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Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes: Plaza Hotel Visit!

Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes: Plaza Hotel Visit!

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes wear dark sunglasses as they step out of their apartment on Monday (December 20) in New York City.

The 48-year-old actor carried daughter Suri, 4, from their building as they headed to the Plaza Hotel together.

Last night, the family went out to dinner at downtown Italian eatery Il Cantinori.

FYI: Katie is wearing a Proenza Schouler jacket and Alaia booties.

10+ pictures inside of Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes, and Suri leaving their place in Manhattan…

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tom cruise katie holmes suri apartment 01
tom cruise katie holmes suri apartment 02
tom cruise katie holmes suri apartment 03
tom cruise katie holmes suri apartment 04
tom cruise katie holmes suri apartment 05
tom cruise katie holmes suri apartment 06
tom cruise katie holmes suri apartment 07
tom cruise katie holmes suri apartment 08
tom cruise katie holmes suri apartment 09
tom cruise katie holmes suri apartment 10

Photos: Flynetonline
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  • DW

    what is this website’s obsession with this weird couple? kinda’ disturbing if you ask me.

  • camillus

    Why the F can’t that child walk?

  • mika_says_hi


  • Whatever

    This is getting really boring you know Just Jared…..

  • M

    Katie is 32 going on 52. When I was her age, I still looked like a young girl; she looks middle-aged already. I guess living with middle-aged, control freak Tom caused her to start aging badly.

  • missy

    I wonder if they took Suri to the Eloise suite? That would be fun for a little girly-girl.

  • dana

    Ugly outfit as usual…..did someone tell her she doesn’t need makeup?

    And THAT HAIR!! If she’s not going to brush it and keep it clean, cut it off again….weirdo!!!

  • It’s Robo-Bride

    Ohmigod does Katie look dreadful or what?

    She has dirty, messy hair. Her face suddenly looks botoxed to the max. She is wearing a tailored jacket and classic blouse with harem pants that look as tho they were purchased at Wal-Mart. She claims to love fabric, but didn’t anyone ever tell her that the blend her pants are made up of comes off looking cheap? Shoes are dirty. Pants hit her above ankle and look stupid with the shoes. Plus those sun glasses don’t fit her face. Horrible color of pants. Where is her ugly brown bag? That is all that would be needed to complete this wanna be fashionista’s trailer trash look.

    Please get a stylist Katie. You are a fashion laughingstock.

  • vinha

    Probably she’s scared of the flashes! That’s why she’s not walking!

  • LALA

    Katie has a smile. That must have cost Tom a cool million in large bills!!…or he’s given her a timeline for getting out…either way it’s a win for Katie, and it’s all about her anyway, right? …Suri WHO?

  • mary

    camillus @ 12/20/2010 at 5:55 pm

    i had a conversation with a member of Scientology last night. i asked her why Tom and Katie are always carrying Suri instead of letting her walk. this woman told me that Scientology encourages parents to carry their small children when ever the child feels the need up to the age of six. as i said, this is what this woman who is in Scientology told me. i have to admit it’s very strange.

  • Ricardo Delfino
  • sammie

    why is it strange to carry your child when people are coming up to you ,and camers are always in your face .

  • answer for sammie

    Because it’s strange to put your child into such a scary situation to begin with, so bad that you have to carry her!

  • Star Fox

    These threads are popular, #1. That’s why they’re posted. Don’t like them? Quit making them hits!

    She can, #2. Why do you care?

    You’re stupid enough to believe that, #11.

  • uhoh

    StarFox has resorted to insults and name calling again.

  • mika_says_hi

    @answer for sammie: every other celebrity with children does the same!! you uneducated dickface!!!!!

  • Kayla

    These two are so sick – they are so desperate for a photo op that they are constantly subjecting that kid to the fanfare when they obviously know how to get around the back way. Or better yet, let the poor thing stay home with a nanny. But no – drag her out the front door so that they are photographed together. Fooling no one. These two are psychos.

  • loony alert!

