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Zac Efron & Taylor Schilling: Good Friends!

Zac Efron & Taylor Schilling: Good Friends!

Newly single Zac Efron has become “chummy” with his The Lucky One co-star, Taylor Schilling, according to a production source.

The 23-year-old actor recently called it quits with longtime girlfriend Vanessa Hudgens and insisted that there was no third party involved, but a source tells E! that Zac has been “leaning on [his] good friend Taylor” during the tough time.

“They joke around, eat together sometimes, run lines,” the source said. “Nothing out of the ordinary.”

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  • Annie

    What a sick rumour! Seriously.. Who in the whole world would be so cold hearted and find a new rebound girl just a few days after his “break-up”. o.O Zac wouldn’t do such thing! And for your information Jared. Besides Zac and Vanessa never broke up. Please, get the facts right.

  • What a surprise

    He gets chummy with ALL his costars.

  • dani

    sexy efron..

  • peggy

    So Jared you don’t have any sources of your own you just print whatever E! says. Good to know we can skip you then.

    The article also says Zac has been clubbing with Kellan and his boys and that may be why he and V are done he wants to hang out and run around but I see you didn’t print that.

    I hope whatever changes Zac is making he doesn’t regret them later

  • …..

    he´s a whore

  • Meghan


  • @Annie

    Your in denial. They have breaking up. Or as gossip cop says they have taken a break.
    They are miles apart and are probably busy.
    Anyway i haven’t heard of any rumors that they were going out.

  • t

    i´m starting to hate him

  • Just Sayin

    Honestly, everyone on the internet is retarded. Since when did a “source” become more reliable than the actual person themself? Never. Zac and Vanessa are still together, until ZAC OR VANESSA say otherwise, which they have not.

  • ashley

    cheater !!!

  • lauren

    how is he a cheater?
    him and his costar are friends, and taylor is being their for him during this hard time.

  • lauren

    how is he a cheater?
    him and his costar are friends, and taylor is being their for him during this hard time.

  • ladysdsandiego

    i highly doubt it. she doesn’t seem like his type.

  • Ricardo Delfino
  • lizzie

    this is all just getting stupid now! yes Zac and Vanessa a most likely on a break, but i think that they will most definitley get back together and besides they haven’t properly broken up, its called a BREAK!! Also Zac isnt the type of guy who would rebound, shes his friend who is helping him through this really tough time like anybodies friends would! Also Zac and Vanessa were or still are together for 5 years i doubt either of them would find someone so quickly it may take them a year or longer to get over each other…thats if they don’t get back together which is highly unlikely…so take a chill pill guys!! x

  • nikki

    and next week they’ll be papped holding hands&then they’ll make their first official appearence as a couple at the Oscars!!!!! Soooooooooo Hollywood!!!

  • pop86

    @Meghan: @ashley:

    How does getting along with your co-worker may you a cheater.

    Seriously, you should be embarrassed for quoting E News.

  • tc

    She looks old enough to be his Mom. Yikes! I actually think he does this with all his co-stars. That’s what gets him into trouble. You know what if he doesn’t love Vanessa anymore, he just doesn’t. Better she
    find out now while she’s still young and beautiful. Like millions of other girls she’ll survive and be better off. I

  • Just Sayin

    Everyone here just keeps proving to me that they’re retarded. Anyone who believes rumors that have NOT BEEN CONFIRMED is retarded, which is about 75% of people on here and the internet.

  • What a surprise

    “Getting along” with your costar does not make you a cheater. Being seduced by the New Orleans seedy, loosey-goosey lifestyle, and hanging with the likes of Kellan Lutz(EWWWWWWW) might.

  • kate

    I think you people have forgotten that Zac needs to be friends with his co stars otherwise there would not be any chemistry in the film which would be a big No No.

    Zac has been working with Taylor since Sep/Oct. Why is this rumour coming out now. Because these dumb sites are trying to cause trouble for Zac. and yes JJ you are one of them. (can’t you get some original news)

    Ever since the news about ZV came out all these sites have done nothing but cause trouble for both Zac & Vanessa.

