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Paramore Loses Two Founding Members

Paramore Loses Two Founding Members

Josh and Zac Farro, two of Paramore‘s founding members, have left the group to pursue other endeavors.

“A couple of months ago, Josh and Zac let us know they would be leaving the band after our show in Orlando last Sunday. None of us were really shocked. For the last year it hasn’t seemed as if they wanted to be around anymore. We want Josh and Zac to do something that makes them happy and if that isn’t here with us, then we support them finding happiness elsewhere,” remaining band members Hayley Williams, Jeremy Davis, and Taylor York wrote in a blog post on the band’s official site.

“But we never for a second thought about leaving any of this behind. We really hope that you can be encouraged by the fact that the three of us who are still here are ready to take on another chapter of our journey together,” the post continued.

Paramore has a tour in South America lined up for next year and confirmed that the show would go on without Josh and Zac.

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  • difi

    as long as Hayley in the band, its all good)i love her voice!!


    im realy sad but paramore will always be my favorite band ever!
    Hayley, Jeremy & Taylor thank you guys !

  • Nancy

    Hayley should just go solo, that hit she had with B.O.B confirmed that she could have a solo career. Btw in the photo, who are the 2 guys that left?

  • Louise

    Devistating..Josh and Zac were very much a part of the band.
    It must have been very hard for all concerned when Josh and Hayley split and were still involved in each others lives as part of the band. Their last album was very close to home as far as hayley’s lyrics were concerned and it was a bit of a wake up call for the rest of them as to how she felt at the time.

    It’s such a pity.

  • http://Tja Slig^_^

    How listen voice in photo? ? This just pic!

  • http://Tja Slig^_^

    Voice? ? ? ? ? ?

  • Louise

    Josh and Zac are the two either side of Hayley.

  • http://Tja Slig^_^

    Where are u kaz? ? ? ? >_<

  • LoveLeeR

    thats what money and fame brings u babes

  • Alisha

    @ Nancy-@Nancy: the second & third from the left . both of them are right behind hayley
    the guys at the ends of the photo are staying.

  • Kristen

    I think this all stems back to josh and hayley dating and then breaking up. and now that josh is married, why would he want to be around his ex-girlfriend? and zac has said before that he wouldn’t be in a band, if josh wasn’t in it. so obviously when josh wanted out (which he obviously did), zac followed. this sucks! i’ve never seen them live. and now i will never get to see the full band live!

  • Kelly

    Zac and Josh are stupid,they aren’t that talented to snub Paramore.They won’t survive without Paramore.Zac can’t sing,Josh’s voice is limited,and their other talents are limited too.They’ll only survive in the music industry if they hire a very good singer and don’t sing at all.Without a professional singer/vocalist,their new future band will flop in the first album…and they can say bye-bye to their music career,or beg on their knees to come back to Paramore.
    I wish them luck,but life isn’t fair…i hope they survive in the unfair industry music.Both are young,but very limited musically.Sad,but that’s the truth.Hayley is the band image,Jeremy is the cute band member,and Taylor is the fun guitarist.
    Still,i wish them luck…

  • Kristen

    actually, both Zac and Josh CAN sing.
    and i don’t think them leaving was really due to the fact that they wanted to be in a different band? in previous interviews zac and josh both have said they are tired of touring, and just want to be at home. plus josh got married only 9 months ago? hes a newly wed. he wants to be at home with his wife. i doubt they will join a new band/do their own thing right away

  • Kristen

    both josh and zac CAN sing.
    and i think both josh and zac have made it pretty clear in previous interviews that they both are tired of touring. Josh is a newly wed. he wants to be at home with his wife! so i doubt they will jump right back into the music industry. and even if they do, both josh and zac are talented, so they will make amazing music!

  • dani

    Hayley Williams is a legend!
    zac and josh made a huge mistake.
    paramore are original because of HAYLEY! she write most of the songs and shes the most talented, thats all!

  • IamTheMCRmy! :o

    No one cares about the guys .. if either of them left no one would really notice! xD
    It’s Hayley’s band, sadly. I bet she calls all the shots.

  • Kelly

    OK,Kristen,but if they were tired of touring,why did they join a band anyway?Everybody knows that bands are always touring…it’s not a valid excuse to leave a band.Josh simply couldn’t be at the same band with Hayley,his ex-girlfriend(and being married isn’t an excuse to leave a band too),and Zac just followed him,for being his brother…
    They made a huge mistake…but they decided to do it anyway.So,good luck for them,in the future…if they have a future in the music industry.
    Oh,i heard Zac sing one day,and he’s not bad,but he’s not good too.Hayley is the voice,the heart and the soul of the band.
    Josh was simply selfish…left the band for pride(or by his wife’s pressure,who knows),not because he’s tired of touring.Lame excuse…

  • Michelle

    Wow that’s a big loss for the band. Josh and Zac are great musicians.

  • MeMe

    Unless your in the music industry, you know zero about the music industry. And unless you can sing, you know zero about who has a good voice or not. A voice is like an instrument, the more you use it, the better you get at it. Hayley williams didn’t always have a ‘Professional’ voice, as you put it. It took experience and the constant use and practice on her voice. No one starts out with a ‘Professional’ voice. Of course there has to be some talent to be able to hold a tune, but after that, if you have the drive and passion for it, you can be as good as any of those famous singers out there.

  • s

    @dani: “Hayley Williams is a legend!” really?? I understand this is your opinion, but come on you really need to broaden your music taste if that’s what you believe. P.S.: I’m not trying to attack you – said with love. Peace.

  • hannah

    For those of you who say as long as Hayley’s in the band, it’ll be alright…that’s partially true in terms of marketing. But Josh and Zac (especially Josh) contribute a lot in the songwriting process. So stop being ignorant and saying “Who cares?” b/c they were very much contributed to the success of this band. Yes, Paramore is still a band but I’m sure their sound is going to change now that they’re gone.

  • Kristen

    when you are gone from your family/WIFE for 10 months out of the year, obviously it gets TIRING! they have been touring non-stop this year. being tired of touring is actually, in fact, a GREAT excuse. it probably doesn’t help that hayley is his ex-girlfriend, but i don’t think that’s the main problem. because if it was he would have left the band in late ’07 or ’08.

    i support their decision! i hated all the sombre looks in pictures, anyway.

  • Jokergurl

    As long as Haley’s still singing, I will listen, she’s got a great voice.

  • Oceane

    @Kelly: Josh actually wrote most of their songs. Interesting to see how long the band actually lasts. Riot was their best album. Sold out this then…

  • Wayne

    I cant believe this I still haven’t seen them live and now I never will. This sucks!!!!

  • Aliyah

    that sucks paramore wnt b the same for me :( bt they wil stil b mi fav band!

  • Rayne

    Wow…you are all so stupid…these two guys helped write a majority of Paramores music and all your can talk about is Hayley. Their musicianship makes the band just as much as Hayley’s voice. Believe it or not just because your a female vocalist and little girls around the country masturbate to your voice doesn’t mean that the entire band revolves around you. Sorry, but Hayley Williams is nothing without those two, the band will never be the same.

  • Danii


    the ones right behind haley, the twins.