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Halle Berry Covers Hollywood Reporter's Legends Issue

Halle Berry Covers Hollywood Reporter's Legends Issue

Halle Berry puts her arm around Sidney Poitier on the cover of The Hollywood Reporter‘s 80th Anniversary Legends Issue.

In the special issue, which will have three different covers, THR featured the “biggest names in the business, both on screen and off, who have made a mark during our 80-year history.”

Halle and Sidney were recognized for being the first African-Americans to win Oscars for best actor and actress.

The covers celebrates those over the age of 80, but THR made an exception for Halle, 44, Debbie Reynolds, 78, James Earl Jones, 79, and Larry Hagman, 79.

Congrats to Halle for the special honor!

Check out the other two covers, including one with Betty White, at

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Photos: Peggy Sirota
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  • Nic

    What a abeautiful cover, and both amazing actors! I hope Halle gets a nom for Frankie and Alice, what a stunning movie, and he just nailed it!

  • huh?

    Larry Hagman, 49? He was born in 1931.

  • BEAN

    I really dont understand why people consider her to be this great beauty. She IS pretty, yes but nothing spectacular. In fact the more I see her face the less i like her.

  • Ricardo Delfino
  • Give it up

    Putting her next to a well respected, amazing actor isn’t going to give her any more cred – Mr. Poitier’s expression says as much. Plus… isn’t this about EIGHT years too late?

  • J

    Everything that Give it up said.

  • hypocrite

    What they made an exception with Halle ?? thats is definitley not fair towards some very talented deserving actors, plus she consider herself white get a white man to get a white-mixed kid, funny how she likes to play with 2 cards whene it for taking advantages….

  • Ms Barleo Gaga Pitt Fan

    Great cover. She is stunning. His daughters are also quite beautiful.

  • lise

    Everytime a Halle post appears people have to bring up her race. She is bi racial and is proud of it- move on. She is also stunning and deserves the GG nom as well as an Oscar nod. Of course Black Swan’s theatrics will overshadow. Hilary Swank was snubbed also.

  • done

    oh boy, here we go again with halle being all up in the freckin media, bothering us about “nobody likes me because i’m white…i mean black” lol. first of all, halle looks scary as hell! she is too skinny and needs to eat some burger king meals. Her makeup is atrocious and her hair looks like a male’s hair cut. Second of all, she can’t act! she will not win any awards. we should take bets on these gossip blogs for the golden globes because she aint winning shit. the black swan, social network, the fighter, and all those will win. She won for the prequel to fankie and alice long ago, its called monsters balls. remember? its the porn she did. Third of all, if we have to hear one more time about how difficult it is to be bi-racial, i think we are going to puke! halle is not the first person in america to be bi-racial. most african-americans have white in their heritage because of slave rape or inter-racial unions over these many generations. so bitch, please.
    also, it needs to be pointed out that sidney poitier is not african-american. he is west indian so let’s get that straight. his ancestors were not slaves in this country! and he is over-rated! horrible speech – sounds wooden and boring as all hell!

  • done

    @lise: halle brings up her race in every interview. just look on and scroll down where there is a link to her interview. she talks about her race AGAIN and AGAIN and AGAIN! she has a very hard time understanding that she doesn’t look bi-racial according to her words, and is 1/2 black. she has a problem with it. not us, the viewers who mind our business and deal with real problems everyday trying to get frecking jobs.

  • Josie

    I love how she gets on peoples nerves lol
    If a celebrity can get under your skin so easily, seriously people, you need to evaluate your lives and perhaps seek some kind of help…therapy might be for you (you know who you are).
    She is living her life and she seems happy. If she wants to talk about her ethnic make up, or her career, that’s her right.
    If it annoys you then you have issues that you need to deal with, you have to ask yourself why it bothers you so much.

  • Ms Barleo Gaga Pitt Fan

    For the love of earth, why must every post about Halle be about her race? She said when she was a little girl her white mom told her that since she had brown skin, then she is black. That is how she was raised. She is also very aware that the person who raised her mostly is her white mother and her daughter’s father is white. Anyway, who CARES? Maybe that is why she made something of herself while others are on blogs attacking her race. Halle did something with her life. What have you all done? Black, white, green, none of you look like that woman. End of story. She is hot. End of story. Hot body. End of story. Now you all just hit the gym and be quiet.

