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Nicole Kidman & Keith Urban: Sydney Airport with Sunday!

Nicole Kidman & Keith Urban: Sydney Airport with Sunday!

Nicole Kidman and husband Keith Urban hold hands with their adorable 2-year-old daughter Sunday at Sydney International Airport on Thursday (December 23).

The family arrived to catch a flight out of town after spending some time in Sydney, including taping a special episode of The Oprah Winfrey Show.

Nicole recently opened up about wanting to spend more time with her kids Isabella, 18, and Connor, 15.

“They live with [my ex] Tom [Cruise], which was their choice,” the 43-year-old actress told Hello! magazine (via UsWeekly).

“I’d love [for] them to live with us, but what can you do? They are healthy and sane and together and are great, great people,” she added. “So I’m not one of those people that needs to be reminded of what I have.”

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  • cute

    OMG,The most beautiful family in this world!!!!!

    Sunday’s dress is cery beautiful!!!

    I love them and god bless them!

  • http://Tj Slig ^_^ cute

    Good from him enjoy

  • http://1 Just jared

    Do you curse your parent’s you hmve mind a lot of bad foy your parent’s your disposal is not good

  • http://1 Just jared

    Kaz Do you curse your parent’s you hmve mind a lot of bad foy your parent’s your disposal is not good

  • Ms Barleo Gaga Pitt Fan

    This is a bizarre, bizarre statement from her regarding her kids. “What can you do?” For one, how about living near them? How about not being so flippant about it? Unless, of course, she was never really their “mother” and Tom just married her for PR but the kids are actually his. Any other scenario shows a really grotesque disregard for motherhood. UNLESS, Tom is not ALLOWING her to see the kids. But her statement is odd, bizarre and unfortunate for a mother to say about her “kids”.

  • Disfar

    Cute family i love them

  • nina

    @Ms Barleo Gaga Pitt Fan: you didn’t get it did you? This is a mother who lost her kids to that scientology freak! You can’t go up against a whole church of freaks! I’m surprised she got out of it! They are known to harrass members who want to leave their church, they’re freakin dangerous!

  • http://Tj Slig ^_^ cute

    All family good i dont hate. why haters?

  • Tabs

    I find this entire situation odd. If she wanted to be an active part in her children’s lives, why not live closer. Also they were younger when the divorce happened, most kids especially little girls would want to live with their mother unless she was some sort of derelict parent; which I’m not saying she is/was. If Tom and his scientology rules is preventing the children from having a better, closer relationship with their mother I find that to be sad, tragic and selfish on his part. When will parents realize it’s not about them it’s about what’s best for the children. I hope he knows what he’s doing and be careful it doesn’t backfire because the kids might grow up resenting him for keeping them away from their mother….just my opinion

  • Leena

    Love this Family, Wow Sunday Rose is so cute, she’s a blue eye Baby like they parents, God Bless this Family forever, they are beautiful family, love love them so so so much,

  • Zac

    Beautiful family with beautiful sunday

  • hello

    if you leave the scientology sect, you’re not allowed to have contact to the members.

  • Sheri

    If Bella is 18 now and of legal age … then why can’t she see her mother? She is an adult ~ Tom has no legal control over her anymore. This entire situation is weird. The kids lived with Nicole at first after she and Tom divorced … it just seems to have gotten stranger and stranger over recent years. I feel sorry for the older kids ~ they don’t seem to get much attention but, of course, we really don’t know what is going on.

  • Lover

    Omg i love them beautiful family!

  • Robert

    Cute nicole kidman she always to be beautiful

  • gia


  • Zzz

    Not most beautiful family the both parent’s normaly

  • kizbit

    The kids were raised as Scientologists. Nicole had the sense to leave Scientology. That does not sit well with Scientologists. You see what it has done to Katie. Imagine if you’re raised like that from the beginning. I’m sure they’ve been told Nicole is a horrible person. I think it’s called “brainwashing” people!

  • trenk

    That’s just gross that he carries her purse especially when she has a free hand. excuse me while I go and throw up.

  • whhhabwaa

    lol 43 and have a 2yrold

  • Julie2

    Most likely Sunday decided to walk rather than be carried by her mother. At the airport, Nicole normally carry Sunday. This is the first time that she is not carried by her mother. In one of the radio interviews that Keith did recently, he was asked several questions regarding what husband and a father does. One of the question was – do you carry your wife’s hand bag – Keith response was “yes, in fact Nic does not want me to carry it. She said it does not look good. But Keith said that he doesn’t mind especially if Sunday is with them”

    As a wife, I think it’s sweet that my husband will carry my hand bag especially if my arms are full.

