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Katie Holmes & Tom Cruise: Night out with Suri!

Katie Holmes & Tom Cruise: Night out with Suri!

Katie Holmes and husband Tom Cruise take out their daughter Suri for dinner in New York City on Sunday (December 19).

Tom, 48 and Katie, 32, enjoyed a beautiful Italian dinner at Il Cantinori with their 4-year-old daughter. On Saturday night, the power couple stopped by Jean George’s ABC Kitchen in the Flatiron District for some delicious fine eats. Dining in the Big Apple at its finest!

20+ pictures inside of Katie Holmes, Tom Cruise and Suri Cruise enjoying a night out…

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katie holmes tom cruise suri night out 01
katie holmes tom cruise suri night out 02
katie holmes tom cruise suri night out 03
katie holmes tom cruise suri night out 04
katie holmes tom cruise suri night out 05
katie holmes tom cruise suri night out 06
katie holmes tom cruise suri night out 07
katie holmes tom cruise suri night out 08
katie holmes tom cruise suri night out 09
katie holmes tom cruise suri night out 10
katie holmes tom cruise suri night out 11
katie holmes tom cruise suri night out 12
katie holmes tom cruise suri night out 13
katie holmes tom cruise suri night out 14
katie holmes tom cruise suri night out 15
katie holmes tom cruise suri night out 16
katie holmes tom cruise suri night out 17
katie holmes tom cruise suri night out 18
katie holmes tom cruise suri night out 19
katie holmes tom cruise suri night out 20
katie holmes tom cruise suri night out 21
katie holmes tom cruise suri night out 22
katie holmes tom cruise suri night out 23

Photos: WENN, Fame Pictures/FlyetOnline
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  • Thai

    Poor Suri! She has no life, she never will.

  • Kate

    This FAKE couple again???

  • http://Tj Slig^_^

    Katie always here i have fed up of them

  • julie

    crazy crazy parents….

  • vool

    Is Katie ok? Why does she look sad always?

  • Iffy Miffy

    Katie looks horrible and medicated. Suri is yet again, not dressed properly and of course, being carried. And WTF are they thinking, taking a 4yo to a restaurant late at night?! She should have been in bed! Social service would have been involved a long time ago if this were any ordinary couple.

  • camillus

    Why does that child never walk she’s practically a teen and they still carry her everywhere.

  • camillus

    Why or why does this child not walk, she’s what 5 and they always carry here.

  • isHotr

    @camillus: well there are a lot of paparazzi around, so I think her walking and possibly running around wouldn’t be very safe for her.

  • isHotr

    @Iffy Miffy: and It might not be that late at night. It’s winter, so it’s probably like 7, or 8pm. justsaying.

  • Lavito

    Suri, what a big baby girl, needs to be carried and wearing pull-up diapers, bet there is a bottle hidden close by, her parents are shameful. Katie as usual looks like shit and daddy boy Tom is in control.

  • personality

    I definitely dont like to see Suri like this. Let her live in peace!! She’s just 4 years old!

  • Marie

    Bad parents ! Loving parents don’t sell their little kid to the paparazzi ! I mean, there are a lot of kids in hollywood, but gosh, Suri is the most exploited ! Tom & Katie are losers, they are destroying the only precious thing they have in there life, Suri, to get the attention …
    Plus, loving parents dress their kid properly ! Everybody around is wearing warm jackets and hats. Every body except little Suri ! Her legs must be freezing ! She doesn’t have marks, it’s unsane !
    She’d be better off them ! Let the Nannies take care of her, stupid parents !

    Poor little girl, she has a sad life, I feel sorry for her …

  • Iffy Miffy

    @isHotr: I agree but 8pm is still too late for a 4yo to be out. She should be at home, bath time, then story time etc. It isn’t just that she’s out but the combination of everything – I mean look, not even socks?! Poor baby.

  • Michele

    POWER COUPLE????? What power does Katie Holmes have?

  • carried LIKE SHILOH & Ze!

    @Iffy Miffy:

    Idiot, flash back on on a Jolie Pitt recent outing to a park with the girls and LOOK WHO IS BEING CARRIED. SHiloh age 4, Zahara Age 5.

    Are you people for REAL???????? Or do you get $$$$ from them? This makes NO frigging sense… She’s 4 just like Shiloh. NOW tell me the difference!!! NYC maybe a mob? Paps? ya think???? Unreal, these idiots are unreal! Everyone cant BUT the Pitts? Are you all that ill? Yes, you must be. Cause it makes NO sense! One little kid CAN get carried. Suri in the streets of NY cannot?
    Newsflash, Shi and Z are always carried when they want to be, and mostly NOT on a NY street like this child was. Unreal, just UNREAL!

  • Whatever

    So sick of these 2 idiots and their baby must we see this so called loving family….Put that kid down and let her walk like the rest of the movie stars out there…They let their kids walk and the paps don’t get too close. Tommy your security would not let them get to close to your little baby…so grow up and do the baby a favor let her walk. Oh wait she is 4 not a baby LMAO.

