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Nick Lachey & Vanessa Minnillo Head Out For The Holidays

Nick Lachey & Vanessa Minnillo Head Out For The Holidays

Nick Lachey and Vanessa Minnillo catch a departing flight to Cincinnati via LAX Airport on Monday (December 20) in Los Angeles.

Mr. Lachey revealed last week on The Rachael Ray Show last week. “We’re going to be in Cincinnati with family, and hopefully having a white Christmas. We’re going to be in Tuscany for New Year’s. Who knows, we may be married in Tuscany, too!”

On Monday night, Nick hosted the finale of The Sing-Off and performed with the remaining groups of finalists! Committed took home the top prize of a recording contract and $100,000.

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  • ace11

    this guy seems like total douche

    He is almost 40 and acts like he’s in his mid 20′s…

    i give this marriage 2 years tops

  • http://Tj Slig ^_^ cute

    He want work in . . . . . . Home

  • googleele


  • ahaj

    both pathetic

  • anoano

    Does JJ buy celeb pics days later at a discount?? These were posted a couple of days ago on other sites.

  • Zoe

    I like Nick Lachey because he does so much for charity in Ohio. Actually he does a lot of charity work and I think that’s great! I also like that he didn’t hop from woman to woman after he divorced or married 3 months after his divorce. I bet he took his time because he didn’t want to make the same mistake. Most celebs rush into relationships and race out too.

  • hpe


  • KSTS

    im sad Sing- off show is over, that was the best singing on tv right now even better than AI or glee.

  • kiss

    Merry christmas to the beautiful couple

  • pigenfrafyn

    I think he’s so unattractive.

  • st

    Vanessa is unattractive as well. At least Jessica has a pretty face.

  • musicfan

    Didn’t rush? He jumped right into a relationship with Vanessa after his split with Jessica.

    I do not know what he sees in Vanessa.

  • M

    These two ugly, stupid-looking losers deserve each other. I wish they’d stay out of Cincinnati; we don’t want them here, especially not Vanessa; she’s a nasty bitch.

  • kiss


    jess has the wortst body, round like a drum

  • kiss

    @Musicfan, they took time to know each other, jessica was rushing to man up Nick and prove to world that he has a looser…scratch that a man

  • jessica

    jessica is fat like her account

  • vicly

    Vanessa knows how to treat a Man. lucky Nick!

  • lala

    Vanessa knows how to treat a Man. lucky Nick!

  • st

    @kiss: Yes, you right, but you can change a body a bit, you can’t change a face.

  • viena

    jessica should ask vanessa how to keep a man other than been a sexual nalpham.

  • musicfan

    Huh? Vanessa a man???

  • Go Ask Alice

    Vanessa, HATE HER!!!
    She has a good man, cute, brown hair, blue eyes, some money in the bank from The Sing-Off tv show he landed, 10 million from Jessica. Nick will be ok.
    Yep, Vanessa, sure hope she knows she got it made.

    Ummm, those who say Nick is a loser nothing, umm wtf is Jessica’s Eric Johnson?
    Look at this In Touch mag, Dec. 20, 2010.
    Jessica is on the cover. It is about how Eric studied money. Sniffed money and found money in Jessica Simpson.

  • Just Jolie!!!

    OMG!!! DO you people like ANYONE else but Angie and Brad? DAMN I’ve never, EVER seen a board like this!! Should be called Just Jolies

    Damn!! Yeah Vanessa is ugly alright, and he’s ugly, yeah ok. At least they are getting married and home with his family for Xmas!!! Unlike the “get the map out’ Family.
    Sickening! ugly??? Your all really , Truly, Sick!

  • Pretty?


    really? She does? Like a pumpkin of late. Her hair has to go! Jess needs a new hair style (and more shampoos!!) Always looks flat/oily, well she did say she don’t wash it much (ugh)..Vanessa is a beautiful woman, and she waited a few yrs before engagement, Smart on both parts. No rush here. Only “hating” as usual on JJ.

  • agree jolies lol

    @Just Jolie!!!:

    You got that right. Good name for this thread. I also never saw such hate towards 99.9% of celebs. Unless, Unless…Unless your Angie and Brad. LMAO!!! Good 1! like they are all ugly and fat and losers, except those perfect brangelinas! lol. good 1! well everyone knows them on here. Not normal!

  • nick & vanessa

    Vanessea and Nick make a great couple, he waited, she waited, it’s time. They want a family (kids will be super cute too) he is family oriented as this shows, always home for the holidays. I agree, Brad USED to , no more. Now it’s a “random country”. LOL. Gotta love that Angie, itchy feet.

  • st

    @Pretty?: Hating?? It’s my opinion, I don’t think Vanessa is beautiful as you do, big deal. And yes, Jessica is fat now, but her face is much prettier than Vanessa’s.

  • Kayla

    What is wrong with you people? Why compare with Jessica or anyone else for that matter? They haven’t made nasty comments about anyone else. They just seem to be living their lives. It’s Jessica that seems to constantly thrust herself into the limelight. Why pick on these two? And this young woman is quite beautiful – she seems natural and healthy and happy.

  • lame

    The make a good looking couple. Well she is good looking.

  • theybitethebootsrock

    Both are total attention hos . Her comment about getting married in Tuscany is just to get attention so revolting both of them

    That being said I LOVE her boots.
    Who are they by? I want to know so bad.
    Does anyone know who makes them. They look so cute and comfy.

  • cathy

    Ok have to say it Vanessa looks pregnant to me

  • yep

    beautiful couple! wish them happiness!

  • yep

    @agree jolies lol: lol! when you are right you are right!

  • dfr

    i liked the reality show he had with jessica when i was 12


  • Quilla

    @ cathy…She looks pregnant to me too. Plus I love them

  • fardous

    u people need to get a life please

    unless this girl is not stupid asJessica

  • Vanessa is hot

    Nick traded way up. Vanessa is beautiful. Jessica will only continue to gain weight. She’s the size of a cow now, but is on her way to whale-sized. Even if she managed to lose weight, she’d still have that ugly man-faced mug with that giant Jay Leno chin and hillbilly bucked teeth. Plus she is an unwashed farter who never brushes her teeth.

  • Lacee

    Vanessa is a backstabbing Filipina bargirl who pretended to be Jessica’s friend to get close to Nick. Now they are spending Jessica’s money and laughing at Jessica. Vanessa is angry because she is not a beautiful, blue eyed blond.

  • lol

    Nick is a huge partier & helped Matt Leinart lose his starting job as a QB. Many photos of Nick long before split with Jess & hard rumours supporting his messing around. Put that with sex tape he & Vanessa (pretty hard core) & then Vanessa knife incident with Lindsey Lohan. Sure these are people I want to be around.

    Can the leopard change his spots? We will see. Good marketing & PR.

    Charity work is wonderful for those that comit for no other reason then there sincerity to help. Many that do charity work are silent.

  • musicfan

    Nick did charity work before all that stuff. So this recent round doesn’t help his image, it’s not new.

    Vanessa loves to party too as was said above. She isn’t good for him at all.

  • Team Nick

    Jessica is a porker. How much is she paying the unemployed scrawny vegan to pretend to be her boyfriend?