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Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt: Christmas in Namibia!

Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt: Christmas in Namibia!

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt do some Christmas shopping at a mall on Thursday (December 23) in Windhoek, Namibia.

The 35-year-old actress left the store with Brad, 47, while pushing a cart full of toys.

Last week, Angie said the couple planned to “travel with the kids and go to a random part in the world.” Now we know where exactly they went!

Namibia is a special place for the Jolie-Pitts. Daughter Shiloh was born in the African country four years ago in the seaside town of Swakopmund.

FYI: Inside BP and AJ’s shopping cart is the Mudslinger Ford F150 Remote Controlled Monster Truck.

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498 Responses to “Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt: Christmas in Namibia!”

  1. 1
    Frenchy Lady Says:

    First !

  2. 2
    Cristobal Says:

    <3 Also. I wish them all the best in the coming New Year.

  3. 3
    yikes Says:


  4. 4
    Bellas Says:

    Here comes all the crazy Angie/Brad/Jennifer Anniston psychos to turn this thread into 350 post thread.

  5. 5
    hugh Says:

    I hear there are exellent celeb rehabs in Namibia. Good Luck Ang

  6. 6
    putry Says:

    Merry Christmas the JP family :)

  7. 7
    Lazy Says:

    I hear a continuous supply of Chinese plastic is great for an hour or two of peace .

  8. 8
    Frenchy Lady Says:

    Yes i’m first…so merry christmas JP fans, others and Jolie Pitt Family. And i tell you that i’m so happy cuz i see The Tourist and i don’t understand that reviews don’t recognize that it’s spicy seduction movie (lol)…the way that Franck look Elise : love love love ! Soundtrack is absolutely magical and one of last questions of franck to elise is the means of this movie ! Two big actors and director Flo is good too. And i’m happy because i see Gare de Lyon. Angelina is defintely my favourite actress.

  9. 9
    yes Says:

    It is certaintly refreshing to see these two in holiday colors.

  10. 10
    luvangie4ever Says:

    Angie is a natural beauty through and through, inside and out. I’m so glad to see them enjoying the holidays with some R & R with the whole family. They make such a lovely couple, so in love!

  11. 11
    look at Says:

    wow ! Brad looks great they both do here … Brad looks sooo smooth lately !!

  12. 12
    T Pain Says:

    How is she skeletal??? Are you blind? She’s looks healthy to must suck to be beautiful becaus there are a lot of jealous and bitter women out there…Cheer up its the holidays!

  13. 13
    a matter of time Says:

    Has Namibia rejected The Tourist yet?

  14. 14
    a fan Says:

    Brad and Angelina are so gorgeous together.

  15. 15
    hongkong fan Says:

    most famous couple in HOLLYWOOD

  16. 16
    a Says:

    brad looks good. angie looks so skinny. wish she could go back to her laura croft body. yikes!

  17. 17
    enough already Says:

    The HOing never stops.

  18. 18
    Lmao Says:

    @look at: It’s called plastic surgery. His skin is as smooth as kens. Angie never looks happy except for when she’s with her kids.

  19. 19
    releka Says:

    Luv them!!!!!

  20. 20
    CK Says:

    They are the hottest couple.

  21. 21
    MX Says:

    Angelina looks sooooo good, she always does! She has wonderful hair, skin, eyes, figure, facial features, everything! How nice to be enjoying warm weather. Brad looks like he’s been having some fun in the sun. They’re both absolutely glowing.

  22. 22
    teri Says:

    Thanks so much JJ! What a great way to start Christmas. I’m sure they are having a blast.

  23. 23
    199 Says:

    Maybe this post can make JJ’s top 200 of the year…Bwaaaahaaaa so lame, this couple and their 6 multiposting fans.

  24. 24
    Leana Says:

    Brad is getting hotter with age. He looks like 37. Angelina and kids make him happy and young.

  25. 25
    Lmao Says:

    I wonder if he will let her eat today.

  26. 26
    JPs Rock! Says:

    Hottest couple ever! They were meant to be, I can’t imagine either of them with anyone else anymore. It’s great to see people so happily in love. I know at least one person here who hates to see that but it’s only because she doesn’t have love in her life. It’s called jealousy……. among other things……

  27. 27
    fly high Says:

    In Namibia?!
    Yeah, they’re the real Pirates! :) Awesome travelers, as always! :)
    So beautiful and neat… They looks comfortable and relaxed.
    Never-ending Love story goes on in Peace.

  28. 28
    Roxy Says:

    If you don’t like Angie, Brad or their kids, why are some of you always the first ones on the thread to post nasty comments, plus the comments are so rediculous, stupid and ignorant. I’m thinking the ones writing this crap is the same person or some immature, under developed teenager…get a life. Anyways they look lovely, happy and inlove. Happy holidays to them and all the posters.

  29. 29
    gracie Says:



    Lots of love to everybody and to you too JJ.
    I have got my SALT DVD.

  30. 30
    Linda Says:

    She says she wants to live in Africa when she’s finished acting. Hope she stays there.

  31. 31
    Awa du Cameroun Says:

    @hugh: In Africa (in my counrty) we don’t have this sort of hospital (i don’t know for namibia but in cameroon, ivory coast, gabon…) we have most important problems that drugs. So If Angelina is in Namibia, it is because it’s a beautiful country and people try to respect their private life !

  32. 32
    JPs Rock! Says:

    Angelina looks to me like she eats very well, good, nutritious food. She just doesn’t overstuff herself and get fat. This seems to irk her hater(s) exceedingly. Just let it go, man, let go of the hatred already. You’ll like yourself better.

  33. 33
    Awa du Cameroun Says:

    Anyway i would thank angelina and brad because at least, they spend time in Africa : Biggest star of Hollywood don’t forget that we exist without unhappy (poverty…).People can come to pass holidays in Africa because it’s beautiful continent, too. WWe can talk a lot of time but Jolie Pitt family is generous and we love them in Africa !

  34. 34
    pelo Says:

    Africa is so beautiful, my gosh. Lets make this post positive, instead of dumb comments like “haters are coming in 5..4..3.”.. don’t fill up the pages with bull

  35. 35
    range Says:

    Its a shame dumb bloggers and the media made it to look like Dr.Drew insulted her, he got attacked so hard.

  36. 36
    gracie Says:

    Geez, you trolls give it rest, you must have one day of cooling off from hating. Are your lives that miserable and sad, you have to hate even on Christmas eve/day?

    It’s nice to see their pics looking great and all loved up in Namibia. What a treat for the kids. Nice weather and Shi’s birth place, great choice, away from the crazies who stalk them 24/7.

  37. 37
    trill Says:


  38. 38
    fly high Says:

    @Awa du Cameroun:

    ITA. JP has never spent their rest time or holiday just in the “LUXURY RESORT FOR THE RICH” … I like that. That’s one of reason I admire this couple ever. They are unlike any other celebs!!

  39. 39
    teri Says:

    Is there really any place private? All I see are paps and gawkers.

  40. 40
    umba Says:

    Shes beautiful. She should gain a little weight though, when she was pregnant she looked her best.

  41. 41
    Dexter's girlfriend Says:

    Marc Anthony and Angelina Jolie are best friends

  42. 42
    TRUTH HURTS. Says:

    I think it is wonderful that the family is spending the Holiday in Namibia.

  43. 43
    ,f,f,f,gg,,,fty, Says:

    in Namibia they cant to forget the tourist flop…and the return …the break….

  44. 44
    gracie Says:

    Scroll down and have a laugh. Thanks to JP fans at JJB. All JP bunch in Christmas spirit. It’s really funny.

  45. 45
    Nymph Says:

    Snore Zzzzzz Snore Zzzzzz Snore Zzzzzz. Yawn..So none of their rugrats was in the U.S? She looks old and dry.

  46. 46
    gracie Says:

    Scroll down —- more pics of them shopping at a mall in Namibia.

  47. 47
    Kaz simply amazing! Pretty!!!!!!! Says:

    Nice day

  48. 48
    Zoe Says:

    I like Brad’s cap. He’s looking good!

  49. 49
    aeg Says:

    Brad is (still) HOT!! Damit!

    Gorgeous family :)

    Merry X-mas to you all!

  50. 50
    angierocks Says:

    Again I wish all the JP fans a wonderful christmas!I wish the Jolie Pitt’s more love,good health,more success and a lifetime of happiness!Thank God for the photos to get us through the Holidays lol.A lovely Christmas gift!

  51. 51
    angierocks Says:

    I agree Brad Hot Dam n!Agie is glowing!

  52. 52
    Kristin Says:

    Brad looks really good in this picture, really sexy.

  53. 53
    ccc Says:

    Have a good Christmas, all you JP fans. I can’t blog b/c my school work was not up to my father’s expectation. My brothers keep me informed on JPs. They know I like the family. Bless you all.

  54. 54
    Vanegasta Jose Says:

    Its a best couple in the universe.

  55. 55
    Media Wh@re MANiston Says:

    The trolls are losing their S.H.I.T. again. I love it.

    Wish all the Jolie Pitt a wonderful Holiday Season!!!!

  56. 56
    lurker aka angel Says:

    crdt meems jjb happy x mass fans brad and angie look so happy

    Here is an interesting tidbit.

    AS SANTA rides across America with toys on a sleigh, Bono is dropping into Africa on a bush plane bearing gifts from Louis Vuitton. This charity stunt is a little rich — in the literal sense.

    In a current ad campaign, Bono and wife Ali Hewson disembark from their plane carrying a new Vuitton bag and wearing clothing for their African fashion house. Proclaiming that “every journey began in Africa,’’ the ad says proceeds from sales of this bag and Bono’s and Newson’s “fee’’ go to an Ugandan cotton conservation initiative.

    The ad is bizarre on its face. It is not easy to link Africa’s salvation to the world’s largest luxury-goods company and its universe of conspicuous consumption. But then, this is the same Bono who hobnobs with world leaders in the name of Africa’s poor, but occupies a poor rung in the realm of celebrity charity. The New York Post this year reported that his ONE awareness campaign for Africa raised $15 million in donations, but distributed only $185,000 to three charities while spending more than $8 million on executive and employee salaries.

    The nonprofit’s explanation, expressed in the British press by ONE spokesman Oliver Buston, was, ’’We don’t provide aid programs on the ground. We are an advocacy and campaigning organization.’’

    Sorry, but far more important are organizations that deliver money to programs on the ground. In this season of high giving, it can be maddening to try to figure out whether the money going to charitable organizations is really helping people in need.

    On the local scene, Massachusetts Attorney General Martha Coakley last week issued a report that found that of $329 million raised last year by professional fund-raisers, only 43 percent of those funds made it to the actual charity. Coakley urged people to ask solicitors how much of the money is going to charities, and which ones, so that givers’ generosity will not be “diluted.’’

    Dilution can come in other forms. Consider the fabled September car accident of New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady. He was driving a $97,000 Audi that was a perk for laudable involvement with the Best Buddies International charity, which assists the learning-disabled. The accident became an instant symbol of clubhouse charity, where elites convince themselves they must lavish luxury upon one another in order to assist the unfortunate.

    In light of those examples, it is all the more important to praise those who put money where you think it’s going.

    In Massachusetts, the organizations that raised at least $10,000 through professional fund-raisers and received an average of least 80 cents of each dollar from all programs in Coakley’s report included AmeriCares, ChildFund International, the Christian Appalachian Project, UNICEF, Food and Water Watch, and Lutheran World Relief. The first four groups also have excellent efficiency ratings in’s annual list of America’s 200 biggest charities.

    Meanwhile, many celebrity charities are far more than mere bullhorns for superstars. You can start with Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt. According to a analysis of their 2008 tax return, the couple, with causes ranging from Haitian earthquake relief to Hurricane Katrina restoration and from Ethiopian health care to refugee protection, gave out $6.4 million, with overhead of only around $288,000, or 4.5 percent. claps1 Other celebrity foundations with overhead of 5 percent or less according to Forbes carry names as varied as Celine Dion, Ron Howard, Stephen King, Bette Midler, David Letterman, Alec Baldwin, and Martha Stewart.

    Last month, the New York Times described Pitt, Jolie, and actors such as Cambridge Rindge and Latin’s own Matt Damon and Ben Affleck as members of a new “Brat Pack’’ who are going beyond telethons, honorary board memberships, and galas to “become experts on the issues they care about.’’ At Christmastime, it’s refreshing to hear about brats like these, rather than loudmouths dropping Louis Vuitton bags into Africa.

  57. 57
    afan Says:

    They are glowing. The toys is probably for other kids. I read somewhere Angie said she already done x-max shoping and make everything ready to go.

  58. 58
    HCE Says:

    Love them!!

  59. 59
    thelookoflove1365 Says:

    Merry Christmas to all the JP fans. I wish you all GOOD health, wealth, and happiness this holiday.
    Special shout out to neleh for always including me in her roll call.
    I hope the JPs are having a very merry christmas.

  60. 60
    gracie Says:


    Total Lifetime Grosses Domestic: $35,463,000 61.0%

    + Foreign: $22,717,724 39.0%


    = Worldwide: $58,180,724

  61. 61
    chat noir Says:

    Merry Christmas to JP family and all of you!

  62. 62
    vee Says:

    Merry Christmas, Jolie-Pitt fans! I hope the holiday is bright for everyone. Thanks for sharing, Jared–Angie, Brad, and the six little ones always bring joy!

  63. 63
    GO Says:


    Hmn I can’t get it, is that good score?

  64. 64
    bermygirl Says:

    Happy Holidays to all Jolie Pitt fans. Have a wonderful time with your loved ones.

    The Jolie Pitts continue to entertain, intrigue and inspire us with their talent, love and compassion. Two people fell for each other and took a chance for love and now eight people are encompassed and bound together by that love. A great family.

  65. 65
    dark angel Says:

    Trolls, please give a rest at least a day. This day should be filled with happiness and positivity. Can’t you feel the love flowing inside you?

  66. 66
    trt Says:

    A very Merry Christmas to all the JP fans!!!!!!

  67. 67
    andrea Says:

    Love them together! Wow, Brad is looking good! Angie, too!

  68. 68
    aseret64 Says:

    Merry Christmas to all the JP fans around the world. The Jolie-Pitts are having a Christmas blasts in Namibia. I can imagine the JP kids are so happy and excited opening their xmas gifts. I read that they are celebrating their New Year with Brad’s parents. How sweet! Well, sorry haters, Im just so full of love in my heart right now so I will just ignore all of you.

  69. 69
    LYNN Says:

    Merry Christmas to the Jolie/Pitt and family. I hope you are enjoying your holiday and getting plenty of rest. You two have had a very blessed year and I am looking foward to you two having an even better ones in the future. I also want to wish the smartest, the most beautiful, the most intelligent, so very clever and the quickest to give out the correct info on Angie and not allow the enemy to rule these threads with all the lies. The J/P fans have said all along that you have a right to hate on whomever, but the lies will be challenged. You will be shown where you are lying right on this computer, where we all will know what the truth is.. Love you guys. Merry Christmas all J/P fans.

  70. 70
    LYNN Says:

    I do not believe Jennifer Aniston at all. I think she knew Chelsa was going to go forming at the mouth on Angie. My girlfriend and I said why is she going off like that. She is acting like Brad left her ugly a**

  71. 71

    @teri: DUH! They brought the paps with them. How many paps do you think hang out in Nambia anyway? Get a clue! Angie needs publicity right now. She’s desperate for it. Sucking up to Ryan Seacrest proved it.

  72. 72

    @hongkong fan: Truth!

  73. 73
    Can't run from BO tank Says:

    Elephant in the room.

  74. 74
    Andamentothat Says:

    Merry Christmas!!! Greetings to all fans!
    Let’s enjoy these beautiful pics and go
    support The Tourist !!

  75. 75
    Slig^_^ cute Says:

    Merry x-mas to you all

  76. 76
    mmsic Says:

    Beautiful twosome,the real golden couple of Hollywood,period!!!

  77. 77
    Yxxx Says:

    Why the All guys love they parnet’s Angilena ****

  78. 78
    furrrball Says:

    @a matter of time: hahahahahaha, here in Africa we havnt seen it yet. thank goodness they dont come further south – we dont want them here

  79. 79
    furrrball Says:

    I cannot stand these two pieces of oxygen thieves, but one thing is sure. They suit each other immacutely – they are equally the same in many ways from being dirty to being smart. A Pitty he never met up with this person in the beginning – he wouldnt have destroyed so many relationships then. I wish them luck and their children. So how about a brandnew 2011 to them and hope they buy their own country in which they can stay and never resurface!

  80. 80
    this Says:

    @Bellas: not even close LOL

  81. 81
    Glee Says:

    So that’s where the miles take them.. Enjoy the journey guys, it took you to the place of your first biological child… Brad & Angie you are the best..God bless.

  82. 82
    teri Says:

    Merry Christmas everyone.

    Some goon is using my SN again. If it’s a nasty post then it wasn’t by the real teri.

  83. 83
    angierocks Says:

    The name changing hater keeps answering to itself LOL!Yes we get it you are not a fan,can’t stand them blah blah blah what we can’t understand is what in the heck are you doin in an Angelina and Brad thread is beyond us really….but you are definitely OWNED!……Merry Christmas JP fans!

  84. 84
    mervyn Says:

    I wasn’t aware he destroyed any relationships? Or maybe you mean the press invented illusions? I think the time has come for you to destroy that shrine you built in your attic.

  85. 85
    6Yrs Bitter Bi!ch Ex ! Says:

    Brad brought Angie and their 6 children to Namibia to celebrating their loves!

    5yrs 8+ months ,their loves are still strong and they’re always together.

    Brad never looked back !