    Every other celebrity does not do the same, and even if they did, two wrongs don’t make a right. “Uneducated dickface”, oh my, LOL, someone is feeling cranky and cuckoo. Starfox.

  • loony alert!

    My comment referred to the venomous #17, aka STARFOX!

  • laverdadduele

    I think these two are headed for a divorce. She looks miserable and disheveled. No more lovey-dovey between them. Sad, I really liked them as a couple.

  • lovely couple

    awww what a gorgeous couple. very normal couple. their marriage is strong.

  • casper

    star fox…your such an idiot.

    the one and only reason people come to view photos of these weirdo because they are curious, not necessarily bec they are interested or even like them. lOL…Totally the opposite.

    Only an idiot thinks these threads are popular because people like the Cruises.

    Only You, mr. Star Fox and other weirdos LOL

    Face reality!

  • coondog

    What is she wearing? Clown pants and crazy pointy shoes?

    She should be named the worst and weirdest Hollywood fashion taste

  • It’s Robo-Bride

    @star fox

    Carrying over from the last thread–KH has either a) been dieting heavily or b) exercising in some way that she hasn’t in the past or c) had lipo on her legs.

    Deny it all you want, but you know nothing about plastic surgery, lipo or exercise.

    click on Katie Holmes and go to around page 5 and look at her legs — they are thick and massive. And then look at the thread before this where she is in exercise capris. The woman has lost inches and I do mean inches around her thighs and massive calves. Her legs look “Hollywood” normal almost.

    So don’t sit there behind your computer and tell us “girls” on this thread that this woman is au natural. We know better. There is nothing more savvy about another woman than another woman. Katie Holmes and her legs are different than they were five pages back on JJ. I have a feeling it is a combo of all three–diet, exercise and a few suctioning of the ol’ fat pads.

    And if you can’t see it, perhaps you should make a trip to the eye doctor and get your eyes checked.

    Nice of you, by the way, to now start calling everyone you disagree with a moron or stupid. But you know what they say. Stupid is as stupid does.

  • #25

    I agree that it’s weird her legs looked really stumpy last week and much better since 2, 3 threads but I think Katie hasn’t been away long enough to have had a lipo. That is a heavy -and painful- procedure that requires a long convalescence. I think that’s impossible.
    She may have been doing stuff like slimming massages, lymph drainage or maybe a more leaning workout or it’s just the clothes, i don’t know. Even THAT is weird LOL

  • Chrissy

    Where’s the other kids? Guess noone cares, only when it comes to Nicole, poor adopted kids, locked away in a Scientology basement!!!!

  • annie

    I could be wrong but I think that Katies legs in real life wouldn’t be as big as they sometimes look is pics, but that goes the same for actresses whose legs are so skinny in pics as well.
    Maybe if she comes my way to promote Don’t be Afraid of the Dark, I will def let you know.
    I think she looks cute in that outfit, and although her clothes were nice in the other pics, I didn’t like how she looked. Could have been she didn’t want to look at the paps so she looked down or whatever , but I just didn’t like it.
    Here she looks cute , happy and joyful.

  • hella brat

    Katie looks like a man in that outfit!
    Tom is shrinking by the minute
    Suri has legs like twigs

  • Daisy

    WOW !!!!!!
    Tom is like super short!!!! LOL!!!

  • wackjob Holmes

    What a rude BRAT! no class or manners! A parents nightmare…
    Click on photo for full brat effect

  • Star Fox

    Again, #16? When did I ever stop?
    Did she be allowed to exit through a front door, #18. They don’t need a kid that doesn’t do anything for publicity.
    How long should she stay with the nanny that you’ll then use to discredit her parents as neglectful and self-absorbed?
    They’re not breaking up, #21.
    Whatever the reason, you’re making these threads hits, #23. So stop complaining.
    Why on Earth are you examining her legs, #25? You give someone you say you hate a lot of attention.
    She hasn’t had any plastic surgery. I’ll admit when she has but she hasn’t.

  • Marta

    omg them again??why??

