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Avril Lavigne: 'Goodbye Lullaby' Track List Revealed!

Avril Lavigne: 'Goodbye Lullaby' Track List Revealed!

The complete tracklist for Avril Lavigne‘s upcoming album Goodbye Lullaby has been unveiled!

The new record, out March 8, 2011, features the debut single “What the Hell,” which Avril will premiere on Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve at the end of the month.

LISTEN: “What the Hell” Song Preview

Here’s the tracklist for Goodbye Lullaby:

1. Black Star
2. What The Hell
3. Push
4. Wish You Were Here
5. Smile
6. Stop Standing There
7. I Love You
8. Everybody Hurts
9. Not Enough
10. 4 Real
11. Darlin
12. Remember When
13. Goodbye
14. Alice (hidden track)

FYI: Avril also launched her website today, which features some clothes that are inspired by “What the Hell”!

ARE YOU EXCITED for Avril’s new album?

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  • http://@chrisrockergirl Chris

    Yay!! I love Avril Lavigne songs!!
    Can’t wait for the new stuff!!

  • asha

    Not excited at all. Sure, I loved Avril when I was 16. I’m 23 now and yet she is still singing that same juvenile pop rock. Her music hasn’t matured at all. I will have to pass.

  • Maria

    I’ve been a fan since the beginning and always will be :D
    I hope the album’s a cross between under my skin and let go. And maybe a few pop-ish songs, like the ones on best damn thing :)

  • kj

    I thought she was washed up? I didn’t know she had any fans. Her hair and everything about her is the same from 10 years ago. And, is she still dating Brody Jenner? Why Brody? Ewwwwwww!

  • laverdadduele

    No, thanks.

  • Neve

    She needs to grow up already. Her music and style is the same since she was a teenager. BORING!

  • lyn

    who cares?

  • Ricardo Delfino
  • joo

    if her new album were to be anything like her FIRST, maybe I would listen!

  • Sean

    What The Hell is the only pop track on the record. Just FYI. She was forced to put this song on the album. That’s why it’s taken so long to finally release the CD. The rest of the album is suppose to be more old school serious Avril. Hopefully.

  • Marcus

    @asha: @kj: Most of this album has been described as mature,raw,and emotional by those that have heard it.Yes,there are a couple of pop songs to satisfy RCA’s demand for radio friendly content,but Avril stuck to her guns and got the album she wanted.
    Don’t think she has any fans around the world?
    Just watch as we take her to #1……………..again.

  • lu Lu

    Uh, didn’t REM already do “Everybody Hurts”? Maybe she is covering their song?!? I don’t think I have ever knowingly heard an Avril Lavigne song. I only ever encounter her image on gossip sites.

  • AvrilBackToRock

    Let´s see what the bitch can bring this time. Hope Avril have to work her arse off so there will be no time for the loser Jenner. So hope she get #1 hits and she will be working for two years straight, promoting and touring. Maybe only then she will wake up from the hollywood lifestyle and be a real muscian again with a good image.

  • stella

    MORE THAN EXITED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    can’t wait I want the album to be EPIC!

  • MelindaSylviana

    what the hell people said about,, i still Love Avril and her song..
    so glad to hear that SHE’S BACK….

  • Candice

    Avril was my hero when I was younger, I loved her music then and I’m so happy she’s finally putting out another album. My friends and I would joke that this day would never come. Way to prove us wrong!
    The best part about Avril is that she’s Canadian and one of my fav’s so I just want to say, WAY TO GO AVRIL! and I will be buying the album as soon as I see it in stores.

  • Kayla

    I LOVE AVRIL!!!! She has been my hero for years and years. She always will be im still listing to her old cds… Shes amazing.. I cant waight!

  • HatergotNoLiFe

    she still is the very best than ever rather than taylor swift avril rocks en roll 4evr even my friends words still bothering me like their saying that gay word , she still looks gorgeous and it doesnt matter if she havent change enough but exactly she’s still the best punk princess of all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Sarah

    So pumped for the new album, thanks for sharing the tracklist!

  • http://143ArianaG 143Avril!

    I’m soooooo excited!!!!!!! I have loved her since like I was like 3 or 4!!! And who care if she is still the same as she was when she was a teen! Big woop!!!!! Shut UR face because it doesn’t matter what she looks like or how her style of singing is! It’s still awesome no matter what her age!

  • Scott

    Honestly, I could be said as her fan, but I think plenty of the songs in her third album is horrible. If she has got some nice stuff like those in her debut, I would buy it. If it’s something like “Contagious”, no thanks!!

  • Rosalin

    I love Avril Lavigne!!!

    She is amazingly talented and I love her songs, innocence and complicated. True that she isn’t so pretty and has a decent personality, but she is a such a great singer and songwriter. I was Taylor Swift’s biggest fan, but I kinda ditched her last year, cuz she started to suck at writing songs…

    Avril’s newest album, Goodbye Lullabye, is releasing right on my birthday!! I’m turning twelve this year. This is soooo exciting!!!!

    And whoever wrote they hate Avril, all I can say is….. GET A LIFE!!!!!!!!!