    In 12 days will be 6 yrs that The Barren Cow Ex had been removed her Status & Title !

    Bitter Bi!ch Ex is still living with her past and her set up boytoys + dogs !


  86. 86
    Really! Says:

    OMG! What a MANLY WOMAN. She looks like guys from 60s.

  87. 87
    Wondering Says:

    Are they two brothers???? Who is older? Both men look sick. Why his name is Angelina? I suppose it is a girl name.

  88. 88
    Wondering Says:

    Are they two brothers???? Who is older? Both men look sick. Why his name is Angelina? I suppose it is a girl name. .

  89. 89
    lurker Says:

    @Really!: You must be talking about Maniston. Chinlike a man, jaw like a man and a pe.nis to boot. You are on the wrong thread

  90. 90
    tazzy Says:

    @furrrball: I pity you. Instead of celebrating Christmas morning you are here spewing hate against someone who doesn’t know you from a hole in the ground. How sad your life is so empty. I will say a prayer for you.

  91. 91
    tazzy Says:


    If this is your attempt at humour this morning, give it up you are not funny.

  92. 92
    tazzy Says:

    Merry Christmas fellow JP fans. Wishing ya’ll a great day. Hope 2011 is everything you want it to be.

  93. 93
    neer Says:

    Looking at those pics of AJBP in Namibia doing some shopping put a smile on my face, knowing that despite their high profile status, they’re able to live a normal life just like average people. They seem to enjoy what they are doing. The glow on their faces just show they really love doings things together as a couple. I mean, there’s not a trace of pretensions. They are just who they are who love to be away from the limelight once in a while and savor every moment of togetherness. They are normal couple whose jobs are in acting profession. After doing their celebrity duties in promoting their films, they easily go back to their ‘normal’ life. Of course, no matter how much they try to live as normal as possible, they really cannot help but easily attract people due to their “beyond normal” gorgeousness and they should not be blamed for it. It is what it is, so the public should learn how to deal with it as AJBP do not seem to make a great deal of it. In other words, normal people who are not blessed with so much physical attributes should just learn to co-exist with genetically-blessed people and let them live like ordinary folks, doing ordinary activities or errands.Just let them be.

  94. 94
    they took paps with them Says: GET publicity
    JJ stop take paid from THAT overrated couple!

  95. 95
    CLINIQUA Says:

    Love, love love LOVE it!! They look so happy, and rested and beautiful!! What a X-mas they are having I bet!! I stopped in real quick because I saw THIS post (see below) from ‘observer 2′ on a break from the last of my X-mas wrapping:
    Awww, FT’s perfume has the smell of being a bust. Merry Christmas!

    ~~Jennifer Aniston’s Perfume Suffers Poor Sales
    It looks as though no one wants to smell like the actress…
    Unlike Britney Spears and Jennifer Lopez, Jennifer Aniston isn’t smelling the scent of success because her perfume doesn’t seem to be selling well.
    The star’s lack of promotional work on her debut scent which was launched earlier this year in Harrods, is reportedly to blame for no one spritzing themselves with Jen’s scent.
    A source revealed to Now: “Jen chose her perfume.. But other than launching it at Harrods in London, she’s done no promotion.
    “No one knew where to find it and now everyone’s lost interest.”
    Although no one from Jen’s camp has commented on the poor sales, the source believes that they will be disappointed.
    They continued: “They’re bound to be disappointed. They can’t figure out why no-one wants to smell like Jen.
    “Marketing shows most people believe Jen smells ‘natural and clean’, which is the opposite of why you’d buy a perfume, so maybe that’s it.”~~

    BAHAHAHAHAHAH!!! Hey trolls, and FF freaks – why didn’t you go out and buy the golden girl’s stink water?? HAHAHAHAHAHA!!! People aren’t really baffled as to why Maniston can’t sell to women are they??!! COME ON, IT’S OBVIOUS!!
    She REPELS men. They LEAVE her. She is a sour faced, poor pitiful whiny wretch who is WEAK, shaky and unstable – who has enablers/azz wipers who ‘keep her together.’
    Women buy products, especially cosmetics and perfume, TO BE ALLURING. Which she is not, never was, and never will be. Women buy things to be seductive, to be irrestible…to be…well, Angelina Jolie. Hahahaha!!
    Not to be the woman who CRAWLS back to peeboy John Mayer on her hands and knees TWICE, even as he’s regaling the public of his lust for OTHER women. Not to be the woman that milks a relationship with a guy who ultimately leaves and then says of his new wife, I never wanted kids before you. (Vince and Brad), not to be the woman that is a dismissive ‘sport fck.’
    This isn’t rocket science. The perception of her, is that she is weak, neurotic, whiny, clingy and pretty miserable.
    Who wants to ‘smell’ or BE, like that??

  96. 96
    anustin Says:

    unlike Maniston…being for home alone #6 da movie!!! tahahahahaha.lovin it! baby.

  97. 97
    PassPort Family Says:

    Nambia, LOL. Very Nice Choice. Beats the kids being with the grand parents in Miss. huh? Nambia!! Give me a break…
    DO they even have a HOME BASE? Those kids will forever remember this, Hotel Life. Just like Angie said she never wanted for ‘her kids’, that’s what I do not get. Heard that in her own words in an interview prior to having kids. They are the most traveled couple ever!
    Go figure. He looks happy, even wearing her fav color. lol
    Oh they are good looking, for sure. lol

  98. 98
    anustin Says:

    family that shops together….fcuk together!!!! bahaahahaha now that life!

  99. 99
    neer Says:

    A house is not necessarily a home.
    A house is just a structure while a home is the atmosphere…the spirit…..the feel…..
    A home is where your heart is….. with your love ones regardless of the house.
    As someone said, “….the concept of ‘home’ is broader than a physical dwelling. Home is often a place of refuge and safety, where worldly cares fade, with things and people you love becoming the focus. Home is central to one’s life, primarily emotional, and partially physical. It is an environment offering affection and security.”
    What AJBP has created is surely a home, NOT a house!

  100. 100
    CLINIQUA Says:

    Hey moron #98, they’ll be in Missouri (“Miss,” is not the nickname for that state, einstein) w/ the grans and the other relatives for New Year’s. Guess you missed that while stalking them. It’s way more visiting than Maniston ever did, since she wanted to keep her cash/industry/career cow, Brad in LaLa Land doing networking w/ his film friends and try to finagle herself a legit film career (bwhahaha, as if). Maniston couldn’t be bothered with Missouri or Brad’s family. My guess is, she was resentful – he had a family, she had none…so staying ‘away’ made her not think about it, she could also avoid the inevitable questions from Brad’s people re where was her mother and father and family and why didn’t she contact them and spend time with them..she could pretend family/roots weren’t important to Brad. At some point he started saying F* you, and going to visit his family himself (like his parents 40th Anniv party).

  101. 101
    - Says:

    @they took paps with them: humm really……….So stop looking these photos et make a comment…………it will avoid you to appear more imbecile than you are…….A blessed christmas to all jp fans around the world….

  102. 102
    de Cosmos Says:

    Is that the real Brad or one of the Brad doubles that they use to make it look like they are still together?

  103. 103
    - Says:

    @PassPort Family: so hypocritical………….these children is the least of your worries………only hatred for their mother motivates you…..go and take care of yours., leave angie alone……..

  104. 104
    ree Says:

    that looks like a mall in the midwest, not africa….no way, they are in Missouri

  105. 105
    karmaback Says:

    LOL.. if they had taken the paps with them we would have gotten more then 2 pics in a week. They arrived reports say last Sunday. No shots. Well it is obvious the 2 pictures were taken by someone in the store. Otherwise the other shoppers would be more star struck..

    I know you nuts don’t think a comment all the way through. PEA brains don’t function that well.

    Well let them continue their obsession. Brad/Angie and family are together and enjoying Christmas. That is after all what it is all about Family. Brad and Angie look really happy and relaxed. So great that they can find a place to have some privacy.

    Haters are pissed their dreams are still that dreams.. Good stay asleep. Then you won’t have to face the reality that this is a man/woman quite in love and happy together.


  106. 106
    - Says:

    @de Cosmos: you know stupidity isn’t an incurable disease (if that your excuse) , you can also be intelligent as others………i’m sure your mother will be proud of you …………

  107. 107
    Some Bunny Says:

    Merry Christmas to all of the wonderful JP fans! Hope you all got some SALT for XMAS!

    Many Blessings to the JP’s to their family, and to their fans.

  108. 108


  109. 109


  110. 110
    gracie Says:

    Haters, don’t you have families to celebrate with and forget about hating for one day? Gush! it’s sad that you’re still stalking Brad and Angie on Christmas day. They’re not even in the country, so far away yet, you haters seem to miss them more than the real fans? If you lots have someone to love or who love you, you’ll be celebrating today with them instead. No family, no children, no love in your lives just like your idle —- sad for all of you and your idle, Anuston. Wondered what Anuston is doing today, maybe, lurking here too.

  111. 111
    Susan Says:

    @ree: now traveling would be a great help to you, to see different parts of the world. You have to come down from the hills/mountians, and start by exploring your state, then maybe get bolder and visit another state, then a country. I’ll understand if you have to take baby steps, books with pictures are good too.

  112. 112
    gracie Says:

    # 96 CLINIQUA, Thank you for the news. Maybe no one wants to smell like her and end up driving men away and being alone and lonely like the bitter Ho. The perfume cannot be any good, the men probably smell it on her and run like hell, The public are smart, why waste your money on something that will only bring you misery. Hahaha. Another nail on the coffin for that stinker. Everything she touches turns to disaster. Perpetual LOSER!!

  113. 113
    anybody?anybody? Says:

    i’m a hater and i had a fabulous christmas! and though i agree they may look dashing together, i at least have enough brains not to forget she’s a serial homewrecker and he’s an unstable weakling who lost his balls somewhere in her purse. all this uprooting may be exciting and new to us mere mortals, but kids need a stable home with more face time than mommy and daddy can afford, and i’m not saying they neglect their kids but come on when you’re in Hollywood you don’t have all the time in the world for family. with that said, i thought they both hated christmas? aren’t they atheists or something? i dunno, but satan angie doesn’t look like the type to make anyone believe in santa. and i don’t care how good a life they have now, i’m eagerly waiting for the day when karma takes a huge dump on them. no matter how many checks they write (and please, don’t tell me they do it because they care cuz they don’t do it anonymously, it has to make it on every celeb blog site or it’s not worth it) or how many orphans they adopt, nothing makes up for the horrible things they’ve done. i hope if satan angie makes out with her brother under the mistletoe she’ll at least have the decency to let brad in on the sex. happy holidays to everyone sitting at their computers and hiding behind an avatar!

  114. 114
    Agatha Says:

    So beautiful, i love this couple

  115. 115
    Susan Says:

    @anybody?anybody?: SAD PERSON.

  116. 116
    gracie Says:


    Not everyone lives in a dungeon like you idiot. Do you think there are no paps in Namibia? You should try travelling sometimes, it will broaden your horizon and educate you a little. There are paps everywhere not just in the US or Europe dumbo.

  117. 117
    Jones Says:

    Congrats to Brad and Angie for making STARmeter’s top 25 ( Brad #5, Angie #11) in 2010. In addition, Both Brad and Angie’s work landed them in two of the top 25 films of 2010 (Brad for Megamind, Angie for SALT). And special congratulations to Angie for her Golden Globe nomination for The Tourist. JP fans are thrilled! It’s been a great 2010 for Angie and Brad. Here’s to a fabulous 2011. Happy Holidays to the JPs and to all their fans here on JJ!

  118. 118
    Question Says:

    Is Brad wearing a wedding band (ring)?

  119. 119
    an oldie Says:


  120. 120
    mmsic Says:

    @anybody?anybody?: Hey handler,just shut up already.

  121. 121
    Passing Through Says:

    Just now got online today and I’m ROTFLMAO. First off – Merry X-mas to all the JP fans out there!
    Secondly – The trolls have spent X-mas eve and X-mas day spamming the JP thread? Awwwww…now that’s just pathetic! I know these cretins don’t have a life, but daaaayyyyuuuuummmmmm! That makes 5 years running – barely any JP fans around…but the trolls are all up in da house. I think they need to approach Huvsy and Tickeroo about a better vacation and holidays off package. They can forget about a raise or time-and-a-half, but at least get X-mas day off…even if you practice another faith.

  122. 122
    Jokergurl Says:

    I hope they have a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year, and the press leaves them to hell alone over the holidays. Just one cool, gorgeous couple and a cool family.

  123. 123
    gracie Says:

    Haters, scroll down and see who and where Brad and Angie are spending the NEW YEAR with when they return from Namibia, something you low lives including your idol are missing in your lives — family. I hope you all pray hard for your miserable lives to change and the New Year to bring you some of the happiness that is missing. JP children are going to have a ball with their grandparents, cousins, uncle, aunty and extended relatives. Anuston alone again. No crashing CC’s party this year. She doesn’t want her ruining her relationship with her new boyfriend. Hahaha.

  124. 124
    nakedoldjennifer Says:

    Merry Christmas to all JP fans!! I got Salt the unrated version for Christmas
    jenhags are insane to spend there holiday on this thread
    No pictures of JA having annual christmas eve dinner with CC or Vac in Cabo yet hahahahahaha

  125. 125
    TC Says:

    Maniston & Handjob must be knockin’ back vodka tonics right about now. Ho. Ho. Hos. :)

  126. 126
    Yum-Yum Says:

    Just couldn’t let the holidays pass without papparazzi putting out an APB looking for this family. No other family to seek out? So here today are pictures of them looking lovely as usual and I’m loving it.

  127. 127
    MEYF Says:

    Angelina is an amazing human being whom I admire and would always support an endeavour she is associated with. And this is coming from someone who is not looking to be a fan of an actor. I admire her intelligence, beauty, acting billiance, caring for others and last but not least, the apparent love and happiness with which she nurtures her immediate family (Brad and the children). Go Angie, you are the best!

  128. 128
    LL Says:

    How would you know what a mall in Africa looks like? You’ve obviously never even been there. Anyone who has actually been to Namibia knows for a fact that you are lying. For your information, these photos were first published on the website of a Namibian newspaper. I knew about these pictures before Jared even put them on this site.

  129. 129
    Mary Says:

    This is a strange relationship, seems to me a family christmas would be a a great one if in one of their 6 homes, They are fun to watch though<LOL

  130. 130
    LL Says:

    @ ree
    My comment was in response to ree.

  131. 131

    merry christmas trolls…looking forward to another year of hating celebrity couple brangelina?, who are better than you in everyway, and don’t even know you exsist? :)


    ~does happy dance in moaners faces it is all good to be team jolie-pitt woohoo!

    make up your lies, keep posting negative comments from z-list celebs, angelina jolie owns you all, c.u.n.t.s , angry c.u.n.ts

    P.S get stripping ian halperin, ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww lol

  132. 132
    Susan Says:

    @Mary Thinking is not your strong point. Family is not a house or home, but people who can celebrate where-ever there are. You don’t have to be in a church to pray.

  133. 133
    Moron Who? Says:


    I guess that’s why Jane has always kept in touch with her, after the divorce, visiting her, she can’t be that bad!
    And your the MORON, like everyone else on here (The JP Nut CLub) think this couple walk on water. Me? Stalk? HAHAHA! You all talk like you LIVE with them! Give me a break!
    And say what u want, I bet his family would have liked a woman who doesn’t have him and kids traveling 24/7, like you would know that too!
    Jane usually shows up when AJ is out of town.

  134. 134
    Moron to you!~ Says:


    Hey MORON, let’s see how long Brad is willing to TRAVEL the GLOBE because “Angie can’t sit still” (Her own words Moron!)
    He’s not a kid anymore, he’s stated how much he LOVES his LA home that he’s never in anymore (she hates LA), she needs a map on holidays, really normal ..your right!
    There are SO many pics of Jane and Angie, all over, walking the beach like she did with Jen huh? The last pics of her and AJ looked cold as hell. You better believe she misses the NORMAL one.

    Time, will tell how long Pitt wants to travel with 6 kids for angie.
    stalker?? YOU got to be kidding! The MORONS on here act like they LIVE with them!

  135. 135
    if this was anyone else....... Says:

    If this couple was Tom & Katie, or any other couple with kids in HW,, lets see what the JP Fan base would post:

    1. How dare she take those poor kids all over the world!
    2. Don’t they have their own rooms ANYWHERE?
    3. How will those kids ever make friends?
    4. There she goes again, why can’t she stay at home!
    5. I feel for those little kids, poor things!
    6. SHE must be the BOSS!
    7. “Toms’ family must miss them!
    8. Nambia! Give me abreak!
    9. I can’t believe it, Xmas too, traveling!
    10. Do they import Xmas trees to whereve they are?

    11. – OH it’s angie&Brad, how wonderful, Nambia!!

    YES – that is what this thread would like , if this wasn’t angie and brad.


  136. 136
    lylian Says:

    First: To all JP fans and the losie hanging around: Belated Merry Christmas/Happy Boxing Day.
    Second: To the losie posting on Xmas eve through to xmas day: One extra wish: That Santa included some valium, coke whatever, in your stocking to help you get through the day. By golly, you need it. I really do pity you.

  137. 137
    afan Says:

    One mistake of the Tourist movie is there isn’t even one black person in the movie I know the movie is a remake it could be one of the causes. I know Angie is above this kind of thing( she is in Africa right now has african born child ) but I am sure it would have helped the movie more if it did since Angie has a lot of black fans me included. I said that because my cusion went to see the movie with her man eariler today and notice that and said that to me ,other than that they enjoyed the movie said not much people at the theaters neither at cinema.

