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Alexander Skarsgard: New Hickey Freeman Ad!

Alexander Skarsgard: New Hickey Freeman Ad!

Alexander Skarsgard looks dapper in a tux in this new ad for Hickey Freeman inside the pages of the Wall Street Journal Magazine’s December 2010 issue.

The 34-year-old True Blood actor has been the face of Hickey Freeman since July.

Although Alex hasn’t been photographed with girlfriend Kate Bosworth in a bit, Kate‘s BFF & Baby co-star, Krysten Ritter, dished that she thinks that they’re a great pair and are still going strong.

“They are going to have such beautiful babies that it makes me sick!” Krysten joked with E! News. “They are lovely.”

Bigger pic inside…

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  • Ricardo Delfino
  • blair

    He’s gorgeous…sigh.

  • Cute

    I love these Annie Liebovitz photos of Alex. He looks great in all of them.

  • TessaT

    So beautiful! Love him in more sophisticated looks. (Yea! got here before the crazies!!!)

  • http://Tj Slig^_^

    Old man 1950. Befor polic

  • Emily

    You just couldn’t get through a Skarsgard article without mentioning Kate Bosworth. Classy as always Jared.

    However, this photo is gorgeous, the man knows how to wear a suit :)

  • Perky

    He’s dead to me. I can’t even look at him anymore.

  • Annie

    He looks good in bright lighting like this – the glare blurs out his eyebags and piggy potato nose.

  • NONO!!!

    Nice pic, Good Looking man!!

  • stop with KB JJ

    JJ can you please do not mention the GF famewhore in this post. It is about alex he looks great in the pic and I am glad there are no sightings of these two together. and what Krysten Ritter said about these two going stronge and having cute babys. she was told to say that !!!!!!!!!! they have a film to promote BFF& “BABY”

  • don’t like trash

    Kate Bosworth is a famewh0re
    Kate Bosworth CANT act, She’s a real d-bag
    Kate Bosworth has a beard
    Kate Bosworth likes to play the pap game
    .Kate Bosworth IS “special”
    Kate Bosworth is a barely functional Cokewhore
    Kate Bosworth waxes her beard
    Kate Bosworth has dialated eyes.
    Kate Bosworth has coke dusted nose
    Kate Bosworth is a ho-bag
    Kate Bosworth is balding
    Kate Bosworth has a HUGE forehead
    Kate Bosworth has chicklet teeth
    Alexander Skarsgard is a famewh0re
    Alexander Skarsgard doesn’t act, he’s a real d-bag
    Alexander Skarsgard has a cheap beard
    Alexander Skarsgard likes to play rapist
    .Alexander Skarsgard somethimes looks “special”
    .Alexander Skarsgard is a functional alcoholic
    .Alexander Skarsgard treats his beard bad
    Alexander Skarsgard has close-set eyes.
    Alexander Skarsgard has a gross bulbous nose
    Alexander Skarsgard is a hunchback
    Alexander Skarsgard is balding
    Alexander Skarsgard has a small head
    Alexander Skarsgard fixed his teeth
    Alexander Skarsgard is Hollywood-ish
    Alexander Skarsgard is dumb, his brother Gustaf has all the brains and craft (and honesty)

  • NONO!!!

    Dang, someone left the gate open , and now all the crazies are coming in.LOL

  • jj KEEP UP

    excuse me jj but what was so wronge in posting the bosworthless GYN visit for her supposed BABY RUMORS on 14th december X17 also you failed to post some new pics of alex in west hollywood having lunch with pals and not the bosworthless on the same day 14th december

    and there are also some new but old pics (same website) of alex at new orleans airport october 22nd looking pretty angry in the pic. you also failed to post them jj come on KEEP UP OR MONEY MUST BE DRYING UP FROM THESE TWO TWATS

  • IamTheMCRmy! :o

    Why the hell do you always have to mention Kate Boswh0re?
    I really despise Alex now, he must be blind, stupid or a fame wh0re just like Kate.
    They belong together.

