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Leonardo DiCaprio Loves The Lakers

Leonardo DiCaprio Loves The Lakers

Leonardo DiCaprio enjoys a beer with a friend at the LA Lakers game on Tuesday (December 21) in Los Angeles.

The 36-year-old actor watched the Los Angeles Lakers lose to the Milwaukee Bucks 98-79 at the Staples Center. Leo‘s BFF Lukas Haas and Entourage‘s Kevin Connolly were also in the house sitting courtside!

Leo is 2010′s Top-Grossing Actors, with his movies making $1.1 billion at the global box office, reports Forbes. Two of his films, Shutter Island and Inception, were among the 15 highest-earning movies at the global box office. Inception managed to rank third with $825 million.

FYI: Leo was recently spotted lunching with friends at the Avalon Hotel’s Oliverio restaurant in Beverly Hills poolside.

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  • bored1

    nothing new. just being the most boring predictable celeb ever. where’s barfie.

  • inflatable

    he looks so bloated what happened?

  • http://Tj Slig ^_ ^ cute

    He the best actor and handsome boy im bigest fan of him.

  • Leo

    Leo So handsomeee lolll

  • Kaz simply amazing! Pretty!!!!!!!

    Lol, i love leo !!he’s Most beautiful man in da hollywood & in world & he’s best actor ever!!

  • Reobert

    I love leonardo everyday like happned

  • Kaz simply amazing! Pretty!!!!!!!

    Lol, i love leo !!he’s Most beautiful man in da hollywood & in world & he’s best actor ever!! Agree hes so handsome!!

  • Leo Fan

    Cool to see new pictures of Leo! And congrats for his box office reports…. he sure deserves it!

  • Megan

    Cute photos

  • Zzz

    Adrobale leo like a lot of young so handsome

  • http://Tj Slig ^_ ^ cute

    He 36 old ???? He like tooo younger 21 old lollll.

  • linus

    The movies were pretty good (well, Inception was anyway), but the thing about leo is he always conveys the same character, I can almost always picture someone else doing his role.

  • Lisa Rose

    I`m not impressed by him at all. As linus said his characters are the same all the time. Depressed and miserable it`s almost painful to watch his movies recently. No wonder he wasn`t nominated for any awards so far…
    Knowing who he is dating makes me sick.

  • worth

    Leonardo,look how awesome you are

  • Taylor

    Cute leo

  • Joey

    Hondsome cute Dicaprio i love this time

  • Fan Dicaprio

    We love you

  • everio

    I am happy to see you enjoying the Lakers game with one of your friend. Such a cutie! Both of your movies were amazing. Leo is one of the best actor out there.

  • champ

    I happen to think Leo is overrated for the most part. He’s simply lucky to have been part of some good stories. He’s a safe bet that’s become boring and routine.

  • YAWN

    Exactly, boring and predictable just like his roles. Leo= letdown.

  • YAWN

    That`s right. Boring and predictable just like his roles. Leo= letdown.

  • x


    Lisa Rose ? It is you? If yes what happens? Who/What made you change opinion?

  • hanni

    @inflatable: He doesn’t look bloated. He’s the hottest and sexiest man alive and ever. He’s also the most talented.

  • hanni

    @YAWN: Are you serious? Shutter Island is epic, Inception is amazing and don’t get me started on all of his other movies. The man is a legend.

  • hanni

    @linus: Jack Dawson from Titanic is in no way the same as his character in Shutter Island and his role in Catch Me if you Can. Leo doesn’t always convey the same character. His character from Inception isn’t in any way like his other characters. He’s a tremendous actor and really amazing.

  • x

    did you read what sait barleosexytime ?
    I bring back the comment :
    she told my friend in israel last summer when her and leo broke up that leo was selfish in bed that he never performed any oral on her that he does not like that and she craved a more volatile sex life as leo is very delicate with his sex she said to my friend in israel that she had not been ’shtooped’ good in a long time

    Read more:

    This explains why they never smile :p
    Nothing is the worse than a wounded woman

  • Fan Dicaprio

    Are you stupid person leo not boring he the one most hadsome and ather actor like Brad pitt they both lovely people

  • YAWN

    @hanni: Yeah, I`m serious. He is talented but he is becoming BORING! Inception is a great movie but not because of Leo. Nolan`s idea and script was genius, the cast as a WHOLE was amazing. Leo`s role is just like the previous ones: depressed, miserable, crying over his dead wife. Just like Shutter Island ( the book was way better ), Revolutionary Road, The Departed. All the same roles. And no matter how talented he is he is becoming BORING! Plus that `supermodel` he is dating? What a joke!

