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Gisele Bundchen: Boston with Benjamin!

Gisele Bundchen: Boston with Benjamin!

Gisele Bundchen keeps her son, Benjamin, close to her as she spends time with him on Wednesday (December 15) at a park in Boston, Mass.

The 30-year-old supermodel was joined by her mother, Vania, and her dog!

Gisele sure loves her Zico coconut water – she’s been spotted on the go with the celeb favorite beverage since early this year! Gisele has shared that drinking coconut water reminds her of growing up in Brazil!

FYI: Gisele is using her Ergo baby carrier!

Bigger pic inside…

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  • Kaz simply amazing! Pretty!!!!!!!

    I want see benjamin face adroble!!

  • me

    what a great supermom/supermodel

  • http://chazchazchaz chandni

    I dont care what anyone thinks, shes amazing :)

  • it’s real

    Women who grew up outside of Hollywood are always different. I love family oriented and down to earth women.So rare nowadays.More power to them.

  • anonsupermom

    Yes,women outside the entertainment industry are definitely different and REAL and they value the REALLY important things in life.Gisele grew up in Brazil,not in HOLLYWOOD and her different,down to earth,easy going attitude always shows.Benjamin is adorable baby.What a great family

  • ANON

    Leonardo DiCaprio must be really sorry for letting her go!! She looks happy and loved !!! Amazing !!!!!!!!!

  • gimme

    @ANON: well at least Gisele moved on,started a family,has a equally gorgeous hubby, and a beautiful baby. Life couldn’t be better for her. She always said she wanted to start a family by age 30. Love people who make goals and achieve them <3

  • Shanna

    cute she’s with her mama too! (gisele looks so much like her mom. she will look just like her one day) Her mom is a very beautiful woman when too. Beautiful bone structure like that means you will age well. Her mom is almost 70.

  • lisali

    Gisele is glowing! More pictures please…

  • Melanie

    I wish to see Benjamin’s cute little baby face. His little shoes are too cute. vida!!!!! vida has been around since gisele first started modeling! wow

    Yes she looks so much like her mom! gorgeous.

  • shalalala

    High cheekbones are the best,nice bone structure,natural,kind,supermodel,MOTHER,WIFE,LOVED.gO GiSeLE

  • http://Tj Slig^_^

    Cute benjamin

  • http://Ja Slig^_^


  • H

    lovely mother and child

  • I heart G

    Cute picture! and even though she has the hottest body of I think anyone I always think she looks great when she is bundled up. Her cozy look at least to me is one of her best looks. Maybe its because I live in a colder climate but she always looks great in her sweaters, scarves and boots.

  • lasco

    @I heart G:

    I agree. Because she is long and lean she can pull it off without looking too bulky. lucky! That is why models have to be thin; so they can wear anything. no pudge hanging from their bikinis, lol and no bulkiness when wearing sweaters and coats.

  • I heart G

    @Melanie: Does anyone know who makes Benjamin’s boots? They are sooooooo cute!

  • I heart G

    @lasco: I agree! Like I said even though she wears and models some of the best clothes in the world, I love how great she looks in her cozy clothes. And if she isn’t already working for Zico they should seriously consider hiring her they just probably got a few more hits than normal on their website today. because of her I know I didn’t know what it was and had to google it. Excellent product placement – G is a smart lady even if she didn’t do it intentionally her subconscious brain is just as efficient.

  • http://Ja Slig^_^

    Cute baby

  • Lawrence


  • Laurie

    The Park, really it was 12 degrees in Boston today with flurries, take your baby home Gisele

  • chichi

    @Laurie: how do you know they didnt just step out for a short brisk walk with the dogs? lol All it takes for paps to hound is like 1 minute, I mean come on. lol

  • Katie

    The kid is a Brady, apparently the colder the more inclement the conditions the better off they are, I wouldn’t worry too much about it Laurie. His dad kicked ass and took names in a snow storm last weekend like it was no big deal. The 2027 Michigan Wolverines are thanking her.

  • gf

    nice little winter walks are amazing! being cooped up inside with all the heat can dry you out. Plus Im sure they were only outside for a short time. Gisele and her mom are so close just like me and my mom are. Real cute family.

  • Mash


  • Hope

    Giselle is ugly and so is her Bridgette she is stunning and her son John is so adorable. Giselle is a mutt..woof woof.

  • jj


    People who attack little children are mentally-disturbed losers.

  • Brdn

    @Hope: Hi Hope are you a Supermodel? lol Bridget is a plain jane katie holmes Aunt Sally homemaker if Ive ever seen one.

  • Angie


    ok LordVoldemort48

  • http://google bodee

    forget bridget, she got what she deserved. she went off the pill without telling him, and admitted it to him. check out “bridget moynahan talks about being a single parent”, in her harpers bazaar article, scroll down to jennifers comments. there have been others, but this is the best explaination. not to mention, what she did to her previous fiancee scott, of 3 years, (no pregnancy). this is documented stuff,look it up, you’ll soon realize she is not saint, not even a nice person. and attacking children is not classy,or shows a lack of intelligence, i guess that’s why you like bridget.

  • magazine

    @bodee: yeah I mean “half-sibling”??? how cold and detached could you get. At least Gisele recognizes her step son with a little more humanity and doesnt have to name drop in interviews to get attention, lol. Well Gisele gets VOGUE interviews. much more highly read than some Good Housekeeping sh*t or whatever kind of interviews ex baby mama drama can manage to get….Oh wait; or is it the lowest of the low “attention whore, I’m an official D lister OK mag?”

  • sich

    Leo, what a downgrade from this goddess to the cheap wannabe you are spending your time today.

  • abiglol

    @Hope: not surprising just thought it’d be a good laugh.

  • abiglol
  • Bridget

    you know what I love about her? I love how she has never done a photoshoot with any of her men! Im sure there were offers (that is $$$$) but nope, she prefers to keep it private. I like that about her. Never any baby photoshoots,never any leo photoshoots,never any Tom,etc…I am glad also because it seems models who do photoshoots with their men end of breaking up. Remember Cindy Crawford’s famous Vogue cover with Richard Gere? a year later they were broke up. Claudia Schiffer posed alot with David Copperfield,etc…I respect it that she is very private. I feel like I know ZERO about she and Tom, and its awesome (not counting lies media says) Im talking little details you find out in interviews and stuff….she keeps it all private. Go Gisele!

  • karma

    found something hilarious and couldnt be more true! an old comment from 2009 by a jj poster. how correct he/she was!!!!

    This’ll all die down when Tom and Gisele have children of their own. The new battle cry will be “why don’t they give John as much attention as their own biological children.”

    Mark my words on that one. ;)

    Read more:

    so right! haters complained of her loving her stepson, then once benjamin was born they cried the “why don’t they give jack attention blah blah) you haters are so predictable! *YAWNNN*

  • chuchu

    @I heart G: usually if you do a twitter search of gisele after she is papped, there will be companies saying what brand she is using, has on etc…I have found many baby companies making blog posts about what brand Gisele is using for Benjamin. For instance his stroller,jeans stuff like that. good luck!