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Katie Holmes: ABC Kitchen Birthday Dinner!

Katie Holmes: ABC Kitchen Birthday Dinner!

Tom Cruise treats his wonderful wife Katie Holmes to a special birthday at the delicious ABC Kitchen in New York City’s Flatiron District on Saturday night (December 18).

The couple later hit up Gemma restaurant in the East Village before returning to their Manhattan apartment. (Katie is wearing a gorgeous Altazurra coat.)

Earlier in the day, Tom, 48, and Katie, 32, worked up a sweat during a spin class at SoulCycle in TriBeCa.

Happy Birthday, Katie!!!

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Credit: Ron Asadorian, Jackson Lee; Photos: SplashNewsOnline
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  • Kaz simply amazing! Pretty!!!!!!!

    Katie holmes alwas like sick and tired & tom old man with alwyes used potox and dye hair

  • V

    Well, she looks better today.

  • mary

    she needs to go see a good hair stylist. if katie wants her hair long fine; just have it properly trimmed and get those bangs out of her eye.

  • Zzz

    Im sure kaz and slig from japan

  • wowbag!!

    i love that bag she’s got! anyone know where it’s from??

  • wowbag

    anyone know where that bag’s from?? it’s awesome!!! i see her carrying it around everywhere, and it matches pretty much anything she wears!

  • Kaz simply amazing! Pretty!!!!!!!

    Lol, im not from jaban

  • Go Ask Alice

    She looks nicely dressed there.
    The paps missed her smiling. I am sure she was.
    two birhtday dinners at two places,weird. Well,maybe they had people meet them at two places.

    Itis like can they do anything normal.

  • Annie

    Katie always looks so frump I forget she’s only 32. Tom needs to calm down with all the hair-dye and whatever he’s doing to his face – he’s starting to look like a butch lesbian going through a midlife crisis.

  • Zzz

    Zzz why take a false my name if you don’t find any name i will give you but this behavior is so bad i don’t say they like japan‏ ‏i didn’t see them‏‎ in anywhere

  • Sommy sinilerry

    When she birthday than she is making some dinner for her friends and family member..

  • Ginny

    Okay. Family photo ops are now complete for this quarter:
    Katie and Suri family fun in Vancouver on Thursday. CHECK!
    Family night out with hard working Tom on Friday. CHECK!
    Romantic evening with lovebirds Tom and Katie on Saturday. CHECK!
    Now everyone just shut up because this marriage is obviously the real deal!!! They have pictures to prove it!
    ahhh….I crack myself up! Next I’ll be saying things like Suri is Tom’s child and she looks just like him :-)

  • AEP

    She looks absolutely miserable!!!! Brainwashed, dead eyes…And he looks crazy and botoxed as always. I just can’t stand these two morons!!

  • Oh dear God

    She can’t even TRY and look happy anymore! Ha-Ha-Ha-HA!!!! Thats what you get, you stupid bi tch, when you sell your soul for fame!!!!

  • keep the bar low……

    Saying that Katie “looks better” is like applauding the coat that Suri was wearing in Vancouver with no mittens, tights, hat, etc. In that situation, Suri was cared for “better” because she wasn’t in a nightgown. (however it only took one day and a trip to frigid NYC to forget the importance of a coat).
    Now Katie “looks better” because she doesn’t have that pile of poo atop of her head? I don’t think so. For someone who is supposed to be a designer and has money for a personal stylist and hair dressers she sure looks frumpy all of the time.
    Was this her 32nd or 42nd birthday? Looks more like 42 to me.

  • juniper

    I have never seen Katie look better. Classic, well fitting cloths is what she should stick with. I only wish the sweater was not see through (some how that cheapens the look).

  • Oh dear God

    Gay boy dressed her thats why. Part of the contract, so she doesnt embarrass him..

  • debbie


  • keep the bar low……

    @Oh dear God:
    Well, he’s not doing a very good job, and by the way…..who’s advising Tom these days? I think he needs to hire a new team. He’s almost 50 and looks ridiculous with that hair and insane grin all of the time. I’m not saying he has to let the grey take over but this latest dye job is really bad.

