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Jennifer Lopez: Behind the Scenes at L'Oreal Shoot!

Jennifer Lopez: Behind the Scenes at L'Oreal Shoot!

Check out this behind-the-scenes look of Jennifer Lopez at work on the set of her shoot for L’Oreal Paris EverSleek!

The 41-year-old entertainer was named the global ambassador for L’Oreal Paris earlier this month!

Televised ads for EverSleek will begin to air next year – expect spots to be more intimate and conversational, according to WWD.

FYI: EverSleek is a new line hair products designed to smooth tresses!

Jennifer Lopez for L’Oreal Paris EverSleek
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  • Rocky

    Eva Mendez would have been a million times better! This woman needs to GO AWAY!!


    Why would a company selling hair products use a spokeswoman with FAKE HAIR?!? I highly doubt the real people buying their products have a head full of extensions…

  • Lola

    This trick’s hair didnt look this good back when she was young, we’re supposed to believe she all of a sudden sprouted a gorgeous mane of hair @ 41!? How stupid do celebrities think we really are??

  • chris

    That’s not her hair! I guess the reason L’oreal is faking it bis because their products are crappy and can’t give the great results they claim.

  • hmmm

    You mean, how stupid do the haircare companies think we are?

  • holy sheeet!

    Her hair has turned poufy, dull and fried for the ad! Did L’Oreal’s color make it foof out like that? It used to be all silky and shiny! Miss Thing must be having a fit over this!

  • seijidan

    Why you hatin’ on JLO? It’s not like its the first time LOREAL chose someone with fake hair. BEYONCE anyone?

  • mikee1025

    WOW she looks amazing……haters F off!!! She looks amazing don’t hate didnt your mama raise you right?? She is famous and rich and u are not……

  • Tazlena

    She looks incredible, beautiful and just the right amount of sassy attitude. The people hatin’ on her have lumpy fat bodies so no wonder they’re jealous and making comments……trying not to feel so bad about themselves.

  • Jane

    @Hmm I think she means both.

    I’m sorry but she’s starting to look like a tranny.She used to be flawless and beautiful but now she’s just blah.I guess it’s true what they say;after being married for a long time you start to look like your mate.She morphing into skeletor ..LMAO!

  • hateful much, mikeee?

    Wow, for being anti-hate, you sure are a foulmouthed rager yourself, LOL. Ah, well, you’re a JLO fan, I don’t expect much.

  • Mimi

    I’m not a JLO fan at all, but DANG, girl looks amazing! I need to go work my arms out now…

  • Nic

    WOW what a woman, and of course some of it is fake, lmao, where do you lvie people? All hair in these commericals is fake fake fake! But man can she sell it, worth every penny!

  • Inaru

    She looks gorgeous! of course her real hair doesn’t look like in the ad, neither does Eva Longoria’s real complexion look the way it looks in those make up ads, or all those stars that sell us mascara, like Drew Barrymore and Penelope Cruz., etc. They don’t have those amazingly long and lush lashes.. It’s advertising!! they enhance, perfect and airbrush to sell us a product, still Jennifer looks amazing and i hope the campaign will be a success.

  • Fashionya

    She Look amazing

  • She stinks!


    So, mikee moron, let me get this right..its ok to hate on us, but not JHO? What a dope you must be. Sad.

    Anyway, JHO continues her snarling and sneering routine in an attempt to be ‘beautiful’, with her botoxed face, bleached skin and fake hair. Um, ok! Will this untalented mess just go away already? She has to start doing higher caliber men to get better deals. L’oreal? Seriously, they’ll take any old bag of bones and stick them in a commercial. She’s a fake talentless used up old mess. Go home and pretend you love your kids and that 98 pound lizard faced crackhead.

  • Lorrie

    She is wearing a weave! A blond weave.

  • Sunny

    She looks like a man in drag.

  • Mr. Jones

    Her face is beautiful, wow how amazingly beautiful is this woman, my only problem with her is that she has a very limited vocabulary. if she was smarter, she would be my favorite.

  • Eponine

    Her stylist gave her the right look, her make up and the hair is just perfect for her. She has a natural golden color and doesn’t need to wear fake brick colored tan.

  • boston61

    Fake freaking hair for a fake freaking jerk.

  • Rican-star

    Damn she is a puerto rican beauty u work it. love the body 41 and still fly as pluck!!!!!!

  • Ray

    The whole shot is super-sexy, hail to the sexy momma!.

  • Honest admirer

    Now this is the best look I’ve seen J-Lo in a long, long time.

  • Cheryl

    Why would anyone agree to work for this company knowing that they “test” on animals? No way.

  • JL Fur Ho

    Cheryl, of course she loves working for a company that’s cruel to animals, she wears fur like it’s going out of style, ghetto ho.

  • J Lo Fur Ho

    That’s probably a mink on her head!

  • jess

    I agree with Sunny, she looks like a man in drag!

  • jess

    I agree with Sunny, she looks like a man in drag.

  • lexy hates bilson

    Again here she is trying to get the rest of us to buy Loreal products so she can buy the GOOD EXPENSIVE hair care products! Just like she wants us to wear her Kohls clothes so she can buy Gucci!

  • sniper


  • tobey

    She’s so beautiful, see how jealous others get by criticizing what they do not have themselves. How silly.

  • bijou

    JLO has the oddest hairline. It’s like halfway up her scalp!!! So weird looking. Always thought she wears a wig(?!!) so can’t believe she is pimping hair products now. But her career is not what it used to be, nobody reall cares about her, she’s had flop after flop be it music or movies so she will do anything now for money to keep up her expensive lifestyle and to remain relevant. Beautiful woman but narcistic and full of herself to the extreme which to me, makes her not so beautiful.

  • anonymous

    Wow, JLO really has a huge fivehead doesn’t she. She needs bangs big-time.

  • elle

    @seijidan: Sweetheart she uses just as many if not more extentions, wigs etc as Bey so please knock it off LOL!

  • elle

    No offense sweetheart but 1 what exactly does Bey have to do with this crap and 2 your gonna tell me with a straight face that lard ass here doesn’t wear just as many wigs and extentions as Beyonce LOL?!?

  • elle

    No offense sweetheart but 1 what exactly does Bey have to do with this crap and 2 your gonna tell me with a straight face that lard ass here doesn’t wear just as many wigs and extentions as Beyonce LOL?!?

  • lw

    HATE THIS TALENTLESS SLAG. she is nothing more than a chola who sucked the right d*ck.

  • helen

    she’s “ever”-doing it! Meaning over doing it. She’s trying way too hard, they are supposed to be natural at the add

  • shaun

    Too bad she wears wigs..
    selling a product she won’t ever use? your worth it.

  • Grow up

    A lot of women in hollywood wear extentions and that’s what she wears. People that don’t know her and don’t know what they are talking about should just be quiet. You probably say that about African American women as well. Anyways, Jennifer looks amazing and beautiful……So many haters!! Your New Years resolution is to be less hateful!!

  • leona

    her hair is fake. No credibility here.