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Yvonne Strahovski: Adopt, Don't Buy!

Yvonne Strahovski: Adopt, Don't Buy!

Yvonne Strahovski shows off a pair of angel wings – and her beloved furry friends – in a new Peta campaign.

The 28-year-old Chuck actress posed with her rescued dogs, Chazzie and Wilbur, in the new ad.

6 to 8 million abandoned animals enter shelters nationwide each year, and about half of them are euthanized.

“I think it’s really important that people become aware of the amount, the mass of animals that are sitting in shelters as opposed to people going out and just buying puppies that are being bred,” Yvonne said.

Yvonne Strahovski for Peta

Bigger pic inside…

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  • Kaz simply amazing! Pretty!!!!!!!

    Really i like dog!

  • Kaz simply amazing! Pretty!!!!!!!

    Where other girls
    like katy berry ,4 modles victoria secret …and more ….

  • me

    Love her!!

  • Moon’

    Oh Yvonne is so stunning!!! I’m a big fan of Chuck!!!
    Une jolie femme qui met sa beauté au service d’une bonne cause :) so nice

  • Joyce

    Love Yvonne and her rescued dogs are adorable!

    Can’t wait for Chuck to return…Jan 17, 2011

  • Kaz simply amazing! Pretty!!!!!!!

    Not pretty never you don’t @moon

  • McGee

    So Yvonne…before you decide to give birth kids..there are many children who are abandoned and abused that you can adopt.

  • jj22

    She’s a moron!

  • http://Tj Slig^_^

    Bad dress

  • Hmmm…

    Nice FEATHERED wings ya got there Yvonne…or are these the free-range donated feathers? Love ya on Chuck but kinda hypocritical….

  • http://Tj Slig^_^

    Go and otheres wear the clothes

  • Karen Stiffler

    Yvonne needs to look into how many adoptable animals PETA actually kills before she represents them. Like she says, there’s so much information available, it would have been easy for her to check into it before she made this ad.

  • chucklove

    I love Yvonne and she is so right! Shelter dogs need homes and they are just as adorable and sweet as purebreds, plus cheaper!! Please adopt! And CHUCK IS AN AWESOME SHOW!!!!

  • wong

    ouai ta entirement raison tres belle femme

  • aj


    there are fake feathers in this world you know…

  • pclevel

    Of course she’s gorgeous!! She’s Australian!! mmmm nice wings too

  • Not again…

    I get it Yvonne loves dog’s but for heaven sakes of all the bulls@$% PETA. This is hypocritical really i mean PETA kills dog’s and cat’s daily from what ive seen and read. PETA sucks

  • anonymous

    I can’t believe the hateful comments even when she’s talking for a good cause.
    she’s gorgeous and I really like her for being an animal lover!

  • Butter_Fly

    I’m just shocked that someone in a PETA ad is wearing clothes. Still hate this group with a passion! Sorry.

  • ehhhh

    @Not again…:

    You also should know that most of these informations that you’ve seen and read mostly come from PR people from KFC, McDonalds and other companies that hate PETA for obvious reasons.

    My attitude towards Peta is rather neutral, i’m not trying to defend it, but you people are so easy to manipulate … you read, you fall for it, you spread the word
    and there are always two sides to every story…

  • oh please


    They are not hateful they simply see this for what it is animals over humans. Not to mention the dogs she wants you to adopt most will have issues most dogs from breeders won’t. Emotional issues such as abuse will be a issue its a lot more complicated then just adopting a dog. The dogs mentality will not be the same

  • Not again…

    @ehhhh: I have actually done a lot of reading on this issue actually. PETA kill’s animals its odd that so much of the hollywood crowd go along with this radical group. I think actor’s who get involved with PETA are just plain stupid and hypocritical.

  • anonymous

    @oh please:
    I disagree, I’ve rescued many, many animals, and they usually are the most grateful animals ever

  • aj

    @oh please:

    How egoist are you?!

    yes animals from shelters have issues….issues like loneliness and sadness…they have been abandoned by their owners, by their family…
    But the fact that they’ve been through a lot, make them love their new owner even more…no dog from a breeder will love you like an adopted dog.
    and abused dogs can be sad and they need your love even more or they can also be aggressive ….the aggressive ones are being putt down.

  • aj

    @ oh please
    *how selfish are you?*

  • zzzz

    You people who are trashing PETA telling fairy tales that they kill animals, and saying that a purebred dog is better are pathetic and uneducated. WHO CARES about the PETA thing-this is an ad promoting adoption of shelter dogs, it’s GREAT! DO YOU REALIZE:

    -YOUR TAX $$$$ are spent supporting all the homeless dogs and in shelters, as well as paying for dogs to be killed in shelters (which is $$$!) so we need to start adopting and empty those da*mn shelters. I don’t know about you but I am not happy to be paying taxes for this!

    -Dogs from breeders, including from top, reputable breeders, have inherited health issues that cost the owner a LOT in surgeries, vet bills, etc., and the dog pain and suffering. Mixed breeds are healthier!