  138. 138
    busted Says:

    @Moron Who?:

    YOU nuts really need to let go of the Jane and Jen thing. That “visit” you are spouting off about was 5+ years ago. And seriously if Jen is in need of a mother she should go and spend time with the woman that bought her in the world..not the mother of her EX husband. Brad has always loved to travel Something he could not do because Jen didn’t. Have you EVER seen her in a vacation setting other then Carbo.. on a beach. I know for you nuts you want the fantasy of Brad being controlled and made to travel.. Get over it. He has said he loves it and so does Angie. And the thing that makes you all most crazy is that they are ALWAYS together.

    Look at the couples that have broken up. Most of them claim it was work and not spending time together. EXACTLY like Brad and Aniston. never together much when he was with her. Him somewhere filming and she somewhere filming. Well Brad found out that was not working for him. So in 6 years the longest these two have been apart is a week or so.. YEAH unlike the 6 MONTHS he was away from Aniston.

    You all have selective memory. Brad Pitt is no one fool. He is successful and found the woman he wanted. And is making a life with her. Whether you all like it or not. Talking about a relationship that ended 6 years ago just makes Aniston look pathetic. Talking about what you think Jane Pitt feels for her again just makes her look Pathetic. Trying to hold on to the crumbs of a life that ended 6 years ago. Brad has NEVER looked back. So much so in those 6 years he has not be photographed with her EVER.

    You can paint whatever picture of Jane and Angie relationship all you want. Angie is the mother of Jane’s ONLY grandchildren from Brad. That is FOREVER.. Aniston is a divorced wife. That has been over 6 years.

    see.. that is how it works. Brad has no connection to Aniston whatsoever. but he and Angie will have a LIFELONG bond. And you forgot to mention that he NEVER had children with Aniston. Never according to him did it feel right until Angie.

    YOU fans of this woman make her a loser. And you have the nerve to call the jp fans nutcases. YEAH.

    And since the fans are such nuts why the heck are you here. Go to a Jen fan site and ramble on like you idiots do about Brad going back to her. And that he loves her. Hmmm

    YOU are a fool. And a fool for 6 years is a Pathetic fool at that. Keep dreaming. I bet Aniston is still dreaming too.. Reality is a hard thing to take for some people.

  139. 139
    mmsic Says:

    @Moron Who?: You are the MORON,Passportfamily,and the Nutcase,too.Wahahahahahahahaha!!!! “Jane usually shows up when AJ is out of town” Yeah right,like you would know that too! Only in your demented mind.Angie is well loved and well respected by Brad’s family,so shut up!!!!

  140. 140
    Jones Says:

    Idiot @ 134 & 135 – Brad’s parents raised a family of travelers. Brad’s brother Doug is a professional photojournalist and Director of Africa International 6000, a charity that helps supply fresh water in Africa. Last April, he was named Goodwill Ambassador of Tanzania. So Brad’s parents are quite comfortable with their children traveling and doing good in the world. They raised model children in my opinion. Can’t say the same for Maniston who doesn’t even have a relationship with her mother, and would rather let her wither away in loneliness while she’s lounging in Cabo for a vodka-fueled Thanksgiving with Handjob. Furthermore Brad’s parents travel themselves, making Brad’s premieres and spending time in Venice with the family while Angie was shooting The Tourist. Don’t know what photos you were looking at, but Angie and Brad’s mom were thoroughly enjoying each other’s company and get along swimmingly – Brad’s words. So I’m going to take his word over yours because frankly, he would know. You, not so much. Bitter much?

  141. 141
    ,f,f,f,gg,,,fty, Says:

    box of tourist = 58 milli. in four weeks ,remember that the budget was 100 mill. and the promotion ???? that is a flop,flop,very big flop…

    deficit,deficit ,

    what are the nexts proyects for skeletina ????

  142. 142
    TC Says:

    @142 Angie made STARmeter’s top 20 of 2010 (so did Brad by the way). Oh, and both Brad and Angie’s work in 2010 landed them in two of the top 25 films of the year (Megamind for Brad, SALT for Angie). Oh, and The Tourist won her a Golden Globe nomination. What did Maniston do this year? Oh that’s right two major flops – Booty Hunger and the other one about the turkey baster. Oh, and don’t forget her perfume that tanked and nobody wants to buy. After all, who wants to smell like desperation?

  143. 143
    afan Says:

    go away fool. With that all unnessarily jnix that it was thrown at it, your fool self can’t able to see how it doing fine. It will reach the predictions my guess.

  144. 144
    voe Says:

    @afan: Cut the racism crap!

  145. 145
    afan Says:

    why I got tumbed down? boy I can’t express my thinking of things now?It is crazy,

  146. 146
    angierocks Says:

    Haters are goin whakadoodles!They just post whatever comes from their demented minds lol!I hope huvane gives you a hefty bonus and a signed photo of ticky.

  147. 147

    He gone !
    If only l didn’t humiliated him with my friends !

  148. 148

    At 1+40 years old l’m still be Unwants Vince Choosing Kyla not me !

  149. 149

    If only l’m not easy to fvuckable on the first date !

  150. 150

    If only l didn’t opened my mouth too much !

  151. 151

    lf only l didn’t slept with 20 + men !(1983-2510)

  152. 152
    Bitter Bi!ch Ex Here ! Says:

    On Christmas Eve ,Whamo playing with his wrinkle hanging sausage at his computer hiding behind the dogs and barking for bitter bi!ch the barren cow huh? anybody?anybody ?12/25/2010 at18:56pm #114

    What about this one WhamoNymphoBotoxNajimy ?????

    merrychristmas12/16/2010 at3:31am #401, justabitterbi!ch huh ?

    ” My Ex didn’t wanted to helping me with IVF “,Sob Sob Sob Sob (01-02)

    ” He cannot accepts me that my agent set me up and lies to him since day 1 we met ” Sob Sob Sob Sob (May98-02)

    ” Helping me Handjob, and Recycle my Pity Party ,the whole world have to remember me ,The Barren Cow Ex who doesn’t like being an Ex ”

    ” He said that our marriage were DEAD END “Sob Sob Sob Sob.(02)

    Jenhiper Anusho.

  153. 153
    truth is Says:

    @,f,f,f,gg,,,fty,: You are so STUPID alright. The Tourist is playing in their second week only. Look at the Box Office Mojo you idiot. You said it’s a flop but at least The Tourist still beats Jen’s movie The sWitch both domestic and foreign playing in 13 weeks. That’s the power of LA JOLIE.

  154. 154
    JanC Says:

    I wonder why these 2 never spend the holidays with family. We always spend the holidays with family. In fact all mine just left after a 2 day celebration of family and love.

  155. 155
    Kellis Says:

    To JanC – They are spending the holidays with their family.

  156. 156
    Etta (new HO on board) Says:

    Brad, Angie and kids are a FAMILY of 8 spending the holidays together.

  157. 157
    Bitter Bi!ch Ex Here ! Says:

    JanC and JenHo spending their holidays at Joe’s house !

    The Girls Gonne Wild With Ding Dong Tours in Meh-hee-co !

  158. 158
    JanC Says:

    I keep thinking about all my kids art work, school programs, little awards and treasures. Their report cards and all the things you save from your children that they love to look back on. What do they travel with. Where do they keep that stuff. I know most kids love the familiar and I bet most of you with kids this Christmas talked about all the familiar places and traditions. I love to travel but Christmas is for home.

  159. 159
    Kellis Says:

    JanC – Family IS home, not a physical place in time. It is wherever they are – TOGETHER. I traveled with my family every Christmas and LOVED it. I wouldn’t have it any other way. That was my experience. This will be the JPs experience. Do not belittle another experience because it is different from yours. That’s what makes the world unique.

  160. 160
    JanC Says:

    I didn’t mean to belittle it . Your right family is home, but I couldn’t stand not spending Christmas without my Mom and Dad. That’s just me of course everyone has to have their own experience..And I know my Mom would go nuts not seeing her grandkids at Christmas.

  161. 161
    Bitter Bi!ch Ex Here ! Says:

    The hotels around the world fully books with their guests especialy on Christmas and New Year Eve’s Parties !

    Handjob+The Barren Cow never have kids never knows that people have kids always took their kids stay at the hotel for their long week-end or long holidays !

    Only Norman’s friends have to stay home b/c he/she/it got $1-2 per post,ha ha ha ha ha ha !

  162. 162
    busted Says:


    maybe you should get off the computer talking about someone else’s life and spend time looking at the pictures of your children and their little programs.

    if you really are a parent you are a nutty one. to assume you know anything about someone else’s life. YOU have no idea what traditions or special things they do as a family. HINT you don’t live in their home.

    There are millions upon millions of children in the US that are home-schooled. Go in you community and share your judgmental ideal.

    Sad that in the year 2010 you actually think all families are cookie cutter. That they have to look and behave the same. Angie and Brad have both said that they take certain things with them when they travel and that the kids look forward to other things that are kept in certain homes. These children have been traveling with their parents since birth. It is the live their parents have decided to have. Their right. Where is your concern for the celebrity kids whose mother or father are away from the family for months filming. hmmm

    These children stay with their Family always. Home is where the people you love are and who love you. so the jp kids are at home always with Mommy/Daddy and their siblings.

    But the thing is you really don’t care about these kids. YOUR undercover nasty is obvious. Since it is obvious that this couple is solid. The nuts hags have now started the They travel too much. I guess the break up rumors don’t work now so now the fake concern for ONLY THESE CHILDREN.

    Go in your community to a shelter, hospital or help children in Foster care. Those kids need memories and keepsakes. they need someone to make Christmas and the other 364 days GREAT.

    The JP kids have 2 parents that are taking care of them. They don’t need your concern. But as I said there are thousands of children in your community that do. .

    Put you concern where it is needed.

  163. 163
    Kellis Says:

    How do you know Brad’s parents aren’t with them now? It’s quite possible. Or if they’re not with them now, maybe they’ll travel to MO for new year’s. They were last year. The Pitts are an international family, as Brad’s brother Doug is a photojournalist, Director of Africa International 6000 and a Goodwill Ambassador for Tanzania. So I’m sure by now they’re use to the global sojourns of their children (and grandchildren).

  164. 164
    Etta (new HO on board) Says:

    Then your mother is a control freak

  165. 165
    hag Says:

    HAPPY HOLIDAYS JP FANS!!!!!! saw The Tourist again with friends and we all LOVED IT!!!! really a great movie. the so-called critics wanted to bury this movie, but word of mouth about how good it is will keep it up. European audiences will appreciate this film. watched TAOJJ again last night and what an unbelievably beautiful, nuanced film it is. again, so-called critics overlooked this delight. we fans appreciate excellent film making. Brad and Angie are international MOVIE STARS!!

  166. 166
    JanC Says:

    @Etta (new HO on board): I agree my Mom is a little bit of a control freak but I love her.

  167. 167
    brenda Says:

    hey people don’t know to talk about other thing??always the same thing! many post do you want to invent now in this new thread? 500 or 600? ha..ha ,this is so angelina…you all the JP fans always saying that angelina has millions of fans more than anybody in hollywood …why those fans went to the cinema to see the tourist??where are they now?? she is not the biggest star in the world as the media and all of you want as to belive!

  168. 168
    JanC Says:

    Talking about the movies I can’t wait to see True Grit.

  169. 169
    doris Says:

    Just some thoughts about the year that’s about to end:
    1) What was Aniston thinking when she put out that perfume? Who would want to smell like the woman who was dumped by every guy she’s been with? What I (and every woman) would want to know is the perfume of the woman who got Brad Pitt!
    2) Again…where’s that guy who said he was going to go naked somewhere if Pitt and Jolie have not yet split up by December?

  170. 170
    NAN Says:

    Jennifer Aniston didn’t invited her own mother to her wedding,but she could invited 200 guests and she called her own mother A Disease !

    That’s why 2 of her Exes didn’t choosing Jennifer to be the mother of their children !

    BP choosing Angie to be the mother of his baby and babies after 6 months they’d living together !(Apr05-Dec10)

    VV choosing Kyla to be the mother of his baby after spent time with Jennifer 6-8 months(05-06)

    How can Jennifer be the good mother ?
    Jennifer cannot be the good daughter for her own mother !

  171. 171
    Etta (new HO on board) Says:

    Not gonna waste my time responding to trolls. We know Brad and Angie are happy. The end.

  172. 172
    Grace Says:

    I bet they went to AFRICA for a present a new black baby.

  173. 173
    NAN Says:

    Belated Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all JP fans around the world !

  174. 174
    fly high Says:


    You morons are looking for the word of “family” in here, in this Brangelina thread. :) Don’t you think you’ve got the wrong address? Go and knok knok ! AND find the “family” in front of the MANISTON’s house. I think she needs it more desperately than this beautiful FAMILY. :D

  175. 175
    Etta (new HO on board) Says:

    Where is poor Manniston gonna go now??


    STARS including Britney Spears, Cameron Diaz and Jennifer Aniston, have been warned they risk being ­kidnapped or killed if they try to see in the New Year in drug war-ravaged Mexico.

    Among their expected guests is Jennifer Aniston, who owns a nearby villa at which she has enjoyed at least three breaks during the past year. The actress, 41, regularly travels there with Hollywood pals such as former Friends co-star Courteney Cox and American TV chat show host Chelsea Handler.

  176. 176
    NAN Says:

    May 98 !
    ” l dump my boyfriend of 3 years (TD) upon spread my legs on the first blind date with an A-List Hunk ! “

  177. 177
    NAN Says:

    12 years ago (May98)


  178. 178
    A Wedding Says:

    is in the works. Jolie is working toward it now. She’ll get her way because she still wears the pants.

  179. 179
    truth is Says:

    @JanC: here you we go! another idiot Jen fan. Honey, you know that Home is not a house. You can bring your home wherever you go but you can leave your house. Home is where your family is, the LOVE of your life(husband & kid/s). It seems like you are the one doesn’t have a home. You don’t even know the meaning of it. Just shot up okay?

  180. 180
    busted Says:

    Good night.

    I am going to make myself stop responding to the 1 or 2 name changing nuts that infest any JP thread. They are a bug and I need to just thumb them down and stop allowing them to dictate the conversation which is exactly what this ONE fool has done.

    My before New Year resolution.. They talk about the fans, but we all know that there are just a few haters that post here. And most use multiple names. Easy to spot when the post are back to back … LOL

    But enough of the fools.

    Hope all of you great fans had a beautiful Christmas.. where ever you were. Hope it was with the people you love and that was and is all that matters.

    Off to clean up the gift wrap and hit the hay. Maybe the Confused-admirers will stop spewing hate for the sake of hate. It may do your spirit some good.

    I’m sure the JPs had a beautiful Family day.

  181. 181
    hag Says:

    wonder who the tick spent Christmas with??? HER FAMILY???? NOT!! huvane, handjob and DOGS????? DIIIINNNGGG DIIIIINNNGGG!!! YEEEESSS!!!

  182. 182
    premalee Says:

    Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all JP fans.

    Neleh thanks for the shout out.

  183. 183
    chocochips Says:

    They both are beautiful and looking so relax, happy and sooo together.

  184. 184
    hag Says:

    may 2011 be the year that THE TICK looses it’s blood supply., FeEDING\

    off Brad for YEARS!!!!! Dog repellant may get rid of the
    “ex repellent”…..please????????

  185. 185
    gracie Says:

    # 169 JanC & Grace, if you two morons had families of your own or loves in your lives, you wouldn’t have spent your Christmas day stalking Brad and Angie’s thread and wondering how they are spending theirs. At least they are family and together. who do you have? Losers, you’re all as pathetic as the barren loser you warship. You have no family, no children, no husbands or no boy friends, no man would have you two and no friends to spend one special day with. Brad and Angie’s thread is the only place you get the only excitements in lives —- how sad and pathetic. Not even friends wants you low lives to crash their parties? Do I blame them. Who wants fleas at their family get together.

  186. 186
    Catsup Says:

    Love the Jolie Pitt’s and Family MAUUH/

  187. 187
    gracie Says:

    Who did Anuston spend her Christmas with —- .Her mom is a disease, so that’s out.

    CC’s home is longer there coz she has destroyed it and that is excluded too.

    She has siblings but she doesn’t see them — that’s also out of the question.

    Some of her friends have children but she doesn’t like children —- She won’t fit in and they don’t want her coz they are spending it with their own families. No 3rd wheel to crash family parties.

    Oh! there’s Norman — the only family she has —- that’s something at least, one loyal love she can count on. Hahaha.

  188. 188
    Lara Says:

    Sending festive greetings to all the lovely JP fans.
    Neleh, muaaah. Thank you for the lovely shout out, means so much to me. Enjoy your time with the family.

  189. 189
    Lara Says:

    Sending festive greetings and best wishes to all the lovely JP fans.
    Neleh, thank you for such a thoughtful shout out, means so much to me. Muaaah, enjoy your time with the family.

  190. 190
    Lara Says:

    Oooops, sorry!
    Anyway, poor little Norman I say.

  191. 191
    aseret64 Says:

    @JanC: You must be confused. Angie, Brand and their children – they are a family spending Christmast together in another country. If thats the way they want to celebrate to holiday season, so be it. Its their family, not yours. My hubby and I, although we dont have kids at present, spend Christmas with my family. We spend New Year with his family. Thats been our tradition for the past three years and we love doing it. We have our own choices or traditions in celebrating the holiday season so the bottom line is to each his own.

  192. 192
    gracie Says:

    Happy holiday to all JP fans and may all your dreams come through in 2011. Good health and safety to JP family and to all their fans.

    Beautiful Neleh, Happy holiday to you and your family. Thank you for the good work and all the wisdom you spread around here.

