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Brad Pitt - 'The Tree of Life' Trailer!

Brad Pitt - 'The Tree of Life' Trailer!

Brad Pitt looks over his shoulder in the trailer for his new movie, The Tree of Life.

The film – out May 27, 2011 – stars Brad as the father of three boys in a story set in the 1950s where the eldest son of the family witnesses the loss of innocence.

The Tree of Life also stars Sean Penn and Fiona Shaw.

Terrence Malick wrote and directed the project!

WHAT DO YOU THINK of the Tree of Life trailer?

The Tree of Life – Trailer
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  • http://Ja Slig^_^

    Omg so werid cry and sad

  • tutu

    I love you Brad the trailer looks very touchy .

  • ——

    lol he’s such a crap actor

  • Kaz simply amazing! Pretty !!!!!!!

    Leonardo dicaprio best actar ever and more pretty face in hollywood only leo

  • to dumb #6

    This is not a a movie to measure looks.

  • france

    looks like an epic drama… so sad! probably not going to watch this one, not my cup of tea!

  • Barbara

    Looks interesting to me….looking forward to seeing it.

  • Brad Fan

    Wow. Wow

  • LL

    Alright! Will this be in competiton for the Cannes Film Festival.?

  • a fan

    The trailer is amazing.

  • um

    Amazing. That guy Malik is really teasing people with this movie isn’t he?


    Fabulous! At long last! TOL will see the light of day. And premiering at Cannes with yet another highly anticipated JP RC! Something to look forward to. Go Brad!

  • LizKS

    Looks kinda heavy and heart wrenching but good. Don’t like Penn but I would watch this movie in spite of him because of the content. I grew up in the ’50′s with loving parents so can’t relate to this boy/man but I guess that’s not what movies are about. :)

  • ctel

    I love the music. (from the movie trailer)

    It will be on my calendar to see this movie.

    Tree of Life, Tree of Life !!!

  • nona

    I was just going to post this Jared.

    Here’s the poster for the movie:

    ‘Tree of Life’ Trailer Shows off Terrence Malick’s Latest
    The holidays aren’t even here yet, but that doesn’t mean it’s too early to start talking about the big films of summer 2011. Fox Searchlight has fired off the opening shots in the upcoming box-office wars with the release of the first full trailer (which is available at the iTunes Movie Trailers website) for ‘The Tree of Life,’ a moody and somber looking fantasy drama from acclaimed filmmaker Terrence Malick.

    The film, which follows a young boy through childhood and into his adult years (with the adult character played by Sean Penn), revolves around the man’s quest to make sense of his relationship with his father (Brad Pitt). The voyage is one of discovery, with Penn’s character coming to realize that both nature and spiritual grace shape our lives and the lives of everything around us.

    The trailer is gorgeous, filled with Malick’s always striking imagery. Some of the shots are breathtaking in their elegance – particularly, again as always, the images of the natural world. And while it’s hard to judge a film based solely on its preview, it seems a given with who is involved that ‘The Tree of Life’ will be both well acted and beautifully shot. Basically, it’s another in a long line of classic films from Malick – who’s given us titles like ‘Badlands,’ ‘The Thin Red Line’ and ‘Days of Heaven’ during the course of his career.

  • H

    sean penn is a great actor brad pitt is a lousy actor

  • carrienae


  • ya know

    OT People should try to get over who they like and don’t like.

  • Hannah

    It is mesmerizing. I am looking forward to it.

  • love them

    Brad looks really cute in this movie. Can’t wait to see it!

  • carrienae


    H for hater. That is you.

  • Kirsten

    I really like the concept of this movie. The trailer is visually beautiful and I love Brad.

  • Gab

    What is this movie about? Loss of innocence? I’m a fan of the actors in this movie but it looks like a lot of abstract pontificating about…… something. I’m sure it’ll be great to look at though.

  • Jess

    Brad and Sean are two great actors. The trailer looks epic.

  • Okay?

    This looks interesting. Good work Jared. Movie fans have been waiting for this for a long time.

  • http://Neleh Neleh

    I Cant wait.TOL is Oscar worthy..sneaking in..
    You Go Brad!!! You the Man. Hi every1.BB.

  • niwatori

    TOL looks so promising. The trailer is beautiful and Brad is an excellent choice for this sort of classic movies…well, he’s an excellent actor, full stop but he just shines in roles like this one. Can’t wait.

  • http://justjared katie

    Reminds me of “A River Runs through It” and “Legend Of The Falls…..Brad Pitt You are One Of The Great Actors of our Time…..

  • NAN

    JJ gives new thread for Norman’s friends to Biting & Bærking.
    We knew it Norman that Rachel still can’t find her new Set Up Boyfriend for her GG huh? HuvsyBotoxNajmy !

  • http://Neleh Neleh

    Oh 1 more thing. TOL is Inspirational. Brad is a Man of Amazing talent, wears different hats & Chameleon like in his acting abilities thats why Mr. Pitt is. A -List…booo yaaah…Bb.

  • Dexter’s girlfriend

    botox face

  • um

    Even hardcore Malik fans have no idea what this is really about because I think there is a second component to this movie involving dinosaurs.

  • http://Neleh Neleh

    NAN& Niwatori- sending cyber hugs & Muaaahs…
    Haha what up..headed 2 a can do it Niwatori- its almost break time..NAN my peep- from the big DK in da house lol..I best go peeps..Muaah

  • dawne

    Definitely my kind of film and with Brad in it………well, it’s already a winner. Love the era, love the story line. Not another fluff piece out of HW. Sean Penn is a great actor and the combo should be stellar.

    Reading all the faux/nasty headlines re Angie’s giggle at being nom’d in a comedy genre…… makes me sick. If this woman breathes out of her left nostril it would make a smoke and mirror headline in the hater rags.

