various things since he got with Vanessa that he knows will upset her, but he treats it all as a joke, well he’s not laughing now is he.

    By all accounts he’ll love his new film becuase it has him doing coke, swearing and giving oral sex to his next leading lady can’t wait to hear about pleasurable that was for him and how great the woman will be. You can praise your co-star’s yes but he has always, always gone over the top with the comments and stupid grin on his face while talking about them. Vanessa is well rid.

    And I like you don’t buy the distance or career being part of the reason for the split, I think it is plain and simple Zac thinks he is missing out on being as I have already said ‘ one of the guys’ and being single and doing what single guys do, well then Vanessa let him go and bed everything that moves and party hard if that is what he yearns for then let him go and do it. He also said that he cherished everything normal in his life well Vanessa obvioulsy was’nt one of those things.

  • florence

    And it was great to see Vanessa without her ring on, she was back in LA. doing a photo shoot, wonder what magazine it was for and I’, sure that the split will get mentioned but I don’t think she will go into great detail about it.

    Have a great party to night Vanessa and just enjoy being with your family and true friends, Zc can be back in NO going clubbing and seeing who can catch his eye next, don’t susupect it will take him long to find someone if he has’nt already.

  • kyle

    Any pictures of Vanessa’s party in Vegas, anyone?

  • kyle

    Yay, it’s gonna be tonight, anyone attending? Please share your photos.

  • Math_Lover

    I was really touched by what you say. almost no one dares say the truth, even people who call themselves fans of Vanessa. This is the time we can know who the real Vanessa supporter.
    Vanessa sincerely loves her boyfriend. Even she did not care though many times he hurt her. she could accept his all bad habit and all ill-treatment.
    come on Zac.., handsome face, and success is not everything, you could lose it all in one second.
    Hopefully Vanessa will soon meet a man who truly love her. Not a manipulator and flirtatious.
    May the families and friends can give moral support to Vanessa. In difficult times like this, Vanessa could know who the true friends…, and which are the fake…

  • Abby

    @florence it’s really,really touched my heart for what you are saying it’s true,now this time,she will show everybody who she is she amazing!!!!!!! And down to earth,this kind women in holywood is not easy to fined ,moustly plastic and like a rubberband,I’m I right.

  • maria

    @Soni: I sadly have to agree with you. I think what bothers me though, is that Zac could then turn around, act all lovey and affectionate to her, as if nothing had been said. Honestly, I think there are two very different sides of Zac, and puts on an act, depending on who he is with or talking to. I truly think Vanessa was the very tolerant half of this relationship, and honestly, she may have just had enough. I also don’t buy that this is career issues. They have both been busy and away from each other before, and always made it work. I think their relationship is just not a priority for them right now, obviously. So be it.

  • Karen


    You are really working it, aren’t you? You must be OD’ing on your spite right now. I believe what has been coming out right now is how media can manipulate people. I believe people have shown just how bias they are about a lot of things and how many do not understand both the feelings of men and of women. Men and women deal in a different way as their thought processes operate along a different path when it comes to certain emotions. It is unfair to make it sound like IF these two come back together and seem just as in love as they ever were that we should always suspect Zac of have some kind of a split personality.

    Those of you who have had long term relationships, when you have a major difference with your significant other isn’t it a lot of time because you are processing something one way and the other one is processing it another? BUT once you have made up don’t you understand or at least know your significant other got to the forgiving stage in a different way then you did? And one that is over do you love the lover less? Do you hold it over their head? Do you then become suspicious of everything he/she then does?

    It is sick how some of you have automatically blame one or the other for being/causing the problem. Most situations are not one-sided. AND by now if anyone has to be reminded about how the media operates then SHAME ON YOU! It is one thing for the media to enjoy doing their job but it is another for people to then see a celebrity in that light. It’s not fair.

    Bottom line, it is pretty obvious—if anyone had bothered to follow the whole story—that this was a fight between them that was meant to stay between them—meaning they would have gotten it worked out—and nobody would have ever known. Don’t you people think over the past 5 years that MAYBE they have had altercations once in a while but they got it worked out and settled just like those of us who have had 20+ years of marriage have done? And we didn’t know anything about it. They are tired, they have been working hard with long hours. They are facing a hectic career schedule coming up soon after the first of the year. They need some time to sort things and how people cannot see that is beyond me. Give them a chance and let them deal with it and whatever they decide then believe they know more about the situation then any of us do and don’t then be like “you can’t trust this is the truth” or one of them is putting on an act.