  193. 193
    gracie Says:

    If you scroll down, you’ll see Brad’s parents circle Angie and his mom whispering in Angie’s ear and having good time at the premiere but stupid delusional trolls are blind and only see what they want to see and believe their lies — Yeah, Jane loves Anuston alright like you love dog’s poo poo. You losers keep dreaming of what could have been and you’ll all be stuck in the stinky shite for another 10yrs.

  194. 194
    lurker Says:

    Jane Pitt likes Angie. Jane loves Angie because her son, Brad loves her. Janes loves Angie for making her son very happy. Jane loves Angie because she gave her and Bill adorable grand children.

    Any mother will always love any girl who will make her son happy. I love my daughter-in-law because she makes my son happy.

    By the way, Knox is a little Bill Pitt. Amazing resemblance. Love the Jolie Pitts. Happy New Year to all.

  195. 195
    NAN Says:

    Belated Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays and best wishes to Neleh,Lara,bdj,PT,Aussiegirl,gracie and to all the best of JP fans around the world .
    Bye l have to working during these holidays !
    God Bless the Jolie-Pitts and God Bless to all of us “JP fans”

  196. 196
    Anyta Says:

    Brad is sooooo sexy !!!
    Love them!

  197. 197
    AWHODAT Says:

    The stupid biiitch is such a creature of habit, its gonna be the death of her. Once she slips into a routine, she cant seem to let it go. She’s like a fu.cking hamster on a wheel. :
    shes been going to the same mexican resort every year, three and four times a year from the year 2000;
    she ate the same chicken salad for lunch for 10 freakin years on the set of friends;
    she has been in therapy for 20 freakin years ever since she got to HW, so much so that she bored the poor therapist to DEATH! Literally. The poor therapist died and all she could do is laugh and say: ‘what am i going to do now?’ Unfreakinbelievable!
    she has been milking her divorce and riding Brad and Angie’s coattails for 6 freakin years. So far.
    she keeps doing the same things in relationships over and over and over again that drive men away time and time and time and time and time and time and time and time again (count them: thats at least 8 men -that we know of – since Brad dumped her);
    she gives the same asss and coochie show for the paps every time she goes to mexico;
    she remains friends with misogynist types like joe francis (who exploits young girls with his girls-gone-wild porn brand) and chelsea handjob, the unfunny, wannabe comic who insults little children. Which reveal exactly what kind of person she is: show me your friends and i tell you who you are;
    she surrounds herself with females who are ALL homewreckers (laura dern; courtney cox; sheryl crow); and then when her exhusband tells her that he wants a divorce, she begs him to go have an affair with the woman he wants to leave her for (just like cox told her husband to go have an affair but remain married) so he can get the woman of his dreams “out of his system” but when her exhusband says h3ll no, i want a divorce so i can go after angie, then she gives a tell-all interview in VF and gives her friends the greenlight to trashtalk her exhusband, his new love and their children and say her exhusband’s new love is a homewrecker. And six years later, she is still spreading this lie to her new pittbull mouthpiece, chelsea handjob;
    she plays the same rachel character in all her movies, with the same characteristic moves that everyone recognizes and ridicules her about;
    she chooses the same genre of movies every single time she does a movie, which since 2006, has been an average of 3 movies a year;
    she wears the same hair-as-curtain-to-cover-my-fug-face hairstyle for over 16 years now;
    she has been smokin and tokin and drinking nonstop all her adult life even tho she has lied that she wanted to be ‘a young mom’ when she got married in july 2000;
    she has been saying she wants to have a kid every year since she got married in 2000 and still repeats this lie even when no one believes her anymore;
    she has had the same PR drag queen huvane since before she got married and he keeps telling her to do the same underhand tactics that have reduced her to a HW laughing stock but she is too dumb to see it.
    Couldnt happen to a more mean-spirited, mother-hating, passive-aggressive, vindictive, grudge-holding, untalented, famewh0ring, high-maintenance, pretentious, nasty biitch.

  198. 198
    lulu Says:

    gracie @ 12/26/2010 at 4:38 am +6

    Who did Anuston spend her Christmas with —- .Her mom is a disease, so that’s out. CC’s home is longer there coz she has destroyed it and that is excluded t


    I read somewhere CC will be spending christmas with her new boytoy and her daughter outside LA. Do you think X will join them?

  199. 199
    lylian Says:

    Hmmm, just saw the post that Daniel Craig and Rachel Weisz are spending xmas together.

  200. 200
    tazzy Says:

    @A Wedding:

    You don’t know what you are talking about so sit down an STFU!

  201. 201
    neer Says:
    By Susan Martin
    Published:December 26, 2010, 7:38 AM
    Designer/author Kate Spade
    Updated: December 26, 2010, 7:38 AM
    Tailored elegance
    Some women like frilly holiday dressing. For others, especially come New Year’s Eve, a sleek, modern, fitted tuxedo is more their style.
    “The man-tailored suit — usually a jacket with lapel and trousers with a tonal-fabric stripe down the leg — can be sophisticated and super-sexy. Just look at Angelina Jolie, who wears them regularly on the red carpet,” writes SAMANTHA CRITCHELL, fashion writer for the Associated Press.
    It’s what you wear underneath, from the top down to the attitude, that makes a difference.

  202. 202
    Saw That, too Says:

    Lylian- yes, no cries of he’s a homewrecker (of a home w/ a young child), she’s a homewrecker (of Daniel Craig’s LONG term relationship…only the JPs get such abuse- unfairly Every week (or day, if you count the Internet) for six years the lying media claims that JPs are broken up and at least 100 OTHER couples are the ones that are now kaput- very telling. Well, Jennifer Garner is running around in all black- AGAIN- she must be a very bad mother, right?!

  203. 203
    Saw The Tourist, Got Engaged! Says:

    Ha- saw that Hugh Hefner got engaged just after seeing The Tourist…I thought the movie was very romantic, but must be even more so than I thought!!

  204. 204
    busted Says:


    I saw that thread too. I was going to comment on it but said, Whatever.

    WONDER if the moral police that live on a Brad/Angie thread will camp out at the Daniel/Rachel thread.. I mean they are so into what is right and wrong (according to them).. Will they attack. Will they stand up for a relationship. Will they scream their outrage about the child..

    I won’t be sitting home waiting. They are only nut crazy about Brad and Angie and what the do or don’t do. It will be interesting to see if Daniel/Rachel are in it for the long haul. If they last. I have read a few threads on Daniel and was amazed at how some of the women attacked his girlfriend. I though Angie got a lot of crazy bit#hes after her but they were just so nasty towards his girlfriend. And I see that same kind of stuff about Kate Bosworth and that Alexandar Skarsgard. The women are brutal towards her to.

    It so obvious. It is always about the man. It the man is someone they fantasize about then they go apeshit crazy on the woman. I read a few of the post on the Craig thread and they are like.. great couple.. they look so hot.. I really just had to laugh and leave. Shaking my head.

    Brad and Angelina are 6 years in.. 6 years longer then the haters gave them. They have been waiting for this relationship to end for years. And yet the JPs have stayed together..

    Let’s see if Daniel/Rachel can do it too..

  205. 205
    IN ADDITION... Says:

    …Daniel C & Rachael W recently worked on a movie together- shouldn’t that make it “worse”??…seriously, there is such a diff standard for the JPs- very annoying. “Mainstream/respectable” media are always lying about the JPs and snarking on them, fudging dates, etc. to try to make something out of nothing- arrgh…I’m glad Brad & Angie ignore all the coatailers/namedroppers/yappers and just live their beautiful lives- Merry Christmas!

  206. 206
    cee Says:

    Let’s face it. Angelina is held to a higher standard than all actresses in thehens minds. Truth be told she stands heads above all ot them. But Angelina is amazing and living her life and enjoying her love and her kids and being totally happy. It dfrives the haters nuts like the HuffnPuff post. They use Angie and Brad just like the tabs IT and the rest. HuffnPuff didn’t even print the Pinsky apology. No surprise there!
    I know AH hates Angie because of JA but to ruin the rep of the paper is beyond me. They always read like a tabloid when it comes to Angie.

  207. 207
    anustin Says:

    b/c the jolie name is a brand.

  208. 208
    lilynz Says:

    Neither Angelina or Brad will be interested of course in reading any of this, but I trust they and the children have had a wonderful Christmas and the children got all the things they wanted and a few surprise gifts their parents knew they would love.

    Great family and may they be happy together forever.

  209. 209
    vicky Says:

    Angie & Brad looks marvelous, hope they enjoy this couple
    of days happy holidays and best wishes to the JP family♥ sweet family

  210. 210
    bomb away angelina Says:

    1. Little Fockers (Universal) NEW [3,536 Theaters]
    Wednesday $7.2M, Thursday $7.1M, Friday $5M, Saturday $14.5M
    3-Day Weekend $34M, Cume $48.3M

    2. True Grit (Paramount) NEW [3,047 Theaters]
    Wednesday $5.5M, Thursday $5.6M, Friday $4.7M, Saturday $10.4M
    3-Day Weekend $25.6M, Cume $36.8M

    3. Tron 3D (Disney) Week 2 [3,451 Theaters]
    Wednesday $5.6M, Thursday $6.1M, Friday $3.9M, Saturday $7.8M
    3-Day Weedend $20.1M (-54%), Cume $88.3M

    4. Narnia 3D/Dawn Treader (Walden/Fox) Week 3 [3,350 Theaters]
    Wednesday $2.5M, Thursday $2.9M, Friday $2.2M, Saturday $3.7M
    3-Day Weekend $10.8M, Cume $63.9M

    5. The Fighter (Relativity/Paramount) Week 3 [2,503 Theaters]
    Wednesday $1.3M, Thursday $1.5M, Friday $1.2M, Saturday $3.4M
    3-Day Weekend $8.5M, Cume $27.5M

    6. Yogi Bear 3D (Warner Bros) Week 2 [3,515 Theaters]
    Wednesday $2.9M, Thursday $3.2M, Friday $2.1M, Saturday $2.5M
    3-Day Weekend $8.2M (-50%), Cume $36.2M

    7. Gulliver’s Travels 3D (Fox) NEW [2,546 Theaters]
    Saturday $3.5M
    2-Day Weekend $7.2M

    8. Black Swan (Fox Searchlight) Week 4 [1,466 Theaters]
    Wednesday $1.7M, Thursday $1.7M, Friday $1M, Saturday $2.5M
    3-Day Weekend $6.6M, Cume $29M

    9. Tangled 3D (Disney) Week 5 [2,582 Theaters]
    Wednesday $2.2M, Thursday $2.6M, Friday $1.7M, Saturday $2.3M
    3-Day Weekend $6.5M, Cume $143.7M

    10. The Tourist (GK Films/Sony) Week 3 [2,756 Theaters]
    Wednesday $1M, Thursday $1.1M, Friday $875K, Saturday $2.3M
    3-Day Weekend $5.7M, Cume $41.2M

  211. 211
    Passing Through Says:

    # 200 lylian @ 12/26/2010 at 10:47 am
    Hmmm, just saw the post that Daniel Craig and Rachel Weisz are spending xmas together.
    I just saw this on Jared’s homepage. So much for that nasty denial DC’s PR flack gave TMZ. Why bother issuing denials when they know the truth is going to come out eventually? Now his PR flack looks like an idiot and the next time he denies a rumor people aren’t going to believe him. Just don’t bother to say anything and then you don’t look like a liar AND a cheater later on.
    BTW – Where are the hens ragging on Rachel for cheating on her hubby and dumping her kid somwehere at Christmast time to go off with her lover? Oops…my bad…that would only be a problem if it were Angie. Sorry…sometimes I forget how this works…

  212. 212
    Passing Through Says:

    # 204 Saw The Tourist, Got Engaged! @ 12/26/2010 at 11:22 am
    Yeah, but Hef gets engaged after every movie he sees. The man’s had more engagements in his life than he’s had bowel movements…and considering how old he is I’m probably not too far off the mark…

  213. 213
    Alissa Says:

    Twätzilla just had to have some media attention so she arranged for shopping pics. Sickening, really.

    Oh well, soon it officially will be Splitsville for this phony-baloney couple.



  214. 214
    Alissa Says:

    What’s that terrible smell?


    Is it Hef or is it The Tourist stinkeroo?



  215. 215
    Susan Says:

    Snow, Snow, Snow 12 to 18 inches it is tough out there with wind blowing up to 40MPH. Sad and sick trolls Angie was paid already, Sony and Graham king will get a profit one way or another, so stick a fork in it, aj and all the other names you use.

  216. 216
    bdj Says:

    The Tourist is almost 80 million worldwide. Don’t gloat too fast hens. Worry about that Country Weak and that American Sweetheart, RW, which is out of the Top ten after one week.


    “The Tourist” (GK Films/Sony): $5.7 million on its third weekend, down 33%. Domestic total: $41.2 million. $8.5 million overseas in 24 foreign markets. International total: $37.1 million.]

  217. 217
    bdj Says:

    Check out the Tourist

    The Tourist with Angelina Jolie and Johnny Depp

    Last Night For Christmas I treated myself to a movie.. And the Movie I Chose to see what THE TOURIST with Angelina Jolie and Johnny Depp. Even though Jolie is smoking HOTT and Depp is Super Cool in all his movies, I still had doubts because of other reviewers saying that the movie wasnt really that good. But I would have to say that this movie was not only good but very suspenseful. Its def. worth seeing and I will not give anything away, because I was a little surprised to find out who Alexander Pierce really was in this storyline.. Id give it a 4 out of 5 and def recommend for you to see this movie

  218. 218
    Observer2 Says:

    LMAO! Someone needs to look up the definition of soon because they’ve been spouting the same thing for going on 6 years.

    Not too bright.

  219. 219
    bdj Says:

    Merry Christmas to all the fans and the Jolie-Pitts. Entire article at link

    A New Orleans Christmas in the Lower Ninth

    Famous to the outside world as the epicenter of Katrina’s death and destruction, the Lower Ninth Ward has also long been home to some of the city’s leading musicians and tightest-knit communities. Both were in abundant display as the gloriously raucous procession of costumed dancers and marching musicians, joined along the way by countless passers-by, wound through the streets under mild, sunny skies.

    But the December 2010 second line passed unmistakable signs of re-birth: newly constructed or refurbished houses (some sporting the pink or mint green paint often favored here); functioning corner stores and gas stations; accurate street signs; navigable road surfaces. The parade began a few blocks east of the French Quarter and proceeded east on St. Claude Avenue. After crossing the bridge over the Industrial Canal—whose levee collapse was the single deadliest catastrophe of the Katrina nightmare—the second liners entered the Lower Ninth proper. At the command of the two social clubs’ leaders and in apparently friendly coordination with the watchful but relaxed presence of New Orleans police officers, the parade soon turned south to visit the Holy Cross section of the Lower Ninth, where Brad Pitt’s “Make It Right” green housing project is now up and running and most other houses look comfortably inhabited again.

  220. 220
    Passing Through Says:

    OT – I was just looking at the weekend BO results and I see that How Do You Know only bade $3.7MIL for a whopping total of $15,155,000. With a budget of $120MIL with $20MIL in tax breaks – that’s still a $100MIL budget. The BO on this movie is so bad that X can now boast that her last movie outearned RW’s so surely that must mean her asking price should be the same as RW’s = $15MIL. BBBBWWWWHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! I’d love to sit in on the meeting where Kevin Huvane tried to get X $15MIL for one of her bad romcoms. The studio would probably ask him if that means SHE is going to pay THEM $15MIL if they’re stupid enough to cast her. LOL!
    BTW – I saw a THR story listing the salaries on HDYK.
    Reese – $15MIL
    Jack N. – $12MIL
    Owen Wilson – $10MIL
    Paul Rudd – $3MIL
    James L. Brooks – $10MIL
    Seriously – The only thought that comes to my mind is – how come my boss can’t overpay ME by $15MIL to suck at my job? Sometimes life just ain’t fair.

  221. 221
    tomatoSTL Says:

    sombreroSTL @ 12/19/2010 at 10:01 am

    Thumb up Thumb down -3

    wow, being forced to change the genre of jolie’s mega boxoffice bomb th e tourist from drama thriller to a laughing stock of whole media industry, just to be able to buy jolie an invitation to GG ceremony must hurt JJloons badly, especially if their idol jolie and themselves are too stupid, to understand, that the whole GG theatre is a big joke on jolie and pitt, who would accept even a toilett brush as an award, if they just would get nominated and could pester some red carpet, and bring for their abysmal movies 2 people more into theatre is also a winner

    Read more:

  222. 222
    tomatoSTL Says:


    and SONY can buy out every single award for this STINKER THE TOURIST JOLIE FLOP, it does not help


    soon these two HASBEENS BRANGELINA will have only their child pimping as their sole income left, oh wait, they could use refugees and other world catasthrophes for money collecting for their phony fauxmanitarian organizations, when their children refuse to work for them

  223. 223
    bdj Says:

    I see the paid whiny hen had to work on Christmas. Baby Jane is getting ready for the coke and toke Holiday fest in Mexico and the paid hen is left to spam the boards. Nothing changes for a flunky.

  224. 224
    bdj Says:

    Top 25 Movies of 2010

    Salt’ (Sony Pictures)

    Total gross: $118,311,368

    Best quote: “Let me guess, you’re one of those people who thinks everyone is who they say they are?” Evelyn Salt (Angelina Jolie)

  225. 225
    bdj Says:
    Get your Salt DVD

    Angelina Jolie’s performance makes ‘Salt’ a standout film

    Props to Angelina Jolie for being so believable as a butt-kicking warrior in “Salt” (2010, Sony, PG-13, $29).