    I really don’t know how Brad stands it! If I loved and admired someone as much as he does his Angie, I would have Uzi fantasies on a daily basis.

    I am sooooooooo happy Huvie and his D list stable of questionable talent who make themselves ‘topical’ after mentioning the Royal Couple, is taking it up his d*ck-ridden butt with the nom for Angie in TT.

    As one sage poster said, think it was awhodat, this is a big FU to him and his co-consipirators. Ya just gotta love it.

    I muse every day why a woman with such style, class, heart, talent, grit and beauty takes such a beating. The bar is somewhere up on Uranus for her and under the bleachers for the ‘half as good’.

    I am realizing more each day just how powerful and nasty envy really is.

    She is too beautiful, she is too brave, she is too professionally independent, she is too great a mom, she is married to too great a guy, she has been too awarded for her talent, she is too kind, she is too much a lady, she is too geopolitically connected, she is too secure and doesn’t ‘care’ about the things the little starlets care about……like clothes and cleavage, she is too universal in her appeal.

    We much prefer ‘lesser than’ as opposed to ‘more than’

    Then we can feel soo much better about ourselves and/or our lesser idols. I hope I’m still alive if Brad ever writes a memoir.

  • niwatori

    Neleh :D Sending back many hugs your way :)
    Booo to the meeting. Think of TOL and it should pass in a blink though haha :) Good luck sweets.

  • H


    brad pitt’s smug face in a movie again

  • Jones

    Tree of Life comes out in May, so you know what that means — Brad and Angie at Cannes! Who-Hoo! Cannot. Wait. :)

  • Leana

    Love it.

  • putry

    Brad is a good actor ♥

  • woman spanish

    Two great actors and a great director, the trailer looks awesome

  • i n f a m o u s l y c o o l

    …has a benjamin button kind of feel.
    @Gab: hey, gab don’t bother being honest (keeping it real). just type how great it is, and how much you’re in love with the family. LOLRH

  • H

    Brad can only hope to be as talented and actor and artist as penn… like, ever.

  • Catsup

    Awesome! Wouldn’t miss it.

  • Haters=confusedadmirers


    me too, and SH’s big push with his little stalker’s dinner with a Prince of Wines ended her being a boob, literally. She’s nipethic.

  • niwatori


    SH’s big push with his little stalker’s dinner with a Prince of Wines ended her being a boob, literally. She’s nipethic.


    LOL forever.


    @dawne: (#34)
    Dawne, i’m reposting this part of your post:-
    “She is too beautiful, she is too brave, she is too professionally independent, she is too great a mom, she is married to too great a guy, she has been too awarded for her talent, she is too kind, she is too much a lady, she is too geopolitically connected, she is too secure and doesn’t ‘care’ about the things the little starlets care about……like clothes and cleavage, she is too universal in her appeal.”
    You are right on the money! This is what scares the mindless biitchy females who make ragging on Angie their daily prayer. Shall we tell them that it only serves to strengthen her? That the more they rant and rave at someone who couldnt deserve their ranting and raving any LESS, just serves to make the Universe give her more and more of what she wants?
    The Universe always seeks to balance itself. Angie has already paid her dues in life. When she was an angst-filled teenager, beating up on herself in her quest for self-knowledge and meaning in her life, where were the losers who are now ragging on her because of their JEALOUSY?
    Whether Angie knew it at the time or not, the fact that it was at a point in her life when she was anxious to “be useful” (her words, btw, which is very telling) that it was at that point that the opportunity to have this wish fulfilled came when she turned to the UN and offered her services to them? She sought and began to offer SELFLESS SERVICE TO OTHERS, and thus began the build up of her karmic credit.
    And she has been reaping her just rewards and will continue doing so.
    Angie’s is now so liquid (to stretch a metaphor) re her karmic credit that there is no dream, no desire, no wish of hers that she wont be able to realize/actualize. Talk about the Universe working for you!
    I just love it when stupid biitches shout out about ‘karma!’ without knowing of which they speak. I am particularly tickled at those who are ‘waiting’ for Angie’s ‘karma’ to come get her. LMFAO! Pity they cant be persuaded to hold their breath while they wait. As if they dont have their own life’s example of their own karma (and everyone else’s, btw) unfolding on a minutely, hourly, daily basis.
    Dont they know why theyre so miserable? Why nothing seems to go their way? Why their desire for everything negative under the sun to happen to Angie, merely results in more and more triumphs for her? Its karma, baby! LMAO.

  • http://deleted angierocks

    Brad is the man!

  • NAN

    Hi Neleh ! Hi Jin !
    Good evening my sweet girl Neleh ,Yeah today l’m free from my work,can make fun fun fun with Norman’s lovers !
    He he he,Now Norman said Sean acting better than Brad and Nicole acting better than Angie ,but he/she/it/ forgot to tell us that Baby Jane acting better than Norman & Dolly huh? H..katieBotoxNajimy.
    Poor to be paid posters for Baby Jane can’t act huh? H..katie !!!

  • dianad1968


    #34 dawne, I think I have told you before how much I enjoy your posts…always so eloquent, but I am telling you again. I especially like the your “d*ck ridden butt” comment. LOL.

    The idiots are mad because Angie is living a purpose driven life, and has matured into an elegant, beautiful, charasmatic powerhouse of a woman, and she is not giving them any of the old “growing pains” shenanigans for them to snicker at. That is why they keep bringing up all the “blood in a vial” and “kissing her brother” nonsense. They are DESPERATE to bring her down, and she is not complying.

  • conspiracy theories are stupid

    Why is lainey harping on and on about Angie’s nomination? Johnny Depp got one and even the movie was nominated. Why is she focused on Angie’s? Her theory that it is because of the Pitt Porn, whatever that means, is just plain stupid.