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LeAnn Rimes: Sexy Santa!

LeAnn Rimes: Sexy Santa!

LeAnn Rimes turns up the heat in a sexy Santa outfit as she performs with the Gay Men’s Chorus of Los Angeles on Sunday (December 19).

“Wow, a beautiful night! My heart broke and I almost couldn’t sing as I spoke about the young gay men and women who have taken their lives this year. It Gets Better!!!!” the 28-year-old entertainer tweeted.

Check out one of LeAnn‘s performance with the GMCLA below – it’s shot from far away but you can still hear the song!

LeAnn Rimes & Gay Men’s Chorus of Los Angeles – ‘Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree’
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leann rimes sexy santa outfit 01
leann rimes sexy santa outfit 02
leann rimes sexy santa outfit 03

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  • shanellewho

    love her. she’s beyond perfect.

  • Annabelle

    Fotogenically challenged, isn’t she? The poor thing.

  • Annabelle

    Photogenically challenged. Is that beyond perfect too?

  • J

    her face is so unfortunate looking :(

  • Zey

    You guys are bugging… She’s got as he’ll.. I’ve totally 180′d with her… Why do people celebrate Angelina and hate on her… *crickets*
    eddies ex seems crazy and it wasn’t working out and he found and loved someone else… Whatever…I don’t Blane him..

  • mitchie

    She would have made a better ”Grinch” than a sexy sanata-Ive always said her facial features looks like him-and then jared can change the tiitle- ”The Grinch that stole somebodys husband”


    oh must be real gullible if you believe her unemployed z list boyfriend is with her out of love lol..the fool has no else is he going to get the money to support his kids and his lifestyle..he’s livin the life..a a gf that is completely obsessed with him and will do ANYTHING for him..what a life

  • http://Tj Slig^_^

    Tooo small eyes

  • Keily jensson

    she is already sexy girl and this santa character so good looking..

  • Keily jensson

    she is already sexy girl and this santa character so good looking..

  • lalo

    I wish if she disappear from the world

  • blair

    S*anky Claws.

  • Annie

    HO HO HO!

  • tab

    F****ing ugly b!tch

  • look at me obsessed

    she is so unbelievably ugly it gives me shrugs to look at her….

  • @E@E

    she is a boring and not interesting wannabe

  • Speak Now


    Double standards are disgusting. I’m tired of people treating Angelina like a saint.

  • Speak Now

    I wish Leann bashers would vanish.

  • Madhatter

    I love that she did the traditional version of the song and was able to hit all the proper notes without adding any annoying vocal runs, etc.
    Wow, she sounds GREAT live.

  • Emma

    Ok, this is Christmas, not Valentine’s day. I don’t know what is wrong with people like LeAnn, Paris, etc, but this is a religious holiday for many people and should be respected as such. Do what you want in the privacy of your own home, but please don’t showcase your vanity during the Christmas holiday!

  • Sheila

    Not classy.

  • Vanessa

    ew. She tries too hard to be sexy with that ugly face of hers.

  • ohmy

    If Jared calls that sexy I question your taste.
    She’s more a Grinch than Santa, maybe the Evil Klaus!!!

  • vivendi

    Tranny Claws more like!

  • Jennifer

    There’s nothing sexy about that other than she’s TRYING to be sexy.

  • Jennifer

    Oh, I might have watched the video if LR wasn’t in it. I’m sure the chorus sang well but LR would have ruined it for me.

  • Clairedelune

    You can take the singer out of the country but not the country out of her. Zippo class. Zip.

  • she is disgusting

    Huh??? WTF??? Proof read

  • tootie p

    Shes got “butter” face. Hot body “butter” face is disgusting!

  • blair

    @Jennifer…and failing miserably.


    @Speak Now:
    Is this Leann?

  • Kaylyn

    Great show! Looks fun! Just think all those pics are all natural, not photoshopped-says something for the girl. She looks wonderful and you haters kno it. leAnn is pretty and has a great bod-so no amount of bashing can take it away. Sorry girls and boys but it is what it is.

  • Jennifer

    No matter how hard Leann tries, she will never be able to make liar, adulterer, home wrecker, or malevolence attractive.

