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Johnny Depp: A Dolphin's Life For Me

Johnny Depp: A Dolphin's Life For Me

Johnny Depp takes his wife Vanessa Paradis and children Lily Rose and Jack to the Miami Dolphins game at the Sun Life Stadium in Miami, Florida on Sunday (December 19).

Despite watching the Dolphins fall to the Buffalo Bills 17-14, it looked like the 47-year-old Pirates of the Caribbean actor had a good time with his family.

Just before the game, Johnny was also spotted on his hotel balcony stretching out and enjoying the view.

FYI: Johnny is wearing The Levi’s Vintage Clothing 1930′s Menlo Leather Jacket in Dry Farmed.

10+ pictures inside of Johnny Depp and his family rooting for the Dolphins…

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Credit: Mavrix; Photos: INFdaily, Bauergriffinonline
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  • blair

    He definitely has a look.

  • hahaaa

    after TOURIST he started going out :) its so good, he wasnot doing it until tourist, im happy to see him with his beautiful family. and btw Vanessa is not his wife ;)

  • @meji

    To all those people who say he’s not a famewhore like all the rest – what about this then? Spotted on his hotel balcony stretching and showing off his arm tattoos. It seems like PR more or less have everyone doing this kind of thing nowadays.

  • meji

    Sorry, the @ was a mistake.

  • Slig^_^

    This guy does not like his actions as if drunk and seen a lot of people and smiling and he likes to flirt with people

  • nan

    Copying Brad’s support of NO Saints. Pathetic.

  • aww

    I think he’s the only person in the world who could tie a jacket or shirt around his waist and still look sexy.

  • Butter_Fly

    I just DO NOT like his hair at this length. Please get a haircut.

  • Sara

    I like Johnny Depp! he looks like a pirate of the Caribbean in these pics.

  • Kaz simply amazing! Pretty!!!!!!!

    He just like maxican .
    there is no hate or love.

  • ivanka

    forever in love with depp

  • kaz simply amazing Pretty!!!!!
  • The middle years

    He’s finally starting to get that ‘middle age spread.’ Never thought I’d see the day where he actually began to show some genuine signs of aging – but he does in these photos. His youthful looks did last an awfully long time though. He’s always been amazing.

  • sharylmj

    I’m glad he’s comfortable enough to go OUT somewhere with his family… this is very rare!! they usually stay secluded in their french property. His kids are cute..

  • yummy

    Johnny is the man !!! Awesome humble,respectful person with amazing family !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • yummy

    Johnny is the man.. Awesome,respectful, father,lover and great actor. All the best ,Johnny !

  • Kim

    First of all.. the pics on the balcony are taken w/ a very high powered lens.. which means they were not close by and he wouldn’t know whether he was being photographed or not.. I can’t believe you say because he is out on a balcony in his hotel room, obviously an upper floor, that he is a fame whore!! He tries to keep away from the paparazzi at all costs but he is followed everywhere.
    Guess according to the fame whore writer, Johnny should not do anything out in public.. or in private because there will be a photo taken of him.. because he “likes” it?
    He doesn’t “flirt” with people he is just very kind to his fans.
    He is one of the few that will always acknowledge his fans no matter what. He is always kind.. always gracious..
    He should be able to attend a football game or stand on his hotel balcony without having camera’s everywhere.. Put yourself in his shoes..

  • boston61

    He is very impressed with himself. He got lucky in the acting business. What a JERK.

  • me

    I’m happy to see him having fun with his love and kids…they need a normal life from time to time…go to the teen concert, to football game, to disneyland with their Father…

  • Yes

    When your as famous as him there is not way to be a fame whore you moron. Also when you have a film out you tend to be photographed more then usual. Also he is in America so naturally the American media, gossip mags and paps are hounds and beasts where as in when he is in Europe not so much there is more respect and they keep their distance also children are not typically photographed or their faces are block which goes to show that in Europe there isnt a hunger for celeb children and therefore a more normal view of celebrity as a whole instead of here in the states where there are blogs entirely dedicated to their children. Also he is on set or at home which are more isolated and less accessible by photogs, what is he not allowed to explore and travel and go out at all

  • Yes

    There is great irony in people who go on a celeb site and say that one of the biggest movie stars working and great actor to boot is a fame whore. If every celeb stayed home then there would literally be no celeb gossip site your Fu*cking Morons. Maybe you should spend less time on blogs and more time finding some sense because you have none.

  • OhMyGawh

    Depp goes out. Because of “The Tourist” the paps are following him again. Soon they’ll lose interest like they have before.

  • So Swedish


    The paps are following him because he is in America. Usually he keeps a very low profile on his farm in France.
    So a mr Depp in the US = very rare.


    Johnny Depp is talented beyond belief. A true artist. You don´t see actors of his dignity very often.
    All my respect to you Johnny!

  • GossipGirl!!

    Most amazin well rounded true ACTOR out there annddd JOHNNY DEPP AND VANESSA PARADIS are not MARRIED they are not husband and wife FYI justjared =)

  • http://twitter annie

    oh nan ur pathetic. love johnny still the coolest over all these i cannot act for beans kiddies.

  • anon

    Looking good Johnny. I love his vintage style.

  • sheila

    I agree with you #13!
    but he’s still hot and beautiful! I love his style!
    he’s getting thinner day by day…good Johnny! I can’t see him like a fat puffy old man! he’s the most beautiful again!