    For a role that echoes her explosive turns in “Mr. and Mrs. Smith” and “Wanted,” the actress comes out blazing as a CIA agent who’s accused of being a sleeper spy by a Russian defector. With the clock ticking, Salt must clear her name, avert an assassination and outrun the bad — and good — guys.

  226. 226
    WellWellWell Says:

    Audiences don’t wanna see Angelina in non-action films Depp plays non-freak non-makeup non-constumed films.

  227. 227
    Confession time Says:

    OK, I used to have a big crush on Jon Voight in the 80′s. Does anybody remember the 80′s?LOL

  228. 228
    bdj Says:

    Well since Whiny Jen can only play Rachel Green in her lame rom com bombs, I guess you are in luck whiny hen. Until Hollywood wises up and go with someone younger and not so full of lard.

  229. 229
    Next flops for Angelina Says:

    Untitle Love Story == FLOP
    Cleopatra === FLOP bankrupt SONY

  230. 230
    bdj Says:

    Re-posting Old articles about the Jolie-Pitts good works in Namibia since they are spending Christmas there

    Northern schools receive 72 bicycles

    TWO northern Namibia schools this week received a donation of 72 bicycles from the Cycle to School Project (Cool Project).

    The two schools are the Okanimekwa Combined School in the Omusati Region and Afoti Combined School in the Oshana Region and the bicycles are meant for pupils living far from the schools and have to travel long distances daily.

    The Cool Project received N$80 000 from Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt to buy bicycles for rural schools in northern Namibia.

  231. 231
    bdj Says:

    Little School Project is Making a Big Difference

    THE DRC School Project on the outskirts of Swakopmund might be small but it is making a big difference in the lives of children who missed valuable opportunities with schooling.

    The project gives children a ‘stepping-stone’ into local public schools.

    They either did not find a place in Grade Onee, or were in a public school, but parents moved to Swakopmund and so forfeited a place for their kids in a school.

    “We are nurturing a close relationship with this project and other schools in Namibia. School children in Greece collect money and material which we then give to the schools here. The children also communicate through personal letters,” said the society’s President, Nikos Petrou at the handover.

    Besides this, the school also received valuable support from Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt when they were in Namibia during 2006 to deliver their child (Little Miss Shiloh) together.

  232. 232
    groundcontrol Says:

    Hey all. Hope everyone had a great holiday.
    I cannot find the 2 other versions of Salt on the regular DVD (non Bluray). It clearly says that ll 3 versions of the film are included on the regular dvde labeled Deluxe Unrated Edition but they are nowhere to be found. I tried googling and it seems there are others out there (at Amazon for instance) who are also having trouble “unlocking” th e2 extra versions. I am very annoyed. Especially if there is some manufacturer’s error and this dvd only has the theatrical cut.
    Anybody know what’s up? I was all set to watch on my TV and now I am trying it on my laptop. HELP!

  233. 233
    bdj Says:

    Oops Correct link. Article about Christmas in Ninth ward.

  234. 234
    bdj Says:

    Check out the Tourist. Let the whiny paid hen spam away. The troll needs the money.
    Here’s three brand new movie posters for the film “The Tourist” by director Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck (The Lives of Others) and starring Johnny Depp (Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides, Dark Shadows, The Rum Diary), Angelina Jolie (Kung Fu Panda 2, Salt, Changeling)

  235. 235
    - Says:

    @Next flops for Angelina: Sorry to disappoint you……Salt is worldwide success………The Tourist has good numbers after 17 days…….. So don’t worry about his future , especially with Brad and his beautiful children by his side…………..

  236. 236
    bdj Says:

    Get Baby Jane stink water in the After Christmas discount bargain sale troll . “Eau de whiny girl”. I see it is not selling. I guess looking like a frighten naked mountain goat does not say sexy and buy me. Oh well, there is still dumb water.

  237. 237
    bdj Says:

    When all else fails, pervy troll shows up. I tell ya, I hope we get a brighter bunch of trolls in 2011. I demand new trolls in 2011. Pay up Huvane.

  238. 238
    groundcontrol Says:


  239. 239
    cj Says:

    people dislike angie because of her unique humanity…………….her worldliness and her brown adopted children……………..this might be considered too liberal to sonme folks………….and when brad fell in love with angelina he found his own humanity and empathy for people regardless of race……………and that is a threat to some self centered people who think they are better than people of color……………peace

  240. 240
    tazzy Says:


    The stink you smell is coming from you, hon.

  241. 241
    Passing Through Says:

    # 233 groundcontrol @ 12/26/2010 at 5:17 pm
    GC -
    I’m glad I saw your post before I opened my DVD. If you find out the answer let me know. Otherwise I’m taking my regular DVD back and getting the Blu-Ray disc…

  242. 242
    tazzy Says:


    LOL, you come across as a raving lunatic, and yet you call people here loons. Go figure.

  243. 243
    bdj Says:

    Top 10 Celeb Moms of 2010

    Posted by Editor on December 26, 2010

    As another year is coming to a close, we chose our favorite top ten celeb moms for the year 2010. With nine very glamorous moms and one queen of the crop, these celeb moms looked gorgeous all year round and had no problem setting the bar for the rest of us.

    Angelina Jolie – Jolie is our first runner up for our top celeb moms of 2010. Either you love her or you hate her, either way Angelina Jolie is a very glamorous mom and we all know it. We love the fact that she can bear a child and adopt a few more kids too, loving them just the same. There’s also something honorable about raising the kids out of the spotlight and teaching them to respect other cultures and themselves with little focus on material items.

  244. 244
    busted Says:

    I am loving the Daniel/Rachel double standard display.

    I think the media and such are in desperate need to find or make the next IT COUPLE. they are grasping for anything. I have noticed this whenever there is a new paring.

    The NEW COUPLE ALERT.. then we get some photos of them Now it is Daniel/Rachel’s turn. I am actually going to sit back and see how long the interest last. Some seem to be creaming their panties over the pairing. I like Daniel and Rachel is so so to me. I liked her in the first Mummy film, but I really have not seen many of her films.

    I recall when Halle and Olivier they thought that was going to be the next HOT pairing. but hmmm nothing.

    I’m sure there have been others but my mind can’t think of them.

    I just think it is so funny. but we will see how this goes. I just don’t see there being a lot of interest in their romance but I could be wrong.

    I think they are trying to dethrone Brad/Angie.. but I don’t see that happening any time soon..

    but I would love the hags to run and embrace this relationship and leave the JPs alone.. so if Daniel/Rachel are the new IT couple.. clapping I say BRAVO.. let it be let it be.

    I’ll just stick with the Originals.

  245. 245
    Passing Through Says:

    # 235 bdj @ 12/26/2010 at 5:21 pm
    The hen needs to STFU because the domestic BO of X’s last 3 movies combined don’t equal the domestic box office of Salt.
    Salt = $118,311,368
    **** Happens, Bountiless & Turkey Baster = $117,805,764
    And if the troll REALLY wants to get down and dirty we can talk international box office –
    Salt = $175,190,850
    **** Happens, Bountiless & Turkey Baster = $124,893,230
    In other words – Worldwide…
    Salt = $293,502,218
    **** Happens, Bountiless & Turkey Baster = $242,698,994
    Plus, according to TorrentLeak’s Top 10 Most Pirated Movies Salt has been illegally downloaded 6,700,00 so far. At an average ticket price of $10 – that’s $67,000,000 in lost revenue which would have made worldwide box office total $360,000,000+. Amazingly neither Bountiless nor Turkey Baster made the list. So the hens just need to get back under their rocks and pray the Sandler flick doesn’t go floppity flop flop like Ticky’s boobs did before Dr. Kanoodia did a little work on them.

  246. 246
    from mexico Says:

    cuatro semanitas en cartel por el mundo mundial y solo unos 40 millones ??? y con la jolin y el deep dos superestrellassss..
    ayyyy mamita la sony como debe estar ,,,, cabreaditos nomas …

  247. 247
    from mexico Says:

    cuatro semanitas en cartel por el mundo mundial y solo unos 40 millones ??? y con la jolin y el deep dos superestrellassss..
    ayyyy mamita la sony como debe estar ,,,, cabreaditos nomas …

  248. 248
    from mexico Says:

    cuatro semanitas en cartel por el mundo mundial y solo unos 40 millones ??? y con la jolin y el deep dos superestrellassss..
    ayyyy mamita la sony como debe estar ,,,, cabreaditos nomas …

  249. 249
    from mexico Says:

    cuatro semanitas en cartel por el mundo mundial y solo unos 40 millones ??? y con la jolin y el deep dos superestrellassss..
    ayyyy mamita la sony como debe estar ,,,, cabreaditos nomas …

  250. 250
    from mexico Says:

    cuatro semanitas en cartel por el mundo mundial y solo unos 40 millones ??? y con la jolin y el deep dos superestrellassss..
    ayyyy mamita la sony como debe estar ,,,, cabreaditos nomas …

  251. 251
    pitussa is a c.u.n.t Says:

    twatziilla = pitussa

  252. 252
    from mexico Says:

    arriba arriba! bwhahahahahahahhaa

    why u no call me?

  253. 253
    from mexico Says:

    soy un tonto
    eres un tonto

  254. 254
    bdj Says:

    Baby Jane blogging from Mexico. I guess the coke and toke fest is not going good. Go buy 1000 bottles of stink water Baby Jane.

  255. 255
    Passing Through Says:

    # 240 groundcontrol @ 12/26/2010 at 5:52 pm
    Thanks! You saved me a trip to Target….

  256. 256
    angierocks Says:

    The hens goin nuts what a shocker!LOL………so desperate why not help ticky, buy some of stink water.

  257. 257
    angierocks Says:

    Double Standards when it comes to Angie UGH!Makes me sick really….the haters have it on a just click button everytime they wish to spin and rag on Angie they just hit red flashing ****….They can’t put a good woman down.

  258. 258
    Mary T Says:

    Only Angelina would think children need to be traipsed all over the world for Christmas……Since she is weird anyway, what else can you expect?

  259. 259
    justabitch Says:


    Brad is tiny meat in those photos, but he used to have awesome abs. I don’t think we’ll see him nude again. AJ sucked the hot right outa him with her vacuum lips. She is never seen wearing bathing suit even. Any nude shots are in movies where they can photoshop to hell.

  260. 260
    anustin Says:

    by the time Maniston in her 60′s….alone and forgoten….no peen to tickle her calousal vaj. very sad life.

  261. 261
    truth is Says:

    @from mexico: You are stupido. The Tourist opened Dec. 10 and today is Dec. 26. Only 16 days divided 7 days a week. Go back to school luco.

  262. 262
    justabitch Says:

    Seriously, that’s where they went, Namibia? That was the big deal? They already been there, done that, had a kid there and everything. You’d think they would come up with someplace new. Throw the loons a new bone. I bet their kids would like to have played in some snow for Christmas and seen their Grandparents too.

  263. 263
    dianad1968 Says:



    I LMAO when I read how desperate the media are trying to, as you say, “dethrone” the JPs.They did the same thing when The Beckhams were coming to America. I remember watching Nightline one night and Cynthia McFadden was reporting Becks and Posh will be the next Power Couple, even going so far as to say “Brangelina who”? I kid you not, and we saw how well the Beckhams “took over” the media. LOL. The funny thing is I am sure Brad and Angie would welcome less focus on their family.

  264. 264
    justabitch, u mad though? Says:


    y u mad? u mad though? y u angry?

  265. 265
    groundcontrol Says:

    PT, I was sooo frustrated with the Salt dvd for a while there. I was clicking madly away at everything in sight. I don’t even know how I came to click on that empty space. Couldn’t they have included instructions to find the extra cuts?
    As it turns out when I put the DVD in my TV/DVD combo, there is no empty space before the Play Movie on the TV screen so I had to watch the Extended Cut on my laptop which was fine. I really love the ending to that – maybe more. It has a lot of different scenes which changes quite a bit toward the end.
    I also watched some parts of the Director’s Cut and there is a small change at the end that is quite delicious in its implications. Check that out as well.
    I also got the one and only season of Lisa Kudrow’s The Comeback which she did in 2005. I watched some of it when it was on HBO and it was really creative and good. The entire season is such a combination of funny and pathos that speaks to the world of show biz and those trying desperately to cling to their place in it. Kudrow is incredible. She also created and co-wrote it.
    Kudrow has a web series called Web Therapy. For those who haven’t seen it yet check it out. It is on the L Channel (L for Lexus). Just google Lisa Kudrow Web Therapy. There are 3 seasons so far and I’ve watched most of the episodes They are each anywhere from 8 to 13 mins. Lisa plays self absorbed Fiona Wallice, a psychologist (sort of) who offers therapy session in 3 minute sessions over the web. It is hilarious. I think there are about 33 episodes a season. Julia Louis Dreyfus plays her more conventional (again sort of) psychologist sister in a number of episodes and Meryl Streep recently played a sexual aversion therapist for gays. Again hilarious.
    Kudrow writes the Web Therapy episodes as well. I guess it has become all too clear who the real talent and creative genius is from Friends. She is so edgy and unafraid to look foolish and even unlikable in creating these memorable characters.

  266. 266
    cj Says:

    off topic………………..r&b singer teena marie is reported as passed away this evening…………………… rest in peace

  267. 267
    lulu Says:

    Passing Through

    BTW – Where are the hens ragging on Rachel for cheating on her hubby and dumping her kid somwehere at Christmast time to go off with her lover? Oops…my bad…that would only be a problem if it were Angie. Sorry…sometimes I forget how this works…

    ITA. And where’s the pity party for Satsuki ? Satsuki was with Daniel Craig for years when he was still a poor,struggling actor before his break-out role as James Bond. although there’s no kid in between them, I still felt bad for Satsuki, I don’t think she’s rich like maniston and they might not be married but I wonder if Craig would gave some financial compensation for his ex.

  268. 268
    hohoho Says:

    Apparently, the perfume business isn’t just one you can walk away from and expect it to do well. Shouldn’t Aniston already know this? She’s in the movie business, after all. When one of her movies is finished, she is obligated to go on promotional tours, to keep interest in the movie alive. Seriously, shouldn’t she already know how promoting a product works?

    Anyway, a supposed insider said Jennifer did little more than choose the actual fragrance and appear at the perfume’s launch in London at the Harrods department store. Although there was initial buzz and interest in Aniston’s signature perfume, much–if not all of it–has died down now.

    Don’t be too concerned over Jen’s perfume sales, though, because she could easily just start promoting them. If she gets desperate, she can always call her friend Chelsea Handler, and have Chelsea bash people who aren’t buying the perfume. Yeah, that works wonders on the public.

    Apparently no one likes stink water that makes you smell like a desperate, passive-aggressive loser whining all of your life like Jen.

  269. 269
    lulu Says:

    Daniel Craig and Weisz , the new couple, I can’t wait for the what will lainey commnet on this .She was always how in love was D.Craig on his ex. how his Satsuki was his solid rock, blah. blah..

  270. 270
    Ginger Says:

    Angelina = MODERN DAY Joan Crawford

    I FEEL HORRIBLE FOR THESE CHILDREN and I pray pray pray that no one ever allows her to adopt any more children into her home. She is certifiable CRAZY! Please stop believing the woman is so damn wonderful!!!! It is ALL about publicity and PR, just like Joan Crawford!!!!

  271. 271
    dianad1968 Says:



    GC, I have always admired LK. I think she is very creative, does not take herself too seriously, and does not expect special favours because she was on Friends. She has gone out and is trying to chart her own course. Isn’t it funny we don’t know who her BFF is?

  272. 272
    hohoho Says:


    Me too. I like that show where the family history is traced, I think Lisa produces it or is connected somehow.

  273. 273
    groundcontrol Says:

    guli, I saw your post at jjb. Hope you were able to find the extra versions on your dvd. As I said upthread it was fine on my laptop but I still haven’t been able to get it on my TV.
    Again for anyone hunting for the extra versions of the film on their non-BluRay dvds labeled Deluxe Unrated Edition of Salt – on the main menu – to the left of “Play Movie” should be a blank space in the rectangular box that has the menu – click that empty space and it will take you to another page with the other 2 cuts.

  274. 274
    Get Real Says:

    @Ginger: # 273

    You really should see a doctor. Stop inventing things. You do you pray to? Satan? Hypocrite! You have no shame!

  275. 275
    gracie Says:

    We know who the crazies are and you’re certainly one of them, Ginger. You need to be locked up in an asylum where you belong.

  276. 276
    Really! Says:


    Why don’t you share therapist with your idol, the Ex wife? Or maybe not. Heard she’s been in therapy for about 20 YEARS now!

  277. 277
    neer Says:

    Not that I am obviously an AJBP supporter but there’s no other couple like them, no matter how much the so-called new “it” couple is being compared to them every time.
    Just to name a few……Olivier/Halle……….David/Posh………Zac/Vanessa………..Ben/Jen…….Chris/Gwyn……..or even Robert/Kristen……Justin/Selena……..and now David/Rachel…… Consider this really….. do they really come close to the power & fascination the AJBP couple ignites?! The interest they generate from the public all over the world?! The seemingly hunger for anything about them?! Their fan-bases are from all ages?! The people of influence & power this couple interact & deal with…be it in business, movie industry, politicians, academe, professionals, philanthropists, etc. ?! It just really speaks how this “it” couple is a cut above the rest….way above….just waaaaaaaayyyyyyyyy above!
    The very fact that every celebrity couple is being compared to AJBP only shows that this couple is THE STANDARD of today. It is always about them. In fact, AJBP is now being compared to the golden age era…to the successful “it” couples of the past due to some similarities in terms of glamor, strong presence & huge talents. They are not just an ordinary couple. AJBP is the “it” couple in every sense of the word. Why is that so? It is because they are not only very successful as as couple but as individual persons as well. Each of them is very effective in their passions & talents. Each of them possesses power, talent & of course out-of-this-world gorgeousness. Together, they just explode!
    So, I cannot really think of any other couple that can really be compared to the kind of impact in all aspects that AJBP has generated. I simply can’t. Maybe, not on this lifetime.

