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Blake Lively & Jessica Alba Just Had Sex -- SNL Digital Short!

Blake Lively & Jessica Alba Just Had Sex -- SNL Digital Short!

The highlight of this weekend’s Saturday Night Live was the “I Just Had Sex” digital short.

The Akon-heavy track featured Hollywood babes Blake Lively and Jessica Alba in addition to tennis champ John McEnroe.

The chorus goes, “I just had sex and it felt so good. A woman let me put my penis inside of her.” Hilarious!

Check out The Lonely Island‘s latest work below!

SNL’s “I Just Had Sex” Digital Short
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  • http://ta Slig^_^

    They want marry

  • Dexter


  • carine

    blah….snl digital shorts are no longer funny. cheap tricks and lame rapping all the time. andy come back to your senses!

  • katie

    so i guess im the only one who thought this was funny…hahaha

  • Landy Pad


  • beatster

    Blake Lively would be “Jessica Alba Part/Version 2″ – all hype or so-called hotness but NO actual talent – in short : “Flash In The Pan”.

  • Anita

    off topic; this just makes me SMDH at the music industry – cos this song is practically like all the songs that are on the charts right now . By adding auto tune n a good beat it seems like any song can pass as music these day……

  • Anita

    Oh and the skit wasnt funny (even though Im a BL fan). SNL needs to stop with this Lonely Island stuff cos its DEAD!!

  • Jordyn

    come on guys it was funny

  • Bella

    yes it was funny of course it was… i should admit there not my fav actress aren`t good at all… but it really was funny just the fact of AKON give his voice for that counts…

  • mylifeme

    that was totally lame.

  • MeMe

    sooo…all their skits are about some sort of sex, whats new? They need to get some new writers. This is OLD already.

  • Lucie

    I found it funny!! That’s stupid and talks about true thing lol, funny =)

  • dani

    haha that was funny and jessica is hot!!!

  • Katy

    this was kind of boring :(

  • Em

    Incredibly boring and a great way to ruin your career

  • bob

    Really funny can’t wait for there new album and i don;t know why people hate them cause they did’t find it does’t mean their career is over wdf makes no sense stop hating and move on

  • whocares?

    damn alba is even bad at this. And on the look-level very overrated. Even blake looked prettier

  • s

    i liked it, love Blake!

  • What’s new?

    I find this pretty offensive. They seem to be thankful to women for opening their legs to them but don’t actually like the women, nor have they done anything for the women. At first the women are not happy, but by the end of it they’re also cheering on this awful behaviour. No wonder it was those two ‘actresses’ who participated. Can’t imagine they could get anyone else.

  • What’s new?

    Also, to JARED, I’m surprised you find this ‘hilarious!’. The least you could do would be to not comment on whether this is funny, since you never say anything bad about anyone. You don’t have to say it’s bad, but you don’t have to say it’s funny either. GROSS.

  • Rupa

    I want to see Blake and Leighton get it on. That would be hot.

  • xxx

    The Alba Bi.tch needs much attention again. How sad, she’s trying to be serious and take part in such a crap.

  • LoveLeeR

    me too, me too !

  • denis

    just think a little please! is a ironic video about the theme of sex in young people , the absurd of men reaction , they are making fun of theirselves, and i think is funny and cool ,and jessica and blake were great.

  • Sadie

    Blake was funny, Alba was a little over the top

  • carrienae


  • Jo

    Great video, Blake & Jessica are great in this !

  • Gaby

    LOVE IT! <3 It’s hilarious.

  • Happy_Evil_Dude

    @beatster: I think you meant “flash in my pants”…Zing!

  • Gilmore

    Guys get a little sense of humor. It was funny, it wasn’t about trying to be relevant , getting attention or meant to be offensive it was simply a fun video. Rappers basically imply what they are bluntly saying. They are comedians do you really think they take any of this stuff seriously?

  • Dellal

    It was freaking hilarious!!

  • Jokergurl

    I haven’t watch SNL in a long time because it used to be funny, this is kind of cheesy, Akon sounds good though. Andy Samberg keeps trying to be another Adam Sandler and it just doesn’t work. SNL was cool when it was Jon Belushi, Chevy Chase, Gilda Radner, Bill Murray, Dan Akroyd, and then in the 90′s it was funny with Adam Sandler, Chris Farley, David Spade, Phil Hartman, it’s just not funny these days, the only funny one on SNL is Kristin Wiig. They should have had some funny actresses in there.

  • cc

    okay, this skit was funny but i really can see why jeff bridges hasn’t hosted in 27 years, the digital short was the only funny thing about this episode but the episode threw me off and now this is offically the worst episode of this season so far

  • G

    Wth was tht? thats just strange on so many levels, i mean come on its not even funny, ok so the first time u hear the corus irs kinda funny but then its beyonf lame and really rong :p

  • Erika


  • Kevin Ex

    This video was freaking hilarious. I can’t believe they made this song. Jessica Alba looked a little different though.

  • Ann

    I thought it was awesome!

  • Svetlana

    OMG! This reminds me of all my high school friends. Hahah I JUST HAD SEX. It’s funny…not groundbreaking but silly! =D

  • http://N/A Bill

    This is hilarious…. if your watching this and pissed off, get over it and go back to your Obama support group. Its a satire, for entertainment… Akon, Jessica and the SNL cast pulled it off.

    If you hate this, you probably don’t like the movie “Bad Santa”, everyone knows who you are. Quit being lame.

  • Ahmed Yankovic

    Woooooo nice song I like it so0o0o0o0o0o0o much even I like All of them Akon, Jessica Alba, Blake Lively and John McEnroe!

  • maximus

    This song is brilliant !! freakin hilarious !! Akon and Lonely Island guys killed it !! :D
    Btw, i got the HD music video for this song for download. here’s the link:

  • Juss

    I think lonely island is great, sure not all jokes are funny, but I wonder how this haters would do at the stage, No body i saying they need to be the best actors or musicians, but comedy is hard and many people find their songs and jokes at SNL very funny so if you don’t like it, go and make something else funnier.

  • ramo

    I love Blake! The song is ok….but…intriguing!

  • bob

  • Nathan

    lmfao i thought this was great… and for all those people that didnt like it .. lightin up its just for fun anyways . if saying how bad this song was makes u feel better then y dont u make a better one .. untill then stfu and just enjoy it …

  • Koowie

    I love this skit! Awesome. Can’t stop laughing. haha

  • Scorcho

    Haters!!! lol I thought it was funny. To each their own I guess.

  • شات حلا

    jessica and blake were great

  • منتديات حلا

    jessica and blake were greatjessica and blake were great