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Katie Holmes: Business Meeting with Jeanne Yang

Katie Holmes: Business Meeting with Jeanne Yang

Katie Holmes wears her hair in a high topknot as she goes to a business meeting on Wednesday (December 15) in Los Angeles.

The 31-year-old actress was checking out designs for her line, Holmes & Yang, with her stylist and business partner Jeanne Yang.

Katie may be heading back to Broadway in Extremities, a psychological drama by William Mastrosimone.

10+ pictures inside of Katie Holmes leaving a business meeting with Jeanne Yang

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  • Zoe

    She needs to stop with the top knot hair style! I never liked when Brittany did it and I still don’t like it. Can’t she just wear a low ponytail?

  • Dexter

    scientologists are weird.

  • Ricardo Delfino

    can’t stand her stocky legs…

  • blair

    Business meeting? She looks like she’s cleaning out her garage.

  • gia


  • Torino


  • http://Ja Slig^_^


  • QueenOfTrashin

    High top hair style…is that what they are calling the doo-doo ball these days. She is suffering from deep, deep depression because of her ‘marriage’.


    both she and her stylist are dressed like crap, do they think people will pay $$ to look like that? I agree with QueenOfTrashin about the deep depression comment.

  • Brad

    Why does all celebrities on earth had done something to their body, i’m sure that katie had done to her nose too, look to this pict. below, it’s looking unnatural.

  • mary

    Zoe @ 12/15/2010 at 4:30 pm

    i have hair that’s longer than katie’s. the only time i wear my hair like that is when i’m out in the field and not able to wash it as often as i would if i were back home in NYC. and i definitely would not wear my hair that way to a business meeting. nor would i wear that outfit.

  • lol

    She used to be so cute. The power of Scientology took over and now look at her.

  • Shay

    OMG. She looks like a slob. What the hell is wrong with her! How long does it take to brush your hair and throw on decent clothes? I wouldn’t buy a bathrobe from her considering the way she dresses. Sister needs to get some therapy for her depression or leave that little bitty poor excuse for a man she married.



    Are u nuts? Did you see the pics of her at the Globes or at the Jack & Jill set? Katie is GORGEOUS!!

  • @ Ricardo Delfino #3

    You are so cruel dear by sending video of “graceful and gorgeousDiane Kruger” for advertising Calvin Klein in this forum, but anyway i do love to see her :)

  • Susie#1

    OMG – It’s Day of the Walking Dead starring Katie Holmes. Was she trying to look this bad? No one will want to buy Holmes/Yang clothing. Ugh.

  • @GIOHA

    Maybe you are right that Katie is nice, but when she started to speak so clear that she was unintelligent, maybe that’s why tomy girl choosing her, sorry that is true.

  • Susie#1

    P.S. Jared, she does not need to be on Broadway. Any director who chooses ANY other actress will be doing the world a favor. No one in their right mind thinks that Katie can act; she was merely competent in “All My Sons.”

  • it’s robo-bride

    You gotta just laugh and shake your head. Here is Robo-Bride designing a pricey line for mom’s that is classic–pieces you can throw on and go (you know like $1200 for a silk blouse who’s design was ripped off from the Town and Country/Pendleton lines–something the baby can throw up on and you can just toss it)—anyhow, I digress…here is Robo-Bride looking like crapola.

    Unwashed hair – check
    Messy hair- check
    Wrinkled shirt – check
    Unflattering jeans – check
    Ugly coat – check’
    Unflattering colors – check
    Unflattering fit – check

    Gee as an ambassador for her line of mom clothes that cost mega bucks–she just makes me wanna run right out and buy a piece…NOT.

  • lucy

    @@ Ricardo Delfino #3:
    Well, Diane IS Suri’s stepmom basically. It’s just too bad that Josh and Diane don’t get to spend time with Suri. Josh would be a load of fun and Diane would keep her in cute play clothes!!

  • Rainy Day

    You know I’m a busy person. I work, take care of the family, do my own lawn, housework etc.
    Katie has nannies, personal assistants, lawn services, maids and more.
    I have long hair.
    Explain to me when I wear it up on my head in a clip or band, how I have the time to take a brush and brush my hair into a tidy mass and then have the time to secure it with a band or clip so it looks neat and clean?
    And Katie with all her help and money cannot?
    Why would I want to buy clothes designed from a walking train wreck?

