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Katie Holmes & Tom Cruise: 'Nutcracker' with Suri!

Katie Holmes & Tom Cruise: 'Nutcracker' with Suri!

Katie Holmes, Tom Cruise, and their adorable daughter Suri pose backstage with dancers from the New York City Ballet’s The Nutcracker on Friday (December 17) in NYC.

Suri, 4, munched on gummy bears while the family met the cast after catching a performance.

Katie turns 32 today (December 18). Happy birthday, Katie!!!

Before the show, Tom, 48, Katie, and Suri flew in from Vancouver, where Tom had been filming Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol.

FYI: Katie is wearing Hanes Silk Reflections Opaque Tights.

10+ pictures inside of Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes, and their daughter Suri in New York City…

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tom cruise katie holmes suri nutcracker 01
tom cruise katie holmes suri nutcracker 02
tom cruise katie holmes suri nutcracker 03
tom cruise katie holmes suri nutcracker 04
tom cruise katie holmes suri nutcracker 05
tom cruise katie holmes suri nutcracker 06
tom cruise katie holmes suri nutcracker 07
tom cruise katie holmes suri nutcracker 08
tom cruise katie holmes suri nutcracker 09
tom cruise katie holmes suri nutcracker 10

Photos: Paul Kolnik, INFdaily
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  • It’s Robo-Bride

    Wow. Katie looks like the life was sucked out of her. Geez, get a stylist lady. You look awful.

  • ck

    Think they have a tradition on her birthday where Tom rents out one of the toy stores for a couple hours, then they go skating ion Central Park after closing.

    The fact that I know this saddens me greatly.

  • Kaz simply amazing! Pretty!!!!!!!

    Suri so gorgoeus!

  • http://ta Slig^_^

    Suri so cute

  • Birthday Photo Op

    This is nothing but a Birthday Photo Op (today is Holmes’ birthday) to refute the rumors of a split and give the illusion that they have a normal family arrangement. They haven’t been seen together in 2 months and Holmes was never on location in Dubai with her hubby. THEY LIVE SEPARATE LIVES and everyone in LA knows it.

    They’ll parade around NYC for the weekend and maybe even have her family there (they are never with them otherwise) and they’ll get a little bit more mileage out of their contractual “relationship”.

    You gotta give Cruise credit. He knows how to play the press and his dimwit fans. LMAO

  • felicia


    Its a good thing too cause Katie looks like death.

  • XYZ


    Truth u said.

  • Leah

    Suri is cute. Too bad her parents are crazy! Poor kid is never dressed right. she doesnt look taken care of. its freezing in Vancouver and she had bare legs and now in NY she has bare legs too. Katie looks like crap all the time. Sad and dead looking. Tom on the other hand grins like a raving maniac. Weird, weird, weird.

    I think they are seperated too cause u never see them together.

    I call shenanigans on this whole thing.

  • gia

    hahahha these two are still together after 5 years. lmao…the haters are fuming. they expected tomkat to break up just like brangelina. lmao…love these two couples. LOVE and PEACE!

  • Emma

    Beautiful suri like 3 years old

  • Dexter


  • Dexter’s girlfriend

    I hate Suri so much!!!

  • @gia

    Did you have mental problem, why you called the others “haters and they’re fuming”???
    Why would you say that the AJ & BP will break up, when they were very happy at this time especially “AJ nominated in GG” and they will get married soon, it’s seem to me to much jelousy from tomkat fans…..

  • gia

    You misunderstood me. i said haters expected brangelina and tomkat not to last.and here they are 5 years after they got together. both couples still together. love them both. LOVE and PEACE!

  • longchamp

    Going to NYC soon. Good to know that there’s balmy weather – based on how they dress this poor kid. On a different note – the Scis really did suck the life outta Katie.

  • ScientologyFreak

    Why does tomy girl carry suri like infant with baby blanket, suri almost 5 years instead. Freaky show.

  • JLS

    Gee Katie – they do make hairbrushes….

  • @longchamp

    Yep it’s positively tropical here in NYC. It was in the mid 20′s last night. What kind of idiot doesn’t put pants, socks or tights on their kid in this weather. Morons.

  • sea

    A bit sad, they actually look very unhappy and to me gossip is inappropriate until they feel better.


    Shampoo and a brush do more for a woman than 1k boots ever will.

    and when will the child stop being carried in a size twin blanket?

