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LeAnn Rimes & Gay Men's Chorus of LA: It Gets Better!

LeAnn Rimes & Gay Men's Chorus of LA: It Gets Better!

LeAnn Rimes gets emotional as she performs Bette Midler‘s “The Rose” with the Gay Men’s Chorus of Los Angeles at a concert on Sunday (December 19) in L.A.

“It’s been an incredible year, but also a very tragic year for a lot of young gay men and women who have been taking their own lives because they can’t be themselves,” the 28-year-old singer shared, getting choked up.

“It’s really sad when people can’t be themselves, so this is dedicated to all of those who lost their lives and families and also those who haven’t found their way yet but hopefully they can hang on long enough. There’s still hope, and it does get better,” LeAnn concluded before singing with the GMCLA.

LeAnn Rimes & Gay Men’s Chorus of Los Angeles – The Rose
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  • Sandy

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  • blair

    JJ would you stop already…every other post is about this ho.

  • Joanna

    why do you ppl keep living in the past? she has moved on. Eddie has moved on. His ex-wife seems to have too. LeAnn’s ex-husband has moved on! She seems to have a good relationship with Eddie’s kids. so why do keep popping-up the subject? why can’t you just enjoy her for her voice? it takes two to cheat! the fault the cheating it’s both on her and eddie!

  • blair

    She must pay you well for all this coverage, JJ.

  • NONO!!!

    @Joanna: his wife is not over it, she was booked for a DUI the other night. How can you say someting is over, when this lady was publicly humiliated. Its bad enough they committed adultery but to have it played out in the media, by a woman that is fuglier than you are, must really hurt.

  • Sofia

    if you dislike her so much don’t read the post

  • Joanna


    it’s on the media for one reason only IT SELLS! IT’S SCANDALOUS SO IT SELLS! Media can make things so much worse than they actually are!!! this is a intimate issue that should have been kept private! but once was out there was no way to stop it! LeAnn herself is tired of this!! People ONLY blame HER for what happened! She doesn’t have all the blame! Let the people involved deal with it!

    This things is getting out of proportions!

    (I am fan of LeAnn but by that don’t think I agree with they did. ’cause I don’t. but what it’s done it’s done. you can’t change the past)

  • blair

    postS…there are multiple posts of this trash.

  • Kee

    Everyone is being so heartless on here! LeAnn gave a beautiful performance about the gays who have lost their lives and all you can think of is the one little incident that happened over a year ago?! GET OVER IT! eddie’s wife was the bitch! At least LeAnn never had a prison record! That bitch Brandi is the ho! Leave LeAnn and Eddie alone and move on!

  • Robert

    How’s this women?

  • iluvsiennamiller

    wow, all the haters. what a bunch of morons

  • fred

    that was BEAUTIFUL

  • blair

    wow all the fans of a homewrecking cheater….bunch of a holes.

  • blair

    wow all the fans of a homewrecking cheater….bunch of a holes.

  • Vanessa

    sorry for the double post just getting hang of this

  • Jennifer

    Interesting how the Leann’s pr team is working now. I will never forget how she and Eddie went around denying an affair all the while saying that everything was fine in their marriages. Why lie to the mother of your children or your supportive husband? When the pics/films came out, they showed LR and EC to be the liars that they are.

    Then all the nonstop twittering and pics showing how happy she and EC were even though they had hurt the mother of his children and her ex. At least have some tact and celebrate privately for a while until everyone has healed. Not LR/EC style.

    Then to go on and twitter about Brandi’s children, taunt Brandi on twitter, act like the victim on tv interviews, sing a song called “Crazy Women”, post weird Ms. Claus pics….the list goes on and on.

    LR has made it perfectly clear that as long as she’s happy that’s all that matter. So be it. Now that she has what she wants, she wants us to get over it. Sorry, not after all the hurt you have caused and how maliciously you have acted. There are alot of other talented people out there worth listening to or watching on tv. Same goes for EC.

  • Marieme

    She’ll use anything and anyone in her desperate attempts to get positive press. This is an important issue for sure, but I could care less what she thinks or feels. User!

