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Blake Lively: Le Cordon Bleu Workshop!

Blake Lively: Le Cordon Bleu Workshop!

Blake Lively proudly displays her creation with Chef Franck Poupard as she attends a tailor-made workshop at Le Cordon Bleu Paris.

The 23-year-old actress loves cooking and recently told Allure that she would love to own her own bakery and restaurant!

Blake and Chef Franck prepared guinea fowl in a sealed casserole, sauteed winter root vegetables, and for dessert, a soft centered chocolate fondant and an orange compote. Yum!!

“My dream as a passionate cook has been to go to Le Cordon Bleu. Never could my most incredible dream have lived up to the experience. The food, the lesson, the chef, the ingredients –all the best of the best. I see why Le Cordon Bleu is world renowned,” Blake said. “Now I only dream to have more time to go back to Le Cordon Bleu and spend months learning from the gods of food!!”

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Photos: Le Cordon Bleu Paris
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  • Nic

    Wow so she wasnt kidding? She said this in Vogue, good for her, that calss is soo intimidating!!

  • Delphic


  • Anita

    Yaay she finally did it; shes been wanting to do this for so long! Congrats to her

  • Louise

    Again!! Blah blah blah Blake last week, blah blah blah Blake sunday, blah blah blah Blake monday, blah……., What will be the news about her for tomorrw? Ah, I know she’ll take a pee on the street and ohhhh the paparazi will be there. GET A BREAK! Famewhore!

  • Monica

    That is cute, she looks so happy!

  • Em

    I have lost ALL respect for this girl!
    These photos are obviously released by her publicist to make her look good. But the real effect of all this useless over exposure: everybody thinks shes a famew****.
    Boobs Legly – go and do something somewhat useful like try to get Ryan Rynolds now that he’s back on the market

  • lol

    I used to like her but now she’s just annoying.

  • ck

    In a bizarre twist, Chef Franck Poupard announced he was splitting from his wife later that day. Blake claimed she had nothing to do with the breakup.

    I kidddddddddddd ;)

  • Mary

    Go for Ryan Reynolds and leave Gosling be.

  • ally

    I too used to like her, and now I’m annoyed at the sight of her. It seems as if she shows up to as many red-carpet events as possible and has her picture taken all the time, and is being praised as some sort of fashion icon, but what exactly is she doing besides Gossip Girl that’s so deserving of all the attention? A tiny role in The Town and a part as the female love interest in that super hero movie that I can’t remember the name of because there’s so many super hero movies nowadays. And now she’s popping up in kitchens. Ugh

  • sally

    Gosh…some people can be so mean about her. What has she ever done to you to be called a famewhore? And today if this was another actress (eg Leighton Meester) i dont think you’ll be complaining or calling her a famewhore?
    The girl’s a human…she’s allowed to do what she wants and if she enjoys cooking then why not? i am sure we all like to do different things and have different interest. Penn can sing, Leighton is now having a singing career…why aren’t there mean comments about them?

  • yes


    Oh there are mean comments about Leighton. If Leighton was being pushed in our faces as the next best thing with not much talent to back it up. Or getting her name out there with being linked to A listers to get exposure. And how great blah blah blah she is for no real good reason besides being pretty and all smiles. I would feel the same exact way.

  • oy

    I have never seen Gossip Girl and it kind of bugs me how much Anna Wintour loses her marbles over a pretty blonde.

    HOWEVER, at least this girl does something… she’s on a regular show, she has an interest outside of acting and is doing something about it.

    All Bilson does is shop and call the paparazzi on her speed dial to desperately stay relevant.

    That’s my 2 cents.

  • Jo

    Looking lovely ! Go Blake !
    All haters can go get lost ah!

  • raina

    so cute. shes doing well for herself and so is leighton. good for them.

  • 5

    its good to have hobbies that dont include smoking crack. smart girl.

  • Stephanie

    I am sick of people saying how Blake is a home wrecker, just because her co star happened to announce a divorce. She loves cooking and I don’t see her partying all night. She sounds like a lovely down to earth girl. Haters to the left.

  • sixties

    living up to her last name as usual

  • sixties

    living up to her last name as usual

  • robbie

    Why does everyone hate her and leighton? Cuz theyre both beautiful and talented and STD free?

