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Katie Holmes & Tom Cruise Sweat It Out At SoulCycle

Katie Holmes & Tom Cruise Sweat It Out At SoulCycle

Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise leave their apartment en route to a SoulCycle class on Saturday (December 18) in New York City.

Katie didn’t slack off from her workout routine, even though it was her 32nd birthday!

Earlier in the day, the couple arrived at the apartment with Tom carrying their cute 4-year-old daughter Suri.

On Friday, the family watched a performance of The Nutcracker and got to meet cast members backstage!

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  • lucy

    Really!!!! Someone needs to take Suri away from those pathetic FREAKS!!!! 3 days in a row; from Vancouver to NYC in Dec and no coat, no gloves, no scarf, bare legs!!! Tom and Katie SHOULD get a visit from DFACS!!

  • hmmmj

    Tom Cruise looks so young and good looking lately. Botox?

    Kate at least puts effort into her appearance when she’s in NYC. This is the nicest she’s looked in a while.

  • so sad

    How can Tom and Katie walk around in coats and scarves while Suri is practically naked in winter in New York? That’s one sick duo.

  • suritard

    Suritard is a brat!!!!


  • suritard

    Well not first, but she is still a tard!

  • It’s Robo-Bride

    Would someone explain to me why Robo-Bride has taken pains with her appearance to go to the gym–hair, make up etc. YET she couldn’t be bothered to fix her hair for a night at the ballet?

    I guess Tommy girl got a look at the pictures that were printed and noticed his robot wasn’t doing her job. So he probably read her the riot act to …well act…happy like everything is wonderful, awesome, and magical.

  • Unknown

    I don’t understand how these two can maintain the facade of an actual relationship. They both look so miserable. That poor child!!! I think they need to MAKE Suri let them dress her appropriately, it’s obvious she never hears the word no.

  • wild

    Why doesn’t she ever wear pants?

  • bebe

    @robobride, she had just gotten off a plane in the photos yesterday. I thought she looked pretty good. And today’s her birthday, of course she’s going to put a special effort into her appearance. Not to mention, it looks like they went out somewhere before heading to the gym.

  • jack


    some of these women like Kelly Preston, Julianne Hough, the smiths, Katie Holmes, will do anything for money and fame. Even live a lie for their entire lives.

  • tsk tsk enablers

    You can keep making excuses for Tom and Katie. That’s okay.
    Unfortunately, Suri is going to end up a drug addict engaging in lewd behavior…or dead… since there are people like you in the world ready to make excuses for her. (see Demi Lovato’s recent exploits)

  • pinkcashmere

    NYC and no coat, unreal.

  • bebe

    @tsk tsk enablers: How did I make unreasonable excuses for them? I simply answered a question. The fact of the matter is that they did arrive in NYC yesterday and thus Katie may not have had as much time to get ready, but IMO she still looked pretty good. Today she had more time and it’s her birthday. It sounds like you have some personal problem with me. I’m not intersted in getting into a fight.

  • WOW



  • bebe

    I didn’t even mention suri so I’m not sure what you’re going off on me for. I think your comment was really rude and uncalled for.

  • DW

    Since when does Scientology forbid toddlers from wearing coats in the death of winter? Friggin weird @ss people

  • Raichill

    I wonder if they’ll still be carrying Suri around in a blankie when she is 16.

  • Suri Jackson

    Why do these idiots have Josh’s kid out in the cold without a coat, gloves, scarf, tights, and hat?

  • omg
  • missy

    Don’t forget Nicole Kidman. She was married to Cruise for 10 years and she did not want the marriage to end. It was Cruise who ended it. People always bash all those other ladies for supposedly marrying gay men, while giving Kidman a free pass.

  • V

    NY and Suri has no coat again, wow!

  • Suri Jackson

    yup yup…just like daddy Josh!!

  • zzzz to Suri Jackson

    I find these people intriguing, and quite the train wreck as I’m sure you do too. I also find your theory about Suri’s real father interesting and possible, but I just wonder why Joshua would sign away his kid like that, I mean he’d have to be pretty heartless, or perhaps at the time he thought it would offer this kid he didn’t want a good life? Any thoughts about that?

  • zzzz to Suri Jackson

    Does anyone know fro sure, for a fact that Katie was seeing JJ right before she got together with freakshow? Are there any pictures of them together at the time? Sorry, todays pics really have me trippin’!

  • Suri Jackson

    @zzzz to Suri Jackson:
    Josh signed nothing away. Katie never spoke to him again after she met up with Tom, and she may not have even known she was pregnant, or was deciding what to do(believe me, I’m not one to judge those situations).
    Once she signed on with Tom and he manipulated the pregnancy timeline, why would Josh think that Katie could possibly do such a thing? They had been friends for like 8 years. What can he do now? Demand a dna test? Take Suri away from the man who has acted as her father, even under fraudulant circumstances?
    I don’t have proof, but everyone knows that there was always something fishy about the quick romance, strangeness around the pregnancy, and no Suri for several months after her supposed birth date.
    Josh will either need to wait until Katie fesses up or Suri is old enough to seek the truth.