  • Joanna


    don’t call names to her fans when they had nothing to do with LeAnn & Eddie’s decision/affair/whateveryouwannacallit

  • mommawins65

    @Joanna: I agree with all of your comments, Joanna. There are just some people who have nothing better to do than say awful things about others. I think they are jealous that they don’t have the talent or whatever LeAnn has. Her personal life is just that. Personal.

  • blair

    She has nothing to be jealous of.

  • Josie

    Self serving skank. Oh…but wait….she is BLESSED. Hey Marge, or Le or Margie Le…..have you ever heard of the Ten Commandments? One of them is about adultry. Heads up skank, they are Commandments, not suggestions. You two faced lying scumbag church going hypocrite.

  • Jason/Natan

    Hohoho……gwen now has the name of Jennifer and Blair.

    LeAnn and Eddie are a beautiful couple soon to be married. Merry Christmas to them and their families

  • hatecheaters23

    @Kee wow, that’s a very strong comment there. A prison record….lol. I would love to see that prison record. I never knew Brandi was in jail. You know you should be careful what you write. It could be construed as defamation or slander.

  • Say

    Trashy ho bag is trying to use the suicides of LGBT teens to further her own career. What a tramp!! She soen’t cry for anyone but herself.

  • Say

    Trashy ho bag is trying to use the suicides of LGBT teens to further her own career. What a tramp!! She soen’t cry for anyone but herself.

  • Kaylyn

    Merry Xmas to all, may the spirit of this season remain in all our hearts. LeAnn did a good deed-she so does deserve credit here. Bash all you want, but this is one time you haters are all wrong. Merry Xmas to all and may the new year make you a much kinder and loving person. The world sure needs this.

  • gwen

    Where did all these “fans” come from?

    That’s right, it’s just WEWE once again trying to make it look like she has fans because her fanbase is low.

    1) To mommawins65:

    Of course you agree with “joanna”, how many times have we seen this before? When you see that LR still doesn’t have the support she needs, you try to fix it by writing posts of support to the “different fan” that appear in this thread.

    And the people who do not have anything better to do than to say awful things are Leann Rimes and her so called “fans”? So now you think anyone who isn’t writing fawning over you like JJ does, is the one with the problem?

    What talent? You mean the talent to use two kids just to revive her career? Or are you talking about the talent of sleeping with another woman’s husband and then acting like she is the victim?

    So if Leann’s personal life is personal, why then is she on twitter talking about it?

    2) To fred:

    TRANSLATION: LR didn’t get a good response to her concert, so now she has to fix it by going from site to site posing as fans who are so in awe of her talent.

    3) To iluvsiennamiller

    WEWE, Why did EC call you a hater and moron? Were you trying to break up his fun time with his other mistress?

    4) To Kee

    What did you expect WEWE. You are a heartless person. People are still thinking about the incident that happened a year ago because YOU won’t stop talking about or reminding us about with your photo-ops and tweets.

    WEWE, perhaps you should get over it. No one likes you and calling BG a ***** isn’t going make people feel sorry for you.

    Leann NEVER had a prison record because SHE paid the cops to make it go away. Isn’t leaving the scene of a hit and run an felony? Yet Leann got off.

    Brandi didn’t sleep with another woman’s husband, nor was she caught at restaurants sucking on a married man’s finger.

    wow, that single must not be doing very well because you are back to trashing BG as if this will somehow make people like you.

    WEWE, people will leave you and EC alone when you leave us alone. Stop tipping off the paps.

    4) To Sofia

    If you hate that people don’t like LR, why do you keep reading it?

  • gwen


    Hey RACY/CBME!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1) “why do you ppl keep living in the past?”

    Because YOU are living in the past.

    2)” she has moved on.”

    Really? Because that is not what is reflected in your tweets.

    3)”Eddie has moved on.”

    Moved on to your best GF?

    4)” His ex-wife seems to have too. ”

    She is trying to move on, but YOU seem to make that very difficult with your photo-ops and your constant tweets about those kids.

    5)”LeAnn’s ex-husband has moved on! ”

    And what did you do when he did?

