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Blake Lively & Ryan Gosling: Interview's Faces of 2010

Blake Lively & Ryan Gosling: Interview's Faces of 2010

Blake Lively and Ryan Gosling are featured as a part of Interview Magazine‘s Faces of 2010.

The magazine gave superlatives to all the stars featured in the portfolio. Here are some of the highlights:

The Transformer: Blake Lively; The Consummate Professional: Ryan Gosling; The Breakthrough Actor: Andrew Garfield; The Graduate: Emma Watson; The Newly-Minted Icon: Carey Mulligan; The Renaissance Man: James Franco; The Networker: Jesse Eisenberg; The Breakthrough Rapper: Nicki Minaj

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Interview’s Faces of 2010?

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  • Ricardo Delfino
  • Kaz simply amazing! Pretty!!!!!!!

    All this a verage people

  • PoisonDart-

    She’s SOO overrated.

  • PoisonDart-

    She’s SO overated!
    What did she do in her crappy career?!
    Oh right star in a crappy glamorous bi*chy show! PLEASE.

  • hillray

    Oh look Blakey showing off her (fake) tits once again coz if not she would look totally irrelevant & worthless; compared to Emma’s popularity & Carey’s talent.

  • lili

    I know Emma Watson and James Franco- who are the other people?

  • http://ta Slig^_^

    How’ in dark ??? Yeah yeah i know i think craminal want run

  • Helen

    Blake is stunning

  • Helen

    Blake is very beautiful

  • em

    james franco is the man!!!
    very very talented!

  • caro

    it’s Weinstein’s crush actors?

  • hautee

    Blake is the talentless & the over-hype in the list… BUT w/ Harvey Weisntein on the side; everything would be possible – shame!

  • Dasha

    James Franco, very talented and hot!!!!

  • Anna

    Blake does NOT belong in the same sentence with the other actors listed in this article.

  • Dexter


  • CT



  • V

    James Franco, Blake Lively and Ryan Gosling are the best!!
    Blake is stunning, Ryan is hot!

  • Anita

    thats a bd pic of Blake but she still looks beautiful. People need to chill the fk out – its nearly Xmas and you still have hate in your hearts SMDH!!!

  • http://imtrina12 kathrina

    Wow! Blake is really the face of 2010!

  • Ash


    Hun, not everyone is gonna think positively about her. I think she’s overrated and trust me babe I don’t have a lot of hate in my heart.

  • kristen

    YES! James Franco!!

  • D

    Emma Watson- beautiful and classy! :)

  • T

    They should of labeled Blake as Hollywood’s slut. Now we know how she’s been getting her roles, sleeping with the movie producers and actors

  • Allie

    Can we talk about how beautiful Emma Watson and Carey Mulligan are? Their beauty is so classic.
    Yes, Blake may be overrated, and she may sound like she has a mouth full of marbles every time she talks, and her mouth is set in a weird position in this photo, but people seem to love her for her long legs and model physique, so I guess we just have to deal with it until someone prettier and more exciting comes along.

  • SugarMagnolia

    I think Blake seems like she’s fun, and she’s an OK actress, but I really don’t think she has a pretty face.

  • Lauren

    Emma Watson is so beautiful!! She is way prettier than Blake!

  • Lauren

    Emma Watson is so beautiful!! She is way prettier than Blake!

  • Ash


    Agrees and agrees :)

  • Gabby

    Emma and Carey are beyond GORGEOUS! All the guys (especially Ryan and James) are SO SEXY!

  • Surrey

    Emma Watson and Blake Lively do not belong in the same article as these talented and amazing actors. Media wh*res are more fitting.

  • Tomorrow

    All the Blake hate is crazy. Whenever a beautiful women does well there is a line to cut her down. She does a great job in the movies she has been in and she is classy and down to earth.

  • Christina

    There are more young and talented actresses in Hollywood but looking at this editorial I would assume there is very few. Seriously, Blake and Emma in the same editorial as Ryan, James. Jesse, Andrew, and Carey (the only talented actress featured)? I see the male actors are chosen for their talent than their popularity as there is no Justin Timberlake in the mix.

  • Lele


    Carey and Emma are beautiful and you don’t see anyone cutting them down do you?

  • Bridget

    Blake is stunning. She played a great role in the town and continues to do an amazing job on gossip girl. Yes gossip girl may be a “ditzy” show but that’s what’s she’s paid to do and she does a great job!

  • Soul Fly

    Well, Blake Lively looks complete differently from her pre-nose job. I’m am 100% sure a lot of you wouldn’t be glorifying her as much if she didn’t get her nose job. Google it and see for yourself. That also goes to say that if i were her, I would have done the same thing. So eh whatever, she looks better with this nose.

  • Ash

    I’ve been hearing so much bad stuff about Blake. I REALLY hope none of it’s true.

  • dee

    Yes, blake lively! she is stunning..

