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Gwyneth Paltrow: Matchmaker for Jake Gyllenhaal & Taylor Swift?

Gwyneth Paltrow: Matchmaker for Jake Gyllenhaal & Taylor Swift?

Did Gwyneth Paltrow help introduce Jake Gyllenhaal to Taylor Swift?

Asked if rumors the actor, 29, and country star, 21, met when Gwyn hosted a dinner party at her London home, Gwyneth stays mum.

“Well, I’m scared to say,” she told USA Today.

“It’s so weird. I wonder how people find out these things,” she added. “It was a while ago, so I don’t know why it would come out today.”

“I’ve just known Jake for a long time and he’s a great guy,” she said, “and [my husband] Chris has a friendship with Taylor.”

FYI: Gwyneth will be one of the celebs featured on the NBC’s Who Do You Think You Are!

The show, which premieres its second season February 4, gives viewers a personal look as stars trace their family history.

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  • jd

    WTF? This story is so freakin old. It was posted all over the net last week.

  • Cindy


  • Stan

    Who believes this fugley b1tch

  • LOL

    Don’t ya just love how Taylor’s looking right at the camera? What a joke all this is!

  • Dieter


  • nakedoldjennifer

    This fake relationship is almost over, Jake “Rebound Man”Gyllenhaal has been calling Scarlet JH every day!
    Taylor gets to write another bad song

  • Dee

    You know, I used to love Taylor Swift. I found her totally endearing when that Tim McGraw song came out.

    But seriously….I’m getting tired of her writing/singing songs about being a loser teenager in highschool lusting after the captain of the football team when she’s dating A-List stars, is always made up perfectly and is making millions of dollars.

    Even worse is how she writes songs about being in love and the worst heartbreak…claiming they are straight from her heart….when she jumps from one guy to the next. How are you so in love with these guys Taylor? You’ve gone from Taylor Lautner to Duncan Penn of TBL, to John Mayer to Toby Hemingway to Jake Gyllenhal in ONE YEAR.

    And Jake…no comments. How do you go from delightful Reese Witherspoon to Taylor Swift? That’s why Gwyneth doesn’t want to admit she had anything to do with it cause it’s just plain pathetic and weird. I’m not usually a couple hater but these two are ridiculous.

  • Rob

    @nakedoldjennifer: I think he’d have better luck with Scarlett O’Hara (a fictional woman)

  • Linda

    So Gweneth got Jake’s agent and Taylor’s agent together to see if they could come to an agreement on a good fake romance contract. And if that US Weekly photo spread isn’t the most staged and fake looking pap pics ever, the Pope isn’t Catholic.

  • Halli

    She’s helping him beard up. Sad Taylor Swift.

  • joseph

    This whole thing is getting old…
    never was believable in the first place

  • Butter_Fly

    This news is so old I’m surprised you posted it.

  • Maggie

    This is yesterday’s newspapers. Tell those two fakers to come out of the woodwork and do some new bs.

  • moonovermiami

    Taylor seems like a nice kid so I hope she can find a real bf maybe just a regular guy back home who doesn’t have to use her in magazine shoots to further his career. This whole thing is very sad.

  • Speak Now

    People need to stop hating this relationship so much and accept it. He’s not gay and his fans will never date him anyways, his fans are behaving so childishly by bashing Taylor when they know nothing about her. She’s not a wh*re.

  • Shut It

    @Speak Now: Hey some people don’t accept it and that’s their right. Who died and made you GOD? And not everybody is bashing Taylor. Some don’t care for Jake G either. And some just don’t think they go good together. Just because you like them together doesn’t mean everybody does. Quit trying to tell others what to think.

  • mousart

    @Speak Now: Honestly, I am not a huge fan of Jake and Taylor but I prefer to date with a man who has a sense of logic in his head than Jake.

  • mousart

    @Shut It: agree !!

  • ace11

    i get the impression Jake will be one of these guys who never gets married

  • sg

    Another reason to dislike Gwyneth.

  • Mandy

    I personally find them very annoying and tiresome.

  • rhonda

    this bitch is an insult to country music fans!

  • Conner

    These 2 don’t even live in the same state and have conflicting schedules. Very hard to have a relationship when you’re 2 ships that pass in the night. Also there IS a big difference in 21 and 30 because most people do a lot of growing up and changing during that time period. I don’t dislike either one of them but I think they have a lot going against them right now.

  • Chloe

    what I can’t understand is why Jake and Taylor decided to pose for these photos and then later call the police because photographers are following them. I feel like celebrity couples are a way to shock and confuse us so we are not aware of real things that are going on in the world. Nothing seems to last in Hollywood so just chill people. Give this time and buy the next album to hear everything that happened!

  • Kaz simply amazing! Pretty!!!!!!!

    She’s nathing boring

  • sami

    Ich weiß nicht genau was ich davon halten soll.Eins weiß ich aber.Sie passen garnicht zusammen.Sie kommt mir so albern vor.Wenn man sich die Bilder ansieht,wenn sie ihre Preise bekommt,die gleichen sich alle.Es wirkt alles so gestelzt.Also ich mag sie nicht.Ich denke Jake könnte etwas Anderes finden.Er hätte es verdient.Ich mag ihn sehr.Aber er muß es selber wissen. Es täte mir leid wenn er am Ende wieder alleine da steht.