    Unfortunately the thing that happened was they had some kind of situation come up and they were away from each other, they were tired. One of them might have ranted about it to someone they thought they could trust and either that person or someone who overheard ran to E!News. How tacky, and now they have to deal with all this too. I believe there is a reason that certain media is now saying how they think they will be back together and make up—probably because now they know it was a disagreement that they could have worked through. AND the fact that both camps reps have issued the “don’t believe the media” is very important information. It would seem a lot of things have been blown out of proportion.

  • Karen

    BTW, my previous comment is not just for florence. We all can clearly see what she is trying to do on this board. I have refrained from posting here because it was obvious that the “problems” were going to be from those people who wanted to make this a Zac vendetta. Fortunately, most people were saddened and supportive of what these two were going through and didn’t decide to take sides as they know that it is a situation that is not usually one-sided. And most seem to understand that much of the controversial stuff go along with media frenzy—meaning there is a lot of out and out lies involved.

    The saddest part is if these two reunite that there will be those who will try to keep causing doubt about their love of each other. I hope they can continue to ignore the hype of media and do what they feel toward each other.

  • tc

    First of all the people waiting for an official statement will be waiting for eternity, there isn’t going to be one. One of their “people” let this info out and Zac’s PR confirmed it .The rest is PR bullcrap they will remain 100% friends means we will be polite in public but don’t sit us anywhere near each other . The relationship ran it’s coarse means
    I don’t love you anymore. The I want to experience being independent and single means I want to sleep around. Taking a break means the
    same as breaking up no matter what anyone says break is broken-as in their relationship. There is no third party means I haven’t had sex with that person but I was attracted enough to want to and that means I want to break up so I can. Zac has made it clear that he was in the relationship as long he was happy and it suited him (fact 20/20) so
    that coupled with the rumors of him cheating with strippers leads me to believe it was his idea. Plus he wants to dump his clean cut image
    and grow up. So it doesn’t suit his sex symbol image to be tied down.
    I guess all that nice stuff he said about his GF was BS on his last
    PR tour, I think he wanted to look like the loving romantic BF because
    it suited the film and his image. Bottom line is people are dreaming if
    they think they will go out sleep around with others then realize they
    love each other again. The dream is over this couple is done


    @ karen, you are so wise, and i beleieve want you say is true, and i support them both always. THANK YOU! People on this board the people that repesent them did not confirm that they broke up’ the only one who said anythin was Gina, Zac,s publist, who jill on Zac fanform, they were taking a break. But one day we will know want the truth is.

  • Karen


    The truth is, this “break” talk that was suppose to have come from Gina is not a definite either. Again, when both offices were contacted both issued the “DON’T BELIEVE THE MEDIA”. At the very least there is more here than meets the eye and clearly a case of things being blown out of proportion. It most certainly would be stupid to believe that it is all about one person or anyone’s “fault”.

    At this point it is shameful that so many by now should know full well how the Hollywood media goes with gossip. They do not bother in dealing like REAL journalists would researching a story they are going to print and knowing for sure or at least 98% sure of what they are writing is true. Hollywood media is only interested in luring people in to get hits, ratings, or make money off magazine sells. There may be one mini fact and then these people make up the rest or their own story or slant on it.

    Just like the party tonight everyone will focus if Zac is not there but before this even happened he was scheduled to be filming tonight in NO. SO he will most likely catch heck if he is there or if he isn’t The Hollywood media will write stuff accordingly.

  • Karen


    It is this mentality and jaded attitude that cause the problems.

    Two weeks before this this boy flew 4000 miles to be with her for Thanksgiving—neither Vanessa OR Zac was interested in being with anyone except each other. THAT alone does not add up to “I don’t love you anymore”. Plus between 2-3 weeks before that that they made sure they connected halfway between and they went to Vegas where they could be together. About 2-3 weeks before that Vanessa was in NO with Zac. I don’t believe any of that adds up to what you are selling. PLus, while in Hawaii they engaged in all their usual activities together. And on the night where we got the video of them kissing witnesses attested to the fact that inside the restaurant they were cuddling, Zac was stroking her hair, she was kissing his hand—same kind of romantic stuff—before ever going out on that street where Zac leaned in to kiss her. THAT, my friend, does not indicate the garbage you and a few others on this board are trying to push.

    I don’t know what everyone’s life issues are but it is clear that some of you have things that you have not been able to overcome and harbor demons of your own. It is time to let them go and forgive. You’d be surprise how good that would be for you instead of carrying around anger over some wrong that was done to you somewhere in the past so now you have to be suspicious and hateful to anyone that you think has done wrong.


