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Orlando Bloom Is Willing To Get Wet

Orlando Bloom Is Willing To Get Wet

Orlando Bloom steps out of his car in the rain to chat to another driver on Wednesday (December 22) in Los Angeles.

The 33-year-old actor just finished working on the film The Three Musketeers 3D, in which he plays the Duke of Buckingham. “He’s a cad, he’s a rogue … he’s arrogant, he’s like a petulant child,” he explained to ET earlier this month. “I don’t draw a sword, I don’t even throw a punch — I just have a few tantrums, which should be fun.”

“We’re sort of embracing the kind of irreverence, and of course you’re wearing period-esque costumes, and period sets, but we’re really giving it a contemporary flavor … and I think that’s what makes it fun,” Orlando said.

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  • http://Tja Slig ^_^ cute

    Now clean

  • Dexter’s girlfriend

    HE#S still like a little boy.

  • Kaz simply amazing! Pretty!!!!!!!

    Orlando sucks

  • st

    Well, he has Miranda Kerr, probably he doesn’t care.

  • I n F a m o u s l y C o o L

    …does he still act?!? …he career sure has….. um, yea.

  • I n F a m o u s l y C o o L

    …does he still act?!? …he career sure has….. um, yea.

  • Lol

    Lol i see orlando just old

  • Fanne

    He so much love’s mrinda kerr

  • Robert

    He old man but like young when he cut hair

  • Butter_Fly

    Yay! So excited about the Three Musketeers!

  • @5,6

    Why don’t you try reading the blurb? It mentions a film he was in. He was going to do another which is filming now but dropped out, presumably because his baby is due very soon.

  • Emma

    Mirenda with orlando family and orlando now make a new film

  • anne


    It’s whole 3 paragraphs, too much to read for some. ;)

  • Annie


    It’s whole 3 paragraphs, too much to read for some.. ;)

  • Interesting

    I wonder if a celebrity’s popularity really does start to decline more when they find someone to share the rest of their life with.

    Please do not misunderstand. I am very happy he has found someone to share his life with and they are about to become parents very soon.

    Orlando is not the first celebrity this has happened to. Although I do notice that threads that contain Miranda in them have a tendancy to have a lot more posts very quickly compared to threads that only talk about Orlando.

    I wonder if he was hoping this would happen as sort of icing on the cake along with finding that special someone to share the rest of his life with.

    I have never seen Orlando as the type who particulary embraced being in the spotlight…..But I am not saying that he only married Miranda to keep himself out if it on a certain level either…..It’s obvious that he still loves to make movies….I think he was subconsciously hoping that being married and deeply in love with someone, which I believe he is, has helped to take the pressure of the fans off of his presence somewhat.

    Just an observation.

    I do wish them both the best and hope for a safe and healthy delivery for Miranda….would love to see Orlando’s reaction when her water breaks though…..hope he stays calm.

    Best Wishes Always to both of them.

  • @15

    Some fans do drop out when their idol gets married.
    It seems to shut the door on even the remote possibility of the celeb and the fan getting together. The availability is part of the attraction for some, and when that goes away, so do they.
    Some fans reacted with actual HATE when Orlando’s rep announced the engagement. They acted like women scorned. Some still follow him/them. But only to insult and condemn. That’s why any thread with Miranda gets so many posts. The haters show up just to hurl insults, and their fans show up to support them and expose the lies of the haters.
    Many fans stick around, though. Their participation on the web may wane, as the star does fewer movies. But their interest remains strong. They are the ones like you (and me) who have followed Orlando’s career from the beginning, and wish him nothing but happiness in his life. And if Miranda makes him happy, that’s all I need to know.
    And after seeing him with those children in Nepal, I can’t wait to see him with children of his own. That man was born to be a Daddy.

  • @5/6

    Sympathy for Delicious
    The Good Doctor
    Main Street
    The Three Musketeers
    Fight for Your Right
    The Hobbit (crosses fingers)
    And Albert Nobbs if it hadn’t been pushed back so far that it is being filmed at the same time that his first baby is due and he had to pull out.
    But why let FACTS get in the way when you are trying to insult someone.

  • bob’s your uncle

    I hope Orlando didn’t have another fender bender. He looks a little irate.

  • @18

    Nah, he doesn’t look upset. Just looks like he is having a conversation.
    It’s just probably someone he knows, or a family member.
    Their families are coming to LA for Christmas, so maybe it was one of them, and he is giving directions.
    Who knows?
    But he doesn’t look upset to me.