  • ICU

    hmmm.. my ex used to say the same thing, “their choice” yet he made no effort to see them, ever. So, who’s choice is it, REALLY? If a mother wants to see her children and there is no legal reason for her not to see them and she does not see them, then WHO’S choice is it? Nothing would stop a mother from seeing her children unless she just did not want to, or for a legal reason. Terrible…

  • Go Ask Alice

    Keith, he would do bettert here to let Nicole carry her bag on her shoulder.
    Just tsayin’.If he were holding it for a minute, fine.
    LOL, just making a light comment here.

    About her olderkids, STRANGE. The whole Tom Katie family with that feral loooking kid or poor white trash looking Suir is strange.
    What could she Nicole do?
    Well, she and Tom were the adults so they could have made the decisions, not the kids.
    The kids don’t live with Tom, but are housed with his sister in a Tom owned manse.
    Isabella and Connor call Katie,”Mom.”
    Why don’t they call their mother,Mom?
    If she and Tom felt it was best for them to have one home, one city, oneplace,fine.LA with Tom, fine. So why does she hardly ever see them? Seems custody is not the big issue, but long time visitation is.
    Tom, Nicole,and Keith’s careers are not M-F,9-5. So there are many times when Keith and Nicole are not home or they are at home in NYC, LA, Australia, and their main home,Tenn. Those are their homes. Hometime. Seems like when she goes to their home in Australia ,which is often,to see her family,and Keith’s , seems Connor and Bella would def be there to see their family of Nicole’s sis, and parents. These are Connor and Bella’s aunt, grandparents, little cousins,(Nicole’s sis’kids).
    Connor and Bella sure know Tom’s mom, sisters, their kids.


    It has a lot to do with Tom being leader and big name of the Sciencfictiontology cult and his control.

  • anoano

    I see Nicole dresses Sunday like she dresses herself, their clothes are from the Little House on the Prairie collection.

  • Luke

    She has every legal reason to see them. This is a poor excuse on her part. Dead beat mom, and she proved it with this trip. She was half-way across the world on the day of Tom’s daughter’s birthday.

  • Go Ask Alice

    to say it in as few words as possible, this is all sad and strange.

  • anoymous.

    Hmm, I find it strange that a LOVING mother would just say “their choice” and not want/demand more. Usually, as others have said, it’s just an excuse for the parent to not include them in their new life. I think that Nicole, in her eternal botoxing face altering quest to remain and look young, does not want to to have the link with children that are 16 and 18 as it makes her look older (to have an 18 year old ages one!) and this she obviously hates. Nope, having a 2 year old hanging off her makes her look like she’s younger than she is. In her delusional mind, she can pretend she is in her 30s with a young child.

  • Vesper

    anoymous in the US at the age of 12 a child can decide which divorced parent to live with, I can see wanting to see more of your child but “demanding” isn’t going to sit well with a teen. I feel sorry for Nicole, but yes I think she could spend more time in LA with them, but maybe she doesn’t whore out photo’s of them like Tom and Katie do,maybe someday the kids will tell the whole story. Isabella just turned 18 yesturday so maybe she will get away from Tom now too.

  • linna

    I truly love Nicole.. I truly love her..
    I am from Kosovo and I am 18 years old && I am huge fan of hers..
    I am truly thakful for all the work she is been doing for my country and for the whole world.. she is a great human being..
    I love you Nicole (:

  • Aussie invader

    Trashy, witchy looking woman

  • Doozie

    Kidman: Quelle Phony.

    I heard her once make an error of speach to Oprah when she said that her mother liked “refinery.” She meant to say “finery.”

    She’s only blabbing because she has a movie to promote.

  • Doozie

    Kidman: Quelle Phony.

    I heard her once make an error of speach to Oprah when she said that her mother liked “refinery.” She meant to say “finery.”

    She’s only blabbing because she has a movie to promote.

  • Doozie

    Kidman: Quelle Phony.

    I heard her once make an error of speach to Oprah when she said that her mother liked “refinery.” She meant to say “finery.”

    She’s only blabbing because she has a movie to promote.

  • Doozie, Quelle Phony

    Another hater can’t spell.BAHAHAHAHA!

  • irene olson

    Gorgeous family and that Keith gets more gorgeous the older he gets. He is so talented; should be a rocker not a country man. Nicole is a fortunate woman to have her husband love her so much; she must be a great wife and mother. They look so happy; not a pretend happiness.

  • S

    It pretty plain to see most of the posters here have no clue WHAT Scientologists are like or how they operate.

    Does the word CULT not make you think there might be a problem!

    Good grief , take a good look at Katy and realize what in the heck these people canand do , .. do to people!

    Rad up on their thinking about children in their possession!

    Beside I & C don’t live with Tom. THEY LIVE WITH THE CULT .

  • Sam

    I am sure Tom and the Scientologists will be trotting them out for photos soon enough.

    Follows their pattern to a T .

    And the paps will be there is a buck to be made from it.

