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Kate Bosworth: Barneys Shoe Shopper

Kate Bosworth: Barneys Shoe Shopper

Kate Bosworth checks out the shoe section at Barneys New York on Wednesday (December 22) in Beverly Hills, Calif.

The 27-year-old Warrior’s Way star was just one of the handful of celebs who stopped by the department store for some last-minute Christmas shopping.

Kate hasn’t been seen with boyfriend Alexander Skarsgard recently but her BFF & Baby co-star Krysten Ritter says they’re very much still together.

“They are lovely. I [approve of him],” she told E! Online. “They are great together.”

FYI: Kate is wearing a Vanessa Bruno sweater, A + G Jeans, a Proenza bag, and JewelMint‘s “Eros” earrings.

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  • mickey

    ugly chick

  • twenty-two

    Her outfit is cute. The earrings are tacky.

  • Who?


  • Lucky

    Wasn’t Skarsgard away filming Battleship almost the entire time she filmed BFF and Baby with Ritter? Did those two know each other before shooting? Otherwise, how would Ritter really know what they’re like together and if they’re still together?

  • casper


  • Annie

    Ha ha ha, she looks like the Grinch! Just in time for Christmas too!

  • celeb spotter

    Why is this woman photographed every week?

  • hello

    She looks like she’s trying to model for the paps.

  • Jason

    Her face is cute but her legs look like sticks.

  • 27????

    Happy Wh*reydays, JJ!

  • Deck the Halls

    The girl has a nice face but she can’t dress for shit.

  • meme

    @hello: She is photographed too much for a B-List celebrity. She must be cooperating with the press.

  • Frank

    bish stop calling the paps on yourself!

  • burn it!

    Burn those old shoes, Kate, that you’ve worn everywhere for months. they stink!

  • Christ

    She has model thin legs. They’re really the ideal in terms of looking good in jeans.

  • try again

    She does her best acting in her paparazzi photos.

  • jmho

    @Christ: She has bird legs and imho she doesn’t look good in jeans. She looks much better in fuller length dresses that hide how thin her legs are. Good models show some semblance of curves even if they’re thin. Her legs look the same top to bottom. No curves or tone. Just scrawny.

  • Retro

    @burn it!: For her sake, I hope she’s buying new boots or has 5 pairs of the same shoes.

  • dragon.

    Cute face.
    Too bad about the man hands.

  • Christ

    Model legs are skinny top to bottom. Skinny legs are really flattering in skinny jeans. It starts skinny up and tapers down towards the ankle in a straight line. A puffy top balances the silhouette.

  • 27????

    Stylist of the Year Cher Coulter should have told her the earrings were too much for that outfit and daytime shopping. But I guess they need to advertise them since they can’t seem to give them away.

    FrugalFemina Katie~FrugalFemina™
    On Living Social: Kate Bosworth Jewelry for as Low as $10 Each {+ Free Shipping}

  • cute

    Too skinny. She needs to eat a cookie.

  • Wilson

    She suffers from early, onset female pattern baldness.

  • ozangel

    @ Christ: Nobody healthy looks like that! The b*tch can say she’s naturally thin all she wants, but that is beyond natural, it’s sickly and just disgusting. Get some help, I’m sure your pap friends could help out, because lord knows you’re noting making any money with your so called “acting career”.

  • Christ

    Fuller legs look better in dresses because it emphasizes the women’s curves and butt. Jeans are too boyish, they look better on skinny legs. Curvy legs in jeans look a bit like elephant skin if they are too tight. Size up or wear a skirt if you must wear something tight.

  • Wilson

    She should speak out about it. She could help a lot of women.

  • Christ

    Forgot to say, not defending Kate. Just defending people with skinny legs. I think Kate is older so she might have lost a lot of baby fat and since she doesn’t exercise her legs are skinny straight.

  • Chris

    @Christ: Kate Bosworth looks gross in jeans and should stick to dresses. Even models with thin legs don’t look this thin.

  • Kate’s Ears


  • KateEar


  • Christ

    Kate’s legs are fine if we are going to compare her to runway models. Please Google Snejana Onopka who always wear skinny jeans in her street style candids. She looks amazing in jeans and she is one of the skinniest models on Earth!

  • Nicole

    Again…she has nothing to offer and yet here she is again.

  • Just Kidding

    @hello: So true! It’s like she puts her hair down just for the photos. What a “pap-friendly” person!

  • Kory

    hhhhmmmm…if things were so great between Kate and Alexander wouldn’t she be in Stockholm right now?