  278. 278
    Think Again Says:

    @CK: Wrong!! Rachel and Daniel are the hottest!!!!

  279. 279
    busted Says:


    so true.. so true.. and as one of the fans posted a bit earlier.. I think Brad/Angie would actually love to be dethroned. LOL

    anyway.. I don’t know why that fool posting under multiple names is so concerned about the BO of TT.. The fans don’t care. We loved the films and don’t care how much money it makes or does not make. Thing is we will be buying the DVD next year and will be front and center for all of Angie’s and Brad’s films. See that is just the way it is.

    Angie is not in need of work. She has directed her first film.. I say first because I suspect it will not be her last. She is going into the editing room soon and will be working on that project. Something not many other female actresses can say they go to do. So see all is good in JP land..

    OK.. guys I’m confused about the Salt DVD.. Maybe I missed somthing..

    on my dvd. i have the Theatrical Version, Unrated Director’s cut and Unrated extended cut..

    am I missing something else because I need to know. Plus I didn’t see this empty space thing some of you were talking about. Please post if you know what I am missing.. I can’t believe how much I loved watching that movie. So much fun..

    OK waiting for a reply.

  280. 280
    Trolls in Pain Says:

    All is well in the JP’s world and that causes trolls extreme pain. Screaming and spewing the lies and hoping & hoping & SCREAMING that JPs will break up for SIX YEARS- day after day, night after night- even spewing lies on Christmas…wow- all that hate is certainly taking it’s toll on the trolls. With each JP success, baby or even a blurry picture from Africa, troll brains are rotting and souls are becoming more rancid. The trolls’ mission- to break up the JPs- is an utter failure and they are getting nuttier by the day.

  281. 281
    busted Says:

    One more thing then I won’t be discussing Aniston..

    Why are these fools so concerned with where Brad/Angie are.. who they are spending the holiday with.. how they are spending the holiday. What are they doing and where are they doing it.

    YET no one seems concerned with the whereabouts of Aniston at all. Not even her fans. I mean they are not asking where is Jen at Christmas. How is she spending the Holiday.. is she alone or with Family and Friends. How come she has not been spotted with Courteney or her usual gaggle of friends. Why is she not spending time with Courteney after the break up. I mean they have not been seen together at all. And yet this is her very best friend. Why didn’t she go to California to spend time with her friend that for years has been supportive of her. Why didn’t she rush to Courteney’s side. hmmm

    And the perfume. Why don’t we hear anything from her fans about that. No chatter about how great it is or how they rushed to purchase it. Why no threads on how much money it has made. I mean Aniston according to them is loved by millions. Her perfume must have been one of the major money makers. Yet we hear nothing. Also why is it that she is doing paid events. Hotel openings and a Paris Hilton or Snooki.. she is a private person. Yet instead of spending time with her best friend she goes to an event about a wine opening or something. hmmm I guess that Friends money is gone. And if her films Budget is less then 20 million she surely is not being paid 8 million a film. AND LAST ONE.. WHY is it that if Aniston is such the perfect woman and friend she can’t stay in a relationship longer then a year. Reese, Halle, Cameron, Rachel, Kate, all these women ended relationships and found new one. YET in 6 years Aniston can’t. At some point one has to think is it all about the guys or her. And please don’t come with the she is picky.. She dated, slept with and with back to John Mayer. bragging about him to the world. so nope she ain’t picky.. NO every woman does not need a man. But she is not a nun.

    sidenote (I remember when Angie had left BBT and was alone for a few years she talked about how great it would be to have someone to share the things that were happening in her life. A partner. She is an independent woman and was not afraid to admit that it would be great to have that kind of connection to a man).

    Aniston is 42.. and if her fans thinks she has not been with a man since Mayer they are fooling themselves. She is such a coward that she can’t let the world know that she has something or someone on the side for that action. I applaud women like Angie, Cameron and Kate H..who at least are not so fake that they can’t admit they are women and enjoy the company of men. )

    just a few things I have wondered about. Maybe the lurking and posting CONFUSED-ADMIRERS. can provide some answers for me.

    Don’t rush.. take you time to come up with a great reply


  282. 282
    neer Says:

    Re Salt DVD
    Based on my experience, I just “enter’ (on my remote” in choosing “play” as well as selecting any of the 3 versions. I

  283. 283
    karmaback Says:

    @Think Again:

    Then why in the world are you not on their thread.. why are you here.

    makes no sense at all..

    But we all know the truth don’t we.. ROTFLMAO AT YOU

  284. 284
    pig ear big nose maniston Says:

    Belated Merry Christmas to all JP fans from JJ, M4A, M10 and other JP sites, I saw a vid of Vivienne smiling and waving, so I made this vid, she is very cute and beautiful and also I wish everyone have a happy New Year 2010.

    Good Nite JP fans.

  285. 285
    pig ear big nose maniston Says:

    pig ear big nose maniston = LLM

  286. 286
    dianad1968 Says:

    I was slumming at Celebitchy as things are kind of quiet on the JP front, and almost died laughing reading the comments about the Daniel Craig/Rachel Weitz hook up. I am reading the excuses for Rachel for not spending the Holidays with her son, excuses for hoking up with a man she met on set of a movie, and apparently being the cause of two break-ups, and the best one is regarding DC ex. According to the hens, SM was well compensated by DC, so she has nothing to be upset about. I am wondering if these apologists are writing these comments with a straight face, and if they don’t see the hypocricy in what they are posting.

    Incidentally, I also read the thread about Courtney Cox spending the holidays with her “jump-off”, as they are referring to the guy she is supposedly boning, and one of them actually posted that when a couple seperates, they are free to see anyone they choose. I am not kidding, one of these hypocrites actually posted that, and she is a rabid Angie hater. I am sure the JP fans remember how we would say the same thing, and the hags would still claim that Brad and FT were not yet divorced, so Brad and Angie were WRONG to get together before then. These b*tches heads spin like The Exorcist evrytime they contradict themselves.

  287. 287
    hope And change Says:

    why do you hide half the messages and show only the ones that suck up to them?

  288. 288
    hope And change Says:

    It takes illiterates like you to fall in love with this publicity-crazed couple.

  289. 289
    gracie Says:

    dianad1968, I read their comments too. She even said DC’s partner got $2m+ and that should keep her quiet and settled. As if the payoff justifies his actions. I was LMAO. If Angie has done what RW did, abandoning her child at Christmas time and taking off with her new bf, it will be on the front cover of every tabs and news paper. These hypocrites will be the first to call her an unfit mother. I have said many times, Anuston fans are hypocrites. The hatred directed towards Angie stems from jealousy. She is young, gorgeous, talented and has Brad and these fat ugly losers can’t handle it. Angie has it all and it kills them. ENVY is like a disease embedded so deep in their souls, 6yrs on they still can’t move on. They think by attacking Angie and wishing her all kinds of harm, their wretched lives will improve. It doesn’t work that way but they’re too dumb to know it, or else 6yrs on, they would have gotten the message by now. Good things keep happening to Angie and Brad — Good karma follows good people.

  290. 290
    dianad1968 Says:



    gracie, all these hens are good for now is comic relief. They have contradicted themselves so much, and they lie just as bad, that I don’t think even they know what point they are trying to make. There is a poster there called “fanny”, who tried posting at JJ a few weeks ago using the name “denise” whining how the fans were “picking” on FT, and how we should stop. After the fans here gave her a verbal whup-a*s, she ran back to CB complaining that we threatened her. It was hilarious. They are all idiots there, who just wait for any thread about the JPs, (and Kaiser is only happy to oblige, posting the most innocuous stories) to come slithering out of their holes and caves to rant and rave and froth at the mouths.

  291. 291
    Beautiful Couple Says:

    Even shopping they are gorgeous- what a nice holiday trea!

  292. 292
    lylian Says:

    @Passing Through:
    BTW – I saw a THR story listing the salaries on HDYK.
    Reese – $15MIL
    Jack N. – $12MIL
    Owen Wilson – $10MIL
    Paul Rudd – $3MIL
    James L. Brooks – $10MIL
    I saw the numbers you posted and I had to laugh as well. Damn. Paul Rudd was paid 3m?? Owen Wilson cost 10m. The producers paid 40m in talent altogether. That’s 1/3 of the total production budget!!

    But that still leaves 80m for production. Now I haven’t seen HDYK but I understand it’s a comedy – with a bit of romance in it. I understand that the movie has few special effects and fewer stunts, no costumes. How did they manage to spend 80m filming it in the USA for heaven’s sakes? Makes you wonder if it wasn’t intended to be a tax write off.
    I mean, I can understand how the tourist cost 110m. Depp is probably a 20m per movie man. Angelina as well. Then Florian, Bettany, Dalton and several other add another 5 to 10m to the budget. Salaries in The Tourist were probably around 50 to 55m. But then, they filmed in Venice – so, that would also have cost quite a bit. But that’s still only approximately 55m in filming the movie on location. And that’s still a good 25m less than HDYK.
    I also started to think about Shite happens: Prod budget 18m. The turkey: 19m, and Butty hunter was on a prod budget of 40m
    Assume that Aaron Eckhart/Jason Bateman made about 2.0m – 3.0m and that Dedn, coz she’s a bigger star than Eckhart/Bateman but a lesser star than Owen made about 4.0m – 6.0m. Gerard buttfingerler would have been paid about 4.0m? Let’s say that the director in those movies plus the writer was paid another 2.0m to 3.0m (considering James L Brooks made 10m as director and screen writer and Dedn’s directors have a track record at least). Salaries in Dedn’s movies alone would have made up about 8.0m to 12.0m of the movie. What’s left for production is therefore approximately 9.5m – 7.0m.
    How did Shite and turkey get made for less than 10m a piece and HDYK get made for 10 times the amount? Even Jennifer Lopez’s movie the Back Up plan cost 35m to make.
    To quote:
    “Something is rotten in the state of Hollwood.”

  293. 293
    neer Says:

    Re Daniel Craig & Rachel Weisz

    Who are we to judge them?
    We are not privy to what really happened to their respective past relationships. We don’t know about them. We are not with them 24/7. So it’s unfair to throw stones & crucify them.
    I am not really their fans but I watched some of their movies. I think they are good.
    Regarding their personal lives, well it’s not for me to say whether their hooking up as a couple is good or bad. As I’ve stated, it is only the persons concerned who can really tell.

  294. 294
    noplace Says:

    @from mexico:

    I can not speak spanglish!

  295. 295
    roserock Says:

    did anyone happen to note on the “wider” shot the item in the basket has the title “Mud Slinger?” Coincidence or subtext?

  296. 296
    Hortense Says:

    The only place you can find Jen’s fragrance is on eBay from people who bought tons of it in the UK or had people in the UK transship it here. It never was launched in the USA. Very, very bizarre!!!! You can’t even get it at Harrods website anymore. Wht wouldn’t they have some stocked at Christmas time?

  297. 297
    gracie Says:

    lylian @ 12/27/2010 at 2:46 am

    Lylian, Happy holiday. You’re so right. I questioned the production budgets of Anuston’s rom-coms too. Somethings don’t add up.

  298. 298
    fly high Says:

    Angie & Johnny’s (new) interview? :)

  299. 299
    fly high Says:

    @fly high:

    Look at that relaxed and comfort atmosphere. What a pity hens…Angie and Johnny always seem to have a good time. They respect each other anytime anywhere. Do you know the “respect” between the co-workers? Your Man has it?

  300. 300
    busted Says:


    I don’t think anyone is judging them. Actually I doubt anyone really cares one way or another..

    I think people are just pointing out the Double Standard. Brad/Angie got together after Brad and Aniston separated and she filed for divorce. But the attacks on them continue til this day. Seriously. When couples break up and they know the marriage or relationship is over they each have the right to move on.

    We are noting that the same people that attack them are the same people fawning all over themselves about how HOT and SexY this new couple is. Same thing with Courteney and Christina. NO headlines calling them names or labeling them. NO comedians calling them ugly names.

    So there is a double standard and the fans have a right to point it out. I for one don’t really care about Daniel or Rachel.

    But yeah it pisses me off how these nasty women can see the same situations in different a different light all because they are jealous and threatened by Angie.. no other reason.. oh and the man is Brad Pitt..

    I guess that too makes the difference. I wonder if Brad/Angie got together now if it would be the same considering all the other couples that are now together or have broken up..

    some women are just two faced and hateful.

  301. 301
    penschick66 Says:

    I will admit they do make a stunning couple & they are in fact Hollywood’s hottest couple. That said why can’t they just celebrate one holiday like normal people? I get that they have children from different cultures and think that is great that they’ve helped children who without them would be destined to a life of hardship. But I really think all this foreign jetsetting is just going to turn them into a bunch of pretentious jerks (refraining from using the more appropriate word). And what about Brad’s parents? Maybe they want to see their son & grandkids for Christmas? I know this will probably be deleted because of it’s negative tone but it is what it is.
    And btw…..not a hater & I had a wonderful Christmas.

  302. 302
    Think Again Says:

    # 303

    What’s a normal person’s holiday to you? Somebody who’s celebrating the holidays with her dogs or ‘friends’?

  303. 303
    Susan Says:

    You’re the pretentious jerk, mind your business. Brad is a man, and have a family, there is no need to run home to MOMMY. Are mad because you cannot jetset, and no you did not have a wonderful Christmas, you’re too bitter and envious. I’m sure the Jolie-Pitts had a great one, with the kids squealing on xmas morning when their Parents pass out the gifts. See Brad don’t need is MOMMY to hold his hand and tell him how to be DAD.

  304. 304
    lulu Says:

    gracie @ 12/27/2010 at 5:01 am +3

    lylian @ 12/27/2010 at 2:46 am

    Lylian, Happy holiday. You’re so right. I questioned the production budgets of Anuston’s rom-coms too. Somethings don’t add up.

    ME TOO.

    Shite happens: Prod budget 18m. The turkey: 19m, and Butty hunter was on a prod budget of 40m ??? who are they kidding ?

  305. 305
    gracie Says:

    # 303 penschick66

    You’re an idiot. When did Anuston ever spend any holiday with her mom, dad or siblings? When did Anuston spend holidays in LA and not lovely Mexico beach taning her ass? Hypocrite, get a life. If you stopped reading tabloids and listening to your fellow assh*les at ff, you will know Brad and Angie plan to spend the New Year with his parents and his siblings. I’m giving you the real story for free and not because you deserve it, now run along with your tail tucked beween your legs and go spread that. Don’t forget your maners and say, Thank you.

  306. 306
    olalalal Says:

    haw is the box for the tourist ????

    flop,flop, flopl….

  307. 307
    gracie Says:


    Total Lifetime Grosses Domestic: $41,178,000 64.4%

    + Foreign: $22,717,724 35.6%


    = Worldwide: $63,895,724

    The Tourist is doing well, the word of mouth has really helped and it looks like more people are seeing it over the holiday season. It’s only been 2wks and the foreigh numbers has not been up-dated yet. I am going to see it again on New Year’s eve with more friends — girls night out before 2011 rings in.

  308. 308
    neer Says:

    We have seen lots of PDA moments of AJBP in year 2110. We were very surprised how affectionate they were publicly after all these years of restrained affection toward each other (publicly). And we AJBP fans love it tremendously. My most favorite PDA moments of the two are the Superbowl 2010 & the Hungary pics on the set AJ’s directorial debut. Of course, I love their Paris smooch, their RC loving moments etc but Superbowl & Hungary pics always make me smile. It’s just that they are so loving, sweet & sooo candid & spontaneous. You could really feel the love & care between the two.

  309. 309
    bdj Says:

    Angelina Jolie in Top Ten of Admired Americans. List at site

    President Obama is USA’s most-admired man

    Secretary of State Hillary Clinton continues an even longer run, ranked in the USA TODAY/Gallup Poll as the most admired woman for the ninth straight year. Former Alaska governor Sarah Palin is second, as she was in 2009.

    Despite Americans’ unhappiness with the nation’s politics, politicians dominate both lists. The top 10 men include not only the president but also the three living former presidents. Obama, George W. Bush and Bill Clinton take the top three spots.

    Among women, nine of the top 11 are connected to politics through public service, political activism or marriage.

    “It’s all about power,” says Richard Slotkin, professor emeritus of American studies at Wesleyan University in Middletown, Conn. “When we think of importance, we think politically, that’s really clear — with religion a close second, though Bill Gates beats out Pope Benedict. It’s almost like a register of power.”

    The top 11 women (three are tied for ninth place) counts four first ladies, including Michelle Obama in fourth place. Celebrities Oprah Winfrey and Angelina Jolie, both of whom pursue charitable causes, also are on the list.

    Three of the women are leaders from abroad: Queen Elizabeth and former prime minister Margaret Thatcher of Great Britain and democracy activist Aung San Suu Kyi of Myanmar.

  310. 310
    bdj Says:

    Angelina Jolie scares me.

    Swear to god, when I see her in interviews or movies I feel like I’m in 8th grade again, scared to death of talking to the prettiest girl in school. She’s beautiful, ambitious, seems smart, and reeks of confidence.

    Oh, yeah. . . and she can act.

    Jolie would be a celebrity regardless of talent, simply on looks alone. The fact is, however, she has the chops to support her status as the go-to female lead if you want your movie to be a blockbuster. Over-the-top action or subtle and nuanced, she delivers.

