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Prince William & Kate Middleton: Charity Christmas Couple

Prince William & Kate Middleton: Charity Christmas Couple

Prince William and fiancee Kate Middleton attend a Christmas reception for the Teenage Cancer Trust on Saturday (December 18) in Fakenham, England.

The royal couple, both 28, came out to support the charity, which aims to improve the lives of teens and young adults battling cancer.

Earlier in the week, Wills and Kate released two engagement photos.

Meanwhile, William‘s younger brother, Prince Harry, 26, was in Germany also supporting a charity.

Harry appeared at the Ein Herz Fuer Kinder (A Heart for Children) gala in Berlin, where he was honored for his charity and humanitarian work.

FYI: Kate is wearing the Temperley London “Titan” dress.

10+ pictures inside of Prince William, Kate Middleton, and Prince Harry at charity galas…

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prince william kate middleton charity 02
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Credit: Chris Jackson, Sean Gallup; Photos: Getty
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  • jack

    The Obama’s are NOT invited to the wedding. They are tacky people and VERY BAD AT GIFTGIVING anyway. I don’t blame the Brits at all!

  • oheneba1

    All hail the futre King& Queen ..long legs Catherine Am S000 Proud 2 be A Brit….

  • shoegal

    she has nice hair but both look way older than their age.

  • maria

    Now that Zac and Vanessa are over, I guess this will be the couple I will root for. Does true love really exist anymore????? I’m so disillusioned with this generation……

  • jack


    zac is queer, so your in big trouble

  • True love

    Beautiful and classy couple. They ar elovely together. may they live happyly ever after.

  • Sophia

    They look 10 years older than their age. Larry is hot. He’s definately Hewitt’s son.

  • jack

    Larry is Obama’s boyfriend, or was it Vern?

  • Susan

    Such a nice looking couple!

  • Jokergurl

    Prince William looks so much like his mother, lovely couple, Prince Harry looks good too. I will never forget seeing Diana’s funeral on t.v. and these two young boys walking with their father it’s nice the William has found happiness, now I hope Harry finds the same. I would hope the Obama’s were not invited to this wedding because one thing you DO NOT EVER do, is TOUCH the QUEEN! Michelle Obama put her arm around her, that’s a HUGE insult! Give me a break, I couldn’t believe it when she did that!

  • danielle

    Prince Harry…ohh…is so beautiful
    Congrats Prince Harry!!!
    boring couples….

  • frazzle

    she needs to lose the tights. She dresses like an old lady. She doesn’t have to be slutty, but more fresh and modern would help.

  • Landy Pad

    …it’s Fiancée, not Fiancee.

  • Mona

    Royalty is so boring except Harry. He’s wild.

  • Brooke

    I can’t wait the wedding day!!!

  • Rachelsun

    See the racist are having a field day. So what, William is not the king yet.
    It was obvious the Queen liked Ms. Obama. You poeple are pathetic.

  • Rachelsun

    See the racist are having a field day. So what, William is not the king yet.
    It was obvious the Queen liked Ms. Obama. You people are pathetic.

    Hope things work out w/ Ms. Middleton as she is being criticized by some in Britain for not having a “royal” bloodline.

  • ivanka

    @Mona: i agree 100%
    i wish i was harry’s date for william’s wedding

  • Bellc

    Can’t wait for the royal mess of a divorce after the cheating scandal hits.

  • Bellc

    Can’t wait for the royal mess of a divorce following the cheating scandal.

  • Jokergurl

    @Rachelsun: It’s not a racist comment it’s called ROYAL PROTOCOL, anyone, and I do mean anyone is NOT supposed to touch the QUEEN unless she directs you to do so. A handshake is proper if she NODS, an arm around her WITHOUT her APPROVAL is an INSULT to the Queen and England. GOOGLE it, if you don’t believe me.

  • rhonda

    the Clintons didn’t invite them to Chelsea’s wedding either. Suppose they’re racist too!

  • rhonda

    they have people at the WH to teach the Obama proper protocol, but apparently they don’t use them. They believe they are above the rules and if people don’t like it they pull out the race card.

    They WERE insulting to the PM, the Queen and we all know it. Obama bows to communist and muslims and Moochelle mugs the Queen.

    Good for the Brits, its the first time our leader hasn’t been invited to a royal wedding, but really can’t say I blame them at all.

    Congratulations to Prince William and Kate!

  • BB

    Kate is walking beside William.
    Have the rules changed?
    Why isn’t she walking slightly behind him?
    The Queen must be amused.
    Kate better shape up. This family doesn’t play around.
    Very powerful for centuries.

  • boston61

    I hate Kate’s hair. It never seems to hang nice. She needs some layers. She needs to get a youthful shape for her hair. She already looks middle aged. She has no style.

  • kristin

    I love her dress!

  • M

    FYI…The Queen put her arm around Michelle Obama first. If you search for pictures you will see her arm around Mrs. Obama and then Mrs. Obama reciprocated.

  • M
  • mel

    rachelsun is right, the Queen was taking stock of the historical moment that the USA had a black President just like everyone else was, so much so, that the Obama’s got an exception. No one else would have.