    After blasting E for talking about your fake engagement, you get on a public forum and then do to Dean what you blasted E for doing to you.

    6)”She seems to have a good relationship with Eddie’s kids. ”

    So that is why she stops in the middle of whatever she is doing with those kids to tweet about it because everything is all good?

    7)”so why do keep popping-up the subject? ”

    Because you keep popping up the subject.

    8)”why can’t you just enjoy her for her voice? ”

    Better yet, why can’t Leann enjoy her voice and stop trying to use two kids to keep her name in the headlines?

    9)”it takes two to cheat! ”

    And it takes JUST ONE person to say no.

    10)”the fault the cheating it’s both on her and eddie!”

    True, but according to Leann’s own Crazy Women song, the fault doesn’t lie with the woman at all.

    11) it’s on the media for one reason only IT SELLS! IT’S SCANDALOUS SO IT SELLS! ”

    WEWE, that is not true in your case. Case in point, was LR threads included in any of JJ top 50 most popular threads for 2010?

    I’ve only seen EC and LR on 1-3 covers, one was for exposing their affair, the other was for beach bodies, and another was when it came out that EC was still sleeping with this wife when he was supposed to be so committed to LR.

    12)”Media can make things so much worse than they actually are!!! ”

    So knowing this, why does Leann keep tweeting about those kids?

    It’s not the media that is making things worse for you, it’s you.

    13)this is a intimate issue that should have been kept private!”

    And yet Leann is on twitter EVERYDAY talking about intimate issues that should be kept private.

    14)” but once was out there was no way to stop it! ”

    Yes it was. Did LR have to cancel that concert so that she could be seen with EC at that Lakers game after he was flat out denying that he didn’t have anything to do with it? Did LR and EC have to give that ABC interview where EC descibes how he feel in “love” with LR while he was still married?

    Why is LR on twitter because 50% of her problems would just go away if she would shut down that twitter.

    15)”LeAnn herself is tired of this!!”

    That can’t be true. If she was tired of this, she wouldn’t be on twitter posting about her PRIVATE life.

    16)” People ONLY blame HER for what happened!”

    That is because YOU just won’t shut up.

    17)”She doesn’t have all the blame! ”

    Yes she does. Close that twitter account and then stop the weekly photo-ops with JJ and CBS and then see how much things will change for you.

    18)”Let the people involved deal with it! ”

    What you really mean is that you don’t want people to call LR out when she makes those tweets about her PRIVATE LIFE on a PUBLIC FORUM.

    19)” This things is getting out of proportions! ”

    Only because YOU just don’t know when to shut up.

    20) (I am fan of LeAnn but by that don’t think I agree(I am fan of LeAnn but by that don’t think I agree with they did.

    You do agree with Leann. Because the first thing you did was blame everyone else.

    21) ’but what it’s done it’s done. you can’t change the past”

    But a person can learn from the past. Leann has had several warnings and posts from her fans telling her that sheis giving out too much info, instead of learning from this, she just tweets even more about her private life.

    Don’t blame others because Leann has issues with her “blessed” life.

  • gwen


    Well, well, well, didn’t I call it.

    When RACY/cbme made that threat in the other thread, I said that she was just going to go off and start stalking other posters.

    So thanks RACY for proving why JJ needs to do something to you before you show up on someone’s door step.

    BTW, we know that you are RACY because RACY wrote me all those “MERRY CHRISTMAS” posts. You keep trying to teach me a lesson and in the end you just slap yourself in the face.

    You gotta love RACY, she can’t understand why we know that it’s her posting under all these different names?

    Thanks for providing yet another post that I can send JJ as proof of how you stalk and harass other posters.

  • mayby baby

    Gwen-Mamasita-I’m back!!!!!

  • gwen


    1) “Merry Xmas to all, may the spirit of this season remain in Leann’s heart so that she doesn’t keep tweeting about those kids.

    2)” LeAnn did a good deed-she so does deserve credit here. ”

    Oh please, we all know that she did this good deed so that she can leak photos of herself humping on EC in Cabo.

