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Kate Gosselin & Kids: Philadelphia Art Museum Visit!

Kate Gosselin & Kids: Philadelphia Art Museum Visit!

Kate Gosselin and her little ones visit the Philadelphia Art Museum on Tuesday (December 21) in Philadelphia, Penn.

The 35-year-old reality mama and her kids ran up the “Rocky Steps” as they filmed scenes for her television show on TLC.

Late last week, Kate was spotted running errands near her place in Reading, Pennsylvania.

10+ pictures inside of Kate Gosselin and her kids visiting the Philadelphia Art Museum…

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kate gosselin kids philadelphia art museum 01
kate gosselin kids philadelphia art museum 02
kate gosselin kids philadelphia art museum 03
kate gosselin kids philadelphia art museum 04
kate gosselin kids philadelphia art museum 05
kate gosselin kids philadelphia art museum 06
kate gosselin kids philadelphia art museum 07
kate gosselin kids philadelphia art museum 08
kate gosselin kids philadelphia art museum 09
kate gosselin kids philadelphia art museum 10

Credit: Hugh Dillon; Photos: WENN
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  • Go Ask Alice

    Lights! Camera! Action!
    Take 5!

    This is a nice day of a mom and her kids visiting a museum and having fun , oh, sorry. Nevermind since you pointed out who this is.
    This was just another working day for those kids.
    Just another day at the office.
    Places everyone.
    Quiet on the set.

  • Jenn

    I saw them yesterday – I thought my eyes were playing tricks on my while we drove around the circle. Looked like they were having fun! Wonder what else they did here?.. I bet they went to the franklin institute as well!

  • Jenn

    Friends of mine saw them at the Flyers Game as well.. wonder what other sight seeing they did?

  • http://Tja Slig ^_^ cute

    What this

  • Khate Gosselin

    See,,we is cultured and I is learnin my kids. “See that Pablow Pickcotten kids and over there the Van Gag”

  • Dexter’s girlfriend

    she’s my role model

  • DW

    does she do anything with her kids that doesn’t require a tv camera?? how sad.

  • Paula

    Kate looks so grumpy in all the pics. Oh! perhaps the cold brought back memories of a recent camping trip to Alaska…lol And, where is the bodyguard? Isn’t it risqué for such a celebrity to go out in public without protection? This is all too funny. Wonder when TLC will finally drop that show. I just don’t see the interest anymore. Perhaps people keep watching only because they love to hate Kate. This is beyond me…

  • dawne

    Buh Bye, Khate…………don’t wanna see you in 2011. Only fair. Time for another no talent reality star to steal the tacky fameho stage. Don’t let the door slam your ‘toned’ azz on the way out the door.

    TLC, didn’t know you were into kickin’ dead horses. Speaking of animal metaphors………..Perhaps you need a 12 step program to let go of this former cash cow?

    After seeing the Palin ‘hunting’ episode…….I am soooo turned off. That made Khate plus 8 look almost tasteful….not.

  • dawne

    And, yeah, Jared, this is the LAST hit I give a thread on this bish. You can give it up anytime and file it under’ Who The EFF cares what. or who, this monster cretin does!!

  • llllaaaaallllla

    These kids are cute! I think Kate is overall a good mom. Just wondering if you guys have noticed the “special treatment” the twins always get? It’s like Kate goes overboard to make sure they are not left out but it seems like she goes too far and makes Mady and Cara the most important members of the family. Has anyone else noticed this?

  • Eli
    Read this for those in the know.

  • Eli

    Got this from Gosselins Without Pity blog. Someone who works in the area.

    Well everyone wants to know about the filming yesterday?

    Up pulls 2 limos with the Stahs of the show plus someguy driving the mega van, without the kids, as they were in the limo until filming.

    The producer and Kate went over and over and over the scripts. She opened the door of the limo and she was shouting “blah, blah, blah, repeat that, do you hear me? repeat it as I said it, repeat it, nooooooooo that is not right, we get done when you get it right, do you hear me?????? Get it ready.
    Stop it, stop it. Repeat it and that is when we eat”

    So the Queen marches the kids out of the car and the only people who were kind and patient with the kids, of course they were paid, was the camera and sound boom people.

    Kate has her back to the camera and while the kids were being filmed, she is mouthing the words for them to ask/say (no, I didn’t hear that part) as that was quieter and not yelling) but she keeps holding her hair back, hair, hair, hair. They had to repeat shots as her hair was blowing at times. She gets really pissed at that. The producer keeps spraying her hair. I guess she was the producer as she told everyone what to do. Total of crew? 5
    2 babysitters, Kate, SteveO, another big, big black guy.