  • Gab

    They photoshopped a few inches off her shoulders, arms, and upper body. Yuck. Halle’s got beautiful bones, I don’t know why anyone would possibly want to thin her out more.

  • M

    I don’t care that Halle is biracial. I don’t care that she’s thin. People who think she needs to eat something are probably fat hogs who don’t like thin women. I can’t comment on her talent because I haven’t seen her films. She’s beautiful, but it’s probably only on the outside.

    Sidney Poitier is indeed not “African”; his family is from the Bahamas. However, I’ve always liked him. He is a gracious, dignified, and very talented legend and a true gentleman. His acting is natural, and he has always been beyond reproach. I know he’s around 83, but I hope he lives for many more years and enjoys every year.

  • Ricardo Delfino
  • Awwww come on!!!!

    @hypocrite: HOW can she play the race card when she is half white her self. If she wants to be with a white man and have a baby by a white man then so be it. You fail to realize she was MARRIED twice to black men who abused her and cheated on her. Hell I don’t blame her for going WHITE and I’m a black woman saying that!!!

  • Clay

    This race talk is truly boring. She doesn’t need to point it out.

    Both Halle and Sidney are of African descent with Halle being from America and Sidney being from the Bahamas. With Halle have part European descent as well.

    Now if I never hear another race thing from her it was be awesome.

  • Awwww come on!!!!

    @hypocrite: Ha’s so funny how people like you say she’s playing the race card when she is half white her self. If she wants to date and have a baby with a white man then so be it. YOU seem to forget she was married twice to black men who abused her and cheated on her so it she has decides to go WHITE then why the hell not!!! If I went through half of what she has gone through I would go white myself and I’m a black woman saying that!!!!!

  • Kaz simply amazing! Pretty!!!!!!!

    Look at she face, She love like this man and she very happy

  • Bran

    White people invented the “race card” and built this country on a race card. Whites love to throw that term out but never take any responsibility for their part in benefiting from a race card. Look
    up “Jim Crow” laws and study race in American history. For certain,
    the “race card” benefits all the white actors/actresses in Hollywood
    who are cast in roles according by skin by color first then talent.

  • TMNox

    Attention Haters!!

    The reason she’s on the cover with Sydney is because she is the FIRST black female to win an Academy Award (which means almost nothing to those in the black community, let me tell you. After 82 years of ceremonies to pat themselves on the back, only THIRTEEN blacks have won. It’s my opinion that African American actors and actresses should stop seeking to obtain this “most coveted award”, considering Hollywood doesn’t respect us in the slightest.) Ms. Berry is going down in entertainment history, whether you like it or not. Sure, she might have gotten it for a shitty role but, what’s done is done. She’s beautiful, she’s deserving. I don’t understand why people are always trying to take away what she’s fought hard for. Oh, and how convenient is it that people can simply write of Halle’s realization of how much race plays on her career as her playing the race card? Whites play the race card just as much by always calling blacks out on using the race card. Let it go! And, Hypocrite, you’re the biggest hater on here. Get a life.

  • Jp

    She is a joke. The look on Sydney’s face is priceless sitting next to this no-talent broad.

  • Jokergurl

    Sidney Poitier has always been an amazing, commanding presence on screen since his debut in No Way Out in 1950, to The Defiant Ones with Tony Curtis, to the the unforgettable In The Heat of the Night performance. He’s just a natural actor. Halle’s a good actor but she’s got a long way to go before “legend” is associated with her name.

  • fred

    Haters are hating on her size;her “race” and what she has on and even the “look” on Nahla’s face

    The look on Poitier’s face might have been asked by the HR’s photographer himself.

    when you don’t have anything positive to say about another individual you keep your TRAP SHUT!

  • yo sista

    She’s NOT a legend.

  • Greg

    A legendary HO is more like it.