  • tinkerbell

    DIE! DIE! DIE!

  • Crystal ball says

    haha, the babies:
    Average height, too thin, light brown hair, green or hazel eyes and HUGE FOREHEADS.
    Now, the important stuff:
    - dumb
    - narcissistic and shallow
    - high risk of alcoholism and drug addiction
    - they’re gonna be “actors” or “models”!
    - they’re gonna be spoiled brats.

  • @13


  • Askars rocks

    Wow, he looks great in this picture!

  • Abby

    Alex is worthy of a post without mentioning her. He’s not mentioned in her posts, so leave her out of his. His talent and career should not depend on her publicity. It’s time to cut the umbilical cord and let them both flail about HW on their own. I wish their shared PR firm would get this memo already. It’s not working in his favor at all and just makes her look desperate.


    @@13: Just go to x17 and you’ll find the video of her very private visit to the doc… oh dear, the newest pap/X17 hang-out place in LA – at least we’re supposed to believe this BS…

  • Crazy

    @Perky: Yet you looked at him and posted about him!

  • Stella9

    I wish someone would ban Slig. This person is obviously just here to spam.

  • Sandra

    @Crystal ball says:
    Ummm….average height is a good thing, not too tall and not too short.

  • Sandra

    @don’t like trash:
    Wow, you’re pathetic. I mean really sad and pathetic. Or you must be very, very young.

  • Tanter

    He looks great – especially when he dresses up. He ought to do that more often :D

  • Miranda K

    Why do you have to mention Bosworth in this story….This has nothing to do with her- it’s about Alex’s ad campaign- her career is over- her latest movie was pulled from the theaters after only 2 weeks- that has to be a record! She’s not worth mentioning, and needs to go back to being a “champion equestrian blueblood” in Massachusets where she belongs!

  • Ella

    Alex looks great as always.

  • Gaby

    @JJ keep up: You sure know a lot about two people you hate.
    Get a life.

  • BB

    Wow… Alex, you look great:!

  • Isa

    Wonderful pics. Thanks Jared.

  • STFU

    @don’t like trash:

    You are mentally ill. Get some help

  • Gorgeous

    What’s wrong with you people?! He’s lovely and she’s lovely. I, wholeheartedly, agree with KR!

  • Mia

    @dont like trash: Please take your medicine.

  • Endre

    Alexander looks so yummy. I am just ignoring the bla bla bla about KB in this post.

  • Monday

    O my days whackos are in full force today… Love ASkars and he looks HOT in these pictures!

  • Mona

    Alex looks HOT, I love these ads…

  • Tibby

    @Don`t like trash, poor baby, you should see a shrink. I feel really sorry for you.

  • Baby

    @don’t like trash:

    Are you on drugs? I hope you never leave your house. The world is a safer place if you stay at home.

  • Whitney

    Love this man! Screw the haters!!!

  • Petra

    God Alex looks good!

    Let me wake up to him under my tree Xmas morning, and I would be a happy, happy girl!!!!

  • Eva


    Amen, sister. Screw the haters. Alex rocks.

  • 20/12


    Even for this site ur comment is sick… Lets hope your mental hospital kepps you locked in tight over the holidays!

  • Christina

    Alex looks so “old school Hollywood” in that pic. WOW! God, I love that man!

  • Emma

    I still love you, Alex!

  • bibi

    @Crystal ball says:

    Alex is beautiful and talented. How about you?

  • I have my eyes close set to U

    PF: Swedish James Bond… haha. Deluded fangurls.

  • Maria

    @IamTheMCRmy! :o:

    You despise Alex, yet you posted about him. You must have a lot of spare time.

  • Tina

    @I have my eyes close set to U:
    I am a deluded fangirl and I am proud of it. What is your excuse?

  • limit

    mediocre brand for a mediocre euro only good for TV fivehead

  • jj KEEP UP


    carn’t you read I never said I hated them in my post!! I just called Kate and Alex TWATS!!! hate is a very stronge word that I would never use against two people who I do not know. go and look up the words TWAT AND HATE.