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Nahla Aubry: Shopping with Halle Berry!

Nahla Aubry: Shopping with Halle Berry!

Nahla Aubry looks absolutely adorable in her cardigan sweater as she goes shopping with her mom, Halle Berry, at Century City Mall in Los Angeles on Thursday (December 16).

The 2-year-old daughter of Halle and ex-boyfriend Gabriel Aubry, turns 3 in March.

How cute are Nahla and Halle both wearing boots and scarves around their necks!

FYI: Halle is wearing a Dolce & Gabbana leopard print scarf along with the Dolce & Gabbana belted mohair coat.

10+ pictures inside of Nahla Aubry shopping with her mom, Halle Berry

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nahla aubry halle berry shopping 01
nahla aubry halle berry shopping 02
nahla aubry halle berry shopping 03
nahla aubry halle berry shopping 04
nahla aubry halle berry shopping 05
nahla aubry halle berry shopping 06
nahla aubry halle berry shopping 07
nahla aubry halle berry shopping 08
nahla aubry halle berry shopping 09
nahla aubry halle berry shopping 10

Photos: Fame Pictures
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  • http://ta Slig^_^

    Cute nahla

  • Kaz simply amazing! Pretty!!!!!!!

    Normal kid

    Hally berry true africa woman

  • Thai

    One of the most beautiful mixed kids, famous or not, who ever existed. Just hoping she wont end up like the Smiths’ kids.

  • gia

    what? she’s only two? she’s so big. cutie pie

  • Josie

    So cute! She’s looking more and more like her dad.

  • Asha

    That is by far the cutest Hollywood kid. She looks so adorable in her little boots and colorful scarf. She will grow up to be a beauty.

  • Kaz simply amazing! Pretty!!!!!!!

    kids lookalike jacob dawson

  • Tracy

    Wow she looks like a 4 year old!??! She’s huge for 2!

  • J

    I just don’t think she’s cute. She has a mature looking face.

  • Mina

    I just don’t think she’s cute. She has a mature looking face.

  • J_Mina

    Oops posted twice.

  • saera

    nahla looks really weird



    Yeah, you posted twice and revealed that youre a name-changing troll. LMFAO! ya dumb CUNextTuesday.

  • LaTanya

    She’s a little cutie I love how Halle dresses her. Yeah Nahla’s going to be tall just like her dad.

  • V

    @AWHODAT: how is she a troll if she posted the same comment?

  • Lou

    Someone’s not happy that not everyone thinks that nahla is cute lol.

  • Toya

    I love that!!!! LMFAO “CUNextTuesday” Thank you! You’ve made my day…

  • toni

    Looks like she will be needing a nose job like mommy’s.

  • Jackie

    I must agree with some of the posters, Nahla is an average looking kid…nothing wrong with that.

  • Anders

    She posted the same comment using different names trying to pretend to be more than one person. Her typical behavior whenever photos of Halle and her daughter appears. Just go through the comments, it is clearly the same woman.

  • Sparky

    #9 10 11 12 18 19 same person.

  • Mina

    You are right GENIUS! I did post 9, 10 and 11 as I stated above. Get over yourself idiot!

  • paulie

    Hopefully she doesn’t grow up to be a nut like her mother.

  • Lilakoi Moon

    Aww how cute is her little boots and skinny jeans and scarf *-* She’s gonna be such a stunner later. Leave the kid alone, for Fvck’s sake. That’s a child. Would you like it if people were saying your kid is average-looking?! Riiight. No. So shut up already!

  • kev

    Nahla looks a little “special”.

  • saera

    @Sparky: 12 is my comment, i have nothing to do with 9 10 11 18 19, you must be exhausted, looks more like you, 13, and 20 same person.
    Ppl have different opinions, just accept it.

  • Veronica

    This little girl is beautiful. She doesn’t seem “special”, doesn’t seem strange or normale… she IS beautiful!!!
    I love Nahla, she’s so different from the usual Hollywood girls, she has charisma!

  • Veronica

    This little girl is beautiful. She doesn’t seem “special”, doesn’t seem strange or normale… she IS beautiful!!!
    I love Nahla, she’s so different from the usual Hollywood girls, she has charisma!