  • jack


    the Queen of the Fag wifes is Arianna Huffington, I guess thats the dream. a kid with a fag and your set for life. Makes you respect whores doesn’t it?

  • jack


    forgot, Kidman and I’m sure they’re are more. Looks like Taylor Swift wants in that club as well.
    the Queen of the Fag wifes is Arianna Huffington, I guess thats the dream. a kid with a fag and your set for life. Makes you respect whores doesn’t it?

  • Suri Jackson

    @zzzz to Suri Jackson:
    I’ll find one of the stories about Katie going to see Josh in London in Mar 2005. In the mean time here’s an interview where he references not speaking to her since about that time.(He rarely discussed her after the TC brainwashing)

  • G Fulgencio

    @zzzz to Suri Jackson:
    You get a thumbs down for implying that Josh had a hand in any of this fraud, manipulation, etc.

  • Casey

    Put a coat on your child you idiots! You are dressed properly for the weather, why isn’t your 4 year old? If is because you let her choose what she wears, that is even more idiotic. Outerwear in frigid temperatures should not be optional. I do not care what your religion says about letting children do what they want. A 4 year old needs to wear a coat in cold weather regardless of whether they want to or not. Even if you are just going from the car to the door, the kids needs a damn coat! If anyone other than a celebrity had their child in summer clothes in the freezing weather, they would be considered terribly neglectful parents and probably if it was a repeated problem, would have social services intervene for the sake of the child. Apparently if you are a celebrity, you can do whatever the heck you want.

  • Laiya

    She’s cute no matter who the father is.

  • taiya

    Suri is cute no matter who the bio father is.

  • Suri Queen

    suri,so cute!!!!!!!!!

  • Suri Jackson

    Sorry for the delay attaching stories referencing Katie visiting Josh at the end of Mar 2005. I thought I had at least one favorited, but I guess not. They are British stories from 2005, so they are not coming up readily in my searches. There is a story from a site called “Handi-paps”. I don’t find the site photo appropriate for linking, but you can google handi-paps and the other names(suri/joshua jackson).
    I also have a clip from Access Hollywood where Josh (when asked if he would see Katie’s play) says that he would, as she had gone to see his. (He’s only done 1 play.)

  • Leslie

    Does anyone NOT see what a fraud this couple is? Seriously. They haven’t been anywhere near each other for months, then the split rumors start up cause people aren’t stupid and then we have the PHOTO OP to show that the sham is still ongoing. Please. If you believe any of this, you must be an idiot.

    They live separate lives now. They flew to NYC for her birthday weekend because there’s more press here and its a guarantee their pics will get taken. Its not like that as much in Vancouver. In NYC they can track them real easy so we get multiple photo ops in one day.

    And Jared, who is obsessed with these two freaks will post every single one. I guess we know he got his check from Cruise this week. hehehe





  • So Sad

    @Suri Jackson:
    That Lainey Gossip clip was SO SAD! That was 4 years ago and it’s just as tragic today as then. Why would Katie throw away a friend like Josh?

  • Jokergurl

    I hazard to say that Katie might actually have been brainwashed by those Scientology cultists. Then again what do I know, she just doesn’t look as happy and easy going as she used too, nor act it (referring to her Dawson days, before she met Tom, when she actually acted like she had a personality) I used to like Tom Cruise, and now, not as much, since he opened his mouth to Matt Lauer about there being NO such thing as depression. He wasn’t ignorant about it he was ARROGANT about this, “I know this” and “I know that”. I think Katie has some sort of depression now, clinical at least, major depression maybe. I’m rambling so I’ll shut up.

  • Brooke

    Cute…but isn’t way too famous as a kid?

  • So Sad

    I think Katie is serously depressed. Her poor choices over the past 5 years are all catching up with her.

  • ellie’

    wow is Tom gorgeous..Love the Cruise family…

  • ellie’

    wow is Tom gorgeous..Love the Cruise family…

  • ellie’

    Wow is Tom gorgeous.. Love the Cruise family..

  • CJ

    Suri has always looked exactley like Tom’s cousin, actor William Mapother…don’t like Tom and dislike him even more because at 20 degrees in NY this child is without a coat..if this was just an ordinary citizen the Department of child Welfare would be called in….

  • belle

    Where is STAR FOX ? He he its funny how he/she tries to read every comment and defend Tom.
    It gives me a great laugh , so STAR FOX show up, i need a good laugh.
    BTW Suri is a cute kid, but not dressed appropriately

  • CJ–6.jpg
    Suri looks like William when he’s not smiling

  • CJ

    She is also starting to look like Katie…she has Cruise blood in cannot be denied..its just too bad he’s her father…just something off about him…

  • CJ

    And why must she be carried everywhere..and they wrap her in a blanket instead of a coat..strange, very

  • rhonda

    I think they are getting paid to show off her clothes. Thats the only reason I can see for not putting a coat on your kid in December, not a good reason, they’re dressed for winter.