  • jack


    I *think* Orlando has mad a concious effort to NOT work on high profile projects as much as when he was younger, and this all happened at the same time he met Miranda. I *think* he has made loads of effort to have this relationship work, and that has angered some of his fans. And some of his fans think they know him and Miranda, and what their life is like, and disagree with his choice of woman. There are some sites where members have a fit if you mention “They are cute together” when he appears together with Miranda. If he was with someone they would prefer with him, like some previous co-star, some fans would be happier.

  • @20

    No, they may be happier at first.
    But after the first pap pics of them together the shouts of “famewhore” would start all over again.
    The only relationships some fans would tolerate are the ones built on fantasy and not reality.
    They would love for him to hook up with someone like Kiera, or Natalie, or Naomie Harris, or ANYONE that he doesn’t appear to be sleeping with. One person even claimed that he should of married Naomie because they “seemed so right together”. ??? They were never together, yet this person thinks that he was meant to be with her, over the woman that he has been with for nearly four years. Where is the logic in that? Nowhere, of course. Logic has nothing to do with the imaginings of some ‘fans’. If he and Naonie HAD got together, they would then claim that she was just using his fame to get ahead.
    Kate and Miranda are two completely different women. Yet the exact same insults are thrown at Miranda, that were thrown at Kate. There is no other explanation for this than the fact that some fans don’t want him with anyone.
    Well, except for Viggo.
    That’s another small group of ‘fans’.
    Ones that, despite ALL EVIDENCE TO THE CONTRARY, still insist that any woman that he is with is just a beard. Pregnancy be damned.
    Some will never admit that they were wrong about Orlando’s relationship with Miranda. They are together. Apparently very happy and in love. And about to become parents any day now.
    If their relationship wasn’t important to him, he would be in Ireland right now on the set of Albert Nobbs, instead of staying at her side.
    He married Miranda. The ‘fans’ that can’t accept that should just move on
    She’s not going anywhere.

  • @21

    All very good points.

    Even if he was not with anyone, not one of the fans would have a snowball’s chance in hell of ever being with him. At least not now….when he was with Kate….he seemed very different

    We are talking about a guy who has not just given out autographs and taken pictures with his fans, but he has been known to go the extra mile and hug them in such a way it looked as if he was extremely lonely….and at the time he was dating Kate although people were claiming he was cheating on her with Kirsten Dunst.

    Of course that was before Miranda as well….and since her I have not seen him express that feeling of loneliness he used to express when he was with Kate.

    In the beginning of his relationship with Kate, I’m sure he was very happy…..but later on, just before the end I got the feeling that he only stayed with her so the fans would not bother him so much.

    I do hope he is happy now and that they do stay together.

    Merry Christmas Everyone….And Happy New Year!

  • @22

    What you call “lonely”, I call friendly, warm and caring.
    He hugs his fans (when he feels comfortable doing it) because he appreciates them. Nothing deep, dark or sad about it. He has always been surrounded by good friends that he trusts, and family that he loves. If he was really lonely, he would turn to them, not some stranger.
    IMO, if he stayed with Kate it was because he wanted to, or felt that he needed to for her, not his fans. He may appreciate his fans, but he isn’t going to let them run his life.
    But yes, he does seem different with Miranda. You can tell that he feels much more settled than he ever has. Age, experience and the fact that he is now a husband and father, has made him into an admirable, and responsible adult.

  • http://justjared Mjforlife

    @23 You are right no one put a gun to his head to go back to Kate I know he was in love with her and gave it a really good shoot but the girl seems “high maintenance ” I can’t ignore how he looked around Kristen his eyes sparkled something they didn’t do with Kate especially on round 2 I am glad he found what he needed and that is a beautiful independent easy going woman like Miranda that is why he looks happy and relaxed .
    Kate is needy and can’t seem to function without a man while she might get them at first because of her looks she doesn’t seem to be able to keep them .

