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Rihanna: Reb'l Fleur Fragrance -- First Look!

Rihanna: Reb'l Fleur Fragrance -- First Look!

Rihanna goes shoe shopping at Saks Fifth Avenue on Tuesday (December 21) in Beverly Hills, Calif.

Earlier in the day, photos of Ri‘s upcoming fragrance, Reb’l Fleur, hit the web!

The perfume, which is set to debut sometime next year, bears a similar name to her neck tattoo, rebelle fleur, which means rebel flower in French.

Reb’l Fleur reportedly features sophisticated floral notes, including tuberose, violet, and hibiscus, with a splash of coconut water.

WILL YOU BUY Rihanna’s new perfume?

10+ pictures inside of Rihanna shoe shopping at Saks Fifth Avenue…

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    Yessssssssssssss can’t wait!!!

  • Music2daSoul

    WILL YOU BUY Rihanna’s new perfume?

    Um no. She doesnt rub me the right way.

  • kat

    looks cheap!!

  • Rihslayurfave

    Yes I will support anything Rihanna does.


    Are you serious Ashley ???
    Are you excited about helping Rihanna getting even richer by buying a perfume “made by” her ?
    You realise it’s just about marketing and packaging , don’t you ?
    And how lame of her marketing team to use a French name just because they think it sounds “chic” !! Hahaha !! Puuuhlease !!
    The girl is constantly dressed like a prostitute and would have been keen on being one if she didn’t end up in show-biz miraculously.

  • Nenns

    YES, YES, YES!!! Can’t wait to get it!!! Here comes the racist and ignorant haters in 5, 4, 3, 2,1!!!

  • Ricardo Delfino
  • nene

    Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes, YESssssssssssssssssssssssssssSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSssssssssssssSSSSSS

  • dani

    Looks like an ugly fragance! Sorry but that’s what Rihanna gives me..

  • smh

    I agree with HONESTY!…This is all about MARKETING!…Rihanna makes $$$ by selling albums, cover art, merchandise and whatever her face is on 2 the public so she can profit and make money doing it.

    Rihanna is NOT a chemist she did nto go into the LAB to make this perfume her self besides it’s a mist fragrance not a parfume because actual parfume is a fortune. Many ppl get the “term” confused w/ eau-de-toilette vs. cologne, perfume etc.

    I am personally tired of all these greedy celebs selling stuff i would rather give and help and find a way to cure cholera in HAITI or help stop the endangerment of AFRICAN elephants who are killed for IVORY!…smh!

  • fardous

    i thing yes i have jlo 1


  • Jasmine

    The whole “I’m a rebel and don’t give a sh*t and I dress edgy therefore I’m really cool” thing is cute if you’re 12 years old, but to tattoo and name things “rebel ANYTHING” at her age is downright pathetic.


    OK….. It is NOT that serious o_O

    Celebs have been making perfumes and doing endorsement deals for ages. Why are YOU mad?! GET A LIFE!!

    I Just cant at some people who even comment…Like really?? Are you somewhere depressed with no money, love-life, career, just nothing?? why else would you care so deeply?


    Anyway…If it smells good i wouldnt mind buying some. I have all of Britney Spears perfumes….Love Her.

    Plus Rihannas genuine and down to earth and spends time in charity and helping sick kids etc..more then most celebs would do so kudos.

  • Anita

    I for one like the name – its a lot more interesting than naming it after herself like everyone else.

    @#10 And yer its not that serious. Why are ppl up in arms like shes the 1st to come with a perfume – she never claimed to be a chemist or whatever its called. Of course its all about marketing etc. – what OTHER reason does a celeb have to come out with a fragrances etc. if not to expand their brand and make more bucks. If you are so anti celeb culture then what are you doing on a gossip blog?!

  • gui

    love rihanna!

  • tal


  • mickey

    ugly chick

  • just me

    The bottle is tacky. Don’t think I’d buy this one.

  • oseary

    She looks ridiculous.

    Time for a new wig.

  • try again

    If it smells as bad as it’s packaged, I’d probably pass.

  • Mr. T

    @Jasmine: She can’t even spell it correctly. This fool needs to go back to school!

  • Broadway Babe

    Rihanna’s trying to make money. A lot of celebs go the perfume route at some point. Hope she saves her pennies. She has a pretty limited range, she’s uneducated and her current endorsements won’t last forever.

  • G


  • G…


  • Lalalove

    I’m so sick os celebs and their perfumes. I don’t support their bs. Don’t care who it is.

  • Kaz simply amazing! Pretty!!!!!!!

    Fake fake fake false

  • Kaz simply amazing! Pretty!!!!!!!

    This parfume smell of spieces with peace of shit

  • Annie

    Nothing says Klassy quite like a piece of bad grammar tattooed on your damn neck in an MS Word font.

  • http://Tj Slig ^_^ cute


  • S&M

    f**k all he heters

  • http://USFJSM USF JSM

    OMG that’s so so so so AMAZING i will buy itttttt!!! i’m a boy and i will buy this one !!!!!!!!!!! i love her looks she so pretty!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Marie

    “rebelle fleur” makes no sense, trying too hard to be philosophic ["fleur rebelle" ]

  • Veronica

    Rihanna helping sick children is a joke. She used one little girl for publicity, and the mother said after the little girl passed that Rihanna didn’t even contact the family. Rihanna was “supposedly” close with the little girl. Rihanna is fake and has no talent.

  • bajan


  • bajan


  • Ohlala

    “Rebelle fleur” is not even correct. “Fleur rebelle” is correct.
    If you want to show off with something written in French, at least check the grammar.

  • Marcus

    At last,Eau de Rotting Garbage.

  • slambang

    It should be fleur rebelle. French FAIL.

  • kiki

    Go Rihanna!!!!

  • Nicky

    I don’t understand. How do you debut a perfume and not inform any of your fans it’s now in stores? She is trying to make money right? What crappy marketing.

  • chrissy

    thats tacky as hell with her pic on it! its more like a collectors item for fans in that case, which means she wont be doing numbers. it’ll never go far with her face plastered all over it.


    A pink cap on red hair ? Seriously RiRi ?
    Bad taste has NO limits with this sex-obsessed b!tch.
    She always looks like a mess and like she had no shower for days.
    Instead of a perfume, she should have started with a range of soap and shampoo. And before wanting the world to smell good, she should smell good herself.
    ” OH NANA what’s my name ??”
    Your name is WHORihanna babe and your “nana” will never speak, you know that luv? Although if it could speak, it would have tons of stories to tell !! We would know how you made it in show-biz.



  • alc

    this is so stupid. ‘rebelle fleur’ is not even the correct way to say rebel flower, it would be fleur rebelle. rebelle fleur doesn’t make any sense. one would think that she should have checked how to say it before getting it marked on her permanently, and naming her fragrance the same stupid mistranslated thing. she sucks. and yes she does look like a prostitute

  • whatever

    —– SIMPLE AND PLAIN as much as some people want her to go away Rihanna is a fashion icon, an artist , a model & a dayumm good business woman – anything she does is MONEY so yall might as well get over it …& she’s so gorgeous which makes her hard to dislike – PS: im gonna buy it :) @PussyPaysRENT

  • liza

    Why are you so jealous of Rihanna? Say what you like, she is here to stay. While you are there critisizing her, the bucks are rolling in. I am so sorry for you.

  • Elly

    Hum .. Fleur Rebelle. already the tattoo is fake, then the title of perfume and more !