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George Clooney: Dinner with Elisabetta and Her Parents!

George Clooney: Dinner with Elisabetta and Her Parents!

George Clooney and girlfriend Elisabetta Canalis spend time with her parents on Friday (December 17) at a restaurant on the Sea of Cortez in Mexico.

Elisabetta, 32, snapped photos of the ocean view after leaving the restaurant.

Earlier in the week, George met up with pal Cameron Diaz in Los Cabos! Cameron has been on vacation with boyfriend Alex Rodriguez and his daughters for the past few days.

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  • pigenfrafyn

    They sure live a charmed life, those celebrities!

  • MissAnthropica

    Yawn. Kind of boring these two at this point really.
    No one is buying what they are selling …..if you catch my drift.

    George will eventually trade her in for a new model she is just taking pictures of her life while she was connected to a “some one” but wasnt actually a “someone “herself.
    You know what they say…. take a picture it will last longer. lol

  • isHotr

    wow…things are heating up? Clooney ain’t gettin’ any younger! Could it be that he’s going to pop the big one? Who would be the hotter clooney? Elisabetta or George?

  • Medium Heat

    Oh please, there is nothing exciting about your George Clooney. He’s a just little old man with fake teeth, lots of gray hair and probably a tiny dick. I saw him last summer at Urth Caffee in LA. He looked at me and gave me all of his phony teeth, eek. I turned the other way and ran out of there! Sorry Georgie but I only date gorgeous men.

  • Medium Heat

    No, it wasn’t at Urth Caffee, it was at a coffee place in Beverly Hills, I don’t recall the name of it. He’s a little old man with lots of gray hair and fake teeth, eek. I wouldn’t date him. Nothing exciting about him, I swear, other than of course money and fame for what I freaking care.

  • COQ

    George est malade …

  • laverdadduele

    Right, meet the parents and then dump her like the POS she is.

  • Anonymous

    This completely fake publicity show jumped the shark at least a year ago. Please put it out of its misery already.

  • Anonymous

    All this shows is that the cokewh*re’s parents can be bought. They got a free trip to Mexico for doing another photo op and keeping quiet about the publicity contract.

  • sheila

    at this point, for me, George is a totally moron!
    Hose-face is ugly, untalented, very aged for her age and well kown only like a Z list celeb/escort in Italy!
    I think George snorts cocaine too to love these kind of!

  • kora

    Elisabetta’s mother is way cuter than her!! George dump this horse-face for her mother, a woman of your age!!!

  • http://Tja Slig ^_^ cute

    Old man want to be happy

  • StressCaffee

    @Medium Heat: Yay! tiny d*ick it is nothing comparing to that he came without his pants on to Urth Caffee, no sorry other coffee place in Beverly Hills…
    So what if George has very modest abilities, still he always succeeds by dint of his wits.

  • Medium Heat

    Cameron Diaz is such a bad looking girl who already has deep wrinkles on her face a neck. She is only 38 yet she already looks like a Sharpei. I don’t quite understand how A-Rod, who is such a handsome man, can sleep and wake up next to that face everyday. Dear Lord forgive me for being such a narcissist! I just can’t help it.

  • Vanessa

    @Medium Heat: ha! we forgive you medium heart

  • Anonymous

    Canalis has more wrinkles than Cameron.

  • Joplin

    @Vanessa: All babies will be looking like Eli’s father. And since the Jews have maternal inheritance, so it does not matter at all from whom George will have children, from Eli or her mother, still they will be Jews.

  • Anonymous

    Is Canalis Jewish? That would explain why she had no problem playing a stripping nun in a soft porn movie.

  • lw

    elisabetta has MAJOR MANFACE. wonder if she wears a strapon? or maybe she has an actual pen*s.

  • Strapon Cafe

    Look, her father is pure Jewish, and how comes Elisabetta has such a small brain??.. So it does not matter if she wears a strapon or she has an actual pen*s, still she cannot be that smart to come without pants to cafe as George does.