  • Butter_Fly

    Love Lilies of the Field so much, actually watched it the other night. Sydney Poitier IS a legend. Although Halle Berry is gorgeous I seriously can’t recall any of her movies I like. lol. Yes, I understand she won an oscar but gosh, it’s obvious it doesn’t take much to be a legend now.



    That’s why nobody has asked you to be an expert on beauty…..


    Hey Beano, now you know why nobody has ever asked you to be an expert on what is or is not beautiful…. boxgirl or boy is what you are good at…


    @Give it up:

    Jealousy becomes you…Sidney is thrilled…his facial expression has nothing to do with his feeling about Halle. He is a supreme gentleman and if he felt anything negative, you would never know it…as I said a gentleman…foreign idea for you isn’t it.



    Clearly DUMB loves company! now jump off that cliff!



    Hey Peabrain, Halle considers herself biracial…if you ever read anything except dumb mags. You would have learned her saving grace during her elementar/ymiddle school years was a black school teacher who is now a very dear friend. With a white mother, living in a black neighborhood, Halle ran into a lot of uninformed black folks who seem unable to detect their own inbred racism against bi-racial kids. This teacher helped her ….she knows who she is just as President Obama and zillions of other bir-racial folks. Halle has chosen to identify as black. But her gene pool is half white/half black.

    You idiot neanderthals seem to conveniently forget that Halle was married to two black men, dipsticks, both of them. And she gets to have a relationship with whomever she wants. You got a problem with her, why are you hanging around here slobbering hate?



    That observation could apply to a huge precentage of actors. Sidney was and is Extraordinary….but remember we watched his work in the absence of other black actors being given the access he was given. That does not diminish his talent of course, but he was working without comparison to other black actors. Halle like most female actors is always awaiting that great part….Sidney being black was breaking barriers which he ended up knocking down…their careers are totally different…time place, political and social atmosphere…



    Well, Clay, join the crowd about the race thing…but hey we are living in America…race is never more than a few words away. Halle has it coming from Black folks and white folks…So if you’re tired of it…don’t read the articles..or better yet change society!



    Except you find the time out of your job hunt to jump on your computer and get on this site and offered up some BS cause you can!

    You don’t like Halle….fine who cares…what are you doing here peeing behind the tree?


    @Greg: Methinks you talking about yo mama boy!


    @yo sista:
    Sistah…neither are you even on track to be one….

    I happen to think Halle is a legend. Show me another black woman who produced a major TV piece on another black female icon (actress/ singer dorothy dandridge) and Halle won several emmys for producing and acting in this piece.

    Halle is a huge benefactor of the Jeunesse Center, which helps at risk black women get back on their feet and get jobs…Halle has just completed several apartments that will house some of these women.


    Congratulations Halle on the Golden Globe nomination for your performance in Frankie and Alice. But also for the fortitude, talent and determination to remain standing and working as an actress for twenty years in Hollywood as a black actress.

    Too many on here are short sighted, ill informed and just plain old, igornant about who you are and how hard you have worked. But don’t mind them…just a few flies in the ointment, when it comes to the quality of your work and effort.

    I have a feeling the next five years are going to be among your best in the industry. You look gorgeous…En joy your life!

  • Lisa

    Wtf is up with Halle and race. She is weird. First, she is not black, she is half-white. She has a baby with a white man. Why is she so into her african-american side, when she obviously wanted a white baby?!!!!! Paradoxal. She seems ashamed of herself by talking about her black race all the time, but still has a baby with a white man.

    What if a half white-Asian women would win an oscar. Would she cry for being the first eh..ASIAN woman?

  • Awwww come on!!!!

    @Bran: Yes Yes…I agree with you 100000%.

  • J

    @THE B IS BACK Someone that actually take time too reply to every comment the savior of all black women. Do us all a favor, and kill yourself.



  • Lalalove


  • hatehaters

    @BEAN: Jealousy is ugly BEAN….she’s gorgeous and classy. Not a lot of women in the same class as her…nuff said.

  • Sandy

    I cannot stand this fake chick.