  • Anita

    @Ash: yer but remember its show business. I know recent Blind items are saying shes a w.hore etc but remember its GOSSIP. And these are the same blogs that said the Julia Stiles had an affair with Micheal C. Hall!! Its just sad that a lot of people believe it and take it as a FACT when its nothing but tabloid fodder. Gossip/entertainment sites make money from GOSSIP so obviously things are fabricated, and things have to be blown out of proportion to attract attention.
    If these blind items etc were true then that would mean that every person involved in a Weinstein producting has given him some sort of sexual favour, all pretty boy actors/singers were in the closet, all good looking co-stars are having affairs etc. etc. etc. etc.

  • Ash


    You’re right, don’t know which gossip is true or not. Do I think a lot of pretty boys are in the closet? Yes. Do a lot of celebs cheat? Yes it’s been proven. Is there a casting couch? Of course..that’s been going on for years. I don’t think many celebs have morals. Luckily some do and hopefully Blake is one of them :)

  • BV

    Speaking of Blind Vices. Could this be Blake? :0
    “Wrecker is an actress, and she is only interested in men who are good-looking, famous… and who are already in relationships with other women. While she is working with your man, she goes to work on him. She’s clever about it too. She will pal around with him rather innocently at first, then gradually seduce him with home-baked goods, sweet smiles, pouting, hair-tossing, and compliments. She always waits for him to make the first physical move. Once that happens, she will have his pants off so fast it would make your head spin. She is directly – yes, directly – responsible for wreaking havoc on three celebrity couples in the past three years.”

  • Happy_Evil_Dude

    Here’s a tip, you’re on a wonderful machine called the Internet where all this information is available. For free! But let me help you out.
    Blake Lively: Lead actress in TV show Gossip Girl. Also known for roles in the movies The Sisterhood Of The Traveling Pants 1 & 2, The Town & Green Lantern
    Ryan Gosling: Oscar-nominated actor best known for his lead roles in The Notebook, Half Nelson, Remember The Titans and Fracture
    Andrew Garfield: Golden Globe-nominated actor best known for his lead roles in Lions For Lambs, The Social Network and the next Spider-Man film.
    Carey Mulligan: Oscar-nominated actress best known for her lead roles in An Education, Wall Street 2, Never Let Me Go and Public Enemies
    Jesse Eisenberg: Golden Globe-nominated actor best known for his lead roles in Zombieland, The Social Network, Cursed and Adventureland
    Nicki Minaj: female rapper who emerged this year.

    Read more:

    To be fait though, isn’t that the case for most actresses out there?

  • phoebe

    I like blake. she’s a good person. SHE’S THE FACE OF 2010, deal with it because no matter what you say, you will never be the face of 2010. jealous people should just calm down and ask for forgiveness. GO BLAKEEEEE!

  • agatha

    i think Blake is pretty. but apparently that`s all it takes to be in one group with talented people like Andrew Garfield, Ryan Gosling or Carey Mulligan. just move aside, miss Lively.

  • Amber

    Why does everyone hate on Blake? I don’t understand what she has done wrong. She’s not the best actress but I’ve seen a few of her movies and I don’t she did a bad job in them. I don’t think she’s a very good actress in Gossip Girl though; I don’t think she cares that much about playing Serena anymore. At least, that’s what I think. I think Blake seems like a nice person!

  • yep

    congrats to all of them! beautiful people!

  • Aliza

    I think how you can spot the casting couch a mile away is when an actress is working for a Weinstein production and then shows up to red carpets after red carpets in a Marchesa creation. Or when they are talentless and seemingly keep getting cast for roles in a Weinstein production. I’m afraid Emma W. is getting there. Isn’t her first foray in a movie after Harry Potter is produced by the Weinstein company? Harvey Weinstein said he hopes to take her under his “wings” in a recent interview.

  • Jokergurl

    Ryan Gosling is a really talented and versatile actor, so are James Franco and Carey Mulligan,Andrew Garfield has promise, Emma Roberts I think does too but Blake Lively, I just don’t see the acting range there, she’s not a horrible actress, she’s just not Natalie Portman caliber.

  • Anita

    @Aliza: @Aliza: Do I think that theres a “casting couch” – yes but not when you are a A/B list celeb. Now a days pretty much anyone can get a movie role – look at some of the pieces of s.hit that have come out in recent yrs. Its only the Oscar worthy roles which are harder to get. And to say that someone only got a job because they wear Marchesa dresses and the movie they are in is linked to H.W is ridiculous (like really).

    I find it disturbing when people vehemently judge someone because of these blind items and take it as fact. Yes sometimes there is some truth to these rumours – but most of the time they are blown out of proportion e.g. like when you see pics of an actors hand on someones back – suddenly they are dating etc. etc.

  • Kaz simply amazing! Pretty!!!!!!!

    I don’t care Ryan wried.,
    I love only blue dark with rain its soooo great !!!!!

  • tilda

    i love ryan gosling and carey mulligan.but they choose emma watson?emma watson doesnt good actress or model.she is only lucky because she is friends with important entertainment bosses.