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Katie Holmes: 'Jack and Jill' & Suri!

Katie Holmes: 'Jack and Jill' & Suri!

Katie Holmes carries her adorable daughter Suri while on a break from filming her movie Jack and Jill at The Grove on Monday (December 13) in Los Angeles.

How cute is Suri, 4, with her gingerbread and candy cane footed pajamas?!

While Katie, 31, was shooting scenes with co-star Adam Sandler, her husband, Tom Cruise, was also busy at work on Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol in Vancouver.

10+ pictures inside of Katie Holmes and her daughter Suri at The Grove…

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  • Thai

    In pyjamas? No wonder, since they’re freaking Scientos… They treat Suri like she’s a toddler instead she’s almost 5 yo… 5 yo going on 25 actually…

  • ck

    Katie’s going to have ripped arms carrying Suri when she’s 14.

  • No offense

    I just can’t imagine what this situation is. Is it common to dress kids like Suri in public in US? No offense. Just curious……

  • http://nicole Alice Cutie

    Adorable,happy,beautiful,playfull child!!!!!!!Love you,Suri!!

  • Ms Barleo Gaga Fan

    Suri will have no sense of reality: wear PJ’s in public and on a movie set and wear princess dresses and no shoes in zero degree weather. Come on Katie. Really?

  • http://nicole Alice Cutie

    Her outfit is supercute!!!!!

  • wino

    what a pretty little girl. katie is always with suri. i like that

  • Whatever

    Well a least she is smiling in some of the pictures.!!!

  • LALA

    @No offense:
    Nothing that Katie does is “normal”. That being said, I’m at least happy that Suri is not dressed in a slip in December.

  • Lisa

    OMFG! Her kid is 4,5 years old! And is being carried, okay I’ll give her that, it’s alot of ppl around. But in a baby pyjamas????!!!! Suri looks ridiculous and retared. When i was six years old i started school. Suri is a joke as her parents-

  • Sarah Beth

    I was going to say that this was likely a bedtime situation where Katie was about to put Suri to bed in her trailer. But … it’s daylight outside.

    I’ve been a parent for a LOT of years and I’ve never allowed any of my four kiddos to go out in public in their footed pajamas. Call me old school, but I kind of think there is a time and place for everything.

    Scientology worries me. I’ve read all the books (I teach theology) and I’ve just never heard of a religion telling you that your child is to set his/her own rules. If you can even call them rules. They choose when to be potty trained. When to stop sucking a bottle. What to wear. What to eat. Kids need guidance and to be taught right from wrong.

    Katie needs a good parenting book, imho.

  • Bella

    Why in Gods name does she always “carry” that kid?
    Shes NOT a baby anymore nor is she small!


  • Suri Jackson

    When when when will we get that dna test? After the separation announcement this coming year?

  • No offense

    @Sarah Beth:


  • http://Tj Slig^_^

    Suri so cute

  • ————-

    @Sarah Beth:
    i hope you don’t teach your kids to be judgemental idiots. your post is a waste. i pity your poor kids. nothing worse than judgemental retards

  • Kaz simply amazing ! Pretty!!!!!!!

    Suri sooo adroble!

  • Kaz simply amazing ! Pretty!!!!!!!

    Jared Baby Max bratman have new photo.

  • Thai

    @Alice Cutie:

    Clearly ure disconnected from reality.

  • JLost

    People surrounding them are dressed in winter coats and she lets her 4 year old go out in pajamas. That’s insane. She’s either very spoiled or Katie just doesn’t care. That girl is going to be a mess when she gets older and Katie looks miserable! Go figure?! I thought fame and fortune was supposed to make one happy. It’s seems to be the recipe for misery.

  • Finanas

    I dunno if it’s night or day, but in pajamas in public is kinda weird. About carrying her kid, she’s still young and can be carried. And people, if you had that ( if front of you, maybe u would carry your kid too

  • bebe

    OH Gosh. I knew people would be freaking out for no reason. Suri was probably taking a nap in Katie’s trailer. Get a life people and worry about your own kids.

  • Icried4Suri

    Im ashamed because I said bad things about Katie and Suri. Now, since I read that Suri has to take lessons to defeat her shyness and that she already wants to be like Willow Smith, sorry haters… but I support them 100%.


    Suri was probably taking a nap at Katies trailer or was about to do it.
    They look adorbs!! Both of them!!!

  • dani

    Haha Katie,m had to announce Kidman for best actress/drama this morning. Bet you about choked on that!

  • mary

    the only time mom and dad let me out of the house in Pajamas was on Hallowe’en as part of a costume.

  • realist

    When Suri is a teenager, Katie will have her on her hip, carrying her around.

  • Denise

    Suri’s legs will be touching the grown when she is in Katie’s arms, soon.

  • Denise

    @dani: #25
    Haha Katie,m had to announce Kidman for best actress/drama this morning. Bet you about choked on that!
    They are all adults. Are you?

  • KC

    I will be the first person to admit that I am not a perfect parent. But I think it is inappropriate for Suri to be drinking from a glass beverage bottle as she is being carried. That is an accident just waiting to happen.

