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Nicole Kidman & Keith Urban: Sydney Airport with Sunday!

Nicole Kidman & Keith Urban: Sydney Airport with Sunday!

Nicole Kidman and husband Keith Urban hold hands with their adorable 2-year-old daughter Sunday at Sydney International Airport on Thursday (December 23).

The family arrived to catch a flight out of town after spending some time in Sydney, including taping a special episode of The Oprah Winfrey Show.

Nicole recently opened up about wanting to spend more time with her kids Isabella, 18, and Connor, 15.

“They live with [my ex] Tom [Cruise], which was their choice,” the 43-year-old actress told Hello! magazine (via UsWeekly).

“I’d love [for] them to live with us, but what can you do? They are healthy and sane and together and are great, great people,” she added. “So I’m not one of those people that needs to be reminded of what I have.”

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# 1

OMG,The most beautiful family in this world!!!!!

Sunday’s dress is cery beautiful!!!

I love them and god bless them!

# 3

Do you curse your parent’s you hmve mind a lot of bad foy your parent’s your disposal is not good

# 4

Kaz Do you curse your parent’s you hmve mind a lot of bad foy your parent’s your disposal is not good

# 5

This is a bizarre, bizarre statement from her regarding her kids. “What can you do?” For one, how about living near them? How about not being so flippant about it? Unless, of course, she was never really their “mother” and Tom just married her for PR but the kids are actually his. Any other scenario shows a really grotesque disregard for motherhood. UNLESS, Tom is not ALLOWING her to see the kids. But her statement is odd, bizarre and unfortunate for a mother to say about her “kids”.

# 6

Cute family i love them

# 7

@Ms Barleo Gaga Pitt Fan: you didn’t get it did you? This is a mother who lost her kids to that scientology freak! You can’t go up against a whole church of freaks! I’m surprised she got out of it! They are known to harrass members who want to leave their church, they’re freakin dangerous!

# 8

All family good i dont hate. why haters?

# 9

I find this entire situation odd. If she wanted to be an active part in her children’s lives, why not live closer. Also they were younger when the divorce happened, most kids especially little girls would want to live with their mother unless she was some sort of derelict parent; which I’m not saying she is/was. If Tom and his scientology rules is preventing the children from having a better, closer relationship with their mother I find that to be sad, tragic and selfish on his part. When will parents realize it’s not about them it’s about what’s best for the children. I hope he knows what he’s doing and be careful it doesn’t backfire because the kids might grow up resenting him for keeping them away from their mother….just my opinion

Love this Family, Wow Sunday Rose is so cute, she’s a blue eye Baby like they parents, God Bless this Family forever, they are beautiful family, love love them so so so much,

Beautiful family with beautiful sunday

if you leave the scientology sect, you’re not allowed to have contact to the members.

If Bella is 18 now and of legal age … then why can’t she see her mother? She is an adult ~ Tom has no legal control over her anymore. This entire situation is weird. The kids lived with Nicole at first after she and Tom divorced … it just seems to have gotten stranger and stranger over recent years. I feel sorry for the older kids ~ they don’t seem to get much attention but, of course, we really don’t know what is going on.

Omg i love them beautiful family!

Cute nicole kidman she always to be beautiful


Not most beautiful family the both parent’s normaly

The kids were raised as Scientologists. Nicole had the sense to leave Scientology. That does not sit well with Scientologists. You see what it has done to Katie. Imagine if you’re raised like that from the beginning. I’m sure they’ve been told Nicole is a horrible person. I think it’s called “brainwashing” people!

That’s just gross that he carries her purse especially when she has a free hand. excuse me while I go and throw up.

whhhabwaa @ 12/23/2010 at 9:31 am

lol 43 and have a 2yrold

Most likely Sunday decided to walk rather than be carried by her mother. At the airport, Nicole normally carry Sunday. This is the first time that she is not carried by her mother. In one of the radio interviews that Keith did recently, he was asked several questions regarding what husband and a father does. One of the question was – do you carry your wife’s hand bag – Keith response was “yes, in fact Nic does not want me to carry it. She said it does not look good. But Keith said that he doesn’t mind especially if Sunday is with them”

As a wife, I think it’s sweet that my husband will carry my hand bag especially if my arms are full.

hmmm.. my ex used to say the same thing, “their choice” yet he made no effort to see them, ever. So, who’s choice is it, REALLY? If a mother wants to see her children and there is no legal reason for her not to see them and she does not see them, then WHO’S choice is it? Nothing would stop a mother from seeing her children unless she just did not want to, or for a legal reason. Terrible…

Go Ask Alice @ 12/23/2010 at 10:03 am

Keith, he would do bettert here to let Nicole carry her bag on her shoulder.
Just tsayin’.If he were holding it for a minute, fine.
LOL, just making a light comment here.

About her olderkids, STRANGE. The whole Tom Katie family with that feral loooking kid or poor white trash looking Suir is strange.
What could she Nicole do?
Well, she and Tom were the adults so they could have made the decisions, not the kids.
The kids don’t live with Tom, but are housed with his sister in a Tom owned manse.
Isabella and Connor call Katie,”Mom.”
Why don’t they call their mother,Mom?
If she and Tom felt it was best for them to have one home, one city, oneplace,fine.LA with Tom, fine. So why does she hardly ever see them? Seems custody is not the big issue, but long time visitation is.
Tom, Nicole,and Keith’s careers are not M-F,9-5. So there are many times when Keith and Nicole are not home or they are at home in NYC, LA, Australia, and their main home,Tenn. Those are their homes. Hometime. Seems like when she goes to their home in Australia ,which is often,to see her family,and Keith’s , seems Connor and Bella would def be there to see their family of Nicole’s sis, and parents. These are Connor and Bella’s aunt, grandparents, little cousins,(Nicole’s sis’kids).
Connor and Bella sure know Tom’s mom, sisters, their kids.


It has a lot to do with Tom being leader and big name of the Sciencfictiontology cult and his control.

I see Nicole dresses Sunday like she dresses herself, their clothes are from the Little House on the Prairie collection.

She has every legal reason to see them. This is a poor excuse on her part. Dead beat mom, and she proved it with this trip. She was half-way across the world on the day of Tom’s daughter’s birthday.

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