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Leighton Meester: 'Summer Girl' Video Premiere!

Leighton Meester: 'Summer Girl' Video Premiere!

The video for Leighton Meester‘s song “Summer Girl” from her upcoming film Country Strong has premiered.

The song was originally recorded by country singer Jessica Andrews in 2005.

In the film, Leighton plays Chiles Stanton, who is an aspiring Dallas beauty queen turned country singer.

Country Strong opens in limited release on December 22nd and in theaters everywhere on January 7th!

Watch the video below...

Leighton Meester: “Summer Girl” Video Premiere
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  • Jess

    AMAZING! This girl is so talented!!

  • Lisa

    i liked it

  • Aidualc

    All the music I’ve heard so far from this movie is actually good. I’m so gonna see it.

  • hahaasdfjk

    this is soo cute and i love all the clips from the movie!!

  • Ash

    Who would of thought Leighton would be so good at country music?! I’m so glad she’s ditching pop music.

  • Samantha

    I LOVE IT!!!

  • Vanessa

    I LOVE Leighton!! She’s amazing and this song is so cute. I’m definitely going to see Country Strong! Leighton is one lucky lady getting that close with Garret!

  • flutters

    I don’t care for Leighton as a singer because she needs so much autotuning. She should just stick to the acting IMHO.

    @Ash Leighton’s said she’s not making a country album. Which is smart because country fans wouldn’t accept her unless she really proved she was country plus other than Taylor Swift all the country girls have much much better voices. It would be a really bad move for Leighton to do country.

  • shush

    Leighton Meester is soo cute, & made this song even better than the original version! – can’t wait for the movie, looks great! xo

  • Hanne

    @flutters: No doesn’t need much autotuning. I guess you haven’t seen her live videos on youtube.

  • Ash


    I know she’s not doing country. She’s going more acoustic on her next album. You haven’t see her song Jenny on you tube I’m guessing? No autotune and she sounds great.

  • Michelle

    she is amazing! love this song!

  • Michelle

    she is amazing! love this song!

  • yei

    I love it. I love leighton

  • Brandon Hilton

    PLEASE TELL ME THATS HER SINGING…. doesnt sound like her usual music so its hard to tell. If so, I love it. I love her, cute little girl can do no wrong!

    I LOVE LEIGHTON MEESTER! I’ll shout it from the rooftops! :)

  • Brandon Hilton

    PLEASE TELL ME THATS HER SINGING…. doesnt sound like her usual music so its hard to tell. If so, I love it. I love her, cute little girl can do no wrong!

    I LOVE LEIGHTON MEESTER! I’ll shout it from the rooftops!

  • Brandon Hilton

    @flutters: are you deaf? I didnt hear any autotune…. they tend to shy away from that in COUNTRY music…

    she’s extremely talented, but people dont give us credit because, they dont wanna see the cute ones succeed. Its called JEALOUSY!


  • Ash

    @Brandon Hilton:

    I <3 u haha

  • Anita

    Although shes a good singer; I think she should just stick to acting cos look how well her music career did the 1st time around. Country music suits her more but I dont think she will be succesful if she did release an album.

  • carine

    i am so excited about this movie! i bet it’s going to be so much fun. and all the music and videos just make more excited. i absolutely loved the video…leighton can do no wrong…and with garrett next to her…double perfection::)

  • go

    Her acoustic song Jenny is amazing!!!… on youtube. She is talented.

  • flutters

    @Brandon_Hilton Sorry, Leighton’s definitely majorly autotuned on this song. As far as not using it in country music, a lot of people with weaker voices do use it including Tim McGraw and Taylor Swift. Actually they even use it on people with stronger voices even though they don’t need to.

    @Ash I have heard Jenny and “great” is not how I’d describe how Leighton sounds. She has a nice tone in a certain part of her voice but she’s a very limited singer and there’s not a lot she can do with her voice. Her phrasing broke down a lot in the version I saw. Maybe it’s just a lack of confidence when she’s singing live.

    That having been said if Leighton does have to keep on singing then I 100% prefer her singing acoustic singer-songwriter vibe type stuff than the autotuned dance pop crap she was doing before.

  • hahaasdfjk


    LOL youre such a hater! GTFO leighton is amazing!!!!
    negative people like you make me sick, go out and enjoy life instead of complaining about stupid things

  • Cole

    I like how you had to do really long replies to other peoples opinions just to say your own…

  • selena

    I love this song!! I love Leighton!! But why is this song not on the soundtrack album??? And her other song with Garrett, “give in to me”, isn’t on the sountrack too.. I don’t understand that :( I want those songs :(

  • Kelley Belle

    SOO GOOD!! thanks for posting JJ!!! love this song so much!!!

  • George W

    I want this chick.I want her badly! She even makes me like Country music!

  • FUG

    Fugly s.lut. She’s blowing different guys every other night. I live in her building and she’s with a lot of random guys. Used to be nice when she was a less famous but now she doesn’t even say hello to her next door neighbour. This girl is SO playing sunshine for the cameras, but truth is she is a huge s.lut and arrogant. Hope she falls down hard.

  • J. Ryan

    I think she should stick with acting but do movies like this and be part of songs like with Cobra Starship. No need for a full album.

  • @fug

    You’re full of BS. Go back to the hole you crawled out of.

  • Happy_Evil_Dude

    @FUG: has she “fallen down hard” on you yet?

  • max

    wow i like it! i’m a summer girls… cant get that tune out of my head. she’s really talented

  • lesslie

    @Happy_Evil_Dude: My guess is no, haters and people who talk shit online tend to be the less fortunate looking out there, just sayin’

  • max


    you’re a pathetic human being.

  • lily

    this girl is amazing and so talented. i think i just officialy become a stan.

  • Mario

    @flutters: i’ve heard Leighton singing right next to me on the street and i can assure you…she doesn’t need any autotuning…:)

  • Emma

    Love the scenes with Garrett.

  • JEM

    I just have to say WOW.

  • Maya

    She is soooo cute! I love that song. Can’t wait to see this movie.

  • sam

    This girl can do anything! I cant wait for this movie to come out. January needs to hurry up!

  • Nancy

    Is she single? Or is she dating that Luke guy still?

  • carine

    i think she is single. i just read the other day an interview she did with allure and as far as i can tell she said is single and there nothing wrong with being single at 24. i this is how amazing she is:)

  • maxie


    she is single. read her allure interview.
    “It’s wonderful to be in love. And it’s definitely wonderful to cuddle and have sex and get to experience life with somebody. But it’s OK if you don’t find him and you’re 24. You can find it someday.”

    i love her more now. she’s so level headed. and extremely talented i might add.

  • cassie

    i love leighton so much. she is my girlcrush.. talented actress. can sing beautifully. modest,beautiful. and not a famewhore. god am i lesbian now?

  • M

    gosh, I hate Meester but this genuinely ROCKS!! she’s much more country than Gwyneth

  • coolcat

    she’s amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! what a great song! her career will fly higher after this movie!

  • Christie

    She is perfect in every way <3

  • gg fan

    looove her voice

  • Mia

    This song is soo cutee! Omg i love itt!! :D
    I wanna see this movie, it looks so cuteee! :)

  • Annie

    Its amazing!!!!Leighton I love you