  • Fading actor

    Orlando Bloom (who has very little else going on) undoubtedly needed a ‘high-profile romance’ with someone like Miranda Kerr as an attempt to stay marginally relevant in the mind of the public. Both his film career and his popularity have slipped enormously over the past few years. When he was anointed Hollywood’s ‘latest tween heartthrob’ many people predicted his career would be a ‘flash in the pan’ with no long-term staying power – which seemed to prove true in a relatively short period of time. Except for Lord of the Rings (where he was a minor player in a huge ensemble cast) and the Pirates films where he was completely out-acted and overshadowed by Johnny Depp, his films have failed to achieve success at the box office. He proved that, on his own, he couldn’t attract the requisite wider-ranging (as in more mature/sophisticated) audiences even when he was given ‘top’ billing. Worse, his acting was universally panned by the film critics. Lately he’s been hanging on (barely) career wise, but none of his more recent efforts have made it (nor do they seem likely to) the Big Screen in your local cinema. One exception — a questionably silly ‘remake’ (how many times now?) of The Three Musketeers where he’s relegated (yet again) to playing a lesser secondary role.

  • @25

    Bitter, party of ONE, your table is ready.
    Let’s see, where to begin……
    First, proof that you are a pathetic hater because you label his long relationship, marriage and CHILD as a showmance.
    A grab for attention would have been him having multiple relationships with a wide range of starlets that land him on the front pages of gossip magazines. Not the relatively quiet, stable ralationship that he has had with Miranda for FOUR YEARS.
    His popularity HAS slipped (as was to be expected by ANY heartthrob actor), but not his film career. His career is just different. He dropped out of action blockbusters to do story driven indies. Something that he PLANNED to do. If that isn’t what he wanted, he would have accepted the lead in Prince of Persia, and not have done the play in London.
    “Flash in the pan”??? Seven years at the top of popularity can HARDLY be called a “flash in the pan” by any standard. And he is STILL listed on almost ALL of the ‘most popular’ lists, even after disappearing from the big screen for three years. THAT IS staying power.
    LOTR, Legolas…one of The Nine Walkers….minor character? Uhmmmm, OK.
    So “minor” that they are writing him into the Hobbit.
    Sure. If you say so.
    POTC. Yes, he was overshadowed by Jack Sparrow, but that was his job. But he certainly wasn’t over acted. Jack was a flamoyant character, Will was the straight guy. Orlando was PERFECT as Will.
    KOH earned over two hundred million….that PROVES that audiences do like him as a lead. E-Town did stink ot up at the box-office, but Orlando did just fine in that role. He certainly can’t be blamed for them mucking up the story.
    “Universally panned”???? Not that is just a bald faced lie. MANY critics have praised his acting. Guess you just ignore those, though. Right?
    Indies very seldom make it to the big screen. That’s nothing new. Sympathy won the special jury award at Sundance. The Good Doctor has been praised by people who have seen rough cuts. And he did a great job in Main Street. These are good films, with good stories. This is exactly what he wanted to do when he dropped out of blockbusters.
    The Three Musketeers bring us back to his popularity.
    If he isn’t popular, why are they using HIS NAME to promote the film? ALL of the publicity centers around HIS participation.
    Who did ET interview on set? HIM. That’s right. Not Logan, or Milla or Christoph, but ORLANDO FREAKIN’ BLOOM.
    Relegated? He took a minor part (probably being paid a fortune) to play a bad guy. He didn’t want to play Will Turner again.
    He can pick and choose what he wants to do.
    He has a fortune in the bank, and a name that gets movies financed.
    Not to mention a wife that he loves and a baby on the way.
    His life is good!
    Yours must be pretty bad to take the time to post about an actor that you pretend not to care about.
    Pretty bad, indeed.

  • http://justjared Mjforlife

    @25 LOL Orlando I am sure will be devastated he will console himself with HIS HOT WIFE ,HIS NEW BABY AND HIS MILLIONS .

  • @25

    Bealze, is that you?

  • @27

    I love you!

  • cool a little


    To 26

    You told to 25:”Yours (life) must be pretty bad to take the time to post about an actor that you pretend not to care about.
    But one who wrote the biggest post is YOU. Why do you behave like OB attorney? Why do you feel urge to protect him in such a big and long post? Facts are: his recent ( like in 4 or 5 years) movies ARE NOT SUCCESFUL. Or to be more precise: they are unknown, with limited success or even very bad ( Elisabethtown). Without LOTR and POTC he would NEVER make ANY global success. He is not the only good looking actor. A big bunch of them is walking around Hollywood. And don’t forget that LOTR and POTC were not carried by Orlando. They were carried by strong and charismatic actors: Viggo and Depp. Orlando was good, but he was the second violin in the orchestra. If he started his career with Sympathy for Delicious, The Good Doctor, Main Street he would never be globally popular and you can’t deny it. About The Three Musketeers: he filmed his role in like two weeks. How big is this role , what do you think? They are using his name for the promotion- of course they are, he is the most popular among the actors in this movie. Are you really expecting major success of the 145 version of the same theme? What he need is BIG role in the high budgeted movie. For the past few years he was much more known as Miranda’s boyfriend (on vacation from acting). He has to prove very soon that he is a good, serious actor. If he didn’t, I hope he will find (as an ex actor) satisfaction and be very happy as husband and father. And about Hobbit- let’s see.