  • eliza

    Yes, it’s all Scientology-related and not hard to understand if people REALLY want to know what’s going on. Read some of the documented stories of what happens when one family member leaves the “religion.” It’s sad because the person who breaks free is disconnected from the rest of the family. Bella and Connor have abandoned Nicole, not vice versa. Read. It’s out there on the internet.

  • Nashville Here

    The children were in Nashville this Thanksgiving.

    You people DO realize you’re reading an old quote taken out of context and recirculated through a tabloid, then made to appear like an Interview.

    Kidman and her ilk do NOT give interviews to tabloids, ever.

    Use your brains folks, its that red jello between your ears.

  • Nashville Here

    The children were Nashville this last Thanksgiving.

    Stop believing tabloid trash.

    Kidman and her ilk have NEVER given an interview to those rags.

  • Luke

    @Nashville Here: Oh they were not – get over it. Nic & Keith were photographed out in public with Keith’s parents – where were the kids? Kidman said it herself that they live with Tom, and she mentioned Sunday Rose in the same interview, so how was that an old interview? Here’s a tip; the next time you imagine them in Nashville – take a picture as proof. Why didn’t she take them to Australia to see her parents?

  • Glamourous

    Nice to see a little girl look like a little girl and not a baby faced crypt keeper dressed all in black.

  • Glamourous

    PS – Nicole looks chic and elegant. Great maxi-dress and the blazer looks wonderful.

  • Eve


    Actually there is a question as to where Bella and Connor live. Are they in LA or Colorado. What CoS schooling is the church providing? However, there is no question they are with Scientologists. Tom is CoS. The mother and sister he has living in his house are Cos. Katie immediately turned CoS. No one in the immediate sphere is outside of the CoS.

    The uniformed haters here need to realize Nicole was never a member of the Church. She took classes but never joined. You have to formally do so. Rejecting the CoS makes her a Suppressive Person. Capital S Capital P! It doesn’t matter what you think you know from pictures. The Cos influence is more important above all else!

  • Merced

    This is the first time in a long time that I have even seen her mention her other kids. I dont think she really cares all that much now that she has her “own child”. I always see Tom and Katie with the two older ones.

  • One more thing

    The new “male” posters need to stop kidding themselves. Luke, Cory, whoever else is goig to show up. You are the same bitter Keith Urban fans from last week.

  • Sam

    Didn’t mean Nicole doesn’t see the children.

    She does, but it is a difficult situation & sad and nothing to be made light of.

    The scio group is nothing to mess around with !

    Read up on Tommy boy. That will clue you in on what is going on.

  • danielle

    Having watched Nicole (and Tom and kids) evolve over the last 20 or so years–and having seen her up close with Bella and Connor in NYC when the kids were young–there is absolutely no doubt in my mind at least that she loves those kids.
    For those of you criticizing her choices you don’t know the story behind them and neither do I. She did say early on in an interview that the kids wanted to live in LA and she and Tom discussed it and Tom decided to make his permanent base out of LA as he was already living there.
    Dollars to dimes I bet Kidman never thought that decision, since they have joint physical custody, would have resulted in this separation.
    Have none of you people noticed that when Kidman is in LA, SUDDENLY it seems like pictures of Bella and/or Connor appear with Katie or Tom in NYC or some other place? Have you not noticed that when Kidman is in the vicinity of where the kids are, SUDDENLY it seems like they are whisked away?
    For all of you stating that she took the cowards way out–no she did not. She took a painful, mature way out. If Tom was abusing the kids that would be one thing. If the Cult was abusing (as opposed to brainwashing) the kids, that would be another thing. Do you honestly think the cult would risk offending Tom Cruise their number one and most visible member by subjecting his kids to the normal xenu beatings? I don’t think so.
    Exactly what would it have proven to have a long drawn out legal battle with Tom over custody? To know that everyone in the world would be reading with avarice and malice what would have been a very public battle?
    Everyone keeps saying she doesn’t see the kids. And then everyone says that Nicole is the ultimate b-i-t-c-h when it comes to PR opportunities. If that is true do you not think she would make more of an effort to use the older kids to cement her image as a loving mom? She has never used those kids for photo ops unlike Tom. She has only talked lovingly about them. Remember her interviewing Crowe a few years ago? He talked about Bella and how nice she was. If she never sees the kids, he wouldn’t have met Bella. Katie herself talked about how mature the kids were.
    Perhaps we all should remember in the spirit of the holidays–that this is a blog, we do not know any of these people JJ posts. Including the JP’s, TomKat, the Kidman-Urbans and the myriad of other threads for people I’ve never heard of. We can gossip, speculate and give opinion, but when the day is done we actually know nothing of substance and our opinions don’t matter anyhow.

  • Luke

    @Sam: How can Nic be a “suppressive person” and still see the kids? It doesn’t work that way in Scientology. You can’t have it both ways – Tom is the bad person and keeps the kids away from her, but yet she sees the kids? Explain please.

  • hanna

    beautiful family