    @ Karen, THANKYOU! I beleive in want you say and I beleive in them! God bless them alway’s. I always enjoy want you have to say, and it always makes sence.

  • Susanna

    Supposedly some lame gossip site not this one but another one that is barely even considered trustworthy said they got a call from his publicist why would she call them? She would call E who ran the original story line. No one has confirmed it but we will know for sure after tonight.

  • Karen


    Why do you think we will know for sure after tonight? Zac is suppose to be filming today/tonight in NO and I don’t know why Vanessa would make some big announcement about her personal life at this party. There are tweets both from Ashley Tisdale and Brittany Snow who are going to be with Vanessa and it looks like they are having a girl’s night of it in Vegas.

  • Samii

    Why do you people care so much??!?!?!
    Good gosh. All of you need to take a chill pill.
    They broke up get over it. Of it was meant to be than they will get back together. Right now it seems life they want to be friends. Maybe they all better off as friends.
    Everyone should stop over analyzing things.
    Just wait it out and see what happens.



  • florence

    @tc: Excatly Zac is the one who always gushes about his co-star’s and th last one Amanda was the worst ‘ The sex scenes were very pleasurabkle for me’ why on earth would you say such a thing, then he tries to laugh it off by saying’ oh that was’nt the right word’ so why say it in the first place, he was’nt like verything that comes out of his mouth focred to say he must have been thinking about it to say it.

    I was talking to my friend the weekend and told her some of the comments that he has said and even she said that it sounds like he wanted the split becuase he thinks that he is missing out on the single life, and all the partying, taking drugs, getting a different girl each week or even month, which he said he did’nt want. And the one that annoyed her the most was the ‘ I rack my brains trying to figure out why I’m not playing the field. Well as she said if her boyfriend said that line to her and had to think why he was with her, then as she said it would be . There’s the door go and find out, but don’t bother coming back when you realize what you’ve lost’

    And this is going to be Zac’s thing he’ll go off be with anyone who will go with him, he’ll oput on his stupid grin, that stupid wink he always does, and woemn sadly to say will fall for it, he’ll party the weekend away in strip clubs and whatever other clubs he can find’ hang with his mates who will be glad that they managed to get into his head that he was missing out on life by stopping with one beautiful woman. Then he’ll relaize what he’s lost and as my mate said good for Vanessa if she has moved and and say’s sorry you had your chance so go away.


    Your right to there is’nt going to be any statement, and when it did come out by putting the ‘ wanting to try the single life’ just gave it away that the split is Zac’s doing and what HE wants. I don’t buy the distance or caeer part of the piece that was mentioned, it’s the SINGLE part that sticks out, why put it it could have just been left at the distance and career part, there was no need to put the single life part in. Same as the TRUST part once you have split with your other half who cares if you trust them or not as your no longer together so TRSUT does’nt come into it. You’ll be with someonelse and that is the person who deserves your trust not your ex.

    Guarantee once he has done filming TLO he will head straight home to his parents so don’t anyone expect to see them going xmas shopping together ‘ as friends’ please that’s just a load of crap.

    There done with end of. Vanessa deserves more.

  • Karen


    You are truly a snake in the grass. You tell half truths and turn things around to make something appear the way you want it. You are wicked to the core. Isn’t it strange how may opportunities you have taken in this thread to crucify Zac—saying the same things over and over as if you are afraid that someone might not get how evil he is or that maybe someone will write something that makes sense and is not so filled with venom which might make them THINK for a second.

    I got news for you, it would seem the majority of the posters have commented about how sorry they were to see this taking place—even many who either didn’t like them or were fans. Those people move on once they make a comment llike that and see what else is new with someone else.

    The we have a BIG group who KNOW all about Zac and Vanessa and have watched them closely over the years and the past 4 months. SO, they know just how sick you are. By spewing your non-stop venom it shows just how obsessed you are in that sickness to degrade a decent human being or that you just hope to keep something going. We who knnow about this young man and are fans—well, we aren’t going for it.

    Then there are those few like you who just want to be hateful and the first two groups KNOW what you people are all about.

  • Tom

    @Emma Efron:


  • Carina

    I really didn´t see this coming. It´s really sad. But.I´m sure they have their reasons. They were such a cute couple. It´s a shock for every zanessa fan. Probably they´ll figure things out and get back together. I really thought it was true love.