    Lordie, she looks older in person. She yelled at the kids to run, run up the steps. The steps are wide and they fell a couple of times.

    Damn disgusting actually. All very structured in what they did.

    It was so obvious that these kids had no idea what they were doing on the steps of the Art Museum, where I work across the circle at another place. We watched her and she is a bit over the top with her emoting.

    People were there and outside her hotel from the night before. No one approached any of them, no one.

    The kids were tired and something else wasn’t right, so self conscious of all of us looking at them. The camera man said they were not getting the right light and to hurry. I don’t know what that was about (this at the Phila art museaum)

    No I did not see any motherly touching, nothing, she holds her hair back.

    The babysitters? Said nothing when the camera is off. Nothing to the kids, listened to Kate ranting about some of the kids I think.

    I don’t know all the kids and it is confusing to someone who does not know the faces, but several looked stunned or asleep or something wrong. Are any of her kids on medication? The boy with the glasses? He was crying at one point after he fell twice. She doesn’t move toward them except when the camera is on.One of the babysitters ran to him. Wowie wowie

    We talked to someone at the art museum and they said (no, can’t tell you who that was) that TLC filming had been arranged, no entrance into the museum, so no preparation for that. After all would she want them to see art or know what it is herself.

    The friends at the museum said that she is mean, cold, distant, talked to no one other than crew. Held that phone until Steve took it out of her hand. She keeps the phone nearby at all times.

    If I forgot anything or hear of other things, I do know about the hotel, but I promised not to say anything. She made a lot of demands a head of time. Very long list, yes it was first class.

    Oh I almost forgot. The boyfriend Steve was there. Yep and she did talk with him, stood close to him. He says a lot to the kids like he is the dad and not the bodyguard.

    That is all right now. As I am at work but my dear friend say to write on this blog as she does all the time.

    How long did it take on the museum steps? No more than 20 maybe 25 min. It was faster than we excpected. It was a sunny day with high temps in the high 30s, so not a cold day, not at all, but it could get cool with the winds at times. The only one who complained about that wind, was your sweetheart of a matha drucker.

    Is she on medication? She is strange looking.

  • Eli

    Seem to know what’s going on.

  • Janey


    Oh, no, Jenn, you said the worst thing a hater could ever possibly want to read. ‘Looked like the kids were having fun!’

    FUN!!!?? Nobody wants to read that! If you can’t say that the kids look miserable and must be miserable then you shouldn’t be saying anything at all! LOL

    llllaaaaallllla? Saying that Kate is a good mom overall…and that the twins get “special treatment?” Also not acceptable. Only saying that Kate is a bad mom and that none of the kids get any good treatment will be tolerated!

    Seriously, Jenn, it’s nice to read that you saw the kids and that they looked like they were having fun. I gave you a “thumbs up,” because that’s a NICE comment. And llllaaaaaaallllla, same goes for you. It must be hard to try to balance things and make everyone feel special. I don’t know if I’d say she makes them the “most important” but they are the oldest, so I would guess that they are the most important to the sextuplets, and I hope Kate finds some balance in making all the kids feel special.

  • Big Mama

    Good thing the weather was to Kate’s liking, and nobody offered her a moose dog.

  • Jokergurl

    She’s on SANTA’S SH*T LIST this year. I’m waiting for her head to do a full 360 spin. E V I L.

  • butterflier

    Please, someone get this child-abusing, narcissistic witch off the air. Kate, you will burn in hell for what you have done to these children.
    Say a prayer for the kids.

  • smyth

    @Janey: You don’t have to be a hater to dislike a rude, spoiled and demanding person like Kate. But to admire someone like her, well I would have to question your intelligence. Keep watching and let your kids watch too. You might learn some more bad habits. LOL!!!!

  • ann1075

    @DW: she never does anything with the kids that doesn.t involve cameras….who takes kids that age to an art museum and a sports game that they probably haven’t shown interest in…they are doing this for an upcoming show that hopefully no one will watch…i don’t like palin but if she can keep this freak off the air…great!!!!!!!!!! bet creepy kate is REALLY jealous that she is NO LONGER number one on tlc…with the way she spends money she’ll soon be on ebay like octomom…….

  • ann1075


  • mary