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Katie Holmes Revs It Up

Katie Holmes Revs It Up

Katie Holmes wears a fun pair of leopard print galoshes as she goes to the REV Spin class at The Sports Club / LA on Tuesday (December 21) in Beverly Hills, Calif.

The 32-year-old actress is back in town after going to New York City for a bit. Katie stepped out with hubby Tom Cruise and daughter Suri last night!

Over the weekend, Katie celebrated her birthday by having dinner with Tom at ABC Kitchen in New York City’s Flatiron District.

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katie holmes gym leopard print galoshes 01
katie holmes gym leopard print galoshes 02
katie holmes gym leopard print galoshes 03
katie holmes gym leopard print galoshes 04
katie holmes gym leopard print galoshes 05
katie holmes gym leopard print galoshes 06

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  • mika


  • Go Ask Alice

    Yes, mika and let me start first.


    All this poor drab girl does is spin.She has excercised her brain outof her head. She has spunenough. In all that spinning,can she get real.

    She sold herself to Tom Cruise and the Sciencefictiontololy cult.
    All she can do is stay with TC and the cult until the feral child,Suri, is18.
    She should laugh,smile,for the cameras. Enjoy the money she signed up for. She always shops and looks like crap. I know she is coming from excercising here, but she goes out other placeslooking thesame way.
    She should become amother and mother that feral kid of hers and do as an adult would do for her child: dress her properly,put her in preschool. puther out lessinfront of the paparazi, combv herhair, let her walk,ditch the balanket and other traveling bagof stuff that an infant requires.

  • Whatever


  • mika


  • Gross!

    More laughs, I Love it!!! How much is tiny gay boy paying you JJ to post these hideous people? And the funny thing is> Its such a train wreck that we can’t stop watching! Here come the FREAKS!!!! Thanks for my daily laugh!

  • Go Ask Alice

    Laugh on mika or don’t.
    What is laughable is TomKate and their feral looking child.
    Kate’s father is a divorce atty.and oversaw her prenup.
    Star Mag has TomKat on this week’s cover with headline, They are leading separate lives.
    They carry that 4 yr. kid,almost 5 yr. old kid all of the time.
    That feral looking kid is always pictured eating sweeties, unkempt hair,and in summer slip dresses in the dea of winter like in NYC in December!
    They always have the kid’s blankey. They bring a infant bag of her toys,snacks, etc. too. You do this for an infant.
    TomKat used to be always smiling,grinning from ear to ear ,laughing,calling each other amazing. It was sugarly , sickening annoying really.So phony.
    Kate’s career has goneno where really ebing married to TomCruise.
    It seemed the deal washer career would go gangbusters like ummmm Nicole Kidman’s .
    Kate used to be often seen with her minder, Jenneifer somebody from the Sciencefictiontology cult.
    There is such a thing as a minder , to keep her on track.
    Seems sheneeds some purification time. Cleanisng they call it.
    That girl looks dead as a doorknob. Her eyes.
    Nicolerarely sees her kidsasTom has full cusotdy.
    They call Kate,Mom.They call Nicole,Nicole or Nic.

    I can go on and on.

    Anybody else want to pick up where I left off?

  • Susie#1

    @Gross, #6

    I agree that it’s a train wreck. It’s best not to look at postings of Holmes/Cruise before a meal…makes you lose your appetite.

  • Go Ask Alice


    I agree with you.
    It is funny.

  • Susie#1

    @Gross, #6 – You’re right, it is a train wreck. And having said that, it’s best not to look at Holmes/Cruise photos before a meal as they’ll cause you to lose your appetite.

  • ???????

    I agree with Sussie#1 and Go Ask Alice, better not to look or posting of stepford wife and gay midget more, this makes JJ or other site will come to show THIS FAKE COUPLE WITH THEIR FREAK SHOW all the time. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.

  • Run Bella, Run!!!

    One day to go until Bella’s 18th birthday…hang in there, girl!! (I guess that’s why Tom and Katie had to get back to LA…they needed to try and stop Bella’s escape.)
    Tom’s shakin’ in his 4 inch heels…. I don’t think the children signed confidentiality agreements.

  • To Run Bella, Run!!!

    Isabella looks unhappy and left out, kinda miserable and subservient at all from the photos, and she looks like a baby-sitter of Suri.
    Nicole is a very good Mom. SO going to Nicole is not a bad thing either. But I don’t think Tom will allow it. If the rumor is true, Bella is suffering.
    I just hope that she is strong and make the decision and stick to it.