    3)”Bash all you want, but this is one time you haters are all wrong. ”

    WEWE, people bash you because YOU use charity as a means to exploit EC kids on twitter and then to stage pda photos with him.

    We can probably predict that you and EC will be spotted somewhere with those kids because you seem to think that doing “good deeds” will make people forget how awful you have been to BG, DS, and EC kids.

    4)”Merry Xmas to all and may the new year make Leann a much kinder and loving person so that she doesn’t keep using charity to stage humping photos with EC. ”

    5)The world sure needs Leann to stop using charity to benefit her career.

  • gwen

    @mayby baby:

    Hey WEWE(aka RACY) !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Of course you are back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    When you made that threat in the other thread about how we were all going to get what is coming to us, I knew that you were going to start up the mayby baby posts again.

    You are just that predictable.

  • gwen

    @mayby baby:

    Why is EC calling your best GF, “Mamasita”? Is she pregnant with his kid?

  • gwen

    So RACY=MAYBY because:

    1) The posts that mayby baby are making are the very same ones that CBME made on E when she was posting as pedro.

    2) mayby baby showed up posting about 1AM, about the same time that RACY has been known to post.

    3) Mayby baby made a post and then just 49 min guess who showed up making a post just to prove that she wasn’t mayby baby? RACY. She must have thought that she could trick us into believing that she is not posting as mayby baby if she waited 49 min.

    I like how when I pointed out that she waited just 49 min to post, she then chances it and waits about an hour after posting as mayby to post as RACY.

    4) In the other thread I said that mayby posts reminds of the time when CBME kept posting the “snake in your kitchen” post over and over on x17 and when she showed up as that 24 person writing it was “cold in calvery” over and over.

    5) For some odd reason RACY/cbme can’t resist doing the things that I point out. In the other thread I mentioned how I knew that she was mayby baby because she kept posting the same message over and over and over just like she did when she showed up as that 24 person and made several posts in 221J name. So what does RACY/CBME do because she thinks that she is teaching me a lesson?

    See post 41, where she makes a post in 221J. The odd thing is 221J and anniebowl are friends, so attacking anniebowl would be out of character for her.

    Not to mention that the last time she hijacked 221J, I reported that poster. How odd that RACY disappeared right after I reported her for using 221J name.

    5) RACY isn’t very bright. We found out that she was also posting as CBME when she showed up one site and used the same email address for both RACY and thus had the same icon. So what do you think RACY next step was?

    She comes here and posts as both RACY and CBME even though we had that evidence that showed that these two posters were one in the

    6) There have been no posts from mayby baby and then the moment I bust RACY , mayby baby shows up.

    7) RACY makes a threat against other posters in the other thread and inaddition to the list where she names off the posters she is stalking the posts from mayby baby start up again.

    8) mayby baby makes “I’m back” posts, just like we saw both RACY and CBME do time and time again.

  • gwen

    When Leann starts doing “good deeds” we can be 100% sure that it’s because she is trying to whitewash her image so that she can either leak photos of her humping on a drunk Eddie Cibrian while they are in Cabo or perhaps she is trying to ease people into the news about their engagement which she will hire People mag to cover. Or are we going to see “happy family” photos? Or perhaps Leann thinks that doing “good deeds” make it okay for her to tweet about those kids.

    No one believes that Leann is sincere about her charity because like she said in three interviews she does not regret her affair. Now do you think a person who would say such a thing is able to feel any time of compassion or empathy for others?

    Leann set herself up with this one, word of advice, she should show some remorse.

  • gwen

    I just checked out JJ 50 most popular posts and guess who is not included in that list?

    Leann Rimes.

    So even though all these “fans” show up to support LR, her threads get overr 100 posts and even hit 800 some times, her threads are often featured in the top column, JJ is posting about her 2-3 times a day and 2-4 times a week that is more than he posts about AJ and BP, the voting system at one time was always in LR favor and even hitting 30 in favor of Leann; not one thread that JJ posted about LR in 2010 made the cut. Not one.

    Well that also goes along with question of why Leann is not featured in the top celeb column, even though her threads are being slammed with over 30 fans/day. So we were right, there is something not right about LR fanbase.

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