    It’s time to give them a break and let them get on with their carrers.

    I believe this break they are on is because they have so much happening in the next year (which Vanessa said herself at the party in Vegas) which will keep them apart.

    Vanessa is going to be promoting her 2 movies in March and could possibly filming another and Zac will be busy filming too.

    Vanessa also said in her interview the other night that her and Zac “were good”

    enough said.

  • vfan

    They also said the same thing about V ”getting along” with her co-star Josh. It’s all bull.

    ZV <3

  • vfan

    They also said the same thing about Vanessa ”getting along” with her co-star Josh. It’s all bull, the media just wants to create drama like always.

    ZV, live in love <3

  • Emma Efron

    There is this thing that i saw that Taylor might be Zac’s new girl. She looks 30 to me but i heard she’s 26, 3 yrs older than Zac. But this is the way things are, Zac & Vanessa DID break up.

  • zanessafaan

    If this is true then hes a f**king ***hole and vanessa deserves way better then him
    i believe zac wouldn’t do sucha thing
    i believe in zanessa with all my heart

  • jk

    I lost respect for Jared for posting this. You’re just spreading the lie. Way to go

  • Haters Suck!

    If there is nothing out of the ordianry going on and there just friends why are you posting it JJ
    anther thing I posted this on JJJ and I’ll post it here to. I think this whole thing has been really unfair to vanessa. First the news breaks a day before her birthday, then she has to deal with questions at her party, I even read media reports ripping her for even having her birthday party after the reported split and now she has to hear whispers how zac is already hooking up with his new co star(she maybe used to that since he kissed Nikki on MTV and said he found sex scenes with Amanda pleasureable while they were still dating) Again I don’t know what’s true and what’s not true maybe they’re still together maybe they’re not and this is all BS but again I think this whole thing has been really unfair to her since she is the only one who’s had to deal with it to this point while he parties in NO. I hope zac isn’t the douche bag everyone has been telling me he is.

  • tc

    I actually don’t believe this rumor, but he does go too over the top in
    his praise of his co-stars which makes it seem like he’s a player.
    I believe his former relationship is more than done, something did happen which only two people know about and like I said if he doesn’t love her anymore it’s time to move on. A warning Mr. Efron millions of
    girls want you so be careful who you hook up with. Trust no one or
    the next headline we will be reading about is your new baby or pics
    with some ho you just happened to hook up with. Good luck to you,
    as you said the green is greener on the otherside, I think not.

  • Dexter

    but Zac is gay?!?!

  • Emma Efron

    @Dexter: Zac is NOT gay

  • sunny

    aww, he must miss his mom, that’s the connection.

  • Jillywilly_bean

    Omg Noooo /sarcasm. Whatever tweeny boppers. There are more relevant matters in the news than the BIG (insert more sarcasm) break-up. Get over it… OMG this just in. R-Patt and K-Stew break up too!!! (Not yet but Im sure it will) IT HAPPENS!! The sky is NOT gonna fall and more importantly what the heck does it matter?? You act like you know these people on a personal level. You don’t so don’t sit there and pretend you each know the details and who deserves what. Grow up…

  • bettybaby

    JFC. some of you should hear yourselves….

    clearly this is BS, whether zac and V are broken up or on a break, i doubt he’s on the prowl already.

    its amazing to me that the majority of you are not only blaming him for the split, but you’re also condemning him based on this story….

    *insert massive eye roll.

  • lauren

    this story is already on gossipcop saying they are dating,
    and a rep/source said its not true.
    so clearly their friends.

  • lauren

    this story is already on gossipcop saying they are dating,
    and a rep/source said its not true.
    so clearly their friends.

  • kami

    ♥ an “inside source” close to zac and vanessa told me zac and vanessa got married and want to keep it a secret for a while. ♥

  • Ashlee

    OMG, are we now going to have a fan forum thread called Zaylor with a few nut case girls saying Zac and Taylor are going to be together for ever and ever and get married and have little Zaylor babies. Wait, didn’t he leave Vanessa for Nikki? Whatever will the Zikki fans say about this? Their dreams will be crushed. I’m crying already. Boo Hoo.