  • Dani

    @Denise: @Denise: @Denise:

    Didn’t you know? Some of the biggest spoiled children around are actors and actresses!!!! Of course she cared.


    Good Grief! Suri is not a baby no more. How long is Katie going to be carrying her around? I wonder if she will still be carried around when she turns 14?! The only thing that Katie has let her hair grow out long again. It looks a lot better. Katie looks like a woman again.

  • From Paris with Love

    The carrying, the pajamas, the sweaty workout clothes, the uncombed hair, the summer clothes in the cold, the barefeet… all that would be OK if it were a one time thing but in their case it keeps happening, there is ALWAYS something inappropriate in their pics.
    Something is just wrong, even if you like them stop trying to find them excuses and good reasons.

  • juniper

    Katie’s taking a brake on a movie set; it looks like night so the fact that Suri is in PJs is not outlandish.

  • Susie#1

    No Jared, Suri is not adorable nor cute. Katie is not a good mother; as someone said, letting a 4 year old drink from a glass bottle while being carried is an accident waiting to happen. And, as people have pointed out time and again, Katie does not dress her daughter in climate-appropriate clothing, nor say “no” to her, and indulges her bad behavior.

  • lane

    That pic was taken long ago. By now, Suri should be use to the photogs. She’s almost 5!
    Just was on x17 and saw this gross pic of Suri in her PJ’s and the bottoms of them are filthy! I bet Katie will put her to bed in those disgusting pajamas.

  • Bear

    That pic was taken long ago. By now, Suri should be use to the photogs. She’s almost 5!
    Just was on x17 and saw this gross pic of Suri in her PJ’s and the bottoms of them are filthy! I bet Katie will put her to bed in those disgusting pajamas.

  • Carly

    It looks like Suri is sick and drinking Ginger Ale. Ever sick as a kiddo? Jammies and Ginger Ale was the BEST thing ever! Get a life you judgmental couch potatoes! This is NOT your kid!

  • Oh say

    Will she EVER stop carrying that kid around? When will she allow her to walk ON HER OWN – at age 10?

  • banarama

    If Suri is sick, then maybe she should be at home with a nanny. Your “defense” of Katie is just another example of bad parenting.

  • http://nicole Alice Cutie

    Adorable,happy,beautiful,playful little girl!!!!!Love you, Suri!!!!!!

  • Charly

    When Katie goes to the set they must have to scrub her forever to make her look like that!! LOL! She actually looks decent when you clean her up. The only parts she gets are playing the wife or girlfriend. Well, thats what she does in real life too. She PLAYS the wife for a gay man. Kid is cute though shes gonna grow up to be screwed up thanks to having crazy parents.

  • leah

    Katie had to announce Nicole Kidman, Michelle Williams AND Anne Hathaway. She can’t even be on the same stage as them acting wise. I was laughing my ass off.

  • Finanas

    @Bear : sure the pic I posted was old but if I were stalked by paps’ like Katie is, I would never get away from my child… even if she is used to them (and btw, no baby star should be used to that… it’s freaky).

  • Bear

    @Finanas: Katie and Tom are the ones putting her in front of the photogs!!! Many celeb kids are not paraded around like Suri is! The celeb kids that are always being photographed are usually never carried and look happy, smiling etc. This is the life Suri knows so I would imagine by now she should be use to it. As Tom said in an interview w/Oprah ‘Suri deals with it.’

  • Disco Woman
  • Hella brat

    Once again, Suri is dressed for summer. Notice everyone else is dressed in coats and sweaters!

  • Star Fox

    Go mind your 4 kids and don’t believe everything you read, #11.

    Get a life, #12.

    Of course she didn’t, #25. She already knew that Nicole Kidman was an award winning actress and she’s too mature to be upset.

    Quit nit-picking, #30.

    What excuses, #33? There’s nothing to excuse. You’re all upset for no good reason.

    She walks ALL the time, #39.

    No one is being paraded around and she’s not seen in public any more than those OTHER kids, #45. Who cares of she’s carried? No one smiles all the time so it’s crazy to think that a few seconds of paparazzi photos equates to bad parenting.

  • Go Ask Alice

    Ok,even though I agreed with many of you about that feral child and her brainwashed mother, and I checked thumbs up on your post, and I will not post about that feral child.

    I am not.

    Let me try to post it this way.
    My neice and nephew, twins are 4yrs. old and are in Pre-K.
    If I told them lets go to the mall in their pj’s and don’t comb their hair, they will not want to go. They will look at me like I am crazy. They would dress themselves, as they do with assistance,in their socks, shoes, jeans, sweaters, running suits,and my neice would get her hair box( box of barrettes, ribbons, and detangular,comb,brush) for me to comb her hair.
    No,I would tell them,your pj’s are ok to go to the mall in. They would tell me no.

    Ok, don’t forget I would tellt hem no need for a coat in cold winter we have here in Denver.

    My neice and nephew would think I am crazy. They would not go either.

    I am sure your little 4-5yr.old kids,relatives would do the same.

  • YES !

    @Go Ask Alice:
    How right you are! Maybe, now certain people will get it since you put it that way. Loves it!