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American Idol: Promo Poster Revealed!

American Idol: Promo Poster Revealed!

Check out this first look at American Idol‘s promotional poster for the competition show’s tenth season!

The poster features an all-new shot of first year judges Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler with returning judge Randy Jackson and host Ryan Seacrest.

American Idol is moving to Wednesdays and Thursdays this season and will debut on January 19 on FOX!

ARE YOU EXCITED about American Idol this season?

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  • i n f a m o u s l y c o o l

    …oh course steven would be jumping around. that’s all he’s going to do all season, jumping around yelling trying to show people how to rock. ahahahahahahahah …epic fail this will be.

  • http://chazchazchaz chandni

    The spark is missing, i think there needs to be a mean person to make it right, all this is just too commercial

  • Rocky


    ITAWU! Simon’s gone and the show will NEVER be the same. The minute Paula left I stopped watching. She may have been a wacko at times, but she was like a Mom to those kids trying to make it.

    My question is “Who the hell thought of Jennifer Lopez?” The woman can’t sing, can’t act, can’t dance and they pick her? I know she’s smiling all the way to the bank, but come on now! Hope that ugly husband of hers stays home. They both make me sick!

  • Junior

    jennifer is a icon.

    great poster…

  • Junior

    Jennifer Lopez is a icon.

    great poster!

  • Dani

    I love Steven Tyler! Can’t wait! :D

  • Gab

    If Randy was outclassed before, now he’s just totally lost in the divatude of Jennifer and Steven. Look at that poster, they’ve practically pushed him off the side of it. So is he supposed to be the stern, truthful one now? How is he going to prove himself useful? Or relevant for that matter?

  • Melirose

    It doesnt matter. the show is over. its been losing like 5 milion viewers a year the past couple of years. imagine now that simon is gone. at any rate, NBC is gonna have their own show up against idol called the Voice of America, that theyre bringing from europe, plus the X factor in the fall is coming. American Idol is an afterthought. it should end after this season. no ones gonna watch. the fact that they moved the day of the show to wednesdays solidifies the fact that the show is dying.

  • DarkEmpress

    I think this poster looks horrible! Bad design and bad pictures!

  • jillyro

    What the heck is going on with JLO’s hairline lately??!! It’s like it starts way way up near the middle of her scalp. So odd looking. Wigs I’m guessing?!! It makes her face long and she looks like an alien.

  • laverdadduele

    If the show is going downhill, it’s not because of the judges, it’s because the contestants are talentless and boring. Take a look at the most recent winners, they suck big time, look at their album sales. If they have good talent next season, there is still hope for American Idol. Otherwise, it’s the end of it.

  • carla

    oh god.

  • ilia

    Who cares? I only watched this show once, when Adam Lambert was on it. The only people tuning in to see this mess will be the Arkansans. Why would I support the show that rewards mediocrity and casts those who are talented aside? American Idol my a**, more like Bigotry Central.

  • Jackie

    Same shit ….different pile.

  • She stinks!

    I’m surprised that JHO let that poster go out to the public, since Steven Tyler is clearly upstaging her. Look at her dopey smile and showing her skirt like a 2 year old. I’m also shocked she isn’t doing her usual sneering and snarling in an attempt to be sexy (gag) and relevant (even funnier).

    This untalented hag is going to destroy this show, just like she ruined her own career by getting married (now she can’t publicly screw various men and service their ugly needs to get ahead – she has to do it privately now).

    At the end of the day, she just plain stinks at everything she has done. Her comeback was laughable and failed.

  • kristin


  • Aquio

    Four douchebags on a poster. Big wow.

  • Jasmine

    @ jillyro. >>>What the heck is going on with JLO’s hairline lately??!! It’s like it starts way way up near the middle of her scalp>>>>

    It’s like that because her real hair is thin and receeding at the top, and since lately all she’s been wearing are those LONG lace-front wigs, they must be too heavy for the lace to adhere correctly and not slide back some off the top of her scalp.

  • fardous

    i like this poster

    steve look good so jlo and others

  • mikee25

    The poster looks good!! Jlo looks very pretty!! Stop hating haters!!! You hate and they laugh all the way to the bank….lol Hate is not a nice color on you and is such of waste of time!!! Maybe your new year’s resolution is not to be so hateful and live a happier life….good luck with that!! Peace