    This story is not true, they are just friends, you have to be friendly in order to have chemistry, this is BS. They said the same thing about Vanessa, and Josh, and there like brother and sister, the media like to start trouble. I know he is hanging with Kellen, who i don’t think much of. Besides Zac is going to be done today shooting his movie, i beleive he proably go home of his family for chrismass. Tayor left last week because she was finsh filming, and baked veryone cupcakes.. Veryone who think’s Zac was cheating, you need your head examine. This shows the media like to makeup things , so you will get upset. Give Zac andVanessa more credit.

  • @justsaying

    they havent denied it either.

  • Xox

    I just lost alot of respect for you Jared. Anyone could tell this is BS and yet here you are spreading the lies.

  • The Truth

    How do we know that this is not true? As someone else stated, do we know him personally? Maybe he started dating already. Anyway, we all know how flirty Zac is with is co-stars. Evidently, if he broke up with Vanessa, its obviously because he wanted to party and date other people. I’m not falling for the excuse that they are too busy because they’ve been busy before and stayed together. Therefore, something obviously happened and I believe he is the one that set her off. Remember the clubbing situation? Maybe Vanessa is getting tired of his bachelor ways? I’m glad their not together right now if its true. He needs to party and sleep with fans, co-stars, etc. just to beef up his wimpy persona. I hope this works and Vanessa was worth the sacrifice. Its sad that he’s given in to hollywood’s pressures and turning out to be just like the next playa hopper.

    From his previous experiences with women co-stars, I’m not shocked about this rumor. I’ve said this once before and was blasted for it but I believe this rumor to be true. Its just better that this is coming out now while he’s not together with Vanessa and she can live her life to the fullest and meet an older and more mature man.

  • The Truth

    Or maybe this is a publicity stunt to beef up their new movie. Hollywood is very wicked but I think he would be down with this. He would do anything to beef up his image and succeed.

  • amelia25

    Hope very soon Vanessa y Zac can have time to continue their lives. Better if they can be together again, but if dont, hope both can be really happies .

  • kerrina

    This is stupid! Zac is “chummy” with all his costars. Anyone who believes this is stupid. Remember theses “sources” claimed that he was “chummy” and “getting close ” with nicki during the promotion and filming of hairspray. He was then getting friendly with the girl from 17 again (forgot her name) also, aslo there was a rumor about him and brittany snow also there was one with ashley tisdale. I don’t believe this break up thing unless Zac or Vanessa say it’s true. I know many of you think that they are over cause they never said anything about it..but it seems weird I mean like weren’t they kissing a couple of weeks ago? Anyway the media is being mean to both Zac and Vanessa, besides the girl looks like she’s 30.

  • Toodles

    wow. some of y’all need to get a reality check. for real. if they’re over, then they’re over. what more do you want from these people….gracious.

  • Jokergurl

    She looks like his WAY OLDER sister, and that beard is not doing him any favors, his face looks bloated for some reason. Maybe it’s my computer screen.

  • kgg

    WTF? Jared, if you read what you just posted to start this thread, you can clearly see that there is no story there….a waste of time and space. As private as Zac is about his personal business, I doubt he would be sharing anything about Vanessa with anyone. That includes fellow co-stars, fellow actors and anyone in the media circus.

  • jazmin

    @The Truth:

    Ditto…if this is true then I am glad it happened now than later. Vanessa does deserve someone that is not afraid of commitment and someone that will support her whole heartedly and not want anything in return but her love.

  • jazmin

    @The Truth:

    Ditto…if this is true then I am glad it happened now than later. Vanessa does deserve someone that is not afraid of commitment and someone that will support her whole heartedly and not want anything in return but her love.

    V is strong and 2011 is only the beginning

  • Soni

    #27 Hater’s Suck

    I agree with you in what you said

    Also, Jared How dare you spreading rumors like this. I thought you were their friend.

    And I would like to hear Karen’s comment.She is always so right on with her comments.