  • twofools

    Katie looks great, tom looks to have gained weight. Now brad pitt looks like he is 60,fat ,old, losing his hair, dying it, wrinkles all over his face, bad clothing style. Brad still in a mid-life crisis after 6 years LOL.

  • TomWhatUDo


  • KellyK

    Doesn’t a young woman that age have a single female friend? One? Has she ever been seen with one that isn’t hired by him to follow her around, like his sister? Isn’t that terribly sad for her? She should be out with girlfriends once in awhile. These same scenes, over and over again, are sad. Even if she did sign up for this, she could not have expected this level of isolation.

  • Lucy

    katie looks miserable. I predict they will be the next hollywood break-up.

  • lucy2

    I think we have a few months to go. There’s no way Katie is making it all the way to 10 years, but they probably won’t announce the separation until they are coming up on the 5 year mark.
    In a recent post someone mentioned that Nicole wanted to stay married and Tom wanted the divorce. Actually that’s how Tom has the contracts written. He has to initiate the divorce or the other party(Nicole and now Katie) gets less money.
    Tom will be filing for divorce during the 2nd or 3rd quarter 2011 so that the final divorce occurs around or after November.
    Unfortunately for Katie, her acting skills are minimal and she severed ties will all of her real friends so it’s doubtful that she’s going to rebound as well as Nicole.
    Oh; and it’s nice to see another Lucy. There aren’t too many of us, but notice that lately there are a lot of TV characters named Lucy? We are quite intriguing. ;-)

  • Zoé

    Oh another photo-op. Katie looking depressed and Tom grinning like a botoxed maniac…Trying to make us believe they are still together…



  • boston61

    Tom has a double chin. He is aging very badly. Kharma is a bitch. All that Scientology damage done to vulnerable people. Sick.

  • KC

    I have to say that I agree with the majority of posters on this one. Katie looks absolutely depressed – get some professional psychiatric help pronto! Tom just appears to be posing for the camera. Whatever happened to the couch jumping, arms wrapped around each other, swapping spit kisses displays of affection?

  • Ben is back home

    Hey everyone this is what archive photos are..!! OKEE DOKEE..
    Please as if the weather in New York is cold and have you seen
    the TODAY SHOW today.. not really see through top weather with
    out a winter coat done up….really first we see her with her knee
    length sweat pants no coat and no snow or cold weather…gear..

  • TomWhatUDo

    I started to believe what the “National Enquirer” told by sources that tom stole katie makeup.
    They said :
    “Tom is in major midlife crisis mode,” a Cruise insider told American tabloid the National Enquirer.


  • didi

    LET Boycott is MOVIES … I do not know him personally OK … but I hate the person he became or maybe he lied to the public,in his lifetime now the mask has fallen.IS clear that he is not the family man who pretends to be, this woman is so clearly disgusted and unhappy can’t no longer pretend! WHITC young woman loved, desired, rich with a seemingly healthy daughter, married the man of her dreams on the day of her birthday, appears tired depressed and unhappy .. this woman use to have beautiful smile … And he puts that fake smile of happy man? old bastard, he is a fake and the devil of this marriage … This prove money does not buy felicidade happiness.

    And there is no contract that can not be destroyed, fade,defeated,
    even though we lost few milions.

  • Lucy

    @TomWhatUDo: I thing he stole her soul!

  • TomWhatUDo

    @ Lucy #31 – it’s all because Robo Wife wanted fame and $$$. “What you sow is what you reap” isn’t it?

  • It’s Robo-Bride

    Wow, poor Robo can’t even muster up the shadow of a genuine smile. Run little Katie, run. Before Tom and Xenu own the rest of your soul.

  • Happy_Evil_Dude

    When she dresses casually, people call her a “trashy homeless hobo”, when she dresses nice she becomes a “depressed robot”. Whatever she does, you won’t like it, even if what she does is leave Tom. I don’t care either way, my third leg salutes her everytime.