  • gen

    William is not hot at all and such bad hair.

  • V

    Not everybody is hot.

  • Dexter

    fake prince in fakenham

  • Annie

    @ BB: Once they are married Kate/Katherine will have to walk behind William for official occasions like getting off the plane for state visits – all the same times the Queen’s husband has to walk behind her. The job description of Princess/Prince consort is basically brood mare/sperm donor and after that professional tag-along. Diana however rapidly became so much more popular and relevant than Charles and the Queen which is one of the main reasons the royals couldn’t stand her.

  • Ms Barleo Gaga Pitt Fan

    WHO CARES whether someone followed Royal Protocol or not! We Americans! We came to this land to avoid royal jibberish. Remember???? That is why we headed to this land. The Royal family is just a burden on the British taxpayer and they are antiquated and stuck in the past. Kate, like Diana, is the ONLY refreshing thing about them. The Queen liked Mrs Obama. And even if she did not, Michelle is infinitely more educated and interesting that that Queen. They need to catch up to modern times. I think Kate might be the girl to do it!

  • Ms Barleo Gaga Pitt Fan

    And Harry is doing damage control after his Nazi outfit fau pas. Such a clueless brat. I hope Kate’s kids look like her and NOT the Windsors. Eww!

  • rossy40

    I read an arti­cle some­where that Par­lia­ment is demand­ing seri­ous changes to the upcom­ing wed­ding of William & Kate — due to the recent “attack” on Prince Charles & Camilla by a group of angry stu­dents over raised tuition fees… It has been sug­gested that “instead of allow­ing crowds to stand on side­walks along the route the wed­ding party will take (like in other Royal Events), the area be CLOSED TO THE PUBLIC or have the bar­ri­ers moved WAY BACK”, & that William is NOT happy with this.

    Has any­one heard more on this?

  • Snowflake

    “she needs to loose the tights” – are you for real? Do you have any idea how cold it is in the UK at the moment? This isn’t CA where every female goes bare legged when it’s down to -10.

  • Snowflake

    typo – should be “lose”

  • Zoe

    I am looking forward to William continuing his mother’s work with charities. I prefer to focus on the positive.

  • Eleonora

    We don’t know whether the Obamas will be invited or not; stories on the subject were picked up from the Daily Mail, which deals largely in speculation. The guest list has not been made public. If they are not invited, it will be because this is not a state occasion, not as an insult, and because the British have good reason for trying to keep the event relatively modest.

    Mrs. Obama did not violate etiquette; she did not touch the Queen first. The Queen touched her first, as the video showed. The two women got along surprisingly well, and Mrs. Obama was invited back for a private visit.

  • The Truth

    I’ll admit, I can’t wait to see this wedding. Out of the 2, Harry is my favorite…there is something very rugged and raw about him.

  • Go Ask Alice

    I am Black American and I am not raicst.
    the Obama’s have had severe breech’s in protocol.
    The WH StateDinner in whihc that dreadful couple managed to get for their 15mins was serious. It was severe breech in protocol and could have been very dangerous if this couple had been harmful instead of two dumbbutts.
    The then WH sec. was enjoying the dinner as a guest instead of manning the gates ,working,with her staff of assts. as all her previous collegaues had done.

    Michelle O touched QE II. No one touches QE II. If QE II touched her first, which is bs, that would be a first ever. She does not touch her family in public!!!

    There is protocol.

    All US Pres and FL meet the Pope. Noneof them are RomanCatholic. Kennedy was the one and only RC.
    When meeting the Pope, FL wears black and a head piece of lace.

    MO has not met the Pope. I wonderif they will bungle that up or have they gotten protocol down now.

    Kate and Wil’s wedding, Pres O and FL O will be invited as all heads of govt. will be.
    This is amajor govt. afair. It would be an insultand against protocol to not invite US head of govt.

  • JOI


    The clintons did invite the Obamas but they decided not to go because of security and the Clintons tried to keep it private the best they could.

  • anon2

    They are a beautiful couple and seem like best friends. I do worry about the fact that Prince William has been in the limelight his entire life as the prince…and now that he is getting married there is the potential for Kate’s popularity to eclipse his, just as Diana’s popularity eclipsed Charles. There will probably be more focus on her to discuss her clothes, hair styles, and such so I hope Will’s ego can handle it. Charles’ ego couldn’t.

  • twpumpkin


  • Happy_Evil_Dude

    @gen: Guess you know why she’s marrying him then.

  • to boston61

    kate has more style in her baby finger than you will ever have in one lifetime. as for her hair; get this through your head, it doesn’t matter what you think. all that matters is what Kate thinks. she likes her hair the way it is. deal with it.

  • to twpumpkin

    you dimwit. it’s called protocol. william is son of the heir to the throne. when the queen dies, he not charles will more than likely be king. in public, kate will always walk a few paces behind william. just as philip always walks behind the queen, camilla always walks behind charles. now be a good troll and go away.

  • dogi

    he is urgily, her face is very manly, but has good figure

  • Jess

    @to twpumpkin: William will more than likely be King over Charles?? Haha doubtful but thanks for the laugh. You obviously have no clue about the Royals