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Katie Holmes & Suri: Christmas Train Twosome!

Katie Holmes & Suri: Christmas Train Twosome!

Katie Holmes and her daughter Suri Cruise take in the sites at Stanley Park on Thursday (December 16) in Vancouver, Canada.

The park was completely decked out for Christmas and the mother-daughter duo took a ride on the festive train that ran through the park.

Suri even got to meet a Snowman and Santa Claus!

After spending time at the park, Katie took Suri for a bite to eat at a burger joint.

The day before, Katie went on a business meeting to look at designs for her fashion line, Holmes & Yang.

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83 Responses to “Katie Holmes & Suri: Christmas Train Twosome!”

  1. 1
    Zoe Says:

    Top knot with scarf. Still don’t like it!

  2. 2
    phew Says:

    Suri with freezing legs again !!!!!!

  3. 3
    ange Says:

    make up your bloody minds, you want it all aye… ur psycho scientology and christmas. go back to ur spaceship.

  4. 4
    stev Says:

    Katie is smiling again.

  5. 5
    stev Says:

    @phew: She must be tempered.

  6. 6
    elle Says:

    Katie and Suri are always together doing something… Tom is always filming a movie far away… I’m sorry, I just don’t buy it.

  7. 7
    Kaz simply amazing! Pretty!!!!!!! Says:

    Suri so cute!

  8. 8
    Dexter's girlfriend Says:

    this is the only child I don’t like.

  9. 9
    Slig^_^ Says:

    Beautiful kids

  10. 10
    Taylor Says:

    What is up with Katie’s hair? She actually looked at herself in the mirror and said “yea…..I look goooooooood”

  11. 11
    ace11 Says:

    i thought the wacky cult they belong to doesn’t allow Christmas?

    what would all the martians think?

  12. 12
    JC Says:

    Princess Slurry sees a picture of her father and says “Who’s that?” “Oh honey that’s daddy” “Daddy?, Well where is he?” “He’s making a movie sweetheart. Everybody used to love him but now think he is just weird so the most important thing to him is getting his old reputation back at any cost. We’re here to be photographed so that people who buy movie tickets think daddy has a normal family” “Are we normal mommy?” “No Slurry, but daddy wants us to make people think we are”. “I’m sad mommy” “I know Slurry, mommy sold her soul for financial security and fame, and now she regrets it because she’s lonely and miserable. Lets go buy my little fame child some presents until you aren’t sad anymore for today”

  13. 13
    From Paris with Love Says:

    Suri wearing a coat, that’s a christmas miracle! LOL Still wrong with the loose hair in her face and the bare legs. OMG in Vancouver in December?! And some say everything’s normal with them O.o
    Katie, a summer scarf in your hair and a winter scarf on your neck? right…

  14. 14
    AEP Says:

    I can’t stand these people! Bunch of fruit loops is all…. And that kid looks nothing like Tiny gay boy. And looks everything like Joshua Jackson!!!

  15. 15
    Sue Says:

    Who is responsible for dressing Suri? YIKES! Mom makes sure she has a scarf, slacks, long sweater and boots for herself but poor Suri. A dress, dress shoes, thin coat, bare neck, bare legs and no hat/gloves. It’s not summer here in Vancouver that’s for sure. So irresponsible. Hey Tom and Katie..stores do sell great outdoor fashion clothes for have enough money. Protect your kid!

  16. 16
    Big Mama Says:

    I agree with earlier post: If Katie can’t (or doesn’t know how, or won’t) properly dress this child for winter, they need to stay inside.

  17. 17
    Malinka Says:

    So annoying to see the poor child with bare legs!! And the mother wearing jeans and boots!! Does she have a brain at all???

  18. 18
    Whatever Says:

    There is something wrong with that kids hands, she always has them clenched. Katie looks like aunt jemima with that scarf on her head…

  19. 19
    elena Says:

    Suri (unlike her mom) has no scarf, no boots, no gloves.. in f***ing Vancouver??