  • omg

    “It’s so weird. I wonder how people find out these things,”

    Err, publicists and it wasn’t that long ago. Everyone knows this is a publicity stunt so why do their pr teams continue to shove this down everyone’s throat? The more we hear about these two, the less convincing and forced it all sounds. When Jake and Taylor were both in London, they were supposedly holed up in Jake’s hotel room the entire time they were together, now we are to believe that that actually left without anyone noticing to go visit Goopy? If you want people to start buying this fake romance, how about being consistent for a change?
    Up until this mess started people took Jake seriously as an actor, now he’s just tabloid fodder, more known for “dating” a tween sensation for publicity.

  • eatyourheartout

    All you whiny bIatches are so funny. Jake will never marry you. Let it go. What the fck it is to you, what these people do together? Go get a fcking life. I think this pairing is very odd, but this makes it interesting. Who the fck wants to read about cruise-holmes etc boring relationships? GoTaylor/Jake!


    @Dee: I was with you completely until you said “Delightful Reese Witherspoon”. If any of the 100′s of stories I have heard about her are true she is not anything close to delightful. But back on subject, Swift is very talented at writing, but the problem is she writes the same thing over and over. And doing that with just a okay voice like she has can onlt last so long. Unless she is still writing the same songs when she is 30. Heck even 22….

  • catch 22

    Goop knows this relationship is B.S. She doesn’t want to get in the middle of it but doesn’t want to be responsible for outing them as fake either.

  • eatyourheartout

    Anybody catch that taylor swift and chris martin are friends? never in a million years will i believe that someone as talented as chris martin would be friends with someone who has no musical talent.

    what a great influence for her.

  • Jake is gay

    More made up BS.
    Gyllenhaal’s and Swift’s PR were matchmakers for this showmance.

  • Jake Gyllenhaal

    “And Jake…no comments. How do you go from delightful Reese Witherspoon to Taylor Swift?”
    I need cheap publicity wh****s like those two for my straight image.
    By the way, Reese Witherspoon is stinking, nasty b!tch.

  • Iffy Miffy

    I keep seeing these Reese is a comments – anyone care to elaborate, am curious?

  • Come On

    Does anyone not realize that Jake really likes the fellas? These created romances with star/lets are so contrived an fraudulent.

  • mememe

    Gwyneth had slept with 3/4 of Hollywood before she was 30 – it figures that she wants to pimp out a younger, blond and pretty girl like Taylor who i suppose she sees as her mini-me. God knows Apple won’t have guys lining up to date her, Gwyneth probably also wanted to couple-up Taylor with someone else so she doesn’t have to worry about Taylor getting too close to Chris instead. Notice how she said “Chris has a friendship with Taylor” – it’s an odd and somewhat cold way of saying it – instead of “i know Taylor through Chris”.

    For the record though – i don’t see why everyone thinks this relationship is PR? I mean, OK – i would never have thought of these two together in a million years and i don’t think it will last but still, why tear them down? Even if Taylor is a little immature, she seems genuinely nice and humble – and much more likeable than Kirsten Dunst and Reese Witherspoon. And how were those photos staged? Have none of you ever walked down the road with your girlfriend/ boyfriend with your arms around each other? In this case, the papparazzi were obviously right in front of them taking lots of photos – so of course at some point one of the photos were going to capture her looking directly into the camera.

    Personally, if anything was PR -. i’d say it was Ryan Gosling & Blake Lively. That is such bull.

  • Stella

    I find them too sugary sweet like Donnie & Marie Osmond used to be.

  • cold_zero

    Its Funny how famous people talk about their involvement in this brunning love story Only When They Have A Movie To Promote

  • mommyof2

    In a few months he may think of her as a silly little girl and she may think of him as a boring old guy. You know, after the lust goes away…

  • moremoremoney

    All this hype just makes their bank rolls fatter.

  • smallville guy is goin 2 jail

    omg jakes turning 30 tommorow!
    poor ledger he would be 31 today

  • :)

    boring absolutelly who cares this couple¿?

  • MonicaMason

    You Know Alot Of These Stories About Them Just Are NOT True

  • Cam

    Thank you for this big mess Paltrow. Now we know who to blame. Jake has become so pathetic. Taylor is a no singing rat face that need to go hide. Sick of this phony showmance. No more Jake movies for me. Paltrow and all of these freaks are fake.

  • GloriusVision

    Happy BDay Jake. I hope by this time next month you and Taylor are dating somebody better. Love ya both just not together.

  • Su many versions of the story are we going to hear??
    Reese, Maggie, Gweneth, his camp all these people contributed in this weird match up?
    everyone wants a piece of this PR cake!
    oh and BTW, your plan worked jake! your crappy performance in LAOD got a GG nomination!
    plant other rumors and you’ll be nominated for an Oscar!
    this is how it works! it’s all about the rating!
    rolling eyes!

  • Waah

    a little birdy told me she’s flying to the Arctic with her family to celebrate his birthday with him!!

  • MontyMarkum

    @Waah: Ummm somehow I just can’t see Taylor doing that. But probably some other lie about it will surely be spread all over the net soon.

  • LoveLeeR

    @Dee: yeah agreed!

  • jakes cocky

    Everyone thinks jake and heath were conjoined twins just cuz hes the godfather..when they werent even close until 2006 when bbm things ended.The godfather thing was a gesture cuz of the whole controversy when heath said cloony deserved oscar more then jake~

    heath was closer with