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Johnny Depp Contracts Bieber Fever

Johnny Depp Contracts Bieber Fever

Who knew Johnny Depp was a Justin Bieber fan?

The 47-year-old actor snapped a shot with singer Avery backstage at the Biebs‘ show on Saturday (December 18) in Miami, Fla.

Johnny Depp wants to hear ‘Baby,’” Justin said while on stage before performing his hit song. Ha!

Last night, Justin was spotted hanging out on his tour bus with Selena Gomez last night in Miami.

The two have been looking friendly lately, but Selena insists they’re just friends!

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Photos: Poison Ivy
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  • duh!

    “The two have been looking friendly lately, but Selena insists they’re just friends!”

    Justin is gay, Selena is after publicity.

  • willow

    he can be fan of Barney or whatever.hahahaha. I LOOVE Him anyways.

  • caro

    is Bieber the girl with Depp in the pix?

  • erin

    That is one unbelievably sexy man!

  • didi

    i think his KIDS like Bieber

  • me

    ahahah! Johnny is such a good Dad!

    Lily-Rose Depp is a Bieber’s fans ^_^

  • :)

    OMG hope johnny was on the biebigay for compromise johnny is hot!

  • Wow


  • boston61

    He always looks so skanky and dirty.

  • Kaz simply amazing! Pretty!!!!!!!

    Maxican gay ljot

  • http://Tja Slig^_^


  • Leonardo

    Bieber is ugly ,teenidols used to be prety kids these days are blind……………………………….en deaf.

  • Leonardo

    oh and i hate the word bieberfever ,i hope people wil find a cure againgst this untalented biebertrash

  • Glamourous

    Can you mention that it was Johnny’s kids who probably wanted to go? This “article” makes the poor dad sound like a perv, which he isn’t. Good for him taking his kids to see Biebs.

  • http://Ja Slig^_^

    I think he love color green with black dark

  • GG

    Yes. I’d think he would go with his kids. Not for himself lol

  • :)

    @Kaz simply amazing! Pretty!!!!!!!: you stupid find a new name kaz simply amazing and a new insult for johnny jerk

  • hesshot

    dissapointed but sure he was for his kids, love johnny is hot and sexy !

  • ihate f*cker kaz simply amazin

    @Kaz simply amazing! Pretty!!!!!!!: are you an angelina fan? cuz you comment good on jolie entries and always say maxican guy of johnny curiously i dont know what the hell means your f**cker comments you are the only hater of johnny in the world so f*ck yourself

  • hesshot

    @boston61: but still hot

  • RaNa

    Johnny Depp was there cause his daughter Lily is a fan of Justin & He went with her!!

  • just sayin

    Kaz and Slig = same person and is an idiot.

  • mirta

    @just sayin: maybe :D

  • Lilakoi Moon

    That man can love anything and get away with it just because he’s one of the sexiest males to ever walk this freakin’ planet, fellas! That said, I think it’s his daughter or something who likes Bieber. Anyway….I wonder how I would feel if I was a young girl and my father was a famous actor such as Depp and I liked a famous teen sensation like Bieb and I went to his concert with my famous dad and that heartthrob singer that I love says that MY DAD wants to hear one of his songs -_- lolol …..Like, seriously, for some reason I’d be offended by him respecting so much my dad and not even seeing me BUT at the same time, she actually can get a lot from daddy… and at least Bieber will know of her unlike all the other little girls who could kill themselves for him but the latter not even knowing of their existence. UGH, you get the point!

  • Angry Punk Hates The World! :/

    Save yourself Johnny! think of your poor ears!!

    I hate this kid with a passion. His music sucks, it’s the WORST I have ever heard.
    Justin Gayber is an arrogant little douche who disrespects girls, I read an article where he gloats at the fact he kissed so many girls, its disgraceful. Guess he;ll have more than One less lonely girl (bad joke!)
    HATE! HIM!

  • what cares you my name

    f*ck Johnny is hot i see more photos and he looks stunning dirty!! god damn plase JJ post more photos too people see better how hot he was looking!

  • sexy

    i dont care me if Johnny is attending justin stupiber concert jonas brothers or another f*ckin’ disney star i just care Johnny he looks amazing sexy grr!

  • Chan Chan

    WTF is Johnny Depp getting his picture made at a Beiber concert for? He’s getting pretty famewhorish; I guess it’s a side effect of hanging around the Jolie/Pitt clan for too long. He’s lost his hot to me. His dirty cowboy/freak show look is way past it’s time.

  • aww

    awww wat a sweetie, taking his daughter to see the concert! He probably had earplugs in the whole night himself LOL

  • Chan Chan

    Wonder what happened about the girl he was accused of coming on to? I bet he’s working it to rack up positive points because some stuff might surface that will take him down.

  • lovely

    @Chan Chan: nah he is still looking good less but the stupid jolie-pitt clan

  • brenda

    Kaz simple are a JP fan sure..what the h*ll are you doing here moron? what more do you want?..the other idiot MONKY FACE BRAD always in the wrong place..tell me what is he doing in the premieres of Johnny ?..he wants to steal the show?..he is not a good friend.,the good friends don’t do that!.brad is not in the tourist…Go home moron!!And Johnny depp always gonna be the biggest star in the world ..face it!!!

  • Michelle

    He’s a great Dad! His daughter is a Justin Bieber fan. Much like Mark Walhberg’s daughter. haha.. I saw interviews on tv and both Johnny & Mark said his daughter’s love Justin Bieber. LOL!

  • Vanessa Pervadis

    Vanesa Paradis must be laughing her ass off after the Golden Globe acquired nomination for best comedy actor. Someone is saying she can’t stop repeating “JOHNNY I TOLD YOU SO!”

  • dhja

    @didi: That’s exactly what I was going to comment on! He has an 11 year old daughter, it makes sense he would be there…this dumb site needs to fact check.

  • WTH

    Johnny you need to save your daughter first she loves Twilight , now she loves Justin Bieber , clean her mind from this shit Johnny :P

  • WTH

    Johnny you need to save your daughter first she loves Twilight , now she loves Justin Bieber , clean her mind from this Johnny :P

  • Jokergurl

    Justin is gay? Really ? I think you missed those pictures of him drooling over the Laker Girls in the front row of all those laker games like a horny teenager. Anyway I could care less. Love Johnny Depp though.

  • rosana

    WTF?Johnny is a fan of Iggy Pop i think

  • mesiami

    Sad old fool. His movie with Jolie is a flop. His time is so over. Clean up and act your age.

  • Kaz simply amazing! Pretty!!!!!!!

    Oh I hate monky face brad pitt

  • Erika

    I have seen the video XD

  • D

    Aww Johnny’s such a great dad, taking his little girl to see Justin Bieber, so cute

  • http://facebook JESSICA


  • muriel

    @Glamourous: yeah that does sound like he is, but he’s not he took his kiddies.

  • muriel

    @Glamourous: yeah he does sound like that,but he’s not, he took his kiddies.

  • muriel

    @Glamourous: yeah he does sound like that,but he’s not, he took his kiddies.

  • lindsey

    LOVE AVERY – She is The Best – Youtube Her! She will Blow You Away With Her Voice!!! <3

  • sheila

    it’s only for his kids! johnny has goot taste in music!!!!

  • benny

    how tacky to announce that johnny was there? can’t we deport bieber?