  • @ lucy #21

    I agree with you lucy, Diane will be a great and good stepmom for suri :), just wait for the time……..


    she was tom’s fourth choice for third wife in a sexless marriage.

  • danielle

    NO I do not want to see this talentedless actress who can’t sing, dance or act with any skill–RUIN Extremities. Saw All My Sons and she was weak in that and that was a drama where she poorly played a secondary character. She would fail big time in Extremities. The play deserves a better lead–actually it deserves someone who can act on stage…which means project body and voice–which she cannot. It takes someone who has on stage presence–which she did not in AMS. It takes a REAL actress.

  • Linda

    Is that one of their designs??

  • Suri Jackson
  • taxgirl

    @Suri Jackson:
    Josh is so adorable! I’m not delusional enough to believe that Josh and Katie would have ended up as a couple, but it’s such a shame that she sold her soul and his child(I believe) to a cult. They were really good friends. Thank you for the PopSugar link.

  • why?

    Why can’t she ever manage to get the bun at the back of her head where it wouldn’t look like crap? Okay, I’m sure she’d still manage to look like crap but at least we wouldn’t have to look at that mutant growth on her head.

  • Suri Jackson


  • mmm mmm good

    Josh is so yummy and Tom is such a saggy old fogie with hair plugs.

  • I must be crazy

    Reading posts here funnier than anything on tv.
    What the heek is rong wthher. Omg get the luny van ready.

  • Kaz simply amazing! Pretty!!!!!!!

    She like tired and sick

  • annie

    Katie is such a gorgeous , cute , adorable girl. Hair up, hair down she’s got it whether you people think so or not.
    And what’s more Don’t be afraid of the Dark is going to kill it at the boxoffice, mark my words.
    Del torro. Adam Sandler, the people on Broadway, and others who thought well enough of her to allow her to play Jackie O, obviously have a different impression…..and it’s what they think that counts.
    All the pics from the set of Jack and Jill have been beautiful, and she was just gorgeous at the GG nominations.
    I can see her in Extremities, I think she’ll be good. I loved Abandon, she’s good in dark roles. Hope she gets it!
    As Diane Keaten said ”I found Katie very mysterious and intruiging, couldn’t take my eyes off her” .
    Maybe that’s what all the others feel when they come into contact with her…….you never know.
    Patricia Clarkson said that Katie was one of the most charasmatic young women she’s ever met.
    These women don’t have to say these things, just like Channing Tatum said that he didn’t work long enough with her, he wanted to work for a longer period with her.
    So people think about that for a bit, before you have another go at her.

  • carrington

    We all get that you love Katie. BUT if she were just Katie Holmes and not Katie Holmes Cruise–she would not be getting the parts she is getting. Her movies have mostly bombed (and even she admits it). Her performances are often panned by critics. And for every person you quote saying nice things about her–there are others who think she is a diva and untalented.
    Furthermore, some of the most hated people in Hollywood have people saying nice things about them because they are a$$ kissers and want to stay in that person’s good graces in order to benefit from the association. You rarely hear of any true hollywood actor dissing another (I’m excluding reality stars and celebutards.
    She gets her parts because she is Mrs. Tom Cruise. With her record of bombs and lukewarm reviews, she certainly wouldn’t be getting parts as plain ol’ Katie Holmes. And if you think so, then you are very naive. Whether you like Jennifer Aniston or not, Jennifer knows her strengths and weaknesses and how to market herself. And honey, Katie ain’t no Jennifer Aniston. Doesn’t have charisma, talent, skill, or just plain old good sense.

  • Jolla

    People should leave them be: they’re decent people. All we’ve heard about them in the past five years was related to work and family. No scandals, no drugs, drinking or rehab. The children are also OK. Suri is showing her pajamas from time to time but who cares? People are making good money on their account so why all this nonsense about Katie’s hair, jeans, nose, legs?