    Every time.

    Salt is no exception. Like Taken from a couple years back, Salt starts fast and keeps the pace throughout. Is she or isn’t she? The answer is a bit obvious, but the flick is so well done you don’t really care. It’s fun, fast and thrilling.

    Jolie wins again.

  311. 311
    neer Says:

    X is not included in Top Ten of Admired Americans????

  312. 312
    aseret64 Says:

    @bdj: Thanks bdj for the links/info. You always keep me updated and I truly appreciate your effort. Merry Christmas and a Blessed New Year to come for you and to your family, and of course, to all the JP fans around the world.

  313. 313
    bdj Says:

    Check out The Tourist

    It’s not often that someone steals the scene from actress Angelina Jolie, but Wollongong’s Brooke Antonello has been doing just that in Illawarra cinemas.

    The professional dancer has added a home-town link to Jolie’s new movie The Tourist, which premiered on Sunday.

    Antonello, 30, features as a ballroom dancer in a tango scene with Jolie and screen partner Johnny Depp.

    “Johnny comes in and asks Angelina to dance. They dance, we dance around them, and then Angelina runs through the crowd and he chases after her,” she said.

    The scene, shot in Venice, Italy, sounds brief enough but took four days to film.

    But the exhausting work led Antonello to a one-to-one conversation with Jolie.

    “I was crouched down on the floor, putting my shoes back on after we’d done a scene and she came over and said, ‘Oh! You poor thing, my feet are sore too but I got to change my shoes.”

    “I looked up and had nothing to say to her, which was very surprising. But they were both really lovely. Johnny was quite cheeky. He always said ‘hi’ and was very pleasant and friendly.”

  314. 314
    anon Says:


    Some people “jet set” and some people are “well-traveled”. It is my belief that Angie and Brad want their children to be well-traveled. I have yet to meet anyone WELL-traveled who is pretentious. For a jet setter it is ALWAYS the 5-star lifestyle and I can see how that can make someone pretentious; and while Angie is certainly familiar with 5-star comfort, to say she never leaves her comfort zone would be laughable. Her children will have an intimate understanding of the world that most of us can only get through the filter of TV. Who knows how their children will turn out, but all these half-baked notions about whats wrong with Angie and Brad’s parenting are at best uninformed
    and unsupported by any kind of facts or legitimate authority.

  315. 315
    bdj Says:

    Brad Pitt continues to bring his megastar money and efforts to New Orleans through his Make It Right charity, which focused on building eco-friendly homes to New Orleans’ 9th Ward- an impoverished neighborhood that was ravaged by Hurrcane Katrina. He also took New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees on a tour of the Make It Right homes and then later met with local residents.

  316. 316
    gracie Says:

    I was checking out JJ’s front page and couldn’t help to notice that other celebs on his front page generate only pathetic hits, for example, Leonardo Di Caprio = 59hits, Julia Roberts = 5 and Ben Stiller & De Niro = 19hits etc. The JPs generate 100s of hits for him. Brad and Angie have solid fan base to be proud of. Just my observation.

  317. 317
    bdj Says:

    Thanks for the feedback aseret64. Happy Holidays to all the fans.

  318. 318
    bdj Says:

    neer @ 12/27/2010 at 10:59 am
    Let the rabid paid hen tell it, Baby Jane is the fairest in all the land. Just goes to show the troll should get off the Internet more often. Angelina Jolie is a humanitarian who walks the talk. She is admired not only for her charitable work but also how she takes the high road with all the smears and arrows thrown at her. Angelina Jolie continues to hold her head up high, raise her family, perfect her craft and do good works. I think most rational people see this.

  319. 319
    pig ear big nose maniston Says:

    gracie @ 12/27/2010 at 9:49 am

    Thumb up Thumb down +3

    # 303 penschick66

    You’re an idiot. When did Anuston ever spend any holiday with her mom, dad or siblings? When did Anuston spend holidays in LA and not lovely Mexico beach taning her ass? Hypocrite, get a life. If you stopped reading tabloids and listening to your fellow assh*les at ff, you will know Brad and Angie plan to spend the New Year with his parents and his siblings. I’m giving you the real story for free and not because you deserve it, now run along with your tail tucked beween your legs and go spread that. Don’t forget your maners and say, Thank you.


    Gracie, everyone knows what you mentioned above – see this

  320. 320
    bdj Says:
    pixs at site

    The Tourist’ Angelina Jolie Gets Cozy On The Red Carpet

    Angelina Jolie recently took her style aesthetic to a whole new level by choosing luxurious, cozy fabrics to wear during a worldwide promo tour for her newest film, The Tourist (with a pitstop at the premiere of Megamind). From velvet and satin, to decadent wool, the actress/humanitarian/mother of six showed that what a garment is made out of can be just as statement-making (and a lot more important…i.e. WARM) as its cut and color.

  321. 321
    woman spanish Says:

    Hello JP fans: I hope you all had a Merry Christmas.
    BDJ Thanks for all your work.

  322. 322
    bdj Says:

    Thrillers that chilled

    Just as depressing was the year’s run of romcoms, which failed to enhance the careers of Katherine Heigl, Cameron Diaz and the Jennifers, Aniston and Lopez.

    Angelina Jolie got to beat Cruise at his own game with her highly athletic performance as a CIA agent on the run in the Phillip Noyce thriller Salt. It put her right up there with Rapace in the Warrior Woman division.

  323. 323
    elizabeth Says:

    Thanks Gracie for the update…I went 3x and will go again to support Angie.

    We watched SALT (dec 26) and family like it 9 (although we saw it during the opening)

  324. 324
    they took paps with them Says:

    10. The Tourist (GK Films/Sony) Week 3 [2,756 Theaters]
    Wednesday $1M, Thursday $1.1M, Friday $875K, Saturday $2.3M
    3-Day Weekend $5.7M, Cume $41.2M

    Read more:

  325. 325
    to gracie Says:

    thanks for the box-flop tourist ..TT , was made for to earn more ,more more money … at now not even had cover …
    budget = 100 m.+promotion ???
    box = 41 mil…. the name of that is DEFICIT ..YOU´R UNDERSTANT ???

  326. 326
    woman spanish Says:

    don´t go to see the tourist ,it´s woring ,it´s bad ,poor ,it´s a rip-off…

  327. 327
    ami Says:

    Have watched The Tourist 4 times. My friends like it too.
    Blessings to the Jolie-Pitts for 2011 and all the well-wishers!

  328. 328
    Get Real Says:

    @neer: # 313

    What kind of question is that? Aside from her very own mother, I think even Huvane does not admire Anustain. It’s all because of the money she pays him. On the other hand, I think Huvane hates Angelina because she took Brad away from him (and the commissions).

  329. 329
    oaktown Says:

    You, one troll who keeps posting about the box office numbers:

    The Tourist has not even opened in Russia, Japan., and other top international markets. The box numbers are no longer about US and Canada. You should worry about rom-coms which usually don’t do well internationally. Why do you think Tom Cruise is still in high demands even after Knight and Day underperformed in US? It’s international numbers were huge. It proved that Tom is still an international powerhouse.

    Jolie and Depp are much loved abroad, especially in Asia. So, no worries. With international numbers, DVD sells (which will be huge), and final domestic numbers, I am sure Sony will make a profit.

    But, thanks for your concern…

  330. 330
    Kim Says:

    @to gracie: Angelina Jolie The Tourist = $20 Million salary +2 months vacation in Venice for family+friendship with Depp and Family+Golden Globe nom. I ‘m sure the JP’s enjoyed Christmas in Africa and will enjoy New Years in Missouri. Oh yeah Congrats #7 most admired woman in America at the tender age of 35. Oh yeah Brad is hot arms look cut. Life is good , Sorry haters.FYI I read Brad’s filmCogan’s Tale will began filming in NOLA next month on yuku jjb

  331. 331
    dianad1968 Says:



    NO ONE is judging Daniel and Rachel, I cannot possibly care less about this couple. We are just observing the double standard that is glaringly obvious when compared to Brad and Angie. Surely you see this.

  332. 332
    bdj Says:

    The A’s figure to be the subject of much attention in 2011, when the film “Moneyball” — based on Michael Lewis’ best-selling book narrating the story of how A’s general manager Billy Beane built winning teams with small-market payrolls — is scheduled to hit the big screen.

    Beane will subsequently forever be linked to his on-screen self, Brad Pitt, and his club will likely garner national interest while at the same time promoting popcorn and candy sales in local movie theaters.

    Until then, though, the A’s are set to make headlines without the help of Pitt or fellow co-stars Phillip Seymour Hoffman, Jonah Hill and Robin Wright. Rather, they’ll rely on their own promising up-and-coming cast of Trevor Cahill, Brett Anderson and Gio Gonzalez, among others, to create a fixture of buzz in Oakland and beyond.

    That process seemingly already started in 2010, when the A’s young core served as one of multiple highlights in an eventful year that included several memorable storylines as Oakland played to an 81-81 mark, good for second in the American League West.

    Lefty Dallas Braden, one of the game’s most desirable clubhouse personalities, made a name for himself in more ways than one in the 2010 season that was. Thus, when looking back at the year’s notable events, it’s no surprise the southpaw receives mention twice. Here’s a peek back at Braden’s doings, as well as the other top storylines — covering the good, the bad and the obscure — that came out of Oakland this year.

  333. 333
    FOR KIM Says:

    20 millones y unas vacaciones para toda la familia ..a ti te hace gracia y ami me parece una falta de profesionalidad y de respeto hacia vosotras por supuesto ,porque a mi no me la pega esta tia .
    Eso se llama caradura.
    Y ademas no creo que se los vuelvan a pagar ,eso si la llaman para mas cosas ,bueno tiene a su novio para financiarle mas blufs,pero el dinero se termina ,y mas si se derrocah tanto como hacen estos .

  334. 334
    for asiatics Says:

    don´t go to see the tourist ,it´s a flop…

  335. 335
    jpfans Says:

    the jp´s fans are very rud ,bad-mannered and inmature ,you need to know to lose ,this is the life ….

  336. 336
    bdj Says:
    Cute Review. Check out the Tourist.

    Monday, December 27, 2010
    The Tourist

    My husband and I celebrated our 14th Anniversary on December 20th and went out for dinner and a movie. Key words here are “and a movie”. We usually do just dinner. Because with 5 kiddos, well, it just costs too much to do both. (you know, counting the babysitter) Hey, it was our anniversary though, so we went for both!! We really didn’t know what was good out there, so we went for this one.
    This was a great one! It had mystery, suspense, comedy, romance and a twist of course (don’t they all have a twist?). This one is in the theatre now, but I will definitely watch it again when it comes to video! Oh, Angelina Jolie is just beautiful in this. (well, ok, she’s always beautiful) I said to Tom, “I wish I could stand like her.” She walks like a model, and I caught myself thinking and wishing I had somewhere where I could walk like that, and look like that. Oh, well…I’m sure she only walks like that in the movies right? Tom didn’t get it, he was like “you wish you could stand like her?”

  337. 337
    bdj Says:

    Don’t worry troll you will be back in school in a week or your Mom makes you get off the computer.

  338. 338
    anustin Says:

    Tourist will do just fine.unlike Manistons needs to chow some doggy food to promote her fleck.eeewwww.

  339. 339


  340. 340
    For # 335 Says:

    @FOR KIM:

    Lástima que no eres una persona maravillosa como Angelina. De lo que estás diciendo, creo que pagar a un hombre para estar con ustedes.

  341. 341
    gracie Says:

    Holy Shite! Miss America Sweetheart, Girl next door is not amongst the Top Ten of Admired Americans —– How come? Everybody loves our manny Jenny, she should be #1. Huvane is slipping, maybe he’s keeping all 10%plus to himself and not bribing enough people..Haha.

    Bdj, thank you for another great find/link and good laugh.

  342. 342
    PARA LA ESTUPIDA DEL # 335 Says:



  343. 343
    premalee Says:

    Belated Merry Christmas to all JP fans.
    Neleh thanks for your shout out,
    BDJ thanks for all your information.

  344. 344
    gracie Says:

    You trolls said the same about SALT — flop flop flop and it went on to gross one of the highest income made in 2010 for a movie marketed on the shoulders of one actor. The cash is still rolling in from the DVDs. It will probably gross over $400m by the end of the sale of the DVDs. Hahaha. Losers, you can’t win. The Tourist is going to make millions too just like SALT. Angie always come up TRUMP. Your idol is the queen of flops and she is rotting away at the bottom of every league table in movies, talent and in relationships, Angie on the other hand, is being recognised for her multitalent and is nominated for awards. It’s nice to be on the winning side. JPs and their fans are going into the New Year, happy people and looking forward for even brighter future and more accolades for Angie and Brad. SUCK IT losers!!

  345. 345
    gracie Says:

    pig ear big nose maniston

    Gracie, everyone knows what you mentioned above – see this

    That’s exactly what I’m talking about —– taning her fat ass in Mexico. Lol. That’s really funny. Thank you for the laughs, even the TMZ crew are having a ball with it.

  346. 346
    Some Bunny Says:

    I do not know why Johnny Depp doesn’t do well unless he is in a Tim Burton or as a pirate movie? Like Angelina and Brad, he is well received in europe much more than in America. According to my SO(who’s German) he feels that europeans seek entertainment for artistic and theatrical stimulation when seeing movies, that is why the Tourist will do so well internationally. Because the artistic and the music, and over all quality of acting ability.

    I guess Americans just want what they pay for when we choose in a venue of action / drama / horror or comedy. I have never been disappointed watching Angelina, though but she is like fine china. I guess I don’t understand why so many audience members still go see the untalented here like ——well you can insert an endless list of actor names .I think mediocre actors making it rich is a passing phase, though/ like snapple tea. :)

  347. 347
    dianad1968 Says:

    I am on vacation this week, so will go see TT, and to h*ll with the critics who gave it bad reviews. I have seen a lot of good reviews about the movie. I also think Sony did a terrible job marketing the movie. But who knows, probably the stick-up-their-a*sses critics did not want a repeat of last year when an actress had two successful movies in one year. They couldn’t have Angie doing a Sandra Bullock.

  348. 348
    gracie Says:

    Off topic, according to radar online, Natalie Portman is engaged and expecting her first child with boyfriend, Choreographer Benjamin Millepred. Maniston is still alone and with no child, everybody else has found love and happiness. Trolls, read that.

  349. 349
    lurker Says:

    @gracie: That is one not so classy America’s Sweetheart butt video.

  350. 350
    woman spanish Says:

    I see the trolls are stealing my name.They are losers.
    It’s only two days to TT in my country!

  351. 351
    Goya Says:


    I thought Polly Purepanties was going to stay a virgin until she got married?

    Portman is such a hypocrite and watch no one will call her out. She is NOT EVEN 30 and has had far more men than Angelina.

  352. 352
    Passing Through Says:

    I’m LMAO because I just read that Miss Congeniality Natalie Portman has announced she’s preggers AND engaged. I’m going to have to go slumming over at Lamey’s and see if calls Oscar PR bullshite on another of her idols because she sure missed the PR boat with Putrid’s constant pimping of 13 years dead relationship with Brad.

  353. 353
    ROTLMAO Says:

    @Passing Through: # 354

    Lamey is in a movie theatre where Putrid’s film is showing. She’s there from the movie theatre’s opening to closing. She’s convincing other people to watch the movie becaue Putrid was Brad’s gf. She can’t get enough of Putrid.

  354. 354
    angierocks Says:

    LMAO Ticky not on the most admired personas on the list hahahhaha!……So I’ve seen salt over and over it’s like a part of my day now :)!

  355. 355
    Passing Through Says:

    # 321 pig ear big nose maniston @ 12/27/2010 at 11:35 am
    Gracie, everyone knows what you mentioned above – see this
    ROTFLMAO. Dang…homegirl desperately needs to change up her play because EVERYBODY and their dog is onto her. Two years ago TMZ wouldn’t have made fun of the Ass & Cooch show. These days all the gossip shows and sites are like, “…and Jennifer Aniston down in Mexico in that itty bitty bikini…AGAIN…showing the world her ass and barely covered genitals. Doesn’t this woman have any family to spend the holidays with?” I can’t remember if she’ll be 42 or 43 in 6 weeks, but it doesn’t really matter because my point is the same – how much longer is she going to be doing the Ass & Cooch show? Will Maddox be graduating from college in 13 years and still childless but still claiming to want kids, 55 year-old X will be in Mexico in her too-small bikinis showing the world that she’s STILL over Brad dumping her and doesn’t care that his oldest child is graduating 1st in his class at Harvard? LOL! One day X is going to wake up to find that ll her bikinis will never get her anything but mocked. I give her another 15 years before she tumbles to it….

  356. 356
    Passing Through Says:

    # 332 Kim @ 12/27/2010 at 1:13 pm +12
    @to gracie: Angelina Jolie The Tourist = $20 Million salary
    Angie and JD both got $15MIL+ backend for The Tourist – not $20MIL. You can probably scratch the backend because there won’t be any. The movie has to make $200MIL just to break even – and don’t hate me for being a realist, but the movie ain’t gonna make $200MIL worldwide. At this point they’ll be lucky to break $125MIL worldwide, but at least they don’t have a ton of marketing money at stake. Apparently Sony didn’t lay out a huge chunk on marketing because of they assumed Angie and JD’s presence would generate enough interest and instead sunk a ton of money into marketing How Do You Know ($100MIL). So at least Graham King and Sony don’t have to worry about trying to recoup a $100MIL marketing budget, too. They’re hoping to make up the difference in worldwide aftermarket sales, ie, dvds, tv, cable and PPV. I never did find a hard-and-fast number for marketing, but based on what I read at Deadline it was significantly less than expected – probably in the $50-$75MIL range. That’s still a hefty chunk of money Sony & GK FIlms are going to be writing off, but at least it ain’t the nearly $200MIL Sony will be writing off on HDYK. But, my heart doesn’t weep for Sony – they’ve made decent profit on Salt.