  • Jokergurl

    The elf looks like Keith Richards’ little brother, all the guy needs is a guitar. Yes, Christmas is a religious holiday but the world has become enculturated that Christmas is all about marketing, it’s everywhere by July of each year, everyone in the world knows what Christmas is and most of them don’t think of it as the birth of Christ, they think of it as time to get lots of presents. Sorry to say.

  • Josie

    What really kills me are the comments that have been made that LeAnn “got” Eddie Cibrian. I mean really…what did she get? A lying, cheating, lowlife deadbeat.
    I don’t know…is that a PRIZE to anyone? Not to mention, I must be the only one, but I don’t think he’s good looking at all. Brandi is a lot better off without that scum pond. As far as LeAnn…she’s on some other planet. Planet LeAnn….it keeps rotating far off into the universe all alone……

  • cacey

    @Speak Now:

    Angelina is not a Skan…k, and Angelina was not married….LR WAS MARRIED AND publicly humiliated her HUSBAND..

  • elaine

    can see where a few of LR elf friends from the group picture are on here posting sad but true Leann is an evil woman and you can see it in the look where she is trying very hard to look sexy she must have on her lingerie she got the other day and decided to wear it to this show Eddie was there and if he took those little boys ,he doesn’t deserve to have custody even for one day

  • Josie

    Oh oh….seems LeAnn has her panties in a bunch because a certain T.V. show called her out for what she is. Homewrecking slut. Poor Le….she just hates the truth. O.K. Let’s all go make Cinnamon rolls!!!

  • Soul Fly

    She would look better in a darker shade of blonde.

  • elaine

    soul fly she would look better with a bag over her head and entire body

  • Grrrrandma

    She can put on all the sexy outfits she wants; it doesn’t change her looks. Poor thing.

  • Josie

    Since LeAnn’s real name is Margaret, why don’t we just all call her Marge? I see a reality show here….”Marge and Ed. Two Homewrecking Ho’s.” Seriously, I think this could work.

  • Josie

    Brandi tweeted she found some gifts she stashed away earlier for her boys. Now Marge has to tweet a big thank you to Fedex and UPS for all the deliveries she’s getting. Hey Marge….quit trying to compete with Brandi. You are no where near her. And Ed knows it. How’s that regret pill going down Ed?

  • gross

    this woman is so incredibly annoying…. her and her cheating boyfriend are just ewww… they’re both gross..

  • Racy

    Well, well!! I see that all the “beautiful” people (know they are since they cut LeAnn down so much) are gathered here fluttering their pure, angel wings. It is a shame that these pitiful ones have to be exposed to such heathenish things as LeAnn making cinnamon rolls, buying toys and loving Eddie (who is the most pitiful man alive and suddenly – he is ugly). Who are you broads kidding? AND how do you know the ex is far above LeAnn? It appears to me that both LeAnn and Eddie are happy – so much rebuttal is not required here. If they are not happy, guess they will go elsewhere and all of these sweet women above will be overjoyed and tickled to death because they think they have created more misery. My guess is that they will get married and keep ignoring you and your stupid remarks. Merry Christmas to everybody except the holy posters above. May God not hold you accountable for your meanness.

  • KeViN CarABelli

    This woman, no matter what she puts on – has no and I mean ZERO sex appeal. You can’t learn or buy sex appeal – you either have it or you don’t.
    Compare Beyonce with…Michelle Williams or Jennifer Garner with Hilary Swank. You can be pretty with no sex appeal and fugly with a lot of it (gaga). Leann is not attractive and she looks like she sucks in the kip.
    Maybe she needs a tan. Every female looks better with a tan. Pale flesh is just disgsuting. Her body is OK.
    Ex wife is too botoxed in the face to be considered attractive. Any man can see her frozen face and men dont find that “hot” at all.
    Maybe she was before she turned 50.
    Eddie can’t do any better because lets face it – he’s a few months away from collecting unemployment.

  • Angel Baby

    Don’t be stupid, leann. No one feels sorry for Eddie. he is using you. If anything, we feel sorry for YOU.
    Just get an ironclad prenup honey because remember this ALWAYS:
    If he or she will cheat with you – he or she will – one day – cheat ON you.
    How can you trust him after what he did to be with you???
    One day he will do it to you, why put yourself in that position??? Is the d**k that good????
    Crazy women, like you said.