    This blanket accompanies this 4 year old everywhere she goes, day or night.


  • Just Me

    I, seriously, do not get why anyone would even care.

    This is what happens when you sell out, sell your soul, so to speak, when you think you are marrying the biggest movie star on this planet.

    Think again, Katie.

  • ScientologyFreak

    it seems they can not hide anymore, they are no longer able to pretend romantic as they did in previous years, the contract will finish soon…..???

  • lisa

    When will they just admit this child is on the spectrum of autism? People would stop criticizing them for the no coat, no socks, poor food choices, irregular sleep schedule,hands covering eyes and ears,messy hair and them carrying her everywhere. Obviously something is not right. This child appears to be a handful.

  • V

    Katie looks awful, but maybe she just doesn’t care.

  • Ginny

    Jared changed to photo to a more appealing one AGAIN!!!! This is the 3rd time in the last couple of weeks! What’s up JJ? Is Tom threatening you or paying you??

  • karmaback


    not a fan of Tom/Katie..but I agree.. the naysayers are always beating the break up drum for them and Brad/Angie…yet they are still together and the couples that never get this kind of attack are breaking up left and right.

    I don’t know much about Tom/Katie..I’m a JP fan myself.. but I think all the attacks makes these couples stronger.

    Whatever they are doing seems to be working. I wish them luck.

  • LoLz

    WHAT THE HELL !!!! Why do they carry Suri (almost 5) like that?? It looks beyond ridiculous. She is almost the same size as midget Cruise! That blanket is always wrapped around her because she probably refuses to wear a coat or proper clothing to keep her warm! Katie and Tom’s parenting is SO annoying! Suri is a rotten spoiled brat!

    Yeah, Tom look insane and Katie is depressed.

  • karmaback


    I didn’t notice about the pics.

    does he do that often or just with certain celebrities.

    I don’t attack children.Suri is 5 years old. How an adult finds OK to say nasty things about a baby is beyond reason. Talk about SICK..

    Leave the kid alone

  • LALA

    Katie definitely looks like a woman who hasn’t gotten a REAL kiss from a man in a very very very very very long time. She looks like Donna Reed in it’s a wonderful life when she ended up being a spinster instead of marrying George Bailey. No. Donna/Mary looked much better.

  • Roxy

    Suri is cute, but why is she never properly dressed for the weather. Is she immune to cold, because it’s freezing here in NYC. I have to admit she really does not look well taken care of at all.

  • Ginny

    Obviously you work for Tom because anyone who actually reads these posts knows that our issues are with Tom and Katie. NOT SURI. She is a victim, and quite frankly, repeatedly taking a poorly dressed child out in the cold could result in a visit from Child Protective Services where I come from.

  • Media Wh@re MANiston

    Well, at least Suri is wearing UGG boots to keep her feet warm.

  • eliza


    If still being together after five years means still being married, they are. But how together are they really? They’ve been leading separate lives for a long time now. That’s nothing to celebrate and boast about. It’s actually kind of sad.

  • juniper

    I like Tom, but he needs to start doing things that give him edge again. Since he has gotten married to Katie he looks and acts like a suburban mall dad, dullsville. Suri is pretty although something is off, she is only 4 but seems jaded and board. Katie looks like she is exhausted, she is pretty but lacks a fashion sense, she should stick with simple (well fitting) classics, less is more.

  • sad katie

    just think that 2 days ago katie was just a mile or two away from josh’s apartment.
    i’m sure that she was secretly hoping to see him(get saved) just like in london in may, but tom made sure to fly her out of there asap.
    …vancouver photo op complete on thursday
    …family photo op complete last night
    what’s next?

  • suri

    i think Suri’s got Tom’s nose

  • Whatever

    Can we say fake marriage anyone….. I think so.

  • karmaback


    WORK FOR TOM.. are you serious. YOU really sound like some kind of a freak. I don’t work for Tom.. my comment was not an attack at or to anyone in particular. But reading the comments here there are attacks on this child. And if you can’t admit that then you have a problem.

    Suri is not abused because she is not bundled up in a coat. YOU need to step away from the computer and go to a bus stop or school and you will see kids everyday coming to school and other places not “properly dressed”. And bringing up SS is a bit much. There are many children that are in abusive situations and from what I see Suri is not one of them.

    I get that you all may not like her parents, but to sit behind a computer and think you know the daily life of these people because of a few picture; well that speaks to your poor judgement.