  20. 20
    whatever Says:

    What is with that kids hands they are always clenched and Katie looks like Aunt Jemima with that scarf on her head…

  21. 21
    Rain Says:

    If they don’t believing god and what nothing to do with any other religion but Scientology why is she taking Suri to do Christmas thing like going to see Santa Claus?

  22. 22
    Suri Jackson Says:

    OMG!!! I seriously didn’t think Katie would have the nerve to show up in Vancouver. (…but since her B-day is tomorrow and Tom blew off their anniversary, I guess she’s feeling desperate).
    JOSH!!! Grab Suri and run!!! If you’re out of town, send one of your local friends.
    mmmm…I’m sorry. Katie has armed guards, doesn’t she?

  23. 23
    TGIF Says:

    Good photo op!! It’s business first with Tom and Katie!!

  24. 24
    Suri's Stimming Big Time! Says:

    She can’t even open her hands

  25. 25
    Suri Jackson Says:

    Ooops…Forgot to add my JJ photo :-)

  26. 26
    ?????? Says:


  27. 27
    lucy Says:

    @Suri’s Stimming Big Time!:
    They are frozen in that position. Ever heard of gloves, Katie? Are we supposed to praise your parenting since Suri is not wearing a slip?

  28. 28
    danielle S Says:

    What in God’s name is that thing on Katie’s head? Does she have any idea how awful she looks. Aunt Jemima any one?

  29. 29
    danielle S Says:

    @Suri’s Stimming Big Time

    Actually, you can’t see it in all the pictures, she is holding a ticket in her hand.

  30. 30
    danielle S Says:

    @Suri’s Stimming Big Time

    Actually, you can’t see it in all the pictures, she is holding a ticket in her hand. She is probably clenching her fist because she is cold!

  31. 31
    cari Says:

    @Suri’s Stimming Big Time

    Actually, you can’t see it in all the pictures, she is holding a ticket in her hand. She is probably clenching her fist around the ticket because she is cold! And I must admit Mz. Style-Baby has a major fashion fail. Looks more like a rich homeless waif than Suri the fashionista!

  32. 32
    BS Says:

    Still not with Tom

  33. 33
    KC Says:

    Just when I think Katie can’t possibly do something worse with her hair she goes and shocks me yet again!!!

  34. 34
    Kayla Says:

    But at least the ever present baby blanket was there. Yeesh – brush that kid’s hair and put a hat on her head. Gloves, tights – you know, things that kids wear to protect them from the cold. Things no doubt your mother and father put you in growing up in the midwest. Remember that? Or are you too far gone?

  35. 35
    Susie#1 Says:

    Katie Holmes sits on her brains. Everything about these photos is horrendous: Suri with no winter clothing, Katie with winter clothing, their utter lack of grooming, Katie with an expensive rag on her head (pity the poor cancer victims), and all for a photo op to make people believe that the Cruise/Holmes relationship is still working. Not.

  36. 36
    Mina Says:

    Suri is adorable!

  37. 37
    suritard Says:

    Suritard’s haircut looks awful. It’s uneven. Her mom must have cut it with pruning shears. Suritard looks a mess like her ditz mother!

  38. 38
    Fringe Fan Says:

    @Suri Jackson:
    I’m waiting for Star Fox to show up and say that Suri looks nothing like Josh. ROFLMAO!!!!!
    There is no way that Suri is Tom’s!
    Poor Suri. Tom and Katie are disgusting. Tom handled this perfectly so that Josh can’t even imply that Suri is his. He orchestrated an entire fake pregnany timeline and phony birth documents. Sick Sick Sick.
    This photo was taken Oct 6 2005. Based on Suri being born April 18th, Katie was a max of 13 weeks pregnant in this photo. Yeah, right!

  39. 39
    nicole Says:

    @Fringe Fan:

    Wow, you’re a loon!

    The rest of you are all extremely sad and cruel individuals.

    I can’t imagine what it must be like for you family members/co-workers to have to deal with such judgmental/mean -spirited people on a daily basis.

    They have my sympathies.