  • gwen

    Where did all of these “fans” come from, especially seeing as how NONE of them were even posting in the previous thread about Leann.

    That is right, it’s just WEWE trying to make it look like she has fans because her single comes out today.

    1) madhatter:

    TRANSLATION: Please BUY MY CRAZY WOMEN single!!!!!!!!!!

    2) speak now:

    TRANSLATION: WEWE wants people to turn a blind eye when she acts inappropriately.

    Who is treating AJ like a saint? Because we are not trashing AJ in a LEANN RIMES thread? You are just trying to deflect from your bad behavior by dragging up other cheaters. When you say double standards you are referring to the fact that no one will support EC and you the way that JJ and People mag does?

    3) Keily jensson

    TRANSLATION: WEWE didn’t get any favorable reviews from that “sexy” santa pr stunt and now she has to go from site to site posing as fans.

    No one liked this look and many people thought it was trashy. You are just mad because the reaction wasn’t at all what you expected.

    4) Zey

    So if things are so great between you and EC, why are you on twitter 24/7?

    If things were not working out in EC marriage, why then did you have to stoop to exposing the affair because EC wasn’t moving at the pace you wanted him to?

    EC doesn’t love you, look at how he pimps out his own kids so that you can promote your career.

    Oh no here we go again. When all esle fails and you still can’ t make people like you and EC, what does LR do? LR deflects by dragging out other cheaters or trying to argue that all the backlash is caused by BG.

    Hey is AJ tweeting about another womans’ kids?

    5) shanellewho

    TRANSLATION: WEWE didn’t get a good reaction to this photo-op so now she has to go from site to site making nice comments about herself.

  • gwen


    Hey RACY(aka WEWE)

    How interesting that KAYLYN pops up right at the height of the backlash you are receiving from the media and the press.

    Now why do you keep posting under all these different names?

    Oh wait, your fanbase is low and you think that if you go from site to site and pose as your own fans then it will convince those record producers.

    1) “Great show! Looks fun! ”

    TRANSLATION: Since people are trashing WEWE and not paying much attention to her “great voice”, WEWE has to post comments where she provides nice comments about her performance.

    2)”Just think all those pics are all natural, not photoshopped-says something for the girl.”


    Wow, that is interesting because didn’t Juvenile ex/allisonj have a habit of using the “LR is natural beauty” card? So you are juvenile ex and allisionj.

    In case you haven’t noticed, people are trashing your “sexy” photos. 63% people voted that they didn’t think that these photos were sexy at all.

    3)”She looks wonderful and you haters kno it. ”

    So that is why you have to post “LR looks great” under all these different names?

    What is even funny is that all these “fans” that showed up in this thread didn’t even post in the last LR thread, so where did these “fans” come from? RACY is posting under different names.

    4)”leAnn is pretty and has a great bod-so no amount of bashing can take it away. ”

    Says who? JJ and People mag? You are paying them, so they are going to say whatever you want them to say.

    The public didn’t think that these photos were cute/hot/sexy.

    5)”Sorry girls and boys but it is what it is.”

    That is a lie.

    If you check out the blogs that posted these photos. 98% of the people slammed this “sexy” santa photo and none of them though that you were pretty or sexy.

    If you think that this is going to get bad, then wait unti those photos of you humping on EC in Cabo airs.

  • http://bettyj2u betty

    If Leann is trying to be sexy she picked the wrong group these guys wouldn’t be interested if there were woman present they might..LOL Eddie only appeals to woman thats looking for physical love ifs that what you like he your type. because thats all you will get from him.Leann knows that. I hope she gets a good prenup. I care less about them but Brandi kids are the ones that have to live with these clowns.half of the time and neither has a good track record when it comes to being role models for these kids. Brandi has her faults also but at least she has decency. Leann is a phony and Eddie has shown the type of man he is at least they have their mother and other family members to help guide them. If Leann was as happy as she claims she would not have time to tweet from dawn to dusk its an addiction and people with addictions aren’t happy.