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Johnny Depp Premieres 'The Tourist' in Rome

Johnny Depp Premieres 'The Tourist' in Rome

Johnny Depp hits the red carpet at the premiere of his latest film, The Tourist, on Wednesday (December 15) at The Space Cinema in Rome, Italy.

The 47-year-old actor recalled shooting the movie in Venice with Angelina Jolie and raved about the famous island city.

“My experience of Venice really happened between 10pm and 2am when the streets closed and I was able to walk around and experience the poetry of Venice, the ghosts of Venice, all those wonderful dark alleys,” he said.

“For an actor being able to film within the confines of that magical city certainly helps…. The city’s magic shone through completely,” he added.

FYI: Johnny is wearing a black herringbone, three-piece, peak lapel suit by Tom Ford.

10+ pictures inside of Johnny Depp at The Tourist Rome premiere…

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Credit: Elisabetta Villa; Photos: Getty
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  • lylian

    I know this is the tourist thread but I think I’ll stick with the Angelina tourist thread unless the JP fans move over here!

  • Ricardo Delfino
  • an oldie

    I agree. Venice is a magical city, especially at night. But you have to experience it with your loved one.

  • try

    well hello there johnny boy ;)

  • lala

    He looks like a creepy pedophile you glance at at a stop light, and then quickly dart your eyes away and hope the light changes fast. Haha, I love Depp, I’m just not feeling all that hair

  • putry

    u r soooo damn HOT !

  • just me

    I remembered him come out in the stage in one of the award shows a couple of years boyishly cut, no beard. I almost dropped on the floor…he was damn sexy !! I think he is hiding his sexiness behind this present look….I know it’s for the movies but I sure hope he will get a haircut and shave off his beard soon. He is still sexy !!

  • me

    He looks so good!

  • Haters=confusedadmirers

    You look damn good, Johnny! Go see The Tourist!

  • Kaz simply amazing! Pretty!!!!!!!

    Maxican gay

  • Kaz simply amazing! Pretty!!!!!!!

    Good for you (expicaily womans

  • ranch

    Calling him a pedophile is about the most ridiculous thing in the world. Johnny a pedo? Wow. That is a heavy word, no joke either

  • Some Bunny

    Thanks JJ loved the Tourist movie and will see it again this weekend. JD is such a great actor he & Angelina made this movie fun to watch. I never realized Johnny was and seems poetic. I am trying to imagine Venice at night now but now I want to visit and see it all in person.

  • Aquio

    I’m over his weirdness. He looks like a freakin’ schmuck in these pictures. I agree with “lala” up there, very pedo.

  • Extra lids 2 block vision

    He doesn’t have skin tags hanging from his overlapping eyelids so that makes him ten times hotter than u know who.

  • PCgirl23

    47?!? Really? This guy doesn’t age!
    Been a fan since forever. He’s my favorite actor of all times. I will see anything he’s on, no matter what!

  • shoes4life

    I LLLOOOVVVEEEE Johnny!! Every since 21 Jump St.

    I have to admit his mustache, hat and long hair reminds me of Snoopy’s brother Spike. HAHAHA!!

    Johnny is his own sexy and I embrace it!

  • J

    He is beautiful, handsome, amazing…I will never stop being infatuated with this man, i’ve loved him since his Edward scissorhands days and i’m a huge fan of his, i think he is such a talented actor, and great person.

    I’ve only heard good things about him from people who have met him.
    I know i sound like a complete fan girl but seeing these pics of him i can’t help it, he just looks better and better as he ages! and he seems so humble and kind which makes me love him even more!

  • e

    love me some johnny….hey where’s vanessa paradis…haven’t seen her in any premiere pics.. maybe she’s embarrassed to face angelina after she made johnny talk the producers into cutting the steamy shower scene in the tourist….

  • depplover

    @e: she’s working in france the shower scene was a lie again internet lies she didnt hate or fear johnny depp co-actresses that’s pure lies last years says she hates marion cotillard on the cesars (french awards) she was with cotillard like best friends internet try to make vanessa like the bad bitch but isnt true!

  • vale

    @e: the scene was a lie could you imagine vanessa saying hey johnny i wanna you say to the producers cut your sex scene with angelina because i dont like it im very jelaous could you? simply not, the sex scene was a lie from life&style magazine

  • shoes4life

    Angie already stated in I think the interview in Paris that the cost to remove their tatoo’s would have been too much and the act was cut. Also, Johnny has stated in a interview recently that the Jolie-Pitt’s spent time at their home in Pariswhile filming with him, Vanessa and their kids played together.

    People just love to make lies up about Angelina and it is so sad. Johnny even said he don’t see how she/they deal with it.