  • annie

    @ CarringTON
    how is Diane Keaten going to benefit from associating with Katie , and Patricia Clarkson said that when Katie was just plain old Katie Holmes.
    Yes , I am a fan……however the truth is, we’ll never know how her career would have turned out.
    Permit me to give you a very relevant example.
    When Katie did Get Happy on SYTYCD, you all tore her to pieces, however, the top mag , where I come from called in 3 judges from 2 states. to judge her performance.
    One judge , who is something along the line of say Hugh Jackson, in that he plays theatre, sings , dances, is a ballroom pro dancer, couldn’t say enough good things about her, and he can be as mean as hell. He judged her on her entainment value she sings and dances because she likes it , not because it’s her profession.
    In his words , he loved it.
    The other 2 judges from another state, said the same thing .
    If anyone came out bad , it was Judy Garlands version of Get Happy.
    These 3 people didn’t care less who her husband is……..didn’t care less about her religous philosophies and the rest. They were asked by the mag to judge , comment and give a score out of 10.
    They judged Katie Holmes, nothing else., and boy did she do well!
    Some people here resent it badly when someone says something nice, and will always find something negative to whine about.
    I’m not saying that she is an oscar winning actress, but she’s gaining experience, and you never know what’s down the track for her.
    And talking about oscar winning actresses, Mark Damon is right when he says , he’d like to know how they come up with the winners, so surprised is he at some nominations and wins. In other words 1/2 of them don’t deserve it, and most of the time everybody else thinks the same thing.
    Yes I like Katie, but I will also criticize her if I think something is a bit off, as well.
    According to you Katie doesn’t have talent charisma skill or common sense because that’s the way you see it, and you want to see it that way, but she comes across as very employable to me.
    Look I think N Kidman is a really good actress, but let’s be honest, she really rode on Tom’s coat tail , much much more than Katie. Katie got with Tom at the worst time in his professional life , where Nicole had him when he was at the top, and she gained much more from that association than Katie.

  • Doll

    What is with you? You think you know everything about Katie, Tom and even Nicole. You seem to really lack common sense. You must be very young and naive. Nicole rode on Tom’s coat tail? What! Nicole is a far better actor then Tom will ever be. Your comments are always laughable, really!

  • carrington


    Well I admire your devotion to her. But if I may point out, Katie has consistently gotten luke warm reviews for almost everything she has done–acting, dancing, singing, designing, parenthood.

    You mentioned NK. I think Kidman was and is a very hard act for her to follow in terms of acting, singing, dancing, theater. If you read Kidman’s bio by that professor, it appears Katie is trying very hard to be Kidman. She is literally doing everything Kidman did or trying to. You say Kidman road Tom’s coat tails. I don’t think so. It gave her visibility, yes, but she road in on her own talent. Tom’s coat tails didn’t do much for Mimi Rogers or Penelope Cruz. Rogers, like Holmes, has minimal talent, charisma and style and look where she is. Cruz on the other hand has talent and it is taking her to the top–talent and skill–not Tom Cruise. Kidman herself has said that being Tom’s wife didn’t open as many doors as people think.

    Maybe your judges wherever you lived liked Katie on SYTYCD, but most of the folks that saw her in that performance weren’t as generous in their praise and that included dancers, judges, and the public. To compare Katie to the incomparable Judy Garland is ludicrous. Were your judges under 30 by any chance?

    And Katie did not get with Tom at the worst time in his professional life–he blew it while with her–he and she probably thought he was invincible and his little gaffes (like knocking women with PPD, children with ADD/ADHD, and attacking Matt Lauer )would blow over–because of course he was Tom Cruise who could do nothing wrong.

    However, it is her life and I suppose his fame getting her parts is no different than a starlet sleeping with a director for a part. She is the one ultimately responsible for her career and she has blown it over and over. That is nobody’s fault but hers. If she had made wiser choices she’d probably be known as a better actress, but she did not.

    Maybe “Dark” will be a huge film, but if she acts as poorly in it as Batman, Mad Money etc., she will be savaged by critics and attendance will plummet after week one.

    Her best course of action to resurrect her career would be to dump Tom and take Suri and run!

  • annie

    @ Carrington
    What difference does it make if the judges were young or old. one is probably in his 40s and the other 2 in their 30s.
    Your last comment tho summed it up…..dump Tom, take Suri and run.
    He’s her husband and the father of her child why should she dump him, but I realise that she would be taken more seriously if she wasn’t with Tom.
    It’s not that I’m devoted so much, it’s just that it seems ok for some people to trash her, so I just give a different slant on things.
    For every good thing I find to say, you and others will go the opposite.
    She’s still Katie Holmes, and people never trashed her before for anything, now the claws are out all the time.

  • danielle S

    to Jump into the discussion–

    Your replies are always thoughtful, but I think Katie brought a lot of the criticism down on herself. Instead of being herself, she tried to be what Tom wanted.