  40. 40
    Shay Says:

    What a coincidence…..NOT!! Katie and Tom have not been seen together in months (because they are not living together) and just after some gossip mag says they are splitting, Katie runs up to Vancouver where he’s filming. There should be a photo op of the 3 of them together very, very soon. Tomorrow probably. Then they won’t be seen together again for awhile. It’s all PR. They are living separate lives and have been for awhile. Betcha they divorce at around the time of their 5 year Anniversary. It was all a contract from day one. Mark my words.

    This is nothing but a PR ploy and a photo op so people think they are still together. And the funniest thing is that the fans and the ignorant will actually buy it. LMAO!

  41. 41
    Lucky Charm Says:

    OMG – Suri’s in a coat! It would be nice if she was wearing tights too, her legs and feet must be cold. But hey, it’s a start and kudos to Katie for at least putting a coat on her.

  42. 42
    Alice Cutie Says:

    Suri is adorable as always!!!!!!

  43. 43
    Emma Says:

    Yah so cute pritty suri

  44. 44
    Lisa Says:

    @ Shay

    Totally completely agree with you. I don’t think they’ve been together for awhile either. Its been months since we’re seen a picture with them then all of a sudden it comes out that there’s trouble in paradise and BOOM!! Holmes shows up here in Vancouver.

    Something else tho: Cruise is renting a private house right outside the city core. How do I know? I live across the street and I see him come in late in the evening and go out in the morning.

    So how come Holmes and Suri are staying in a hotel in the city??!!??
    Why aren’t they staying at the house with Cruise? He was here last nite and left this morning so I know atleast he’s still staying here!!

    Yep. Something is not right with those two and they are definitely NOT sleeping in the same place. Not normal husband/wife behavior.

    Also, I think Suri is a cute child. It’s a shame that she isn’t properly dressed for the weather and that her hair is not combed but thats her parent’s fault, not hers. She’s just a kid.

    I wrote to the Vancouver papers and told them about my living across from the house Cruise is renting. They already know where Holmes is staying and I think they already know where Cruise is staying too. It will be interesting to see if they report on it or if they hide it so they don’t piss Cruise and his people off.

  45. 45
    frenchgirl Says:

    This used to be a nice website I would actually post on, but now it seems too full of weirdos and haters, can’t be bothered.

  46. 46
    WTF #45 Says:

    WTF is your problem? Just cause people arent sayin what you wanna hear doesnt mean they are weird or hateful. Get a grip. Cruise is a freak and so is his wife.

  47. 47
    Marie Says:

    OMG, poor little thing ! She’s freezing !
    I mean, December, in Vancouver, where are the tights, mittens and a scarf ?
    Katie, wake up ! You still can raise and take care of your kid, and stop with unsane sciento rules !

  48. 48
    slambang Says:

    Holy cow – the kid is actually wearing a coat!

  49. 49
    blablabla Says:

    Probably tomy girl needs katie’s advice on makeup to appear younger than 20 years, that’s why stepford wife fly to canada :D

  50. 50
    Fringe Fan Says:

    How am I a loon? Katie is the one that strapped on a fake belly from January until April 2006. Check out the tons of photos of Katie shopping and shopping in April 2006. Never once does she have her hand on her belly. Not one time. One of my co-workers is 2 weeks away from delivery and is rubbing her tummy all of the time. Babies are very active that last month.

  51. 51
    Emma Says:

    that’s a beluga, not a snowman lol

  52. 52
    Star Fox Says:

    According to Cruise himself, you can be a Christian AND a Scientologist, #3 and #11.

    Cruise acts in movies for a LIVING, #12. They’re not there to be photographed. They are there to shop.

    Mind your own kids, #15. She doesn’t care so you shouldn’t either.

    Read my responses to #s 3 and 11, #21.

    Read my response to #15, #34.

    Given that critics like you have been wrong about the couple splitting up over a dozen times these past five years, I won’t be holding my breath for a break up announcement, #40.

    She was headed to Vancouver all along, tabloid report or not, #44.

    That’s your friend and this is Holmes, #50. They are two different people.

