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Kate Gosselin Runs Around Reading

Kate Gosselin Runs Around Reading

Kate Gosselin runs some errands on Friday (December 17) in Reading, Pennsylvania.

The 35-year-old mom of eight dropped by the gas station to fill up her tank and was also spotted visiting a local FedEx and Starbucks.

Sarah Palin recently opened about the much-buzzed about episode of her TLC show Sarah Palin’s Alaska, which featured Kate and her kids.

“That episode certainly reflected a lesson that I’m a believe in — life is 10 percent circumstances and 90 percent how you react to circumstances,” the former GOP vice presidential candidate said on The O’Reilly Factor.

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  • Angie Lives

    She is an amazing mother

  • w

    Mothers are sacred

  • Denny

    She was freezing in Alaska all bundled up but the idiot ran around today in OPEN TOE SHOES?????

    Make her go away……

  • rhonda

    you really have to feel for her poor children.

  • John

    35? More like 42.

  • John

    She wishes she were 35. She looks like she is 43.

  • http://ta Slig^_^

    She have brother name rayan gosselin

  • http://ta Slig^_^

    I think like 46

  • God Loves Kate

    She is a strong woman who puts up with a lot of sadistic people who are obsessed with hating on her from head to toe. I admire that she turns the other cheek and continues to move onward and upward. She is the responsible parent of the two. It saddens me that she has to put up with a disgruntled ex that sells tabloid stories on his own children, just to seek revenge anytime he loses in court.

    I worry more about the children of some of these rabid haters who have this unhealthy hate obsession with Kate. They will devote hours, days, even years to just bully, harass and hate on her on blogs.

    These haters are no better then cult like organizations like KKK, White Supremacy, etc. They are vile and will attack any article posted online about Kate, with venom and vigor.

    Some of these hate Kate addicts act out far worse then anything Kate has ever said or done on TV. They will post filthy innuendos and very sadistic things.

    So I worry about their kids, because are they teaching their children to hate and bully, because they are?

    I hope some of them turn from their dark ways and realize that they are only hurting themselves with the time they are spending on a hate addiction.

    God is as much a child of God as we all are, and He loves all of his children unconditionally.

    I can only pray that those who are abusive toward Kate and hate on her for the years that some have, will turn from their wickedness and I invest that kind of time and energy into reading God’s word each day, to soften their hearts, learn tolerance, find compassion and practice an empathetic heart. To learn to love unconditionally, and as God loves.

    God Bless, and remember the real reason for the Christmas holiday season.

    May Kate and her 8 children have a blessed Christmas and a New Year full of good health, happiness, love, laughter, and memories.

  • God Loves Kate

    Kate is as much a child of God as we all are. God Loves Kate, so why the hate.

  • God Loves Kate

    God loves all of His children. Kate is a child of God, as we all are and no woman, no mother, no sister, no one deserves to be hated or bullied to the extent that Kate is being crucified by so many. She is not perfect, no one is. We all have faults, shortcomings, blemishes, inadequacies. Some project theirs on to Kate and hate on her for unbecoming behavior displayed, yet they display unbecoming behavior in some of their hate filled post entries and comments. It makes them no better then what they fault Kate for.

  • LBC

    @Angie Lives: Her children have not turned out well. They fight, are miserable, create chaos in the classroom and just wait until they become teenagers. She is the WORST example of how a mother should behave. If you think she is amazing you obviously have major problems yourself.

  • LBC

    @God Loves Kate: You are defending a celebrity who does not care a bit about you and is a horrible mother and role model. You need a life of your own instead of defending this neurotic woman.

  • Santa Claws loves Kate

    I read where not only did the kids attack other children,they attacked adults in their school before they where expel….asked to leave..yeah. They were afforded evere opportunity to change with couseling and tutors but…..Kate has already done here number on these kids.
    Woe unto the moronic dead end suckers who still support this sociopath.


    I wouldn’t call Kate a “child of God”…….she’s more like a” creature of God”.

  • Speak Now

    God doesn’t love Kate, there is a special place in hell for Kate and her abuse of kids.