  • http://justjared Mjforlife

    ^LOLZ The Delphi loons gracing us with their presence how you guys doing ? Raves LOL aren’t you tired of hating on Orlando like it is your job? Don’t even dare accuse someone of acting like his “attorney”.
    He tolled you morons in every language known to man that he would be taking a looooooooooooooong vacation from acting the man had been on big productions like Kingdom of Heaven and Troy just to mention a few and filmed Pirates back and forth while promoting E-Town then having all that taken a tool on him he took a break to do theater then he went on to do at least 4 movies one of which won the special jury price last year at Sundance film festival he just took part in a big production movie different from the small though sellers he took part in in recent years only a Delphi loon like yourself can act like they already know how successful The3 M will be so tell me how in the bloody hell does that make him an “ex actor”? WTF
    His carer has taken a different direction that doesn’t make him an “ex actor” plus Orlando has already had the type of popularity that a lot of his fellow colleges dream of and makes millions every year sitting his ass home I doubt he cares what a loser like you thinks but as his fan it’s my pleasure pointing out the Delphi psychos double standards and their sick pleasure in bashing the man they say they are a fan of no matter what if he did for example the disaster that was Prince of Persia you would have bashed him like you were payed to do it.

  • @30

    Hi Nienna!
    Or are you going by Mobt now?
    People posting about actors they DO care about, is a heck of a lot different than you sad cases who OBSESS over an actor that you claim to NOT care about.
    One is healthy. The other is pathetic, sad and sick.

  • @30

    We are defending him against lies and half truths being spread by you pathetic, lonely haters.
    No need to be his “attorney” to do that.
    Just a fan.
    The big question is why people like you feel the need to constantly insult the man. He hasn’t done anyhting to you. Why are you acting like women scorned? Why do you devote so much time to hate?

  • @30

    One minute you are calling him a has-been, the next you are claiming that they are using his name only because he is the most popular actor in the film.
    How can a has-been be more famous/popular than Academt award winning Christoph Waltz? Or Milla, who just had another hit with the Afterlife series?
    If he is more popular than them, even after being off the big screen or three years, then that invalidates your argument that he is not successful.

  • Needs more acting lessons

    I don’t hate the guy – just think he’s a piss-poor actor. He got by on his looks and because he was a teen favorite for awhile. He needs to prove himself to larger audiences than just the teen girls if he wants to be taken seriously. Besides, by now most of today’s teens have moved on to other “idols.” I think he’s not being offered the really choice film roles anymore because studio execs & directors have realized his acting chops are weak and he hasn’t proven he can be a box office draw on his own. He’s not a good leading actor but maybe he can still have a career doing supporting roles. Maybe he should consider enlisting in more acting classes?

  • Needs more acting lessons

    I don’t hate the guy – just think he’s a piss-poor actor. He got by on his looks and because he was a teen favorite for awhile. He needs to prove himself to larger audiences than just the teen girls if he wants to be taken seriously. Besides, by now most of today’s teens have moved on to other “idols.” I think he’s not being offered the really choice film roles anymore because studio execs & directors have realized his acting chops are weak and he hasn’t proven he can be a box office draw on his own. He’s not a good leading actor but maybe he can still have a career doing supporting roles. Maybe he should consider enlisting in more acting classes?

  • @35/36

    Well, everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but there are a heck of a lot of people who disagree with you on that one.
    Including some of the top directors in Hollywood.
    Anyone who can make a heroic, ethereal Elf real, then turn around and make a snivelling coward who hides behind his brother just as believable, has talent.
    He has ben nominated for acting awards, not just popularity contests.
    And Ridley Scott certainly didn’t hire him for an ‘R’ rated movie to attract a teen audience.
    Is he the best actor out there? No, he needs some work. Which is exactly what he is doing in small movies. He couldn’t work on his trade while standing in front of a blue screen. But he will improve by doing small, story driven films.
    “piss-poor” actors don’t earn the respect that Orlanod has among his peers. Those actors fade away pretty quickly. Orlando is here for the long haul.