  • Medium Heat

    George Clooney, DiCaprio and even Brad Pit are sooo unattractive to me, eek. There isn’t one single white actor that can make me dream, not even a bit. Now, Denzel Washington, Jamie Fox, president Obama and Johnny deep hmmm, I wish I could have a private session with every one of those men. I can warrantee, they won’t regret :0)… Okay, I must confess I’m mostly into dark men.

  • Anonymous

    @Medium Heat, you do realize that Johnny Depp is white, don’t you? LOL.

  • Medium Heat

    No wonder I can’t find a man in LA. Most successful black men are gay, s–t.

  • Medium Heat

    Leave me alone Anonymous. I said mostly. Read my lines again.

  • Medium Heat

    Leave me alone Anonymous. I said “Mostly”. Read my lines again.

  • PureSmell

    George Clooney attracts me only for one reason, he has a lot of hair all over his body, as Brad Pitt.. but there is also one negative thing, they stink like animals!

  • Pure Smell

    George Clooney attracts me only for a one reason, he has a lot of hair all over his body, as Brad Pitt.. but there is also one negative thing, they stink like animals!

  • Anonymous

    One moment, just lick off my sword…

  • ew

    Tranny horseface probably has more body hair than George and Brad combined. I truly pity whoever does her waxes.

  • Anonymous

    @ew: I would not said so

  • Merry Elf

    And a happy Festivus to us all!

  • Merry Grinch

    @Merry Elf: We will see who’ll die faster if i won’t brush my teeth…happy Festivus!

  • Merry Elf

    And a happy festivus to you, Merry Grinch!

  • Anonymous

    This off off off off off off off off off Broadway show has about finished its run, I think. No one is buying tickets.

  • Merry Grinch

    Christmas is coming
    And Santa isn’t here
    I think I will gonna starve
    Whole this year

  • fame game

    Whoa….has anybody thought about the mess o’ STDs that were concentrated in that one area, when George, Liz, Cameron, and A-Rod greeted each other? It’s a wonder a toxic explosion of epic proportions didn’t level the place! Maybe they cut it short just in time. Ho’s gotta watch out for that stuff, you can’t be blowin up with a crowd around you.

  • jane

    @Anonymous: r u blind?

  • jane

    elisabetta is so fuc…hot woooow

  • Anonymous

    @Jane, yes she is so fug.

  • Saph

    Everyone knows George has dumped her. Would love to know what she has got on him! Her folks are probably expecting an engagement cause I bet horseface hasnt told them George bought her ass and the contract is over. I notice she is wearing her pretend ring again I guess she wants people to believe he gave it too her instead of the pathetic attempt to get some more attention. The idiots in the press actually keep failing for it. If they pay attention she plays games with it all the time. The parents must be cramping his style unless Clooney is over the sex part already which doesn’t say alot of horseface if he is. Hopefully the split story will be next and we can see tears anything other then that smug look on her ugly face.

  • Anonymous

    @Saph, there never was any sex. You got the contract part right, but that’s all it was. There was never anything personal or intimate between them. It was all a publicity show and a very bad one. It hurt Clooney’s reputation and box office, and notice “The American” got zero Golden Globes nominations. The publicity show was a big fail.

  • elle

    she looks normal but her face is not pretty if he love her ok but he seems not into her at all!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • skank

    Elisabruta is a very bad pubblicity for a star like Clooney!
    yhere’s no wrost and down in the groun than dating with a ugly old for a man who sell himself like a good, intellectual, umanitary man!
    GC has lost all his credibility and his magic on the screen!!! sorry…
    a lot of people don’t take to consideration his movies again…

  • skank

    horse-face’s unlucky strikes again!!!

  • gimme a break

    the only real man is jennifer anuston.

  • vroom

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  • Xmas Gift

    @vroom: Beautiful ending… Hmm…. but some moments do not correspond to reality, under any circumstances Ennis would not thought about Alma, if Ennis did it would make her feel sick since his mouth smells like cigarette smoke. Ennis never kissed him at all. Have you seen how he looks like? if Ennis would “kiss” him he would fell apart.
    Sweet smell………..okay

  • Baboony

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  • Xmas Gift

    Beautiful ending in the sense that I would not risk that way. But I will try something alike, this is an announcement.

  • Baboony

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