    She appears brainless in interviews. Whereas Jackie Kennedy Onassis could get away with that breathy voice – everyone knew she was highly intelligent. Marilyn Monroe got away with it because of her body. Katie doesn’t because she DOES lack charisma and apparently brains since she seems brainwashed. She comes off sounding dumber than an ox. A brainless twit. Jolie, Kidman, Witherspoon, Johanssen, Theron and many other A-List actresses may make PR type mistakes, voice unpopular sentiments and face criticism (think ala Jane Fonda) for their stands, but at least you know behind the make up and glamor they think something, anything. Katie has come off seemingly stupid with no thoughts of her own. A Robot mouthing the same thing over and over. Geez, listen to her tape promoting Dizzy Feet, her foundation. She sounds like an idiot. Same goes for her fashion line. This is a line for busy moms so they don’t have to think–just grab and mix and match? What busy mom that you know pays $2200 for an uninspired dress, $1200 for a silk blouse, $5000 or so for a leather motorcycle jacket? $1500 for a pair of boring pants? What busy mom would wear these expensive items around their kids knowing kids vomit, have sticky hands etc. This is a line of clothes for the rich busy mom who has nannys and other help. She tries to come off like it is for the every day mom on a budget. Give us all a break.

    If Katie wants to be taken seriously as an actress then she needs to beef up her PR and marketing skills and at least put on a show like she actually can think instead of proclaiming Suri is magickal, awesome, a woman. Instead of saying everything is wonderful, awesome etc. She needs to change public perception of her as a brainwashed twit under the thumb of Cruise and his cult.

    Just my opinion.

  • itstrueagain

    @danielle s.

  • annie

    @ danielle
    Danielle, you know when you like somebody, you see them in a totally different way, to somebody who doesn’t like somebody. When you don’t like someone , you tend to totally disregard anything that is good about them, in favour for all their shortcomings, and that’s human nature I guess.
    When she’s asked intelligent questions, she answers them intelligently, when she’s asked a million questions about her daughter, over and over again, unintentional personal feelings start coming out. Things like …she allows Suri to choose her clothing or shoes when she goes out and she says so.
    Katie says she allows it, because it makes her daughter happy, and she loves seeing Suri happy.
    That I don’t agree with, only because she is in the public eye, not for any other reason, every parent wants to make their child happy, and when a mother goes somewhere with mismatched clothes or shoes, and says that her daughter wanted her to wear it, everyone is going to have a little chuckle about it…….but it doesn’t happen that way when you’re in public view, looked at by millions, you get criticised for not knowing how to dress, or Suri is so spoilt, even tho this sort of thing happens all the time in other families.
    The difference here between meand say you, because you don’t seem too crazy about her, is that part of me understands where she’s coming from even tho I don’t agree, but you’ll have a go at her. As for her clothes being expensive, I believe it’s because they are made in New York, and not China or India, where people are paid next to nothing. Where I come from, if you buy something made here it’s triple the price than the one made overseas, and they don’t come cheap either. Maybe ordinary people can’t afford to pay that kind of money, but there are a hell of a lot who can, and probably like the fact that the clothes are made in NY. Some of her clothes are really very nice, and seem to cater for different age groups.
    But I will agree with you, that she needs to market herself in a different way, to be taken seriously, and I agree that Katie is not taken seriously. I feel a bit sorry for her, because she’s judged all the time, you look at her and you judge her, so does Carrington, Robo Bride, and the rest, but if she wasn’t Mrs Cruise and wasn’t into Scie, you wouldn’t judge her like you do.
    Her interviews just after her marriage were very good, until everybody began disecting them, now it’s like she just skims the surface.
    I would love for her to be interviewed by some intelligent journalist, and asked intelligent questions.
    Also , what sets her apart from other actresses who have labels is , she isn’t show offy………….and you need to be that in this industry.
    I very much like Victoria Beckams clothes, but at the same time you can see that she will do anything , to promote herself, and that goes for David Beckam as well. For me personally, this seems to be Katies downfall. Look at Jennifer Lopez, you can almost feel her hunger, to be be taken notice of, and whatever she’s flogging.
    I think Katie is in a no win sort of situation here, but I think there are ways to improve it.
    I’ve liked her for a long time, long before Tom, and I don’t believe that she’s the way you guys make her out.
    So I’m sticking to my guns on this!