  • hot

    @lala: you love him and say phedofile you f*cking serious do you know what it means? please that isnt funny or worst that isnt nice comment

  • still hottie

    he’s a lot bearded and he must cut a few his hair but he’s still f*cking amazing hot as always this guy never gets old what th f*ck!

  • 21humpstreet

    Vanessa seems so chill and secure- theyve been together a long time and have kids. Typical Johnny and his swagger.

  • still hottie

    he’s a few bearded and he must cut a few his hair but he’s still f*cking amazing hot as always this guy never gets old what th f*ck!

  • f*ckyeah

    see this picture now i have something to masterbate me ahahahaha no serious fuuuuck mee johnny i wanna suck your dickk pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  • love

    please just jared give me more of thiss jd photos i need it! give me moreeeeee plzz

  • Kaz simply amazing! Pretty!!!!!!!

    for me he like Nasty Dirty uglyy gay bum

  • i n f a m o u s l y c o o l

    …he shouldn’t have done that movie. i still have no idea what it’s about, the trailers did nothing for it.

  • brenda

    to ass !! that is not truth!! the truth is Johnny Depp is the most gorgeous man alive ever..FACE IT!!! and @lala..who you dare to say something like that MORON??!..maybe you are!..are you brad ‘s fan? obvious,!!Johnny is cool and a good person .everybody knows that,so don’t try to wash people brain fool!

  • brenda

    Ah..and tanks God there are not pics of angelina!!! and @Kas simply Amazing..what a ridiculous name you have…you are so know who is ugly..BRAD PITT! brad has monkey face and Angelina is a LESBIAN ANOREXIC..oh and skeletor too!!!

  • OhMahGawh

    He looks fantastic. Great man. Great partner. Great father. Great actor.

  • Jokergurl

    Cooler than cool. :)

  • gorgeous

    Johnny,Johnny,you are so gorgeous.You have amazing family

  • lola

    I saw him in the 2007 and he’s been the most beautiful man I’ve ever seen!
    here he’s finally well dressed but I don’t like his air and beard.
    he isn’t fat now but his face is always “strangely” puffy and his smile rigid, he’s to much canged in this last year, I don’t see his fantastic cheek bones…I think that his hotties days are finished.
    however he’s a great actor and I hope he’ll be a fascinating middle age man not to much botoxed!

  • Auberi

    BEAUTIFUL ! ♥♥

  • hmm

    He tries really hard to look disheveled. That look has expired. He’s capable of looking clean and hot but he chooses the bum look. I don’t think it’s working for him now though. He looks drained and sad.

  • julie

    He is starting to look like a fat old man!
    here with a good dress, a strong makeup on and good lights he’s looking as a fascinating and beautiful man again but he isn’t the usually JD but it’s with sunken cheeks and prominent cheekbones…his face is round and full now!
    sin … the world is losing the sexiest man you’ve ever seen on the planet!

  • julie

    …but he’s Johnny Depp I loved him and I love him again!

  • julie

    …but he’s Johnny Depp. I loved him before and I love him again!
    …but stop with botox!

  • Nope

    @21humpstreet: True. Brad pitt was the one that put a stop to that shower scenes. Have u seen Jolie pose with any of the male dominated cast? Didn’t think so.

  • wanda

    @ are so wrong,his hotties days are ALIVE as ever..Johnny depp is a sexy man,hot and handsome..but he doesn’t care about it,the fans know that,that’s the way he is..and I love it. And @julie..the world still HAS the sexiest man alive and his name is JOHNNY DEPP! there is no other!! Ah…@28..I want the same!…oh yeah! baby!!!! ha..ha!

  • wanda

    hey there any need to talk about angie and brad..? really .they have their own place…please!!!

  • pink

    johnny is looking like a good man again but he’s to much changed! this is evident, he’s very puffy now, in the past he wasn’t puffy at all!

  • love

    @Kaz simply amazing! Pretty!!!!!!!: you are an idiot you hate johnny you must be a brad fan i cannot believe johnny’s haters exist he’s the mostcharming beuatiful and talented man ever but you must be a johnny fan too cuz you are so pending new photos of him to comment! admit he stunning like nobody can be and yes you name is the most ridiculous i ever read

  • he’sstunnig

    OMG that man is the devil he’s hot hot to 47 years old OMFG i cannot believe and he’s natural not like angie’s boyfriend simply he has good skin and the best cheekbones ever no one can have his cheekbones el es ardiente!

  • envy

    the only bad comments here are of brangelina fans who hates him because he’s hot and looking younger than their and he isnt botoxed and looks more hot than anything

  • Raichill

    This is not a good look for him. His face is looking bloated too.