  • Jokergurl

    @Go Ask Alice, yeah I’ll add to it, Suri is too damn thin, she looks undernourished, she doesn’t have the “baby” fat around the face that kids do when they’re healthy. She looks stressed I know because my little niece looks just like that when I go to pick her up from her idiot mother, she’s fed well and then she doesn’t have that look, plus she’s gained several pounds after a just a week after being with me. As for Katie, I think she exercises so much because it helps her find some semblance of reality and calm.

  • Star Fox

    You’re a moron, #3.

    You’re sick, #12.

    You can’t make such bolds claims based on paparazzi photos, #13.

    Cruise can’t allow or disallow anything.

    Quit playing shrink and doctor and comparing children, #14. It’s stupid. Holmes likes to exercise because it’s HEALTHY and all kids are too different to compare.

  • coondog

    Star Fox:

    You are pathetic.

    HOW do YOU know the reason she goes to spin class? Perhaps its a way to get away from the brat and Tom…..??

    You say things like you know all. What a joke and pathetic life you live in. lol…..

  • debbie


  • Homeless Suri

    Yeah, like there gonna read your post! LOL!
    I think Katie needs to stop having Suri/Slurry etc.. pick out her clothes! What the he** is with those awful boots!

  • Twig Leg

    Suri is super thin, in a bad way! She need nutritious foods not all the dang sweets they feed her! Her legs are like twigs!
    Check out the tower of sweet at there table! WTF !

  • Go Ask Alice

    wish they lived with me’: Nicole Kidman’s heartbreak over her adopted children’s decision to live with ex Tom Cruise
    By Jody Thompson
    Last updated at 11:28 PM on 21st December 2010
    Comments (0) Add to My Stories Nicole Kidman has expressed her sadness that the children she adopted with then husband Tom Cruise have chosen to live with him – and wishes they were with her instead.

    The 43-year-old actress raised 18-year-old Isabella and Connor, 15, with Mission Impossible star Tom from babies – but they have now decided to live with Cruise, his wife Katie Holmes and their four-year-old daughter Suri.

    However, Nicole insisted she wouldn’t fight their decision, saying: ‘They live with Tom, which was their choice. I’d love them to live with us, but what can you do?’
    Seasons’s greetings: Nicole Kidman paid a surprise visit yesterday to young patients at Sydney Children’s Hospital
    Talking to this week’s UK edition of Hello! magazine, she said although she was upset at them spending most of their time with their father in Los Angeles, having a younger child helped lessen the pain.

    Read more:

  • annie

    The only thing I see wrong with that pic is …. a family can’t go out to dinner, in peace , without some person taking a pic of them. Both Suri and Katie seem to be aware of whoever it is taking their pic.
    As for Bella living with her mother, I just read Nicole saying, that she wished her kids would live with her but it’s their choice to live with their dad. She said her children are great , beautiful, happy, sane human beings and that she’s proud of them.
    I guess she said sane , seeing some people think their brainwashed or something.
    It’s always obvious when Tom is with his kids there’s a lot of love between them. I have always thought that Katie would be a good friend to them, otherwise they would have gone with their mother, if there was friction, no matter how much they loved their father.
    Bet Suri is a smart kid. I have a friend who married a man with 3 teenagers, and had a child of their own. When you hear that child talk , it’s like listening to a teen, she knows everything, if you hear what comes out of her mouth, good and bad , she ‘s hilarious.

  • connie

    Oy vey!

  • missy

    @ annie, there were some adorable photos of tom and Suri from that dinner.

  • annie

    Thanks Missy
    I think that way from the paps, Suri would be really cute, and fun loving.
    I couldn’t get in with the link you gave , but I found it, although I only saw 1 pic in the resturant , were there more?
    The ones in the park are so cute too.
    Tom seems more fun than Katie in public and with Suri , sometimes Katie needs to lighten up a bit , about being in the public eye, unfortunately for her it comes with the territory.
    Katies fun too, when she’s not aware of the paps , once she spots them , it’s like she freezes.

  • Rinhany yaile

    she is so hot lady and I like her smile and style..

  • annie

    @ Missy
    You’ll never guess where I saw the pics……in the China Daily. Very loving pics, and Suri looks so happy. Thanks again.

  • coondog

    i would NOT buy any of those treats they set out for the brat after she has sneezed, touched…whatever….

    that grimy kid. Same thing….as placing her on the ice cream counter with her head over the icecream…
    If I had been behind them….I would have complained to the manager and also told Katie..,.get your kid off the counter! It’s unhealthy…geez…what makes these hollywood idiots think that they can do whatever? I would have NO problem telling anyone to remove their kid away from food that is served to others.

  • teletori

    That publication is the worst tabloid. I doubt NK ever talked to them.