  • K

    Her Publicist didn’t drop the pics. the lcb website did

  • 90

    nothing is cooler than two pretty girls with boy names- blake and leighton. :)

  • Jenny

    Blake is drop dead beaufitul

  • yorma

    Both her and leighton get paid 100,000 per event. You’d go to events too if you got that opportunity. And anyway, why arent celebs allowed to leave their house?Dont you people go out?

  • yorma

    Both her and leighton get paid 100,000 per event. You’d go to events too if you got that opportunity. And anyway, why arent celebs allowed to leave their house?Dont you people go out?

  • yorma

    Both her and leighton get paid 100,000 per event. You’d go to events too if you got that opportunity. And anyway, why arent celebs allowed to leave their house?Dont you people go out?

  • Sophia

    What is with all the hate? I think she’s a good role model. She’s not out partying and getting drunk like a lot of the stars. This thing about Ryan Reynolds is so annoying! I knew that there was going to be rumors started about Ryan and Blake when I heard Scarlett and him were getting a divorce. The same thing happened when she was filming The Town – there was rumors going on that Ben was having an affair with her. Can two people of the opposite sex ever be in a movie together and not be accused of sleeping with one another? Also, who cares if she is everywhere? If you don’t have to read the article if you don’t want to. She’s just trying to make a name for herself.

  • try

    Lainey gossip destroyed her when she started that rumour about her sucking off harvey w. It was indeed a lie but it cost her.

  • hores

    famewh*re and slut tries to cover her sleeping with Ben Affleck, Ryan Gosling and now Ryan Reynolds! close your legs Blake for once!

  • hetoldme

    hollywood is so sexist. how come the term famewhore is not used for males? is it so hard to believe women work just as hard as men, and triple times harder for respect?

  • Anita

    @try: yer you can tell the writer @ lainy gossip doesnt like Blake at all. But I blame Ted Casablanca from E! for re-igniting the Blake & Ryan Reynolds rumours. This is Hollywood so most people will choose to believe it, whether its true or not.
    But hey, haters keep you relevant – half of these comments are from so called “haters”, well they better be prepared to hear more of Blake cos these RUMOURS will only keep her in the news.

  • try

    Very true Anita.

  • sally


    You don’t have to read the articles about her if you dont want to. The article is for her fans…they are entitled to read stuff about their ship. If you dont like her…dont read her article. And that way, you wont be making mean comments where its not needed.

    Gosh, if people can’t be happy or nice about celebs who are actually normal people and not doing stupid things such as partying, drugs, ending up in jail – then what can you be happy with? Prob nothing and you just have a big chip on your shoulders and hate the entire world but yourself

  • cool

    good for her, she is really cool…

  • cool


    I agree, it’s amazing how many haters are on JJ…

  • raw

    i hate blake lively. she stole my boyfriend. they never met and i cant prove it but she so did!
    *eye roll*

  • Susan

    People have the right to express their opinions. Good or bad.

  • K

    love her! she’s so cute!

  • Moo

    I can’t believe she’s only 23. She is not going to age well.

  • SS

    Why does she wear nail polish? The nail polish would chip and drop in the dishes. Lucky she is not serving public……

  • Anita

    @raw: lmao!! for a 2nd I was like who is this deluded person… Nice to see that someone else gets how ridiculous some of these rumours are. cheers for the laughs

  • Veronica

    @lol: how annoying ?

  • BL


    You idiot, if you would stop hating for a second you would actually realize all by yourself that the chefs at LCB probably wear rubber gloves. Do you really think Blake would be allowed to cook without?

  • T

    I hope Penn Badgley goes to the doctor to see if Blake gave him any diseases from all her cheating

  • FUG


    Stop hating you jackass. How do you even know she was cheating? You must have such a pathetic little life if you assume people MUST be cheating when a man and woman are off doing something together. Don’t you have any friends of the opposite gender? I doubt someone would want to be friends with such an idiot. BAH.

  • nina

    she is gorgeous!

  • SS

    Thank you,Idiot. I see what kind of fans BLAKE LIVELY has.

  • bb

    really love her!

  • yop

    Ryan Reynolds rumoured cheating on Scarlett Johansson with Blake Lively… much who**

  • yop

    Ryan Reynolds rumoured cheating on Scarlett Johansson with Blake Lively, much whor*!!!