  • kyle

    Wow, Florence – you are spewing venomous attacks on Zac as if he has done something to you personally. Your hatred is consuming you, it is time to pause and think why it is so. Don’t you know that hatred can cause cancer? Take a deep breath, relax and learn to be cool about life. Things happen, let it be.

  • Emma Efron

    Everyone needs to get over that they are over, they really DID break up it says on news websites & in magazines so it’s gotta be true & it says on Zac’s info on that they split.

  • Soni

    You and I have gone round and round on these posts, but I would just like to know what your feelings on this whole zac and vanessa split is.
    Do you think that they will eventually get back together?

    I am going to say one thing: I personally do not think that seperations and work committments had anything to do with the split. I do not know exactly why, but I will not speculate either.
    I am glad that Vanessa had Ashley and Brittany there at her party with her, It must have made her very happy.
    I do hope that one day they will get back together.

    Thank you

  • florence

    It is time for some to accept that they have split, over obn zanessa sweetheaerts they have photo’s and interviews, and in one Vanessa cobnfirms it by saying ‘ I just wanted to get away and have some fun with my girlfriend, and celebrate my birthday’ and good for her why should’nt she.

    He has done his fair share of going off to nighlcubs without her so I was glad she was having such a good time. She also was’nt wearing her ring so she is obvioulsy well over Efron.

    As she said she has three films coming outext year and it will be a very busy year for her which is good that she will be kept busy.

    Here’s wishing you Vanessa and your family a Very Happy Xmas, and a great 2011.

    And like you Soni I don’t and never will buy the work and the seperation this will cause have anything to do with the split, and I highly doubt that they will get back together.

    Efron will be the first to move on if he has’nt already. Expect him to have new arm candy in the new year and also NOT to be at her preimers even as a friend.

  • Karen


    I see you are still slithering in the grass and spewing your half truths. The “I just wanted to get away and have some fun with my girlfriends” was not said in confirmation that she broke up with Zac or he broke up with her like you are trying to make it sound. They were asking her about how she came up with the party or something to that effect—which was done way before the Thanksgiving holidays. She also says that she had a few months to give a “heads up” meaning she made arrangement with these girlfriends a long time ago. SOOO, it would seem that SHE mad plans to have this time out with her girlfriends way before the “break” happened . OR are we to believe that Vanessa had this dastardly plan all along to break up with Zac so she could go with her girls to Vegas and be single and play? You absolutely lie because you try to make people believe something other than the truth. You are vile, plain and simple. And once again, here you are being your obsessive hate-filled self. And again, you are afraid this story is going to die out and in the end maybe some will have see that this isn’t a villian in this.Furthermore for months on end you have gone on about other women that Zac is interested in and he still a little over 3 weeks ago was flying 4000 miles just to be with the SAME ONE he has been with for 5 years! You must be carrying around some really heavy baggage from your personal life.

  • Karen


    I am not going to go into all the scenarios that could easily be going on with this situation because if I do then by the end of the week there will be stories in some gossip magaizne or blog saying some “source” says such and such. But at least it might be closer to the truth than “they grew apart” or some other stupid stuff I have read.

    But I will say that I think it is highly likely they will get back together IF people will allow them some time to work out whatever it is which has caused the problem. RIght now the fans are part of the problem because all this is being played out with everyone looking. it may be something that isn’t easly remedied like an overnight fix. But everyone is expecting that or to those people it’s “apparently they are over”. It may be something which will take a few weeks to find an answer to. But all along they will have to know people like us are out there watching and waiting like wolves along with dissecting every move they make and every word they say. What a jail they are forced to live in. Everyone clocking in on this is a complication they don’t deserve.

    And one thing I will say about the pressures of their careers. I know you said in an earlier post how they have been away from each other before, etc… If you would look at what is coming up for them in the next several months you will see that no time before has it been like it is going to be. Yes, they were apart nearly 3 months when he went off to film MAOW BUT once he got back they didn’t repeat that again. And while their schedule has been busy the past 3 months as I said earlier they made it a point to get together and not let too much time go between them

    BUT with the upcoming pressure and responsibilties they are facing it may be just too much for them to “schedule” those times to get together and they MAY wonder if it is fair to ask each other to wait around for the other one to find time to spend with the other one. Maybe it is that they just think they need to function as “single” rather then a couple so there will not be so much media pressure put on each of them when they are out promoting movies or out on a film set. IF Vanessa is in Europe and she wants to go out with a bunch of people then maybe they are saying it would be better to be free to do that and the public should know that is what wer are going to do and there won’t be anyone that can write up a scandal of how we are cheating. Same thing goes with Zac. Say he is filming a movie and goes out with a bunch of people he is working with or—gasp—his leading lady to get dinner but both Zac and Vanessa will know what is going on and it will not be that they can’t do these things because they are suppose to be a couple. Yes, even if one or the other wants to go to a strip club with their girlfriends or buddies then both would be OK with this. They may TRUST each other a lot more than we trust either of them. And when they are together then they will be good with that too. Also, they will know that they will be sure what next step they want to take in their relationship.