    And where I come from people that make false reports about other people and their children can go to jail or be sued. YOU may want to think about that.

  • Chrissy

    Where’ss the other kids, why don’t people bash crazy Tom about the adopted kids!!!!

  • Chrissy

    Where’s the other kids, why don’t people bash crazy Tom about the adopted kids!!!!

  • Ginny

    Suri very definitley appears to be in a neglectful family environment. If YOU can’t see that then YOU are obviously some kind of freak. Abuse comes in all shapes and colors. Just because Katie can be sufficiently medicated to occassionally grimace for the cameras doesn’t make the situation any better.



  • LALA

    The other kids are (presumably) fine. Tom spends father/son time with Conner and is gearing him up for a movie career.
    Bella’s 18th birthday is in just a couple of days, so unless Tom has her locked up in the Scientolocult Celebrefreak Center, she’s hopefully busy packing up to get the heck out of Cuckoo-ville.

  • shane

    @ karmaback

    “I get that you all may not like her parents, but to sit behind a computer and think you know the daily life of these people because of a few picture; well that speaks to your poor judgement.”

    Excuse me?? Aren’t you here sitting behind a computer thinking YOU know the daily life of these people based on pictures?? Why yes. I do believe you are. You just happen to have a different opinion.

    You’re what we call a HYPOCRITE. Instead of sitting behind a computer attacking the opinions of others and thinking your judgement is superiour when you obviously know nothing either is pretty obnoxious. I suggest you get up, get outside and get some air and stop passing judgement on other posters. You’re no better than anyone else around here.

    Damn, I hate hypocrites!!

  • Susie#1

    Could Katie look ANY worse – I don’t think so. Again, dirty-looking, unkempt. Her outfit is hideous; nothing works. And for those nay-sayers, Tom looks like his hair plugs “took.” (He also needs nipple shields.)

  • It’s Robo-Bride

    ohmigod. I go out to do errands and JJ posts new pics of KH at the ballet. I’m in total awe of how awful she looks! Her hair. Geeza-louisa–you are going out to a ballet where most people do dress up even tho it is just the Nutcracker–and you can’t be bothered to do your hair? To take a comb or brush and fix it? And look at that horrendous outfit. I bet she thinks she is channeling Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffanys. Well Katie: YOU ARE NO AUDREY HEPBURN.

  • NY State of Mind

    I work at a restaurant and Tom, Katie and Suri came in today for lunch. I didn’t wait on them but I had a birds eye veiw of their table the whole time. I never saw two more miserable people! They barely spoke to each other the whole time and at one point Katie said something to Tom and he almost snarled at her! Gave her a look like he wanted to kill her! I felt sorry for her! Their waiter said she never said 2 words the whole time. He did all the talking even ordered for all 3 of them and he was all smiley with the staff. The little girl was pretty good but didn’t eat very much then had a dessert while they ate. Something else weird is that the little girl was wearing a short sleeve dress no socks and no shoes. I think she had boots under the table but she took them off right away. Def was not dressed for a cold December day! Katie is very pretty but she looked real pale and had dark circles under her eyes. Tom is really, really short! I mean I knew he wasn’t a tall guy, but he’s even smaller than I thought!! He’s a shrimp. Oh yea and he needs to step away from the tanning booth. He was orange. Suri is cute. Not gorgeous but cute. Looks like her mom but looked really messy. Ate everything with her hands but like I said she was pretty good for a little kid.
    Anyway the whole staff is talking about how miserable poor Katie looked. Whatever their deal is, they were definately in a fight and not happy with each other. If I was her, I would get away from him so fast his little head would spin. He seems like the type of guy that smiles for everyone else and then goes home and screams at his wife.

  • @ NY State of Mind

    I believe it! I have a relative that works for one of the major entertainment outlets and evidently everyone is talking about the state of their relationship, but since Tom is so litigious no one wants to publish/air rumors or gossip based on heresay and no one who has witnessed anything is willing to go on record for fear of both being sued and being harassed by the cult.

    Should be interesting to see how this plays out! Heh heh.

  • not surprised

    @NY State of Mind:
    Sounds like all of the assumptions made by us FREAKS are completely on target.
    Kudos to awesome Mr. Cruise for making sure that Katie is having a nice birthday. (sarcasm inserted)

  • kara

    I can’t wait for 2023 when we get pictures of Suri going to High school in the arms of her parents LOL