  • lisa

    Well let’s hope their Christmas turns out better than their Halloween with their mom’s bodyguard driving them around trick or treating telling the kids to be quiet so Kate could sleep. Please! This lady doesn’t care about her kids happiness or spending time with them. She cares about HERSELF! What a horrible mother.

  • jane

    that straw she calls hair, looks terrible

  • http://shilparules Rick Patel

    Sarah smacks down Kate & Krauthammer on ‘O’Reilly Factor’. Awesome!

  • real


  • missy

    as much as people are down on Jon, he would do a better job with the kids then their mother.

  • Jokergurl

    I don’t care for Sarah Palin but I hope she scared the s**t out of Kate Gosselin with all her guns, eating wild game and just general stuff in Alaska, that scares the s**t out of people who are not used to it. Too bad a bear didn’t use her for a damn chewy toy. I just feel so bad for all those kids.

  • lukebandit

    @God Loves Kate:

    If kate was such a glorious mother that you claim she is, why would she tell her kids that they were NOT going to Heaven and that Jesus doesn’t like bad people. Remember on Palin’s Alaska, she saw how much fun the kids were having and she decided to put a stop to it. She then forced the kids to make a heartwrenching decision, Gosselin or Palin? She is a very cruel, sadistic snake that slithers on the ground ready to strike at anyone, kids, anyone who gets in her way that threatens to take away her moneymakers, and TLC has her back. The kids house is THEIRS.

  • itstrueagain

    She needs to disappear and let God take care of her. i’m sick of having her shoved down our throats as the mother of the year. She’s a hateful, nasty person.

  • Clairedelune

    She is like summer…..NO CLASS!!!! Fame and pursuit of fame lead to nothing for this sad and pathetic woman. It is more a LESSON FROM GOD…let us all ponder on this as an example of what NOT TO DO.

  • Sherry

    She is a dumb azz, a fool, a monster, a ho ho, a well-ya know. More than anything she is as dumb as they come. Kids gona be just like her if she keeps doing the crap she does!

  • Sherry

    @God Loves Kate:

    Your brain is fried, what are you in a cult like Jones Town-LOL

  • Martha

    @God Loves Kate:’re an idiot and probably paid to write this….

  • dessertgirl


    That would have been a better coat to take to Alaska than a thin white windbreaker. She can’t mind the cold so much when she wears open toes in the snow.

  • Sally

    Palin also said she was sorry she is ‘not hotty-totty enough’ for some people. Huh? The term she wanted is ‘hoity-toity’ which means pretentiously self-imnportant, a definition which fits Sarah to a T. If you can’t even get the jargon correct, Sarah, please don’t use it. You are just showing off the fact that you never read anything of importance, you never learned another language, and frankly, you don’t use this one very well. So please stop talking to the cameras. If it is true that you have no nanny, your children really need their mother, and you might learn something by reading aloud to/with them. Do you know what Willow is reading in English class? What is she learning in math? Does Piper know her times tables yet? What signs can Trig use, and do you sign back? All those things are far more important than your next smarmy tweet and your next million dollars.

  • dessertgirl

    Kate is not a child of God, she is the spawn of SATAN!

  • colloctor

    @God Loves Kate:

    You are a idiot!!!

  • Louise33

    A truly strong woman is not rude, abusive to her spouse, children, family and others. A truly strong woman would not suffer such low self-esteem that she feels compelled to alter her appearance to such an extent that she and her children, of half Korean descent, bear no resemblence to each other. A strong woman would realize the chaos in her life is of her own making and not healthy for her children and take steps to correct that situation immediately.

    Kate Gosselin is anything BUT a strong woman.

    Hillary Clinton and Michele Obama are strong women, protecting their children and their privacy while maintaing important, high profile careers and commitments.

    Kate Gosselin simply provided a womb for 8 children that once past their babyhoods she had little interest in. She made the reckless decision to contact a network whose founder admittedly is obsessed with the “freaks” of socitey.

    Idolize KG al you want, just don’t call her a strong woman.

  • anon

    @Louise33: Great comment!!!! The best one I have read in a long time. I totally agree it sickens me when people call her a strong woman or a good mother. Kate only thinks about Kate.

  • http://summerdowling87 Summer

    GO AWAY and STAY that way