  53. 53
    Disco Woman Says:

    First of all, I have a jacket just like the one Suri i wearing and it’s my SPRING jacket. This is NOT a jacket one with any sense would wear during the winter in Vancouver!
    It’s a shame to see Katie looking like this. She has such a pretty face, but it looks like she doesn’t own a mirror.

  54. 54
    lane Says:

    What is with that dang blanket all the time??
    @suritard I agree, Suri’s hair cut is horrible and uneven. BTW Suri doesn’t have good hair it looks so thin and stringy, like a mop!

  55. 55
    To Crazy Star Fox Says:

    “She was headed to Vancouver all along, tabloid report or not, #44.”

    And you know this, and all the other crap you post, HOW????

    Seriously. You post garbage like this all the time and the truth is, you have no freakin idea what the deal is between them or whether she was on her way to BC or not.

    Your just a crazy freak from Queens, New York obsessed with Cruise and his family. Yea…..I know who you are. You also have Aspergers (a form of autism). Stop being such a nasty little creep on this site. You don’t know the Cruises and don’t know what you’re talking about. You’re a judgemental little creep who thinks he can pass judgement on the posters here, call them names and tell them what to do. Well this time I’m passing judgement on YOU.

    “MIND YOUR OWN” OPINIONS ARSEHOLE and shut your frickin face.

    You don’t know Cruise or Holmes. You don’t know if she was on her way to Vancouver anyway and you don’t know anything else about them either. Your opinion is just what you want to believe based on your total obsession with Cruise.

    Also, if the people here want to comment about how Suri is dressed, its their damn business.

    Get lost and stop telling everyone what to do. Cruise doesn’t know you and doesnt care about you. He doesn’t care if you make up sh*t to defend him or not. Get a life of your own.

  56. 56
    loon2 Says:

    Fake belly, fake belly, fake belly.

  57. 57
    Unknown Says:

    Hey, if it is true about Josh being Suri’s dad maybe he could save her from her weird parents and at the same time thank his lucky stars that he’s no longer with Katie. I’m sure he has to be asking himself, “what was I thinking?”

  58. 58
    boston61 Says:

    Suri is an average looking little girl. No great beauty. She always looks like a little orphan who has no parents to dress her.

  59. 59
    Doll Says:

    I guess Katie doesn’t mind that Suri isn’t in a carseat !!!!!

  60. 60

    Where does Katie get her clothes….garage sales? She never matches anything.

  61. 61
    whatheheck???? Says:

    these science-two-logey people are for sure crazies!!!

  62. 62
    The Truth Says:

    That white coat is beautiful on little Suri! Now if they could just complete the look with some proper shoes, gloves, hat and scarf. I don’t why this child is always half dressed. Katie just seems crazier by the day…

  63. 63
    Jokergurl Says:

    All I have to say is that it’s nice to see a mother and daughter spending time together around Christmas, Vancouver has some amazing displays this time of year. These days I really wonder what channel Katie Holmes is on, she acts like she just doesn’t care anymore, which is sad. Suri, I’m not going to pick at Suri, she can’t help it if she’s got weird parents.

  64. 64
    to sue Says:

    agreed, it’s winter in Vancouver. i’ve been there at this time of the year and i remember how much rain they have there. katie; you want to let suri wear a dress then insist she wear tights as well.

  65. 65
    Star Fox Says:

    It was just a coincidence, #55. They’ve been getting these stupid breakup accusations for ages now.

    You don’t know who I am. I’m not from Queens and I don’t have autism. Don’t believe everything you read.

    I am not the judgmental one. I never was. Say what you want about TomKat but leave their kids alone.

    I have a life and I don’t know TomKat but that’s no reason not to defend them when they’re being unfairly slammed.

    What exactly have they done that makes them so weird, #63? Not care about looking stylish?

    Mind your own kids, #65.

  66. 66
    tata21212 Says:

    Why it’s okey
    and Suri no?

  67. 67
    Suri Queen Says:

    @Fringe Fan:

    神经病患者!!!GO OUT!!!