  • kelly

    She looks like a little boy with long hair. Maybe she will be cuter when she gets older.

  • fred



    YOU are the same IDIOT who posted on Popsugar

  • Robert

    What??? Not cute just adrobale the both nathing with normaly

  • J

    lol all these hateful bitter comments (probably coming from the same miserable person) wish they could have a daughter that looks half as pretty as nahla.
    jealousy really is an ugly thing, thank god we can’t see the face to those hateful comments, i’m sure it’s an ugly sight.

  • wtf

    What an odd looking kid.

  • becca

    Mother and daughter look great! Nahla is such a cute kid.


    @gia: Her father is about 6’4″ and we don’t know how tall Halle’s dad was…She has her father’s height, hair color and his grey eyes…she is gonna be a stunner.


    @J: Oh please…you have to be a imbecile not to see this is a gorgeous kid…duh!!


    @saera: @J: Oh please…you have to be a imbecile not to see this is a gorgeous kid…duh!!

    That’s what the world has come to …purported grown ups taking nasty shots at a child…guess your mom must be disappointed in you , not only are you ugly of face, but of spirit too! And God don’t like ugly!


    @Lou: who are you neanderthals?…its not about whether you think this child is cute or not cute…it is about the lack of basic decency displayed when you choose to insult a child. Why do any of you NEED to insult a child? This vile behaviior says more about you and your parents than it says about Nahla and her mother….but then that is always the case with people who spew hate…it’s about their own low self-esteem…nothing more, nothing less.


    @wtf: I suspect that’s what people must have said about you and now you’re so mucked up, you would ridicule a child….just remember Karma does not take lightly to people who physically or verbally abuse children. Let’s see what Karma does when you have a baby…be careful of what you say about other folks’ children…you may be talking about how your own child will end up looking.


    @Jackie: Except they are not saying she is average looking….that is the problem…when adults pick on a child simply because they are jealous of her mother. It is a shame that their are people willing absolutely no common decency…but those bottomdraggers gonna end up having a baby one day…a ugly little bugger and I want them to remember God don’t like grownA people dissing a child for any reason…




    honey, given you are sitting on your butt at some computer chasing Halle’s life…methinks perhaps “NUT” is a position you should work toward. Halle has three magnificent homes, a beautiful child, a lovely man, and the ability to go anywhere in the world she chooses. She has three films (nobody cares if you don’t like them honey) an Oscar and a recent Golden Globe nomination– and you are still sittin on your butt pimping her life… whose the NUT?


    @kev: Actually she doesn’t look like she has “downs syndrome” aka Kev’s bullst take on “special”…who are you sleaze bags…pedophiles in training? Either you people are dumb as skunks or you talk trash without one iota of good sense.

    Nahla looks exactly like her dad at this point in her life…pull a picture of Gabriel…he has grey eyes and a rather broad expanse between his eyes …Nahla has the same facial makeup and with such light eyes set apart….Kids with down syndrome have a similar facial structure but their eyes are usually very small and wide set because of a congenital defect. They do not have the body that Nahla has nor the coordination we have seen in my photos.

    To opine this bullS online is tragic because it comes from pure nastiness. This child has no problem except a bunch of hateful adults who would seem to be willing to go in the gutter to say something nasty. Please get some help, you do have a real problem!


    @THE B IS BACK: I meant “the coordination we have seen in MANY photos,” for those who can read a full sentence and paragraph.

  • Beetlejuice

    @kelly: Ah . what poor spirit must a human being have to be willing to say something nasty about a child. There seems a whole bunch of you…no doubt from the same family….seems somebody’s mother wasn’t as chaste as she should have been. I mean there can’t be that many idiots running loose, and not related.

  • kayla

    nahla is average looking which means she’s not ugly and not pretty!
    I love how halle dresses her. Overall she’s a cute kid nothing more and nothing less! Halle has had so much crap done to her face, omg, her cheek implants and nose job, wow what one must do to stay alive in hollywood! I can’t blame her!

  • tracy

    I agree, Nahla is not that cute, there a white, black and mixed kids who are alot cuter than Nahla. I love kids but im being honest, Brad and Angelina’s kids arent that cute either. Halle was cuter as a kid. Suri Cruise is super cute and Sandra Bullocks son from New Orleans.