  • juniper

    Johnny is looking better, he has lost a few pounds and his face is looking more angular and handsome (like it usual does) and less bloated. I have a feeling he was told to put on weight for the Tourist so he would look big compared to Angelina whose facial features and bone structure looks large on screen. I also have this theory that the reason Angie stays so thin is that if she puts on a few pounds she will appear too large/big boned for Brad in photos.

  • pegg

    Love him.

  • BB

    I don’t think he and Vanessa are married. Anyway, Johnny Depp is an A-list movie star. Whether people likes him or not….he’s been in the industry for many years and will continue to be in the industry until he decides to leave….so give him the credit that he deserves. Besides…no one else can play the part and be the drunken Captain Jack Sparrow the way Johnny does it.

  • andrea

    No they are not OFFICIALLY married, but they have been together/lived together long enough that they can be considered married. i.e. common law marriage ;)

  • Nawh

    @So Swedish:

    Depp has gone out before in L.A. Sometimes it’s not reported. He spends his time between L.A. and France. Has a flat in Downtown L.A. Frequents a bar relatively close when in town. I won’t name it as I wouldn’t want people to start hanging out there.

    When necessary, he is able to keep certain outings private. For example, he has managed to go to Disneyland without being followed. I know this first hand as I know a few people who work at the theme park. One actually assisted him at his hotel. No this wasn’t around any Pirates premiere.

  • Nawh

    One has to go through a ceremony to be married. Yes, Depp and Paradis have been a couple for roughly 13 years, but they have yet to commit to each other legally. Which is fine. Not everyone should marry. It’s not for everyone. However, to say a couple is practically married just because they live under the same roof for more than a few years, kinda cheapens the institution of matrimony. There is no practically married. Either the couple is or isn’t. Besides common-law marriages aren’t recognized in Europe, just the states and Canada. But like I said, different strokes for different folks. Now the world don’t move to the beat of just one drum.

  • alix

    if he drink bear he doesn’t lose weight! he’s a little puffy again in his facem not so angulare as he ususally is!!! please Johnny stop to drink! I think he has a face like someone who drink to much!!!

  • claudia

    @me: Exactly, so he’s like every other star who has a movie to promote OR is storing good points for something bad that’s about the be exposed (remember the girl who said he was coming on to her?).
    Johnny’s look says it all to. How better to add points than to remind everyone of the one character that finally made you a superstar, the one the fans identify with? He knows what he’s doing and he’s not above anyone else.

  • claudia

    @me: Exactly, so he’s like every other star who has a movie to promote OR is storing good points for something bad that’s about the be exposed (remember the girl who said he was coming on to her?).
    Johnny’s look says it all to. How better to add points than to remind everyone of the one character that finally made you a superstar, the one the fans identify with? He knows what he’s doing and he’s not above anyone else.

  • Kitty

    They don”t really stay secluded in their French property. That’s what they say to deceive the press. They’re actually very skillfull at going to places the way regular people do. JD invests a lot of money on going unseen. And I think he does very well in using his money for that purpose, living life away from the flashes.

  • lovely

    oh come on people dont be so strict is the same what the trouble if they arent married? first people says “hates” vanessa but critic they arent married so what’s up world? :/
    happy bday vanessa ! love u so much
    they was looking happy yesterday :D

  • lovely

    @The middle years: hmm not so hard i dont see the hard ages on him still think he is 47, which man have 47 and looks like johnny? anyone just him looks so hot with 47 years old

  • love him

    @lovely: i think the same and they couldnt get married yes i mean looks bad because she was pregnant of lily 3 months after they was dating and was very soon to get married in 3 months and after the pregnancy had been worst for me and if you look good since they are dating johnny gives her a ring like compromise not marriage by the way very nice ring :D love this couple, and sure paps will be take photos because his in usa not for the shit of the tourist

  • yessica

    What the f**k hapen with you idiot?..Kaz Simply are that moron Kim..and bla bla,I can’t remember her name..don’t you,why you change your name ?..sorry for you but Johnny Depp never gonna be like that man..truth!!no matter his age , bad clothes ,his scruffy look or messy hair…Johnny always gonna be THE SEXIEST MAN ALIVE EVER!! FACE IT DUMB!! I hope you understand…Kaz..or Kim?.And @OhMy G 22, Johnny doesn’t interst in paparazzies..everybody knows that,but he can go to everywhere ..he has right

  • yessica

    Ah..and@12 Kaz simlpy Amazing dumb…you are a brad ‘s fan,don’t you? well the next time I will put a video of an ALBINO MONKEY FACE representing to BRAD PITT!! ha,,ha.

  • yessica

    Oh..@Nan..coping Brad my ass!..,who wants to copy a lap dog!!

  • brenda

    this is for @the middle years..if you see his photos and click in zoom will see that Johnny still has his youtful looks,his skin looks young and gorgeous like always

  • skank

    only one years ago I saw the msot beautiful boy of the planet with a incredibly angular face and cheekbones…than…suddenly a middel age man with bloated face!
    I can’t understand this!!!
    are definitely finished his hotties days?

  • brenda

    skank…this answer is to you..NO!!..his hotties days are not way!..if you give to this man a good hair cut and good have the hottest guy ever..Johnny depp!belive me God bless him

  • christina_nc

    Vanessa Paradis is starring in director’s Jean-Marc Vallée’s latest project Café de Flore. Check out the blog for the new movie at !

  • sennie
  • canlı tv

    yes you right