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Nicole Kidman & Keith Urban: Sydney Airport Take Two!

Nicole Kidman & Keith Urban: Sydney Airport Take Two!

Nicole Kidman finally leaves Australia with husband Keith Urban and daughter Sunday Rose on Friday (December 24) at Sydney, Australia.

The 43-year-old actress was originally supposed to fly out the day before but was turned back due to a flight cancellation.

Recently, Nicole opened up about her daughter Sunday and how she’s been a bit of a handful lately.

“She’s two and a half and in what we call ‘the raccoon’ stage because she’s into everything,” Nicole told Reuters. “She’s into this, she’s into that. She’s just really hard to wrangle at this stage.”

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  • mama angie

    keith and his grandma

    is he still carrying his grandma’s purse???? aww…what a nice kid

  • ————–

    why isn’t that kid wearing shoes? mama is a freak!!!

  • irene olson

    You people are so cruel at times. The child probably does not have on shoes because she wanted them off. Children like their fee free of shoes. Keith carries the purse and supplies while Nicole carries the child. Passports, etc., in the purse. With the paps around, one needs to guard the child and the other be ready for whatever. No she is not at all looking like his granny; Keith chose an age appropriate wife.; not some chick that is 20 years younger. Thank goodness the celebs do not see these ridiculous, negative comments. You are doing just GREAT Urban family.

  • Lamb

    Adorable. They are a great family. Look at the little lamb in Sunday’s travel-on pack. I think it’s nice that Keith carries Nicole’s bag. He’s a gentleman and very secure with who he is.

  • Chrissy

    Sunday looks like she just woke up from a nap, good reason for not having her shoes! They have a long flight ahead, so her sandals will be uncomfortable, so what if they’re off, her mom is holding her! Nicole does NOT look old, jealous hater!!! Keith is a gentleman (rare in today’s world) for holding his wife’s bag!! They look relaxed and HAPPY, love them!!!

  • TN

    so happy to see Nicole like that :D

  • deke

    Somehow that little girl just looks dumb.

  • Jordyn

    People who make nasty comments about children are dumb.
    Sweet family.

  • ranger

    i feel bad for the whole situation with her teenage kids. i think she should make more of an effort. they chose not to live with her for a reason, maybe they felt like she didn’t want them…

  • Sara

    @deke: Well, you sound like an IDIOT!, post your pic or your kids, let us judge you!!!

  • 43

    @Sara: You sound just as dumb telling someone to post photos of their kid for you to judge.

  • Trea

    How does one “wrangle” a child?

    btw, the security/assistant is carrying their passports, it is not in Nicole’s bag as someone here stated. I read somewhere that Keith said Nicole does not like him carrying her bag; says it doesn’t look good; then why is he always carrying it? What’s actually the dynamic here? Why can’t he carry the child for a change and she her bag? No, she wants the photo ops, of course. Can never believe what this woman says; whether true or not; she has simply lost her credibility through the years of talking cr*p. And much as there is lots I admire about her, I just can’t get to like her; nothing to do with who she is married to; I’ve always felt this way.

  • Linda

    Safe trip home!

    It’s always scary to take another flight after initial one was grounded for whatever the reason.

  • Sam

    JJ I think you hve worn out your welcome making money off the Urbans and haters.

  • Sam

    JJ I think you hve worn out your welcome making money off the Urbans and haters.

  • 78Y

    shes 43 and has a 2yrold lololololololololololol xDDD

  • mitchie

    Looks like the zenu trolls are out in full force today-that being said little Sunday Rose is a cutie


    ahhahahaah shes should fly in private jet with OPRAH they are so close friend hmmmm WHAT FRIEND ARE FOR??????????????

  • Jane

    That is a very unattractive child.

  • http://Tj Slig ^_^ cute

    Sweet family

  • cute

    Sunday is the cutest baby!!you can watch this video!!Sunday is super active!!!

  • shiwerd

    Beautiful family ever!!!!!!!

    Sunday has an amazing face!!!!which is different from other baby from hollywood!!

  • genuis

    Although sunday looks like her daddy,she has inherited nicole’s temperament!!I think sunday will be super star if she wants to be singer or lese!!!!!

  • Leena

    Please Lord,God Bless this Family always, We want you to guide them for the rest of their life, guide them wherever they go, they are the best couple and Sunday Rose is so very cute and very very adorable baby girl have blue eyes. God Bless Keith Urban’s family always,

  • Sharon M.T.

    is she covering a baby bump? Even though it’s been denied, I think something is up. She’s never been this plump. *Sigh* could be just that middle age approaching.