  • Alice

    She looks cute but she is an obsessive exerciser. Something’s definitely going on – I rarely see her outside of sweats.

  • Bette
  • Star Fox

    What a stupid retort, #16. It’s child’s play. The burden to prove she exercises to get away from her family is on you.

  • laughable!

    The last picture on that website is GROSS! Suri’s mop of hair is flying all over the food, table etc. Also, that first picture it seems she is picking her nose again! Yeah, real cute!

  • losers….

    I love the prominent tower of desserts on the table. That was Suri’s lunch. Right?

  • laughable!

    Absolutely! Have we ever seen her eat anything but crap!
    Suri’s Diet:
    1. Ice cream (huge bowls)
    2. Cookies (eating in stores)
    3. Cupcakes (eating in stores and on the street)
    4. Lollipops (by the tub one after the other)
    5. Gummi Bears (and all other candies)
    6. Bakery Items (woofing down in public)

  • Hella brat

    OMG! Look at all the crap they bought, probably for Slurry. That poor woman has to carry all the bags because brat slurry needs to be carried and Katie can’t be bothered!

  • Sick JPS hate Again!


    Hideous because it’s not the Pitts? LMAO you and rest of posters here who have a “worship” pew for them, are sick! with a capital S!

    Katie is very pretty, Tom is handsome as handsome goes, at least HE made Sexiest Men issue in People this yr…(the other guy, did not).
    Suri, is a doll, who is ALL GIRL, unlike someone who’s ALLOWED to be a BOY. Can’t wait to see them in teens! TATTOOS Anyone? LOL

  • Another JP Patient Speaks

    @Go Ask Alice:

    hater? Or Sick, mentally Sick? I think, the latter. UNREAL! You should ALL be so happy and have everything, like this family. But your not Jealous. A Dr reading your posting would have you committed. Sad.

  • Sick JPS hate Again!


    NO I would lose a meal looking at Brad when he wore dirty little beads in his disgusting gray beard,. And AJ in a dirty looking long black dress in 90 degree heat. Showers???

    Todays NY Post has a precious pic. of Suri and her Daddy eating at the Plaza. A closeup of a precious little girl hugging her daddy at the table, smiling and all adorable. No paps blinding her with flash lights in her face,, and what a difference. Tom OMG HOW HANDSOME!
    Get real Haters, cant you like ANYONE WITH THE JPS? Or are you ALL that sick? Yep, Sick, Indeed. Unreal, just unreal. ANYONE in Hollywood as GOOD enough for you all? Nawwww…everyone should not even breath, to hear you all post such hate.
    That would be the day i’d lose a ‘meal’ looking at Tom’s handsome face or Katie for that matter. SICK TALK!

  • hating, as usual


    Brat? A little girl? Sick haters, all of you. I guess it should be Zahara, and she’s not a brat, or pax, you must live with all these kids.

    Why do you all hate a child so much:? Disgusting!

  • They hate all kids- Except….

    Reading all the comments on here, I am amazed but not surprised.
    Where is the poster who this week claimed fans (nuts of rather) of Angie & Brad would NEVER put down Suri????????

    Where are you, come and read todays thread. Funny thing is,watch SURI grow up more stable then children who LIVE ON AIRPLANES WITH NO REAL HOME BASE . And watch those tattoos and god knows what else will be allowed because ‘childred MUST express themselves”. ha! yeah like letting a little girl wear BOYS SWIM TRUNKS to a public pool! that’s BEYOND expressing yourself, it’s making a girl a boy for whatever reason.
    And they all here have the NERVE to talk hate on Suri?? HAHAHAHAHAH. Last laugh, in about 10 years.
    Suri is a doll, she’s not ill, not a cult child, etc. You all just can’t believe these people are happy because they don’t POSE with fake smiles like others. and Cal-NYC is extent of their homes, not Paris, and 10 other damn foreign countries! And Xmas? Always with the folks, at HOME. Something others don’t seem to have, but, they have MAPS.
    Fine way for small kids to live huh? Ummm….hey, I’m bashing them? The nerve!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL! You are all pathetic!

  • What a joke

    Ha-Ha! Look how gorgeous Nicole is in the photos on the home page, and of course she’s doing something worth while. Then look at ugly gross pig girl!! What a joke!!

  • Danki

    #36, 37, 38, 39, and 40


  • Not a JP fan

    Comments 36 thru 40 are all the same sicko.

    I’m not a JP fan…..couldn’t care less about them, but I do post here. You need to get a grip and realize that no one is comparing the children or the two couples. We’re just saying what we see.