  • zzzz

    I just have to add that all of my animals from the time I was a kid were adopted-many came out of shelters as adults, even elderly adults, and they have all given me nothing but joy. They have had no more behavioral problems than any other dog, and they are so loving, so grateful, so loyal because they know that they have been saved.
    The dogs I’ve had (adopted, of course!) who were purebred shelter dogs, have had massive inherited health problems, with their eye, nose, back,
    hips, liver, teeth, you name it, while the mutts generalld don’t have these problems. I just wish more people knew and understood the facts.

  • ehhhh

    @Not again…:

    i did not wrote that they don’t….
    but it’s about how it’s being presented to the public : “PETA KILLS ANIMALS” Oh my God!!!
    They didn’t kill these dogs, they put them down. They took them from a shelter, where they really would be killed…gassed, strangled, hung up etc…thats how some shelters deal with dogs and cats because it’s cheaper than injection.

    Considering their profile they shouldn’t do that, but it wasn’t as bad or hypocritical as some people are trying to present.
    At least they spared these dogs pain and fear.

  • ehhhh

    @oh please:

    A hell of a lot of them were bought from a breeder , than got bigger and less cute, owners got bored with walking the dog….the dog landed in a shelter!

  • Ninja Katie

    So, you people and your wing comments….ever heard of PHOTOSHOP??? She’s not actually WEARING them…idiots. Also, some people don’t LIKE children and therefore should probably stick to adopting DOGS.

  • Not again…

    @Ninja Katie: Well aren’t you just a PC hippie lol anyway PETA does kill thousands of animals. You guys might hate me for saying it but they do but yes some people don’t want children. Its a shock though that she doesn’t want marriage or children I guess. After all she has a freeloading boytoy lol

  • Kermonk

    Nice legs.
    But its not unconditional love, they know you feed them – they are just making sure you’ll keep feeding them.

  • Li

    Love her on chuck! and i think it is a good thing she is doing something for PETA.
    Can’t wait till 17 jan.

  • intresting

    @Kermonk: Is it just me or is there a lot of Anthropomorphism in this add. But yes the dogs just want food but people mistake it for love. I don’t this girl knows what unconditional love is lol as she uses the term for dog’s lol.

  • anybody?anybody?

    @Hmmm…: you’re truly stupid if you think PETA would let Yvonne wear real feathers. ever hear of props? and why can’t people just see the good cause she’s supporting and stop looking for the drama? on a better note, Sarah is one of the best female characters out there, great mix of strong and feminine. can’t wait for Chuck to come back! and those puppies she has are the cutest!!

  • ehhhh

    @Not again…:

    you’re pathetic

  • PH


    My friend has a dog, who doesn’t want to eat the food his giving him…he prefers anything he finds in the backyard or on the street.
    And the dog still loves the guy unconditionally, because he knows he’s loved.

    Don’t be so embittered, because it’s just sad.

  • Not again…

    @ehhhh: Not really but I see how you would think that. All you do is attack in really immature ways lol which is at best amusing. I hate PETA and I don’t like animal rights groups any animal rights group. Im certainly not a politically correct animal rights moron who cares more about dog’s then people. So you calling me pathetic doesn’t mean much nor should it but it does show all you can resort to is name calling because you can’t make a sane argument.

  • ehhhh

    @Not again…:

    Let see…i attacked you….you’re attacking me, Peta, every other animal group, some people who commented here…

    You and your pointless, 0 arguments comments deserve nothing more than the comment i’ve already made: You’re pathetic.

  • Not again…

    @ehhhh: I take it your one of those PC people who are to sensetive. Of course im gonna attack PETA they are worthless I have a dog but im not a fan of animal rights radicals. At all Yvonne could be helping people but no she has to help dog’s instead of people.

  • ehhhh

    There are far too many people who don’t help anyone, but love to offend animal activists, because people should only care for people, right? How human that is…
    But aren’t we the ones, who cause animals suffer and pain?
    Animal activism, as i see it, is taking responsibility for it and teaching others we should take it.
    And as zzzz wrote – who cares if it’s PETA…
    it’s the cause that’s important.

  • rowdie ronnie

    I’m not really a fan of peta, but am of this particular cause. Probably should have been done with an group like ASPCA. Would have been more credible and made more of an impact.

    Most recent reason why I hate peta. Today on the radio our local peta group is organizing a strike/protest again a nativity scene they do each year at a large church in the area. This particular scene has live sheep and donkeys present. It hurts no one and actually the animals are really well taken care of. They’re just stupid.

  • zoology bitch


    And you know that from where exactly?
    Ever heard about mammals limbic system? Maybe read something by Konrad Lenz?
    Do some research, read something before you pretend to be smart.

  • Phil

    Love Yovonne, HATE PETA. Seriously…

  • Phil


    F*uck PETA

  • Phil

    F*ck PETA

  • say what!!!!

    Yvonne is big into adopting animals from shelters. That’s how she found her two dogs and her live in boyfriend. Just kidding.

    I got to give her credit with this ad. PETA usually wants everyone to take off their clothes for their message. This is actually the most I’ve ever seen an attractive woman wear in one of their promotions. Is this PETA turning over a new leaf or just Yvonne saying no?

  • lol

    @say what!!!!: that I must say was a good line well her “boyfriend” isn’t well liked. But yeah screw PETA they would get her nude if they could you know they just settled for this lol. Yvonne is seems is into adopting jobless “boyfriends” and doggies lol.