  • Dolce

    I wonder if those who are defending Sunday Rose’s lack of shoes are the same people who bash Suri’s clothing? She just woke up from a nap? Who and why would someone makes up stuff like this? They took an AM flight.

  • lololololol


    Don’t you mean Suro, Sue? Bashing the Cruise’s doesn’t excuse you bashing the Urbans. Get it?

  • tash

    Sunday is so cute. She looks alot like Nicole now. Awww her hair has got that red tinge to it, she’s certainly adorable. People need to stop calling her dumb. She’s one of the cutest kids I’ve seen, and is dressed like a normal child. Have you not seen children take off their shoes? They all do it?

  • Dolce

    @lololololol: You have no clue; which one you are are talking about.

  • gigi

    Sunday is beautiful and looks just like her momma. Its summer time in Australia. Maybe that is why Sunday is dressed for summer

  • anoano

    Sunday is cute, not WOW grogeous, average looking, but cute. I personally don’t like the Anne of Green Gables/Little House on the Prairie Way they dress her, but at least they dress her appropriately.


    The reason the child is not wearing shoes is simple.

    It’s a scorching Summer in Sydney, the high 80′sans 90′s

    The child was obviously sleeping when placed in the car.

    But most importantly for those WHO KNOW, from the door to the Qantas Business class counter is a mere 30 feet walk from the car lane. No crowds, no lines, no waiting. They were on the Jet in a minute with the baby carefully wrapped in her little business class bed, next to mommy and watching her dvd player attached to the bed.

  • beautiful

    let us not forget – Australia is in the SOUTHERN hemisphere. It’s SUMMER there now – super hot with temps from 80-100 degrees. I have 4 kids and they’ve been hot and kicked their shoes off countless times. It’s wrong to make fun of any kid’s physical looks; Sunday truly is a beautiful little girl with caring, involved parents. Please show some humanity/milk of human kindness in your comments; many are downright cruel and hateful. Very sad to see – especially during Christmas; come on!

  • elaine

    Beautiful family!!!

  • kizbit

    They are going through airport security, you morons. Children have to take their shoes off too. She’s not walking the streets of NYC barefoot like some other child we see so often.

  • HoHoHO

    @TIM GUNN: The scorching summer? Please – then why are her parents wearing jackets?

  • Taylor

    All guys is liar say nicole family sweet pretty when your see ather parent’s with babies your say the best family and sweet That’s all liar

  • Dallas in winter

    Kidman can’t act. She’s desperate to be on top like Sandra Bullock.

    Will never happen. At the magazine where I work, we stopped putting her on the cover because they never sell and in fact are the worst sellers.

  • Silly skeptic

    @Dallas in winter:

    Do the skeptics notice the real world? Bullock may have won the Oscar but she had plenty of critics that hated she won and hated The Blind Side in general. So much jealousy for Kidman because she gives a great performance AND stated so by nearly every critic out there. Too bad for you!

    So what publication do you work for Dallas? Apartment Finder? lolololololol

  • http://yahoo lizzie

    These negative remarks are not mean, they’re just stupid comments made by stupid people.
    As far as the shoes are concerned. My son’s pediatrician was dead set against children wearing shoes. At that time, I thought it was a little drastic, but the newest no-no concerning shoes involves studies proving children wearing shoes all the time catch more colds. The theory is the children’s feet sweat so much. So perfect people, find something else to rage about. And also, to those worrying about who carries Nicole’s purse; only those who worry about their own masculinity worry about others. That’s not just my judgement, ask any psychologist/ psychiatrist. So fellows, you may want to work on that!

  • trill

    Im no kidman fan but the woman can ACT her ass off.

  • juntr

    @Dallas in winter:
    Jesus, do you really think someone still belives you work for a magazine? Are you serious? Nobody belives you…You’re using this story over and over again since months. You’re a hater, that’s ok. Nobody can be forced to love but HOW DARE YOU to make fun of other people with this silly story?
    You’re making fun just of yourself.

    And I like Sandra but she can’t even dream the talent Nicole has. Nicole is one of the best actress in human history, Bullock a nice actress that casually won an oscar but she hasn’t great talent and she hasn’t a great career. Sandra was never on top and will never be. Kidman on the contrary is one of the most loved, appreciated asked actress in Hollywood and in the world.

  • Mary

    I like this family, I think as long as he stays of the drugs this marriage will last forever..

  • Lisa

    Ugly kid along with emme and max, honor

  • boreddkidd

    sunday you little fug get off my screen ! sadly she has the two ugliest parents in hollywood !