  68. 68
    Laya Says:

    LMAO Don’t pay any attention to StarFox he/she is a joke and has been told to go get fcuked so many times not worth trying to cout anymore..

    For that matter the idiot waits and replies to 10 or more posters all at once and as if anybody else is going to go to each and every post to see who said what and who the fcuk it is repling to.. waste of time and space.

    A Gayboy loverboy/girl and if he was honest with himself Tommygirl has no interest in Starryeyed Fox. = ZERO So go play with yourself and stay away from GAYTOMMY’S KID. You are a WEIRDO!

    Hey guys lmao what the hell has katie got on her head but what is more interesting is why? Isn’t she trying to start a biz ? Looking like that?????


  69. 69
    Suri Queen Says:

    Suri, Sweet Angel!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    ^o^ ^o^ ^o^

  70. 70
    Jolla Says:

    Happy birthday, Katie! Hope you’ll have a grand party and all. Don’t let Suri eat to much cake! And tell us what Tom gave you on your birthday.

  71. 71
    bandage Says:

    Your post is like a personal message just for Katie. Do you think she is going to check out your post here on JJ for birthday wishes? Nuts!

    Who the heck cares what Tom gives her! As for Suri, all she eats is cake and other high sugar foods!

    What a strange and delusional post!

  72. 72
    for Suri Queen Says:

    @Suri Queen:
    If you have something to say, post in english or don’t bother!

  73. 73
    mya Says:

    Isn’t Katie who says that Suri tells her how to dress? Guess that she didn’t follow the little girl advices since along time…

    The white coat fits perfectly on Suri.

  74. 74
    to bandage Says:

    Your post is like a personal message just for Katie. Do you think she is going to check out your post here on JJ for birthday wishes? Nuts!
    nasra @ 12/18/2010 at 4:55 am +4

    Happy Birthday Brad! and may the love of your life and kids shower your day with lots of tom toms and love!! Angie keep grounded with your man and family!! Love they way you are for each other!

    You are badly missed in Africa!

  75. 75
    coolcat Says:

    Wow, Suri actually owns a coat??? LOL!

  76. 76
    Lavito Says:

    Suri’s feet must be like ice cubes, her hair is always a mess just like mommy. Top knot with a summer looking silk scarf, honey looks like ****. Suri is stimming, her hands are closed fists and that look on her face, she’s lost in lala land.I can’t stand these two people, they make me sick the attention they get, so unworthy.

  77. 77
    Clairedelune Says:

    I repeat my comment before…… Run girls run away from sicko Tom. U can do it

  78. 78
    @ tata21212 #66 Says:

    Are you idiot moron!!!! Afflecks live in California with temperature not less than 58 dgrs, but this bimbo with gay midget they stay in CANADA WHERE THE TEMPERATURE IS BETWEEN 31-35 dgrs.

  79. 79
    irene Says:

    @Star Fox:
    As I recall, cruise said himself that he and Katie were “just scientologists”, very soon in the relationship, she had already dumped her religion in a few weeks, so? others “can be”, but they are too high ranked and visible to be both, remember NK?
    They just want the best from both worlds, at least they are appreciating the glitzy part of the celebration, shame that it is only skin deep.
    I bet they even share presents.

  80. 80
    tata21212 Says:

    @@ tata21212 #66:
    I’m from Europe. I don’t know where live Cruise and Affleck. I see only that Ben is dressed very warmly, and the daughter isn’t , at Cruises also. I have simply asked, didn’t think that Americans so rude

  81. 81
    @ tata21212 #80 Says:

    That’s why I’ve said that you should check before pointing afflecks family, because of your comments as to provoke the other readers to agree katie act as parents to let Suri bare feet in a very cold weather, “We Americans” have never rude if your comments was make sense, that’s all and that’s the point. No excuses for bad parenting

  82. 82
    Star Fox Says:

    I guess they changed their minds, #79. Holmes was seen wearing cross long after conversion.

  83. 83
    Jenn Says:

    The only train there is the train wreak that is Katie!it’s a christmas miracle Suri can walk & she is wearing a coat!

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