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Megan Fox's Bikini Takes Hawaii

Megan Fox's Bikini Takes Hawaii

Bikini-clad Megan Fox and her shirtless husband Brian Austin Green make some motion in the ocean while soaking in the sun in Hawaii on Saturday (December 18).

The happy couple is in town with his son Kassius, 8.

Megan, 24, and Brian, 37, were married in Hawaii on June 24. These two sure love the Aloha State!

FYI: Megan has nearly 20,000,000 fans on her Facebook page!

15+ pictures inside of Megan Fox looking sexy in her bikini…

Just Jared on Facebook
megan fox bikini 01
megan fox bikini 02
megan fox bikini 03
megan fox bikini 04
megan fox bikini 05
megan fox bikini 06
megan fox bikini 07
megan fox bikini 08
megan fox bikini 09
megan fox bikini 10
megan fox bikini 11
megan fox bikini 12
megan fox bikini 13
megan fox bikini 14
megan fox bikini 15
megan fox bikini 16
megan fox bikini 17
megan fox bikini 18

Credit: DW; Photos: Bauergriffinonline
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  • anonmus

    her boobs were really flat before the boobjob. i’ve seen pics.

  • annie


  • JEM

    wow natural boobs still existing

  • katie

    she needs to put on a bit of weight.

  • Luiza

    She has a great body but I do not like that belly. I also think it’s weird her lap, she needs a little meat

  • Kaz simply amazing! Pretty!!!!!!!

    I She a big head and skinny body,
    she ‘s vantar the value of

  • selena

    i liked her very much.. but all this plastic surgery was wrong.. and her fake boobs are looking weird, she need to eat something :(

  • Lilakoi Moon

    Umm….. she’s slightly too skinny. But I actually like her ripped belly. It’s freakin’ hard to get such a belly!!! come on!

  • Kaz simply amazing! Pretty!!!!!!!

    I mean I see a big head and long

  • raena

    I must be the only one…but I think she actually has a great body! so fit but still feminine :) and I’m a girl and I’m really jealous haha

  • Kaz simply amazing! Pretty!!!!!!!

    She look alike plastic

  • Robert

    Doesn’t seem the beautiful just like pain

  • Dasha

    Brian sure has a hot body

  • Kaz simply amazing! Pretty!!!!!!!

    Not hot. just fat body huge

  • GT

    You haters are F-ing hilarious. Hating on her perfect body isn’t going to make yours any better…

    Also, boob job? really? Here’s Megan in 200F-ing4:

  • Kaz simply amazing! Pretty!!!!!!!

    Not hot,fat body huge

  • Snake

    You haters are hilarious. Hating on her perfect body isn’t going to make yours any better.

    and boob job? really? Here she is in 2004:
    Look at how flat her chest is OMG!

  • Britney Spears

    brian looks good for an old man haha

  • hmm

    Why must people ruin perfectly good bodies with gross tattoos?! Yuck…

  • http://ta Slig^_^

    Fake fake fake

  • mattchew

    Nice body. Horrible tattoos!

  • Sabrina

    Well, THAT’s what her boobs looked like 2007: saggy and flat…

  • NPP

    it looks like a natural body to me.

  • jane

    her hair is gorgeous !

  • NpI

    looks like a natural body to me

  • Give it up haterz

    You people are so ridiculously nit-picky which probably reflects some jealousy there. She looks great and so does her hubby. I imagine all of you bashers are SO fit and perfect yourselves – NOT!

  • M

    She’s scrawny. If she put on 5-10 lbs. she would probably look amazing.

  • oldfurniture

    Trashy tattoos, ugly body. I’m shocked! I actually thought her body glam shots weren’t photoshopped, God was I wrong!

  • Me

    She looks great & her body is really amazing now, without terrible abs as before!!!
    Are u crazy sayng che has a big head?????

  • Marta

    great body except boobs (awful) and tatoos (trashy.

  • Lily Meadows

    You all are pathetic…who cares what surgery she has had half of Hollywood does the exact same thing. she is beautiful and you can see how hard she has been working out on her body…nothing fake about abs or muscle mass! For all you fattys who are siff and overweight…eat salad and stop abusing people who work hard and spend money to look good!

