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Jeff Walters: Clay Aiken's New Boyfriend?

Jeff Walters: Clay Aiken's New Boyfriend?

Clay Aiken may not be single any more!

The former American Idol finalist, 32, has reportedly been getting cozy with theater actor and part-time 2(x)ist underwear model Jeff Walters.

The two have been spending time in Jeff‘s home state, Texas, visiting Pinkberry, a Borders bookstore, and catching a screening of Black Swan.

Earlier this week, Clay watched Jeff in a local production of The Rocky Horror Picture Show in Dallas before they both attended a performance of The Drowsy Chaperone.

A few days later, Clay and Jeff then hit the Gaylord Texan Ice Show together!

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Clay Aiken and Jeff Walters as a couple?

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clay aiken jeff walters 01
clay aiken jeff walters 02
clay aiken jeff walters 03
clay aiken jeff walters 04
clay aiken jeff walters 05
clay aiken jeff walters 05
clay aiken jeff walters 05
clay aiken jeff walters 05
clay aiken jeff walters 05

Photos: Jorge Rivas
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  • Kaz simply amazing! Pretty!!!!!!!

    Are you this jared?!
    You know you big sexyy!!!

  • Tina Marie

    Well, it’s cute that he’s found someone – until you think about the b/utt sex they’re having.

  • Tina Marie

    Yeah, it’s cute that he’s found someone – until you think about the b/utt sex they’re having.

  • Shannnon

    Freaking adorable.

  • Kaz simply amazing! Pretty!!!!!!!

    Im man but not like u jared big ****sexy?!

  • tada

    I htink he may be wayyyyy out of Clay’s league

  • Carole H

    As long as they are happy, I am happy. Everyone deserves to have someone …. especially at this time of year. :)

  • Hillary

    Clay’s new BF is adorable. Love his glasses. Jeff’s other pictures are for some advertising company. Jeff…er…um…looks very nice in these pics.

  • nada

    EW !! disgusting!

  • Rene

    Poor TinaMarie, mind in the gutter immediately.


    Good for Clay and Jeff!!
    Clay Aiken is a talented man and a class act.
    I think that Tina Marie should keep her thoughts to herself.


    Good for them!!
    Clay Aiken is a class act.
    Tina Marie should keep her thoughts to herself.

  • http://ta Slig^_^

    Omg hes dic*k too bigeer

  • Kaz simply amazing! Pretty!!!!!!!

    mr dick

  • ME

    What do I NOT think about them?

  • caro

    what an “interesting” underwear!

  • Pat

    I’m happy for Clay. He’s a class act talent and a class act man who deserves happiness as much as anyone else does. Good for him!

  • docb

    Clay is a good guy and I wish them all happiness.

  • Metro

    Nottt sexyyy are you crazy kaz simply!!

  • Megan


  • Yawn

    The other guy he dated, Reid, was much cuter. If this guy is in RHPS he has to play Brad or a lesser party goer. He is much to dorky to be Frank.

  • Kaz simply amazing! Pretty!!!!!!!

    i was just kidding.

  • Jackie

    If they are happy that’s all it matters. His BF certainly has what it takes to model under garments :-)

  • Raichill

    Ewwww, what the hell is that guy wearing and what has he got smuggled in them?

  • Allisanna

    If they’re dating, I’m happy for Clay. Everyone deserves to have love in their lives. They’re cute together.

  • Shanna

    Adorable! Clay is such a sweetheart he deserves to be with a sweet guy. Good for them!

  • Candace Rodriguez

    I think both of them are gross!! Not because of their lifestyle, I have problem with people’s lifestyle choices, I just cannot stand Clay.

  • XYZ

    For someone who has just turned 32, Clay is looking like shit.

  • Marty

    So glad to see that both of them seem to happy and having a great time. That’s all I care about.

    They both seem to be talented young men and they deserve to be happy.

    Congratulations to both of them.

  • Sooze

    If they’re seeing one another, I wish them nothing but happiness. Jeff looks like he’s a down to earth guy with great, er, dimples

    and Clay’s a great guy – talented, smart, funny and he cares about this world.

  • Judy

    I think it’s wonderful. Everyone deserves to find happiness with someone… How nice of them to be able to go out and enjoy their evenings at shows, books stores, etc. They’re just nice guys enjoying each others company. Nothing wrong with that….

  • oioioi

    he looks like Michael Rady from Melrose Place 2009


    My vagina hurts just looking at him. Better Clay than me. Hope it works out and they get to get married.

  • Chris laws

    Good for him! Even celebrities are allowed to be happy and I hope he is.

  • nymphomaniaco

    that guy jeff obviously has zero taste in men

    clay looks like chucky’s bastard child

  • benjy

    Clay’s just making a face, you morons. I’ve been lucky enough to meet him & he was adorable, looks-wise & personality-wise. Jeff’s a lucky guy & so is Clay!

  • http://dnica Mann

    I’m sorry I was distracted by his enormous slung stooker.

  • May

    I love Clay, I hope he is happy,

    slung stooker. :)

  • Rick


    Other guy may have been cuter in your eyes. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. True beauty comes from within. Other guy cheated then tried to make it look like Clay was the one who cheated. Not cool.

  • Ellie

    It kind of looks like the guy has a Pringles can in his shorts. As long as the two of them are happy that’s all that matters.

  • Llana

    I love Clay Aiken, and hope he finally has found someone to be happy with, he deserves all the happiness in theworld!

  • Just asking

    Will there ever be a photo with Clay and any of his men that he isn’t making a stupid face? It just makes it look like everything is a joke to him. I get zero inclination that this is a love connection or even if Reed was as Clay is always playing the goof. Not hating just wondering why he keeps doing it as though he is embarassed.

  • susanor

    Great to see Clay Aiken out and about. LOVE him!!!

  • Nika

    HOOOTTTTT! Great body!

  • Nate

    Good for them that they are enjoying they time together.

  • kate

    did you see that package?! Good for Clay;-)

  • It Is…

    an abomination in God’s Kingdom.

  • http://jj luckky!

    That picture… oh well, wish you guys best.

  • Mouse

    If it’s true then good for him! Everybody deserves some happiness.

  • Isabelle

    Clay Aiken deserves to be happy. Nobody can deny the fact that he has been giving a lot of his time and heart to his foundation, UNICEF,
    GLSEN and many more causes. For those passing judgment on his personal life, should perhaps take the time to read about all of his great accomplishments and humanitarian work….Then THINK the next time you decide to write something that makes you look like an idiot or a bigot.