  • Sara

    Katie looks so exhausted all the time, what is she doing to be that tired?

  • Butter_Fly

    I don’t recall EVER seeing this kid with a coat on.

  • JO

    fix your hair girl

  • Taylor

    Take this poor girl home and out of the limelight you idiots.

  • Jenna

    Take this poor girl out of the limelight….idiots.

  • sunny

    Yeah a coat for Suri!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Slurpy herpe Cruisazy

    She is being her snarky little brat self as usual.

  • Susie#1

    There is something seriously wrong with this family. This “couple” never look fully engaged or interested in each other. When they touch, he’s clutching her hand. Katie really does look medicatedand depressed, and Tom, just plain bad. Suri is never dressed appropriately for the weather and is not groomed. Parents don’t take their kids out in public in pajamas, no matter how cute the “jammies” are; they teach their kids to eat with utensils not their hands, and a four year-old can master kiddie forks and knives; they teach their kids appropriate behavior, such as keeping your shoes/boots on in a restaurant. From what’s been published Suri eats dessert, but not nutritional meals. If this is what empowering Scientologist kids is all about – they can do what they want, no rules are in place – any smart parent would take their child and run!

  • missy

    Were you in the restaraunt with them Susie? How do you know the things you are saying? Yes I know you’re probably referring to a comment that was left on a previous thread, but when you use the word “published” it sounds like you’re referring to an official report, not an anonymous comment on the internet.

  • karmaback

    @carried LIKE SHILOH & Ze!:

    I am a big JP fan.. please don’t assume the people posting this crap are JP fans. These fools say the same thing on a JP thread when they are carrying their kids. I just saw a thread on Hugh Jackman and Halle Berry out with their kids.. YES being photographed. And no one is screaming photo op or calling them bad parents. How many times have we seen Hugh out with his kids. playing and going here or there.. but the comments are oh what a great dad he is because he is out with his kids. but when ‘certain celebs are out with their children the hypocrites come running to scream photo op.

    I think it is beyond wrong to to say nasty things about children. I find nothing wrong with parents carrying their children. there will come a time when they can’t and you should enjoy it for as long as possible. How sad it must be to have parents that when a child wants to be picked up that parents says.. NO YOU ARE TOO BIG.

    Seriously.. I am not a fan of Tom/Katie but man some of the comments here are scary.

    but for you to bring up the JPs like their fans are trashing Suri.. I call FOUL and NO not happening..

  • Dexter

    poor katie

  • LALA

    Just like Jen said about Joey on Dawson’s Creek (I think ep 602)…”this is a very UNhappy birthday”.
    Poor Joey…I mean Katie or Kate or whatever….

  • belle

    I don’t see anything wrong in carrying the kid when there are so many paps around. I don’t know why people keep on commenting about it.

    But the way the kid is dressed is wrong, its cold and she has bare legs. Bundle her up make her warm , a blanket is not enough.

  • casper

    their brat is def suffering from some form of Autism. Autism spectrum
    more likely.

    not only is she a brat….a kid that is almost in 1st grade is still being carried and with a blankie,,,,and possibly a diaper?

    Don’t blame the pappaz,. That’s hilarious! “Hollywood people” are in the limelight- it’s part of the lifestyle they chose.

    Katie, on the other hand…… I won’t waste it typing here LOL

  • does anyone know?

    Does anyone here know what kind of restaurants the Cruises took their sleeping child to, with a blanket? Are they upscale? It is wrong to bring a kid into a nice eatery with the blankie like that. They have no regard for other people, these Cruises.

  • @does anyone know

    @does anyone know?:

    X17 said it was Il Cantinori on I think 32nd street in NYC. I believe their apt. is near there isn’t it???

    Although it isn’t a super elegant restaurant, I’m not sure I’d take a young child there in the late evening or night.

  • it’s Robo-Bride

    Wow, such obvious photo ops over the last few days. You know their NYC apt or the building must have a gym, yet they have to go out to a spin class? Give me a friggin’ break! Neither Tom nor Katie looks happy. Remember all those pictures in the past where the two of them were flashing such toothy smiles and grins and laughing etc? Now they both look glum. And Katie looks likes she is on drugs or heavily medicated.

    What is with Tom’s shoes? They look too big. Guess this is what happens when you put 2″ lifts in them. Katie actually doesn’t look too bad.

    Looked at the pics on x17 and there is a really funny one of Suri walking into the restaurant and Tom trailing behind her carrying both blankets and the stuffed animal! You can see who rules that household…a four year old.

  • Susie#1

    @missy #26: You’re right; I shouldn’t have used the word “published,” but rather the “others have observed Suri eating with her hands…” and then again we’ve seen pictures of her sitting on counters in shops, and her hair falling over ice cream tubs. She has no manners, and apparently she has no boundaries.

  • Susie#1

    @it’s Robo-Bride #35
    I looked at the x17 pictures, and there are some really cute ones of Suri sticking out her tongue. What a mess it all is.