  • jas

    Another photo op.
    She is not too skinny but her legs are too short, her boobs are fake and look weird, her head is bigger than the rest of the body coz of too much weight loss. Not hot, VS models bodies are hot, Candice Swanepoel, Miranda Kerr, Adriana Lima, Jessica Hart, Rosie Huntington, Behati Prinsloo, those are great, perfect bodies.
    She eats less than a salad, she is working out and trying hard, but the nature wasn’t as generous with her as with VS models.

  • jane

    @Kaz simply amazing! Pretty!!!!!!!: can call her anything, EXCEPT FAT!

  • Casey

    I think she looks great, thats obviously a body she’s worked very hard for, abs like that dont just happen and I think she looks good. She’s slightly too thin for my preference in a womans shape but then she’s also just a very petite woman, very slight bone structure. I really love the tattoo on her ribs in the first picture, i think thats gorgeous but the mariyln one ruins the look for me. She has such an odd mix of stunning tattoos and really quite ugly ones but thats her skin, her choice for the artwork on it. Im jealous of her muscle tone and body confidence and well done to her for not being one of those starlets that claims she never exercises and eats all the time and yet is just naturally that skinny, as without a doubt she works out hard.

  • deadpool

    God she has no curves and I cant stand those saggy tits. Look at those things I swear shes got grandmother tits. And Im definately not likeing the waistline and blonde legs. The girl is repulsive to look at, like a short cry to anorexic. Her hair line is even higher and her hairs thinning out. Yeah, I definately think this girls on a water diet and anorexic.

  • deadpool

    Okay I meant boney legs. o_O why did I write BLONDE? I swear this waking up thing kicks my ass everytime.

  • deadpool

    BTW Ive got 1000 friends on my facebook page. I talk to five of them in total. If thats how people are going to measure a fan base, yeah I can think of alot of VOICE ACTORS with bigger fanbases. Sadness.

  • Mary
  • From Paris with Love

    Of course we’re nit-picky since her whole career and fame are based on her looks! And then bam, turns out her face is fake and her body is not that perfect. She’s far from ugly obviously but there are way better bikini bods in Hollyweird.
    Her rib cage is starting to show between her fake boobs, btw there’s a highway between those 2, you could land a plane there LOL her thighs are a bit bowed and she has a long torso/short legs body type, the ink is gross.
    Megan Fox plastic surgery

  • twofools

    Those boobs are real. and the only thing she got done is botox. Unlike angelina who’s whole face is plastic.

  • Lisa2

    I think she is too thin. If she put on about 10 lbs I think she would fill out in all the right places. Right now her body is like a little boys and I agree, I don’t think she has had a boob job since they still look pretty small to me.

  • deadpool

    I disagree she needs to gain 20 lbs. and FAT. But the girl reeks of anorexia.

  • MF
  • maria

    I have learned to tolerate her; I’d say her marriage and keeping her mouth shut has helped. But her body is another story. Her abs look VERY surgically altered….the skin is TOO tight, and you can even see her belly button pulled too tight. That is NOT natural, people. It is also NOT natural to have a wide flat space between your boobs, so that looks weird too. So please let’s not go on about how “natural” she is.

  • MN

    Don’t hate people…they look good!!

  • Kaz simply amazing! Pretty!!!!!!!

    this true megan fox big head and long ,and
    dosn’t have sexy body

  • latam2012

    i might not like you megan. but you had an amazing body, please put some weight back on

  • latam2012

    just wanna add, that her body doesnt look awful, because she has an amazing shape and you cant get that with surgery because its to do with bone structure. the idea that her abs are surgically altered is ridiculous

  • Britt

    Even if she has implants, they are a decent size for her body and it fits so I don’t see what the big deal is.

    She is looking a little on the too skinny side seeing as the camera adds weight so I can only imagine what she looks like in person. Hopefully she’ll put on 5-10 lbs. Our bones need fat to be protected…

  • gawsh

    shes so pretty… but a little bit TOO thin.. i hope she eats