  • annie

    I love Katie, but can’t pretend that I don’t think something is really wrong with her.
    The real Katie is the one on the Jack and Jill set, not this one.
    This one looks sick , depressed and certainly not happy.
    I’m actually sad seeing her like this. I don’t even want to see these pics anymore.
    I hope whatever it is, she can fix it , because there is a huge problem somewhere.

  • twpumpkin


  • Star Fox

    You’re an idiot, #12.

    Do you know what the word miserable means, #13?

    I could say the same thing about a certain humanitarian action movie star but critics like you give her a free pass, #22. At least we’ve actually seen her hanging out with friends like Victoria Beckham and Jeanne Yang in between unlike the star of a recent thriller with Johnny Depp.

    Make up your mind, #24! Holmes was either in a contract or was actually in love with Cruise but now are separating.

    They ARE still together or else they wouldn’t be doing this, #25!

    You accused that as being just an act, #27. Now you’re singing a different tune.

    You WOULD be stupid enough to believe that, #29.

    Critics always contradict each other, #34.

  • It’s Robo-Bride

    @Star Fox:

    You never miss the chance to diss the OTHER kids or family do you.

    And your right KH and TC are still together–she is looking more miserable by the day. And if you know anything about Cruise you know he controls his image and his publicity with every thing he has–Robo-Bride’s birthday? Well, gee gotta make a photo op out of it so folks can see how happy happy happy we are.

    Go google Katie Holmes and then click on “Images” on the top. You can see a decline in her happiness through the thousands of pictures they have of her. From radiantly happy to this sad caricature.

    But you have your head so far up their star butskys that you will never admit anything is wrong with their marriage. Furthermore as you have said–if they do say they are getting a divorce you’ll just say well so what.

    You are so two-faced it is unbelievable.

  • irene olson

    Why do Nicole Kidman and Katie Holmes, who have husbands shorter than they are, insist on wearing such high heels? They could wear shorter shoes and it would certainly be more attractive than towering six inches + over their husbands.

  • Jokergurl

    She looks absolutely miserable, it’s too bad too. I’ve always liked Katie, Tom and his Scientology minders have literally changed her the spark is gone. I think she needs professional help, and that’s not a slam either, it’s disheartening to see once sweet girl like her like this. @ Star Fox #37
    I don’t give a s***t if you comment on my post or not. So don’t bother.

  • @jokergurl

    But Jokergurl, you’ll deprive Star Face of so much pleasure if you don’t give a s–t if he comments or not.
    Not to mention you’ll deprive the rest of us of a good laugh.
    You have to wonder about a guy who sits in front of his computer reading every post and then replying to the ones he finds most offensive. He can brag all he wants that he spends very little time doing this, but any sane, rational person can figure out it takes ages to read them and then comment on them the way he does.

  • Star Fox

    I’m not dissing anyone, #38. Just pointing out another double standard.
    Photo opportunity? How can you possibly judge the sincerity of a man taking out his wife to dinner on her birthday. It COULD be for PR but there’s no way of knowing given how normal this is.

    How can anyone comment on their marriage? We don’t know them! And it’s silly to come up with theories based on people’s expressions from paparazzi photos.

    Their husbands don’t care and they like wearing high heels, #39. They dress up for themselves; not for you.

    It doesn’t take ages to do this at all actually, #41.

  • Oh, really Star Fox!

    You were here commenting at 7:40 AND at 11:36. You have spent your whole Sunday night on your computer, analyzing, seething, judging, furrowing…seems like a lot of time to me.

  • To StarFox

    Oh yes you are dissing people-calling someone an idiot for voicing their opinion is definitely dissing. And, you bet your lazy ass a man’s sincerity can be judged when he’s taking his wife out for her birthday. As for pictures, they speak volumes when you look at the facial expressions, body language, etc. Yeah Katie can’t stand Tom. Get over it.

  • Juleanden

    @Kaz simply amazing! Pretty!!!!!!!: please learn english …

  • Rainforest

    It’s a Balenciaga Motorcycle bag.

  • Rainforest

    It’s a Balenciaga bag.