  • YouWish

    The nuts are on the loose, apparently.

    Maybe he finally broke it off with the gold digger for good, and she’s posting a bunch of negativity under various names to get back at him.

  • UOUR


    No more FAN FICTION, please!

  • x

    be cool

  • Johanne

    Leo is just the best. Love him <3

  • http://1 Rihanna

    Yep leonardo adrobale with the girl friend Bar

  • lisa rose

    Why Leo didn’t set next to Lukas Haas, he also was there (and with another common friend of them). its been a long time since we sew a pic of Leo with Lukas…. usually he is just with Kavin these days. is something happend between them?? 0:

  • Frosty

    @lisa rose: Lover’s spat?

  • Lea

    Leo: how the hell can u date someone who said Egypt is a primitive place ? this girl is a disaster for your public image !

  • CanadaGirl

    Yeah. Glad we can talk on a Leo thread. He looks great. Who’s the friend? Regulars, do you know?
    I wonder if he knows the girl beside him too. She seems in his personal space (ish) I know I wouldn’t let my leg drift into a stranger’s space, so I’m curious…. Could be the camera angle too tho’.
    As a fellow tall person, I feel for Leo for having to sit on chairs built for the 5-90 percentiles…. not comfy at all….

  • grand

    oh please its like saying Robert Deniro is boring because he plays mobsters. Leo is the best actor of this generation, end of story. He doesnt have to play experimental roles (which he most certainly could pull off without a doubt, um gilbert grape anyone?) so w/e He will be remembered as one of the greatest! Leo makes hits. Sometimes those “great acting-indie films” put me to sleep, literally.

  • Jacks’ Trippin Out Man

    Perhaps Leo didn’t sit with the guys because the last time they did, it was a pap feeding frenzy. They chased him out of the building and to his car. Remember?
    Perhaps it was wise to tone down the “star” power a bit, so they ALL can have a regular night out – insomuch as these guys are able to.

  • Moderation Tyranny

    WOW. The moderation is insane on this thread today. JJ, we won’t shred her too badly.

  • CanadaGirl

    If you get bombarded with my posts, I apologize. There’s a vice like grip on the moderation, so the comments might not get posted or they all will.
    I’m off to go shopping. Packed malls. Yeah. `O_o

  • guest girl

    Fan fiction? Of course. You must be a barf fan. LOL!
    DeNiro’s roles have variety unlike Leo’s recently. It’s true. He plays the same role over and over again. We get it. He is a serious and grown up actor but he needs to ease up already. Too serious and too depressing. Add a dreadful girlfriend and he becomes a boring and disappointing.

  • Just Me

    hmmm… leo alone again… i wonder what happen whit bar since we never spotted the two together… break up coming? i wonder if she is back in israel, whit so many people from there on here i would like to know if they are still together or not… any inside info? may be the split is leo´s gift for bar this year…

  • tess

    @guest girl:

    I love De niro but his most recent roles are “terrible”, with Fockers movies he is just lost somewhere.

  • Tiffany

    Theres something about him that I like. Maybe its his leather jacket!!! He must have bought it with all the money earned this year

  • Helen

    Loving seeing new pix of talented and sexy Leo, thanks Jared

    Not suprised that “Shutter & Inception ” had good box office returns; they were both great movies with amazing performances by Leo.

  • guest girl

    @tess: his comedies might not be the best but he is not afraid of trying. Either way it’s not going to change the fact that Leo is getting boring. It’s like he is desperate to win awards and he picks his roles to achieve that.

  • lisa rose

    #oh! I was just waiting to “break up coming” commants….. lol
    its was so obvious that its going to come sooner or later..

  • guest girl

    Oh, and we were just waiting for another stupid comment from lisa rose and here we are… Yeah, a break up is what Leo fans wish for! That he finally gets rid of your embarrassing idol!

  • guest girl

    And you got it! And you left another unnecessary comment as well! Aren’t you just proud of your embarrassing idol how much Leo fans want her out of his life finally?