  • Erica

    I don’t like KB, but I don’t think she looks half bad here actually. I think we’ll be subjected to the relationship for a little while yet. Lots more pap shots etc to come until True Blood in June and Straw Dogs in September. Prepare yourselves everyone, 2011 is going to be more of the same.

  • Erica

    I think she looks okay here actually. Look for more of what we have seen in 2010, to keep going in 2011.

    True Blood in June, and Straw Dogs in September. Unless someone else happens for either of these two, we’ll see more of them together for now.

  • Tanter

    Well thanks Jared, for once again reminding us that Krysten think they’re a great couple!

  • mememe


    As much as i am dying for them to break-up (yes, obsessed fan-girl speaking here) i don’t see why should she be in Stockholm? She has her own family in the USA who she probably wants to be with during the holidays – just because she isnt following Alex back to Sweden like a sheep to celebrate with his family doesn’t really mean anything. Besides – Alex just started filming season 4 of TB. Maybe he isnt even going back to Sweden for Xmas himself.

  • All I Want For Christmas

    Is no more Boswh*re posts.

  • Eresyn

    She doesn’t look so bad here, excepting for those horrid earrings, her skinnyness and those boots…
    Please, Kate, buy some new shoes and burns those ugly old boots!!!! make it a Christmas miracle!!!!

  • Marty

    My point was that for someone who gushes on and on about her boyfriend(in the last 2 interviews) you would think that she woul want to be with him for the holidays…..and Im not saying they won’t be maybe he will go home to Boston with her for Christmas:(

  • cindy c

    i’m sure alex is filming tb 4 right now. as for her she has nothing to do since her no nothing film bombed. she is disgusting with her fameho ways and attitude. e-news even said she calls the paps on herself. how lame is that? we’ll hear about her and her lapdog next month when they announce the engagement on her birthday. he gets what he deserves by being with this ho girl. yes i said girl cuz she doesn’t act like a woman. her jewelry is tacky like her. wake up alexander and find someone who is decent no sex is that good that you throw away your common sense. and yes this is my opinion people and opinions are like ass holes everyone has one. merry christmas.

  • Poser

    I love the way she poses for the paps, and of course its aggravating
    for her that the paps are there, even though she calls them. WTH would care that she shops at Barney’s, and who the hell cares what Krystan Ritter says? She is less relevant that Rachel and Kate. Amusing, that her quote is used again and Alex ‘s name is included in the post.

  • No Jared

    love the way she poses for the paps, and of course its aggravating
    for her that the paps are there, even though she calls them. WTH would care that she shops at Barney’s, and who the hell cares what Krystan Ritter says? She is less relevant that Rachel and Kate. Amusing, that her quote is used again and Alex ‘s name is included in the post.


    she has done something with her face! she looks like she is wearing a mask!face lift and botox?

  • just sayin

    As to where he or she should be for Xmas – his father, Stellan, gave an interview recently where he specifically said Alex was coming to Sweden for the holidays. TB is on hiatus and has been since end of last week. She does have her own family, but given everyone is ready to marry them off, you’d think they’d be together with one or the other if they were so in love and having the babies everyone on this board likes to keep throwing around. Who knows with these two. And JJ why do you keep mentioning that lame KR quote? What does she know about them other than what KB tells her? And JJ – how could you miss the Jewelmint shout out!!

  • date

    @mickey: maggie gyllenhaal is
    so is michelle williams

  • LisaM

    WOW!! She’s looks like she’s in her fifties, and of course she’s shoppig for heself for christmas!! She’s very sad and very ugly!!

  • Abby

    I don’t think she looks bad here. Her upper lip looks freshly plumped and, yeah she has her fugly boots on and super fugly earrings, but she actually ran a comb through her hair and, as always, her makeup looks good. Maybe she’s treating herself to a new pair of booties?

    I normally find her annoying as all get out, but today … maybe it’s the spirit of Christmas … I just can’t seem muster anything beyond apathy. You get on with your bad self Katie and do your thing. Oh, and – good luck with that.

  • where is alex????

    so kate if alex was soooooo in love with you he cannot even confirm you as a GF don’t you think you two would be out xmas shopping together and spending it together for the first time?? its been a little over 1 year. don’t you want to make xmas special ????? there has been not one set up photo of you two in weeks is this the best you can do??
    I hope alex is in sweden with family and friends and good for him for keeping out of the public eye and concentrating on TB. KATE WHERE ARE YOU SPENDING NEW YEAR????? if it is in sweden with alex show some privacy and respect it DON’T invite the paps. pappa stellan and momma MY won’t be two impressed.

    by the way you don’t look two bad in the pics kate!! I like the jumper!! happy xmas everyone!!!!