  • The Razzies

    Speaking of awards for acting, wasn’t he nominated for a Razzie Award a few years ago?

  • @38

    And even haters said that he didn’t deserve the nom.
    Best supporting actor for Ned Kelly he did deserve.

  • sara

    Oh, just ignore the haters.
    They are like bullies on a playground.
    Sad little people who try to make their own pathetic lives seem a bit less desperate by insulting others.
    Poor, poor, pitiful haters.
    *heavy sigh*

  • @35-36

    Over 200 million for Kingdom of Heaven, and you claim that he isn’t a box office draw as a lead?
    Uhmmm, OK.

  • cool a little


    Hallo shippers. Last time I checked Just Jared page WAS NOT the Orlando Blooms fan page. Other people, with another opinions have right to say what they think. And what is really LOL is that I like him and I am very far from being hater. I like Legolas and Will, I like him (partly) in Troy, but he didn’t impress me in his other movies. You can say whatever you want- but I hope he will come back in, how to say it, grandiose movie. Maybe Hobbit is his chance, if he gets it. Doing only independent movies or the small roles in bigger movies is not what an actor, who want to be A list actor, should do all his life. For you who are blind admirers without any possibilities to be objective everything OB do is divine. But it is not. So please cool a little and try to read other posts without hate. True haters on this page are you.

  • @42

    If you post an opinion, people will post theirs.
    As has been said on this very page, everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but there will always be people who disagree with you. No one here has said that you don’t have a right to that opinion.
    The people who have been labeled haters have not just stated their opinions, but have made statements that are full of lies and/or obnoxious language. Maybe you are the one that actually needs to read what we have posted.
    We never said that he was perfect, just that he wasn’t “piss-poor”.
    And since when has Orlando ever appeared to WANT to be an A-list actor? Someone who drops out of blockbusters at the height of fame to do a play in London is sending the message that he wants to be an actor, not a star.
    He has all of the money that he will ever need. He doesn’t need to chase a paycheck by doing stupid movies like Prince of Persia for the fame. He can do movies like Sympathy. Where he can act, instead of react.

  • http://justjared Mjforlife

    @42 LOLZ But, but……if he does big production movies like Pirates he is a “sell out” and doesn’t care about his “craft” and “art” if he does small ,independent , story driven movie he is an “ex actor so see the man can never win.
    You are officially a moron Orlando Bloom in his carer has done it all:

  • @42

    I don’t think he’s cut out to be an A-list actor. For one thing, he likes shopping in Waitrose and being a normal person. He’s also said he doesn’t want to become a brand, which is exactly what an A-list actor is. He doesn’t seem to be full of himself enough and he doesn’t seem well able to cope with huge numbers of people adoring him and seeing him as someone different from who he is.

    I think just doing a variety of supporting roles would give him a more rewarding career and personal life. The only trouble is I’m not sure if that type of career actually works unless you’re known as a good actor. But by trying it, he does seem to be persuading some critics that he’s taking his work seriously and is more versatile than they thought.

    Personally, I’d rather he tried to be an A-list star because I loved the time when he was doing Haven, KOH and Elizabethtown. I think they were on the right track with those, they pretty much worked for me and for many people, including some respected critics, and with a few tweaks he’d be a successful lead.

    He should establish himself in more straightforward stories that the critics understand.

    He should do adventure sword movies rather than epics, and for these he could do with a stronger RP voice with more angry bite and grittiness to it. But arguably he was good enough in AWE; the problem was that the story was confusing and he didn’t have many showcase moments.

    He should do present-day fish-out-of-water leads with his normal accent, as in NYILU.

    But if he doesn’t want to do that, it’s up to him. I’ll still be interested in seeing what he does do, and if he chooses projects that are interesting in their own right, like Sympathy for Delicious, I’ll check them out.

  • Maybe comedy

    I think he might be good at comedies, romantic or otherwise. He was very good in ‘Extras’ where he did a silly satire of himself. I was pleasantly surprised because I never thought he was a good actor before seeing him in that t.v. skit. But he was genuinely funny.

  • @46

    I would love to see him do a good comedy.
    His comedic timing was spot-on in that Extras skit.
    So funny!

  • @46

    Did you not find him funny in POTC, then?

  • ML

    JOhnny Depp was the “comic relief” in POTC. Orlando Bloom was the straight man.

  • @49

    But the straight man in a comedy is funny too. The straight man has various discomfited, bemused, angry or puzzled reactions which are funny to watch, in fact I often find them funnier than the “funny” partner.