  • Zoé

    Suri looks terrified and Tom is just there, grinning like a maniac at the paps instead of protecting her. He and Katie obviously love the attention. Poor kid…

  • Zoé

    Suri looks terrified but Tom is just there, grinning like a maniac for the paps instead of protecting/talking to her. He and Katie obviously love the attention. Poor kid…

  • AEP

    FREAKS ON PARADE!!! And can gay boys pants get any tighter..???

  • Taylor

    OMG…Robo Bride…you are dead on #8!!!!!! Love it!!!!

  • to 31

    that’s actually a cute pic. I would teach her to give the paps the finger.
    The only one who’s rude here is the pap who shove the camera almost into the car!

  • Annie

    It’s so weird, but sometimes I think Suri looks like Tom, and sometimes I think it’s just that she looks like Katie, who actually has very similar facial proportions to Tom. She also has the same sort of ‘look’ as several of the men that Katie was with before Tom, yet I think Suri also looks like Isabella too…they could easily be half-siblings. I wish I knew the truth about this strange, strange family.

  • Wackjob Holmes

    @to 31:
    Give the papz the finger??? You sound so low rent!! Obviously you have NO class!
    Suri looks like a brat sticking her tongue out, so not cute! Katie, Tom and Suri act like low rent, no class trash!

  • connie
  • Gross!

    WHAT HORRIBLE PARENTS!!!!! They pull the kid out of bed just for a photo op. I will NEVER watch anything these frickin wierdos do!!!! FRUIT LOOPS!!!!

  • gocha

    Tom is holding his image fixer kid per usual.

  • Scientology student MM

    There is so much and antagonism (and what seems to be hate) expressed on this page. People, what goes around comes around, don’t you know that?

  • Why don’t shiloh walk?


    Because there are 100 paparaazis out there on the sidewalk of NYC? She’s 4, you moron, not 40. Speaking of your question, ASK ANGIE & BRAD THIS ABOUT SHI AND ZEE, WOULD U? I am sure there will be more pics of them holding those kids soon, and Zee is FIVE.


  • Why don’t shiloh walk?


    Suri sure walks in many pictures! Mostly in LA, NOT in NYC! Have you EVER seen this couple on a sidewalk with a mob of people facing them yelling out their names (which is why Suri always hides her face I think now) and Paps all over the place flashing lights in their faces? I’ve seen it once, and if I had a FOUR yr old girl, you BET i’d hold her too.

    I am WAITING for the NEXT PIC OF Brad and Angie holding their kids, which are 4 and 5, 5>?? yep, 5. In the recent park pic of them ZIP LINING it’s STILL ON JJ< Look It up! AND ASK YOURSELF WHY THEY ARE HOLDING THESE GIRLS!
    Never, in my life did I ever see such a biased ONE SIDED gossip site.
    Brangelina walk on water, So they can hold the kids until 10 without a word from anyone here, correct?
    But I cannot WAIT until they are holding them..I want to SEE if any JP Nut fan says a WORD. I bet 1000$ they do not.

  • Scientology student MM

    @Scientology student MM: I meant to say, “so much antagonism…”

  • Why don’t shiloh walk?


    Sammie. Thank you! You have a normal brain! These morons, and theu are Morons, act like they just want to hold her for nothing. Notice in many Cal pics, she’s walking with her mom.
    NYC with the crowds and the huge mobs flashing lights in their faces, Any parent would pick up a toddler. She’s a TODDLER, tell that to the MORONS on here. But Sammie, look up Zahara (older then Suri, at 5) and Shi (4, same age) being held on a very recent pic of them coming out of a park. and then ask yourself why these SAME people NEVER say anything, but I sure will. pronto.!
    I guess, Suri is nothing compared to them????? Ask that. They won’t say BOO about Shi/Zee being held, and sometimes Pax too.
    And of cause, Shi can dress 100% as a BOY. LMAO. Give me a break!I’ll take Cruises ANYDAY!

  • slurry herpey
  • fug