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Chris Pine Sings 'Someday Came Today'

Chris Pine Sings 'Someday Came Today'

Chris Pine strums a guitar in this shot from Small Town Saturday Night, a straight-to-DVD movie that was released earlier this year.

Chris plays Rhett Ryan, a man caught between wanting to pursue his dreams of being a country star and hoping to stay with the woman he loves.

In the film, Chris performs “Someday Came Today,” a twangy country ballad written by Curt Charney. Check out a preview of the song below – Chris has a great voice! Who knew?

“Someday Came Today” is now available on iTunes.

Chris Pine – ‘Someday Came Today’

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  • BEAN

    Oh for crying out loud. Stick to acting sonny Jim. These celebrities trying to make more money from doing both are seriously getting on my nerves. Holding a tune doesn’t mean you’re a singer.

  • mln

    um he was acting, its a movie. albiet likely a bad one since it went straight to dvd but still- he didn’t say he was doing an album

  • Clairedelune

    maybe stick to acting….agree

  • Mike

    @BEAN He’s not trying to break into country music he simply recorded the song for the movie. The character he played in the film was an aspiring country singer and performed the song in a bar. I happen to think he did a hell of a job for a person who is NOT a professional musician and am impressed that he did his own vocals as oppsed to the actors who play musicians or rock stars and don’t have that kind of talent and require a voice over.

  • Cupcake

    I applaud Mr. Pine for his fine performance.

    This movie is actually really good. I enjoyed it, I think it to be very well done. Just because it was straight to DVD does not mean that it was a bad film.

    I say give it a chance before you judge. C’mon if we live in a world were craptastic films such as Twilight make it to the big time, while they stink to high heavens, why not give a chance to a movie, that makes more sense, is better done, and has better actors just because it doesn’t have the hype?

  • Ale

    Geez he was ACTING, since this is a scene from a movie. I doubt he plans to get into the music industry.

  • keachick

    Actually Chris Pine does not have a bad singing voice at all. In fact it is a lot better than many of the so-called professional singers we hear, some of whom it seems can barely hold a tune. He is first of all an actor, so he has not given his full attention to developing his vocal/musical talents, but from what I hear from this song, I think he has the makings of a very good singer.

    As for making an album, why not? It may take him a while, given his other work commitments (and I do want to see more of him on film – like yesterday…:), but I can wait. After all, if it was good enough for William Shatner to make an album, who manages to talk every song, then I don’t have a problem with Chris doing an album of songs he’s always liked and wanted to sing or maybe even one or two of his own compositions. I don’t know what he is capable of. I doubt he does either, until he puts his mind to it.

    Wow, Cupcake, you are actually another person who thought Small Town Saturday Night wasn’t too bad a movie. I too think it was pretty good, apart from the swearing (a bit wearying that) and Chris performed his part very well. It is almost becoming *monotonous* when I end up having to say how well Chris performed every role/character he does. However, this is the kind of *monotony* I can live with. It’s all good!

  • Lola

    He’s ok..i prefer garret hedlund in country strong but pine is not bad either..hotties wit guitars make me melt..

  • hyoid

    i think he’s too hot for that guitar… he literally outshines the guitar instead of becoming one with it (if that makes any sense?)

  • Butter_Fly

    Ok. I think I’m going to take back what said in the other post about his hair…he looks REALLY good in that pic, with the shorter hair. I haven’t seen this movie yet but from that particular part he does have a nice singing voice.

  • claire

    straight-to-dvd says it all!

  • JazzK

    A lot of good films go straight to DVD. Close-minded much? It’s gotten 10 times harder to get a film released theatrically nowadays. This is a small slice-of-life film, the kind that used to thrive in the ’70s to mid-’80s.

  • JazzK

    A lot of decent films go straight to DVD. Close minded much? It’s a lot harder to get films released theatrically than it used to be. This is a small slice-of-life film with very good performances, the kind of film that used to thrive in the ’70s to mid-’80s.

  • funnymunny

    Wow, he sounds lovely!! Yes, his voice, is much lower than I also expected. His speaking voice is pretty low and gravelly so I suppose it’s not too much of a surprise.

    I’m also afraid for actors who want to do music since they are judged so much more harshly by music critics and even the fans themselves. I hope he can do the music as a hobby without it negatively impacting his acting career.

    I think Chris will remain a well-regarded actor as he gets older since he’s so serious about doing theatre even as his film prospects are rising. I don’t see a lot of actors of his generation who balance theatre with film work as well as he does. I suspect his acting career will definitely trump his music career but hopefully he’ll get to do music so he can feel professionally and personally satisfied with his showbiz career. :-))

  • keachick

    Finally, a captain of the Enterprise who can actually sing!!!

  • fardous

    not bad i like him

    i thing i will watch this film

  • Clairedelune

    The film is HORRIBLE!!!!!! Plus not enough “eye candy” moments. I want to earn some “thumbs up” from you all so I have to say CP looks pretty good in his plaid shirt and jeans. He is a good actor, I have to say…. The film is really unwatchable and uncomprehensible. I think they shot it in either NorCal or Northeast, but the beauty of the place did not shine through. Every character in the movie is miserable. CP is so good looking and cute and just these two facts alone adds tons of super wattage. Total waste of time and money…the production budget would have been better to be donated to clean up the oil spill. [I have to be honest but singing is 8 octanes too low and not so good]

  • Stacie

    Love him. He hung the moon.

  • Stacie

    Love him . He hung the moon.

  • Dee

    Absolutely!…. good movie …. and CP is a good singer, too! … OKAAAY!

    AWESOME ALWAYS! :-) …. and finally JJ, of course I knew it!!! LOL!!!

  • keachick

    Chris looks good in anything and that includes plaid, especially the gold shirt. I had hoped that the movie would have centered more on Chris’s character working on being a country singer, as in showing him rehearsing with the band and a Nashville talent scout seeing and liking. Scenes like that. The film was not quite as I had expected, but it was OK.

    It was nice seeing Robert Pine and Chris together. Robert (who is Chris’s real father for those who don’t already know) plays Chris’s character’s father in the movie. They had a nice scene together. Very sweet.

  • JazzK

    Nothing incomprehensible about it, in fact, it’s an overly simple tale improved greatly by the performances. And it’s “octaves” not octanes, and he sings in the same pitch as his speaking voice.