    What I see is a miserable looking woman who is obsessed with excercize who can’t even manage a smile on her birthday, a couple who is never together except when stories of a breakup show up (and then they make a happy family PR appearance), an obvious contract relationsham and a little girl who is dressed improperly almost all the time, with unkempt hair who’s “father” is heavily involved in a cult.

    No matter who you’re a fan of or not, a blind, deaf and dumb person can see that something is VERY WRONG with the whole TomKat thing.

    As for the person who wrote comments 36 thru 40, please seek help. You’re obsessed with Cruise and Holmes!! Don’t ASSume that everyone who takes issue with TomKat is a Brangelina fan. I happen to think they’re idiots as well. Oh…..and stop complaining about what people say about TomKat when you rant like a loon and say awful things about others. You’re a hypocrite and a crazy person.


    Seriously?? You need to get a life sweetcheeks. You sit in judgement of other posters based on your idiotic opinion (never saw anyone so obsessed as you) and then you call people names for giving their opinion about people in the public eye. Who the hell are you?? Stop calling others names. Wanna give your Opinion? Go for it, but telling others their opinion in wrong when you haven’t a clue makes you a hypocrite as well. You’re obviously an insane hypocrite too!

  • to annie the arse

    Why dont you shut the *uck up with your BS about Tomkat. Just cause you*think* something is true, doesnt make it true. Your an idiot.

  • Danki

    @They hate all kids- Except….:

    Excuse me while I call you out on a miss-statement.

    CA-NYC is NOT the extent of their homes. Tom has a home in London. And did you forget about his home in Teluride, Colorado??? Featured in the Vanity Fair article when Suri was born. Rumored to have a home in the Toledo area. And he still owns a home in Australia. So that is five homes at least for Tom and 3 for the OTHER family. He also owns several planes and lots of cars. His Hollywood home is said to have a “secret” exit/entrance so the couple can come and go whenever they want to be pap free. They have dragged Suri all over the place this year. Spain, Brazil, Canada, Hungary and more. How is this any different than the OTHER couple taking their kids to work with them.The other couple owns three homes and it sounds like they pretty much live in them when the kids aren’t with mom or dad on a movie set. So how is this any different than TomKat — and especially Katie dragging Suri all over? It isn’t any different. Both couples have lavish lifestyles, planes, cars, and travel with their kids. It isn’t bad for either one of the couples to do it, it is how they handle it with the kid(s). And based on picture evidence alone, it appears the OTHER kids are a lot more comfortable looking going from point A to B than Suri. You don’t see the OTHER kids hiding their faces, covering their ears, eyes etc.
    You know a house is just a place. It doesn’t matter where you are on Christmas if you are with people you love. Ask any soldier in Iraq, Afghanistan etc. They will tell you it is the people that they love that has the hold on their heart–not the house they live in.

  • NG

    As far as I’m concerned, they (Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes, Nicole Kidman) are all users, exploiters of their children. Right now there are several media outlets that have in their headline “I miss my children” and are running an article on Nicole Kidman who by the way is now promoting her new movie “Rabbit Hole.” When Cruise releases his latest movie he will also pull some attention getting stunt and so will Katie although all her movies have bombed.

  • @NG

    You know Nicole is darned if she does and darned if she doesn’t. Because there are so few pictures of her “exploiting” her kids she is vilified as an absentee mother with no concern for her kids. If you read the Hello article–there is basically one sentence about Bella and Connor which the media has taken and run with. That is hardly her fault. And quite frankly Kidman didn’t say anything new. She said the kids chose to live in LA and Tom and she decided he would be the one to base their life there at least six or seven years ago. So this is hardly news if you are a Kidman fan.

    And of course they are running an article on Nicole. She IS promoting a film. This is part of the job of being an actor. Depp and Jolie are also promoting a film. As is witherspoon and a host of others. They have made much more personal comments than Nicole.

    Nicole has always been protective of her kids. Tom used to be. He now seems to parade Suri out whenever he wants attention as does Katie. Why? I don’t know. We will probably never know unless Suri writes a Mommy Dearest book. Depp has mentioned his kids several times–why is he not exploiting his kids? Pitt and Jolie mention their kids all the time. Are they not exploiting theirs? The difference between Holmes/Cruise and the rest is that TomKat shoves Suri before the paps every chance they get. They make no effort to protect her privacy. And for that it is shame on them and yes they are exploiting her. Over the years we’ve seen Kidman, Pitt, Jolie, Depp and a host of others ask the paps to be careful, to please back off, to not scare the kids–ya know NG, I’ve never heard Katie or Tom mention one word about protecting Suri. So yes, they are exploiting her.

  • say what!

    @Star Fox:
    I bet your sitting behind bar in some jail posting on the web. LOSER!