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Eddie Cibrian: Haircuts for Mason & Jake!

Eddie Cibrian: Haircuts for Mason & Jake!

Eddie Cibrian and his little ones, Mason and Jake, get caught in the rain as they leave a barber shop on Friday (December 17) in Calabasas, Calif.

The 37-year-old actor helped guide the boys to the car as they dodged the crazy rain in Los Angeles.

On Friday, Eddie‘s ex-wife, Brandi Glanville, was charged after her October DUI arrest.

TMZ reports that Brandi could lose her license and if convicted, she faces a maximum sentence of six months in jail and a $1000 fine.

15+ pictures inside of Eddie Cibrian taking Mason and Jake for haircuts…

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eddie cibrian mason jake haircuts 01
eddie cibrian mason jake haircuts 02
eddie cibrian mason jake haircuts 03
eddie cibrian mason jake haircuts 04
eddie cibrian mason jake haircuts 05
eddie cibrian mason jake haircuts 06
eddie cibrian mason jake haircuts 07
eddie cibrian mason jake haircuts 08
eddie cibrian mason jake haircuts 09
eddie cibrian mason jake haircuts 10
eddie cibrian mason jake haircuts 11
eddie cibrian mason jake haircuts 12
eddie cibrian mason jake haircuts 13
eddie cibrian mason jake haircuts 14
eddie cibrian mason jake haircuts 15
eddie cibrian mason jake haircuts 16
eddie cibrian mason jake haircuts 17
eddie cibrian mason jake haircuts 18
eddie cibrian mason jake haircuts 19

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  • exdruggie

    what a bad quality pics. Is it snowing? And there’s no need to get your kids photographed. The youngest one is very cute though but let your kids be kids.

  • Lawrence

    Cute kids!.

  • Gab

    He’s got cute kids. Nice to see them looking happy and not too hung up on the split.

  • gwen

    Who didn’t see this coming?

    WEWE single is coming out this week, so most of the public expected these “happy family” or “devoted stepmother/dad” photo-ops to show up soon. She did the very same thing when that first single came out.

    It’s a shame, if these two have something REAL, then how come we can always predict when they are going to pose for the paps like it’s going out of style?

    Come on JJ, shouldn’t your title be:

    Eddie Cibrian pimps out his kids FACES and NAMES AGAIN to promote his girlfriends concert and her single( which is coming out on Dec 21)?

    Now JJ, EC has managed to get around LA without once being spotted with those kids, so how come these round of “devoted father” photos always fall when he and LR are promoting their careers?

    The last time we saw EC and LR with those kids, it was because EC Hallmark movie was airing twice in one week.

    Before that it was because he was being featured in People mag sexist man list.

    Before that he was spotted with those kids when he was making an appearance on Chase.

    For someone who claims to be disturbed by his kids faces being in the tabs, EC sure does pimp those kids out a lot.

    His career is so bad that he is trying to turn those kids into public figures so that he can get famous just by being their father.

    How do the paps always know where to find EC exactly right before he and LR are promoting something? Because they are calling the paps.

    If he really wanted to protect those kids from the paps, this photo-op wouldn’t have even existed.

    It looks like EC only wants to shield those kids from the paps and media when he can’t profit from it.

  • gwen

    His little ones?

    Don’t you mean the kids that EC and LR consider to be props in their “happy family” motif?

  • gwen

    Did I call it or what?

    I said that this “devoted father, happy family” photo-op was just an attempt to promote LR concert and her single.

    I was right, did you see the latest fluff piece from one of LR mouthpieces?

    They posted photos of LR at her concert (which she posted on her twitter page, get this because according to this site, LR got much “positive” feedback from her “fans”).

    You know that LR fanbase is low when sites like that have to start pushing the “LR is loved by many and many people want to hear about her life” angle.

    Seriously, is this single not doing very well?

    I have a feeling that LR just might skew the numbers so that this single looks like it’s successful.

  • Emma

    I feel bad for Brandi. Obviously, she didn’t cope well with the split and seeing pictures of her ex with LeAnn all the time must be devastating. I don’t condone drunk driving, but I hope Brandi will learn from this and move on and put all this nastiness behind her.

  • Alexis

    He’s a dbag, but I like to see men spending time with their kids.

  • gwen


    He isn’t spending time with his kids, he is pimping them out because his girlfriend is trying to sell her single and had a concert.

    How is it that EC can’t spend time with his kids unless it involves profitting from it?

    I think that this was just another attempt to rub it in BG face that she doesn’t get to spend Christmas or see her own kids (unless EC and LR call sites like JJ and the Celeb babyscoop).

    This is sick and some judge should be ashamed for even daring to allow this to happen.

  • elaine

    One thing is for sure Brandi and Eddie have beautiful kids If Eddie has a baby with Leann and it turns out to be a girl I fell pity for the poor thing Leann was a very ugly child and having a skin disease didn’t help. If Leann thinks for one nano second that she will have a goodlooking baby like Brandi did she is really out of her Brandi has raised those kids with extremely good manners and she did it almost by herself because Eddie was gone so much on movie locations ,playing golf with his buds ,staying out and drinking with buds and of course having affair while Brandi was pregnant . Father of the year awards for sure because now he takes them for hair-cuts surprised Leann let him go by himself must have been a male barber

  • Felicia

    Didn’t Brandi take care of the kids all those years on her own while Eddie worked. Now he’s unemployed and being supposed by Leann, he does all these errands and never has a job. Now he’s suddenly Father of the Year!

  • blair

    Run, Eddie, run…take the boys out of Falcor’s clutches!

  • Paul

    The only purpose to this thread is to bash Brandi by bringing up old news that isn’t even true and to show us Eddie with his kids because he and LeAnn are going on vacation immediately after the gifts are opened. Eddie Cibrian is a lowlife gigolo.

  • http://bettyj2u betty

    Since when is taking your sons for a haircut a newsworthy event. Its to late to play father of the year we already know what Eddie is. Get a job Eddie and respect your ex wife because your sons are going to find out and show you the same type of respect one day.

  • Racy

    @gwen: Did you not know that celebs have to promote themselves because of the business they are in? Why was Brandi promoting herself? Answer that please. Can you spell “FAIR”?

  • Racy

    @elaine: Who did you say was out drinking with buds? Who was it? Tell us again!!