  • abhipray jain

    Avril is a babe……..lovable grl who has cracking voice at high notes bt still it sounds gud wid background musik……no doubt tht she is a good pop star… if this new stuff is same as previous ones……i wont prefer to pay for it for sure :P ….bt wait for the torrents to cm ;)

  • rotheizza

    @Marcus: your absolutely right….

  • katie

    Avril stated in an interview that she is going for a much more raw sound in this album then her others. She said what the hell was like her old stuff, but the others will be a new sound. I had the same attitude as you, but im going to wait and judge when i hear it.

  • danielleee

    i have listened to the album now and its all serious stuff. i have always loved her and when she did the very poppy songs it was purely to get herself out there. the real avril is the soulful good musician that we have heard previously and thats what this album is about. If you can relate to what she has to say you will love her. listen to her lyrics and not just the tunes of the song. thats what makes a good song. give her another chance. shes great !!

  • Aaliyah

    Personally I love her music and if you here some of the songs she wrote when she was 17 compared to now sure they sound similar, but you can tell sh’es alot more mature, especially when it comes to her music. Personally, i totally disagree with what you said as she sounds alot more mature, then things she would have sung, like sk8er boi. The music si so different but similar at the same time.

  • alberto

    hey Katie i actually think ur going
    to like this album trust me u r its a
    bit more personal trust u will like it.

  • alberto

    hey Katie i actually think ur going
    to like this album trust me u r its a
    bit more personal trust u will like it.

  • din Ooz

    Hope this album would b more rock than pop :)

  • Liam

    I’m of similar age to you but i completely disagree, her music has definitely matured.

    If you think for a minute then you’d realise that her record label may be a bit apprehensive about her suddenly coming back on the scene having totally changed, thats the reason for the what the hell track, which is pretty good!!

    But the rest of the album is amazing and very stripped down, Avril may have changed but don’t we all??

    her music has, in my eyes/ears anyway, improved and matured.

  • NJSW_Comment

    Ok, people may not love Avril’s style, becuase it hasn’t changed. That’s because that’s who she is. She doesn’t have to change her style of music just becuase she’s getting older. I love Avril’s music, and I’m glad she hasn’t changed the style. Does anyone think that Alice is the same as all her music? I don’t. So all the haters, give it up and keep your comments to yourself.
    Go Avril. Your music is bloody amazing :)

  • Anna

    I just can’t wait for her new album.. avril has been my hero since I was 10 and she still is, she will forever be the best punk princess no matter what you say… And if you don’t like her, why even comment on this? :D

  • hey hey

    Goodbye lullaby is so GOOD!!!! Avril you are so good.
    You’re style are unique and rest as you are!!!

  • annisa

    i like avril lavigne …………..
    i love you avrill ….

  • moehammad fadil

    what the hell is the best song for me . i really like it .

  • http://facebook Parkermia

    already have it

  • Daria

    Bardzo Bardzo Świetna płyta;)jestem jej wielką fanka

  • Lius

    I like Avril since the 7 years!!! I know it from my cousin. When I get like Avril, she just… hate her… talk about her realy bad things. But I still like it, and I will like her till the eng!! And I ment that these her songs is very beutiful, and I have all this stuf in my phone. and i’m singing them all the time [not everybody likes it] Sorry about that if it was my mistakes Topics to

  • whoa, whoa!

    Why are people going on about how she hasnt changed? Excuse her for being, well … her. Avril lavigne was my idol and still is, who cares if some of her songs are ‘pop’? They still have meaning behind them and thats one of the main reasons why I listen to her. She tells stuff how it is and how she thinks, if she wants to make a couple of pop songs let her. Im not saying you cant not like them but please atleast listen to them and have the decency to appreciate the meaning behind them.

  • Monisha

    Mr.Attitude eh ?? :P:P …but yeah said absolutely right :D

  • Monisha

    @abhipray jain: Mr.Attitude eh ?? :P…..but yeah said absolutely right ;)

  • yazan

    good…..but it could’ve been better …..we expected more

  • Punky21

    Yayyyyyy! I’m so EXCITED, love Avril

  • Punky21

    Avril is awesome! all you peeps who like rap crap better get offa this page! Avril is an original =)

  • http://vvvnbnbc alyssa

    Can’t wait for more songs 2 come out! Avril is AWESOME!! 8D

  • Jordybordy

    Wow, I finally realised Avril hasn’t changed. She is still the sexy sk8ter girl. Ever since she released her 3rd album I went off her, until I found her newer songs like What the Hell and Smile. And that led me to this album. Her music is amazing and always is. Only reason I went of it was because it was so over played. So Avril, we love you. Always loved you and are the best musician ever in my eyes. She has style, passion and pure love of music. That makes a true musician.

  • raihan nfs

    @katie: hey man…..

  • AnaRamírez

    hi, I´m mexican but i speak english Ilove Avril Laving is an excellent singer I love your way of being, is very original and creative. tHANKS AND bye.

  • Anna

    I love Avril and no matter which way her carreer will turn, she will be an idol. If you dislike her, why did you click on the link? Avril Lavigne is one of the few artists who stuck to her songs and the few pop songs that are on here aren’t totally crappy. I rock out to her original style song “Stop Standing There” as well as her new pop-rock genre “What the Hell”. Sorry to disappoint y’all but I’m staying by her side album through album, thank you.