  • Susie#1

    @it’s Robo-Bride #35
    I looked at the x17 pictures, and there are some really cute ones of Suri sticking out her tongue. What a mess it all is.

  • Susie#1

    @it’s Robo-Bride: The pictures on x17 also show Suri sticking out her tongue: one of her more pleasant faces.

  • Eresyn

    I don’t feel sorry For Katie Holmes. I don’t see Tom pointing her with a gun, so nobody’s making her stay with that crazy man…If she’s unhappy, she should divorce him, but i guess she likes to be famous, happy or not…and regarding Suri, i think she’s the one ruling that house LOL

  • Disco Woman

    WOW!!! Not just 1 blanket but 2 huge blankets and a stuffed animal….WHY?????

    Look at these two! Do they not own a dang comb or brush!?

  • tacky,trashy couple

    Eiww, I just looked at the x17 pics and the hillbillies schlepped in a stuffed animal and two blankets along with their swaddled, grimacing, unkempt child to this nice, expensive restaurant. Then, all longfaced and miserable, they dragged their comatose kid to the ABC Restaurant to eat more! Tom isn’t dressed properly to go out to dinner-tight, faded jeans, ratty old leather bomber jacket, dirty construction boots, and Katie couldn’t bother to brush her frizzed out ratty hair. Who the hell would want to sit next to these people?

  • hella brat

    OMG! Look at this brat. No car seat either

  • tacky,trashy couple

    While you’re at it, see pic #47 on X17-Katie’s cr*tch is wet. This had nothing to do with Mr. Super-grin.

  • Mickey222

    You guys make my day with all these hilarious comments!!!!!!!!!!

  • anna

    Katie looks like a victim of Stockholm Syndrome. This whole relationsham is too sad. Katie hasn’t looked decent since she hooked up with Cruise. Sunken eyes, dark circles, rarely smiling. Def not the pretty, happy girl she used to be. Why doesn’t she get away from Cruise. Is she that brainwashed or is it all about having access to unlimited money. If that’s it, she’s one stupid woman.

  • LALA

    Most of us will get comments from Star Fox telling us to grow up, mind our own business, we’re idiots…he doesn’t get that this is an ENTERTAINMENT blog and part of our entertainment is reading everyone’s comments and opinions.
    …um, and it’s been bothering me all day that I referenced a specific DC episode. I’m a DC fan, not fanatic, but I just remember that episode because Joey and Dawson, um, you know, in the first episode of that season (I can also tell you when Joey and Pacey went on THAT senior trip….oyyy…maybe I DO need some help, but loved those Wednesday nights. Forgive me.)

  • slambang

    @ #16 – I think you need to step away from the computer for awhile. Go outside or take a nap or something, jeez…

  • annie

    I think it must be crazy not to mention awful, having 100 paps with their camera lights flashing at you, you can actually see them on Katie.
    But there also is a pic , where out of the paps sight , Suri is walking on her own into the resturant.
    I can’t imagine any parent not carrying their child with such madness going on around them. The other day at the park in Vancouver, Suri wasn’t carried, she was walking around, although I think she spotted the pap , but didn’t look too concerned.
    I don’t paticularly like some of the nasty comments myself , because when Suri is at the park , with no paps actually invading her space, she is the most delightful little girl, with the prettiest smile.
    Do you know what Katies downfall is……for someone in the public eye she doesn’t know or doesn’t want, and that is to pretend or play the game so to speak, and it’s only since Suris dislike of the paps that she no longer smiles when the paps are in her presence.
    But I do agree about the clothes. Nothing wrong with Suri wearing what she wants to wear, just fill her closet
    with season appropriate clothes and let her go for it. This should have been done ages ago,not now that she’s pushing 5. Although I do wonder myself how long those blankets are going to be around for.
    But at the same time, I can understand why her parents drag the blanket along with them.
    When Katie was on Broadway and she used to take Suri to the park, I saw a little video f them once. It was cold, and Suri took off her jacket, Katie tried to put it on her a couple of times, but Suri didn’t want it, and wouldn’t put her arm in the sleeve.
    I know everyone thinks shock horror , being winter and all , but i think there are a few kids around like Suri , and there’s nothing wrong with them either.

  • didi

    katie…..Defining Quote
    “I’ve found the man of my dreams..yep we see it.

  • JP Club


    I like your posting. But your so wrong. These same “JP Fans” have called Suri mentally changeled, and worse, much worse. What say you about that? Carrying her is another thing they hate. But Zahara and Shiloh ALWAYS get carried, I think it’s because of all the paparazzi. Whatever, when these same people see Suri carried, they go nuts. Is this normal? While the big GREEN light to carry Shi & Ze is okey dokey? Come on, we all know they are nuts, but now we see truly crazed with “love” for this family, and you know something, It’s just NOT normal. I like this family, like I would like ANY other celeb family. They go way beyond that, way beyond! As everyone on every other board knows, they call it the crazed JP fan’s. (and worse terms). And they are right. It goes way beyond anything normal!!