    The latter may be the whole thing anyway—to see just how much they love each other before going any further. They may feel they have to let the other one have some freedom to see just how much the want to be together. I tihnk they know how they feel about each other but they may want to confirm that. Again, I think they KNOW they can trust each toher so they are going to have a good time with their friends. They have been nearly hip to hip for a year before he went off to start filming in NO and I think it has been hard for them not to be together and it has cause some issues to arise. Remember, Zac went to Australia to promote CSC and even said in an interview that he wanted V to come with him but obviously she decided not to go. He said being away from her was the hardest part of the promotional tour so how does that make him sound like the one wanting to be rid of her? Maybe she needed breathing room or she came to feel they needed some time to think clearly. This happens a lot to couples–they get a little bit of cold feet and just need some time. It happens to girls just the same as it does guys. But all of this is speculation just like everyhting else that has come out about all of this.

  • Wanda Lynn


    You need to stop Bashing Zac you Vanessa Fan’s Got what you wanted Vanessa is no longer Zac’s Girlfriend so why don’t you just got back to a Vanessa Thread here on JJ and Leave Us People Who are Fan’s and Support Zac alone Now,

    Btw How The Hall do you know what happen between Zac and Vanessa You where not even There so How do you Know That Zac was the one who Called It Off Did a Little a Monkey in Head tell you that no you are Just Trying to make Zac out to be the Bad here, Because You Vanessa Fan’s Think Vanessa can do no Wrong but Vanessa can mistakes just like anyone else so before you start Bashing Zac again Think before you comment

    BTW Last Thing for all the Zanessa Fans and Haters whatever is going on with Zac and Vanessa Is Between Them not Us Fans They need to work things out on their own.

  • florence

    @Wanda Lynn: Seems that Vanessa has already worked things out, as according to reports on another site she was seen dancing and having a great time without Efron, and it was said that she only sat down when ‘ Break Up’ came on by Mario came on, but QUICKLY got up again and started cheering when ‘ Onto the next one’ came on by Jay-Z

    So it look’s like she is already coping very well without him by her side which does’nt suprise me, she’s out having fun, going to clubs, just like the ex used to do while he was with her and leaving her behind.

    There is also a picture of Zac on with some blonde woman kissing him and he with a stupid smirk on his face, yet again proving how little the break up as affected him so if he is’nt bothered about it, good for Vanessa having a girls weekend away and letting her hair down and enjoying herself.

  • Tiptoes

    I am laughing at some crazy poster here because she is off her rocker with all the rumors and speculations about what happened when it was clear that all she is spreading are LIES. And if you fans bought her story about Zac making an annoucement on Saturday, then shame on you ZV fans for thinking low of Zac, and even of Van. ZV will never discuss their private life to the media.

    Vanessa handled her party / interview with class, having a great time with her FEMALE BFFs. This is what she said when asked Zac: We are all Good and gave the thumps up. And if you can READ the article, she said she is going to be very busy with 3 movies coming out next year.

    As to the latest pic of Zac with fans, he looks great with the new haircut. And TLO filming wraps up tomorrow.

  • Karen

    Once again, people need to BEWARE of those who twist facts to make them lies. If these slithery people are honestly in the dark about what they are claiming then they should seek the truth more diligently. Other than that they should keep their mouths shut. Suffice it to say people who keep coming on being obsessed with hate should be totally ignored—they have proven what they are all about and wht their agenda is.

  • florence

    @Karen: Hello to you as well Karen, hope you have happy holidays I’m sure Vanessa will.

  • babi

    this CAN’T be true!!!

  • kyle

    Some people are so determined to put Zac down, never mind if they twist everything just to make him look bad. Florence, you are on the top of my list. You are so twisted, even the very much older fan kissing Zac on the cheek, you put malice on it. Seriously, I urge you to consult a psychiatrist to find out where THAT anger is coming from and how to deal with it so that you will have a more positive outlook on people and life in general.