  357. 357
    angierocks Says:

    Oh my Gawd even peeps from TMZ thinks ticky is weird not having a fam LOL and that bum shot was gross she is in her mid 40′s yikes!

  358. 358
    **** Says:

    Passing through, **** up. we already know your studio is not sony.

  359. 359
    Passing Through Says:

    # 344 PARA LA ESTUPIDA DEL # 335 @ 12/27/2010 at 2:40 pm
    You know what makes X’s treatment of her mother even worse? In an interview Ticky actually had to the nerve to say that her wealth was ironic because when she was growing up, ie, when she was living to her mother, there wasn’t much money, but now there’s plenty of money and she and her mother don’t speak much. That may be, but it’s no excuse for letting the woman live in near poverty, in bad health with no health insurance and have to old friends like the truly obnoxious Cindy Adams loan her money to pay her medical bills.
    I was LMAO about 6 weeks ago when OuttaTouch had a story on how X isn’t speaking to her mother – again – and while X was living in her $13MIL BH house (with another $10MIL in reno and furnishing) and driving her $200,000 Bently that her poor mother was living about 3 miles away in a $150K apartment and driving a 2001 Camry worth an estimated $4500. Have they followed up on that story since then? No, of course not because Huvane got to them. Instead, for the last 3 weeks, they’ve been carrying on about how Angie wants to take control of her relationship with Brad and is forcing him to dress all in black like she does. This week they actually had a picture of Brad wearing black at the Megamind premiere with a big ass arrow pointing to a photo of him in that pinkish/-white suit at the IB premiere at Cannes with a headline that screamed, “HE USED TO WEAR COLOR!” I was ROTFLMAO and said to myself, “Huvane has bought their asses – again…” Meanwhile Ticky took Handjob and Yoga Chick to Meh-hee-co for Thanksgiving and her mother ate a TV dinner. Nice, Ticky, nice. As mad as Angie was at JV for 6+ years – I don’t for one second believe she wouldn’t have helped him if he’d been ill and couldn’t afford medical care or was living in near poverty. She may not have forgiven him or been his bestest buddy…but she’d have helped him.

  360. 360
    carla Says:

    I don’t think either Sony or GK Films will loose money on TT. Even if TT does 125m as you said, both Sony and GK Films will make money on DVD rentals/sales because DVD profit is generally not shared profit. What they loose on low theatre ticket sales, they will make up on DVD profit. They will also make profit on other contracts, such as tv/PPV/cable.

    I hope HW doesn’t get discouraged making good movies like TT. I am somewhat tired of seeing movies that consisted of violence, sex, sick language.

    PT, I know you are a true JP fan because I’ve seen you here for many years. I also know you are a smart girl. But sometimes I………………….

  361. 361
    Passing Through Says:

    # 349 dianad1968 @ 12/27/2010 at 3:21 pm
    Sony did do a terrible job with the marketing, but that’s because they were only the distributor and were put all their money behind How Do You Kow, which they financed. I just said this in another post, but they’re going to take a bloodbath on HDYK. The budget was $120MIL with a $20MIL refund from tax incentives and they spent $100MIL on marketing, so the movie needed to make at least $200MIL at the BO to break even on the production budget and another $100MIL in aftermarket sales to break even on marketing. Instead, after internation figures come in (which I forgot to account for in my earlier post), Sony’s probably going to lose about $70MIL of the production budget and eat all $100MIL of marketing – a $170MIL loss…on a romcom. NOT a good decision. At least everyone should make back 50-65% their money on The Tourist…

  362. 362
    sunny Says:

    Is the sun shining in that store?? What’s with the sunglasses?

  363. 363
    Passing Through Says:

    # 355 ROTLMAO @ 12/27/2010 at 5:20 pm
    LOL. The current RT score on Putrid’s flick is just as bad as The Tourist. But…there’s only 9 reviews so Lamey can hold out hope that it’ll go higher. Maybe she’ll hold her breath until it does. That’s be a hell of an obituary, wouldn’t it? “Died from lack of oxygen while waiting for the Rotten Tomatoes score of her idol’s movie to become ‘Fresh’.

  364. 364
    Passing Through Says:

    # 361 **** @ 12/27/2010 at 6:18 pm
    ROTFLMAO. WTF are you talking about, stalker? Do the math yourself – if you can. Use your toes when ya get to 10.

  365. 365
    to woman spanish Says:

    tu no eres la unica española ,y ademas no creo que seas ni siquiera española ,o eres muy cateta y por eso escribes y destrozas mi idioma .Si eres de otra nacionalidad no deberias avergonzarte por ello.Todo lo contrario deberias sentirte orgullosa de donde seas y defenderlo.Animo,mujer.

  366. 366
    woman spanish Says:

    if in touch talk bad from skeletina it´s not true ,if in touch talk bad from others it´s true ,are you so,so, stupids and inmature …

  367. 367
    ,.,.lllññññ Says:

    zzzzz….zzzzzz…..zzzzzz…that is the screeplan from the tourist…

  368. 368
    ;) Says:

    @Passing Through: He is mad.

  369. 369
    maripedo Says:

    where are the jolie´s fans ? why they don´t go to see the tourist ???

  370. 370
    Passing Through Says:

    # 363 carla @ 12/27/2010 at 6:36 pm
    Puh-leeze. I’m as big a fan of Angie’s as there is, but there’s no need in pretending like The Tourist is doing great at the BO and will have great DVD sales. DVD sales have been in a slump for the last 2 1/2 years. $100MIL+ BO hits used to routinely do $100MIL in DVD sales, but that’s just not there anymore. The megahits like Avatar or Iron man do that kind of volume, but not much else does. BTW. studios get 75% of DVD sales, not 100%. Do you really think Walmart would agree to that? ROTFLMAO! Now, to prove my point, take a look at this list of DVD sales from This is not a final sales list, but will do for this purpose -
    In it’s first week of sales only the Twilight movie has was close to $100MIL in sales. Inception and Shrek Forever did less than $32MIL each – yet Inception only made $8MIL less than Twilight Eclipse at the BO and Shrek around $62MIL. Thusfar Inception has out-earned TT $292,525,041 to $40,878,000. If Inception only sold $26,991,071 in it’s first week – exactly how much do you REALLY think The Tourist will sell? That’s called a reality check.
    If you look further at the DVD sales list you’ll see that only Toy Story 3, Avatar, the 2nd Twilight flick, How to Train Your Dragon and Iron Man 2 have broken $100MIL+. All of these movies significantly out-earned The Tourist at the box office.
    Now look at the sales for movies that have earned about what TT is projected to earn at the BO – around $55MIL. I don’t see anything, so I’m going to use Eat Pray Love as an example – in it’s 3rd week of sales it’s only sold $19,686,828 worth of CDs. Yes, Angie is more popular than Hyena Laugh right now, but there’s still the problem of TT being a 2 quadrant film.
    Adamn Sandler’s DVDs used to sell really well, easily in the $100MIL club – but after 5 weeks Grown Ups only has $33,320,853 in DVD sales. Yet the movie did $162,001,186 at the BO. So, please, tell me again how TT is going to make up about a $90 MILLION deficit in DVD sales? Even if you’re talking about worldwide DVD sales – you’re still going to come up short. For one thing, the studios don’t release those numbers and for another they don’t earn as much on overseas sales as they do domestic. IIRC they only get 50% of foreign DVD sales. If TT does even $50MIL in domestic DVD sales over the next 5 years Sony and GK Films will only get $37.5MIL.
    BTW – The Numbers posts DVD sales info on Tues or Wed, so Salt’s first weekof sales will be on the list later this week. If you want you can probably use that as a measuring stick for The Tourist. Salt’s an action film, so it’ll sell better than TT. You can thumb me down all you want and disgree and question my allegiance to Angie all you want – but the reality is, GK Films and Sony will lose money on The Tourist. Stick your head in the sand all you want – it’s not going to change the numbers or the facts.

  371. 371
    cee Says:

    Your head is stuck ib the sand. TT will not lose money for SONY. There are many openings internationally to come. Chill out. Angie rocks.

  372. 372
    ****;) Says:

    I know you are a long time fan of JP, but somethings comes obvious about you . Your constant rant on Sony is too much not that I care about Sony or any of them.I care about Angie and her movies. Everyone and their mothers know at this point HDYN is a faluire. And the TT didn’t do as we hopped but it still has a shot to reach 50-55 mil domestic and 150-200 million world wide. It would have done a lot better if it wasn’t for the undeserving constant attack and may be if it wasn’t for the low key marketing. The word of mouth is good.

  373. 373
    dianad1968 Says:

    I still maintain that they should not have rushed TT for a Dec release, (i got thumbed down for posting this previously) ESPECIALLY at that particular time in Dec. It was originally slated for a 2011 release, and it is obvious by the shoddy marketing, that they were not quite prepared to do right by the movie. When I have seen the movie this week, I will be better able to give my opinion, but I am still pretty annoyed that a movie, which by all accounts is a throwback to the films of yesteryear, has not done well at the BO, but a stupid movie like Little Fockers made $34 million dollars.

  374. 374
    fly high Says:

    I hope TT will gain 1.5B at least ;
    Do you guys think it will be possible?

  375. 375
    dianad1968 Says:

    ^^^^I should say made $34 millions it’s first weekend.

  376. 376
    maripedo Says:

    para las que dudan de si sony perdera dinero con the tourist : PUES SI ,PIERDE DINERO.

  377. 377
    maripedo Says:


  378. 378
    busted Says:

    @Passing Through:

    I thumbed you up.. I loved The Tourist. Felt the Critics trashed it because they wanted an Oscar film that starred these two people. Everyone wanted to see Depp and Angie on the big screen and just had expectations that were not fair. It was a cute film and I think the people that have seen it actually enjoy it.. Thus at RT the Viewer rating is way higher..

    Angie kickedass in Salt and when I went to get my dvd it was sold out. I think the sales are going very well indeed. So I’m glad because I am sure Angie got a back-end deal on that film. So for me all is good. I don’t care if The Tourist does not fit everyones taste. Many of the Oscar contenders are not going to make a lot of money regardless of budget. So The Tourist may not meet BO expectations but the fans and others that saw it had an enjoyable time.. Sometimes that is enough. As Angie and Brad said.. they don’t make films for the BO..

    I hope the fans here will not let hurt feelings keep them from facing the truth. Every actor has films that don’t do great. But I think the Weather has played a big part in the low BO numbers. It was Christmas (Saturday) yet the numbers are so low. People have been snowed in and stuck and with all that no one wanted to go to the movies. So whether people believe it or not.. the Weather has messed up the BO for lots of movies. I hope The Tourist does well overseas.. and that the fans will continue to support it.

    The hags posting really are stupid. Especially considering Angie is the ONLY female this year to carry a major film on her own. And if it had played in China it would have went well over the 300 million mark. but dvd sales as I said are going to be very nice.

    go Angie.. now we wait for TOL and Angie’s first directorial film.. 2011 will be a wonderful year for the JPs.. the haters need to buckle up for the ride and deal.

    Thanks PT for you insight. Fans don’t need to run from the truth. Angie enjoyed making this film. She, Brad and Johnny/Vanessa are all friends now and I actually hope we see them hanging out together.. and maybe even see Brad and Johnny on the screen one day.. 4 totally cool people hanging out.. what could we ask for.

    confused-admirers can continue to stalk and rant.
    Nothing changed this year for the Jolie-Pitts. Still together and quite happy.. so all is good for the fans.

  379. 379
    fly high Says:

    @fly high:

    NOPE NOPE !!
    Not 1.5B But 0.15B=150M !!
    SORRY ^^*
    I hope for TT’s profit to hit the ceiling of 1.5B at least……

  380. 380
    busted Says:


    I hate when the fans get upset by other fan’s post. Everyone has an opinion. We all know each other and we know a troll when we see on. Telling the truth about a film is not attacking Angie nor does it mean you are not supporting her.

    I see every JP film on opening day. Have done so for 5 years. So I don’t mind hearing the truth and dealing. We are not the fools that follow a certain someone. The JP fans are quite intelligent. the hater can’t stand that fact and that is why we get those idiots posting stupid things.

    So PT keep posting the facts. We may not like it, but we don’t need to run from it either.

    Oh that is my post above. On a new computer.. and I was in blue.. now back to normal..

    I will be seeing The Tourist again this week with a couple of friends that are planning a trip to Italy.. so jealous..

    OK enough BO talk.. Wonder if the JPs have left Namibia and headed to Missouri.. hope so.. it will be like having 2 Christmases.

    The Rents are going to spoil some grandkids I’m sure.

  381. 381
    busted Says:

    OK… now I’m back to normal.


  382. 382
    dianad1968 Says:

    Thumbing down a post does NOT change the facts of the BO of TT, and doesn’t mean someone posting their opinion is NOT a fan. Two of my coworkers who were intending to see the film changed their minds because of the reviews, although I told them about that reviewer who admitted that his first review was done without watching the movie They could have left it for next year, and it probably could have had an opening like Alice in Wonderland had. My argument against the release date is that it was a bad time, and I remember questioning the decision at the time, especially when there were some in the industry who thought it was a gamble to do so. It was the middle of the Christmas shopping season, and the weather was bad.

  383. 383
    dianad1968 Says:



    Hi busted, I will be seeing TT either tomorrow, (if I can get around the snow) or Wednesday the latest, and I know I will enjoy it, as I enjoy everything Angie does.

  384. 384
    pitstain Says:


    You will b*tch about tabloids and haters but you will not go out and support her movie, but you have enough time to slum on all the hating blogs, some fan u are

  385. 385
    lolailo Says:

    la de cuentos que os inventais para jusificar semejante fracaso( de critica y taquilla) es que no teneis nada mejor que hacer ??? pues no.

    A jolines le estan pasando factura sus mentiras ,escandalos ,su hipocresia ,y ademas que narices !!!! la peli no vale un pimiento y la gente no es tonta y tira el dinero.

  386. 386
    dianad1968 Says:

    Do we have kindergardeners posting here now? And I am not talking about the trolls. Grow up.

  387. 387
    dianad1968 Says:

    ^^^^Sorry should read “kindergarteners”.

  388. 388
    lylian Says:

    @pig ear big nose maniston:
    Gracie, everyone knows what you mentioned above – see this
    I’m sure this year Dedn and her stunts team will pull out Dedn’s mother, just to show everyone that Dedn’s taking care of her mum now.
    Enjoyed the jokes in the video though. Noted the comments about how Dedn never seems to spend time with her family. It’s always just her friends.
    I’m sure people don’t buy Dedn’s perfume because at some visceral level, she smells like a Deadend Loser – and who wants to smell like that?

  389. 389
    pitussa is a c.u.n.t Says:


  390. 390
    Gigi Says:


    Also …………..

    The Tourist is PG-13 so it ca play on TV 24/7/365. Same with SALT.

  391. 391
    passing through is right Says:

    i hate trolls gloating, but we fans have to admit the tourist has not done well..AZ was a flop in france, the story for some reason people don’t like or warm to.

    TT will struggle to make a profit for sony,,angelina does need to make sure her next films are either low-budget, or an action movie.

    no re-makes of average films, even if people like florian HVD are involved or location..make sure the story is good, angelina is better than remaking a crappy french film

  392. 392
    busted Says:


    I hope you enjoy it.. I sure plan on doing so again..

    OT: my Aniston observation..

    I thought she and Courteney always spend Christmas Eve together at some Steak house place.. but this year I saw Courteney going to some party with Coco and NO JENNY POO.

    NOW the haters love to speculate on what the Jolie-Pitts do and who they do it with.. Why oh why are they not concerned about the fact that these 2 great BFFs are not following their traditions. A Tradition they they have done according to her fans for years and years. Why was she not with her Best Friend. I mean they made special note of Angie “not having friends”.. but Angie has a family. Husband/Children. so she is with family everyday.

    Now I’m not hating just making an observation.. What is going on with this great friendship.. I’m sure we may have a sighting because we know the Hag Army reads the JP threads like it is a bible.

    Just an a question I throw out there.. LOL

  393. 393
    gracie Says:

    I just hate all these negative comments from some fans who have not even seen this movie. I expect this from haters/trolls and not fans. This movie is only been out 2wks and people should reserve their judgement until it’s had a good run. It’s bad enough that critics tried to sabotage the movie coz it’s Angie in it but so called fans doing the same is unacceptable. I will thumb any negative comment from a fan down just as I will thumb a troll/ hater’s comment. The movie is great and everyone I know who watched it says the same, they all loved it and they are not Angie or JD’s fan. We have enough hate and nasty comments from trolls.

  394. 394
    MooCow Says:


    Huvane just repaired that in PEOPLE Magazine.,,20453303,00.html

    Mustn’t have any besmirchment on the fable of the besties!!!

  395. 395
    dianad1968 Says:



    LOL, I think FT is quickly becoming persona non grata to a lot of people. She is so consumed with the idea that she is a BFF, that she is becoming pathetic. When you have the likes of CH as a BFF, you know you have hit the bottom.

  396. 396
    Etta (new HO on board) Says:

    ITAWY, the film has only been out for 2 weeks for f**ksake.

  397. 397
    dianad1968 Says:

    I have not read any fan bashing TT. Discussing the disappointing BO, (so far) and the possibly reasons for it is NOT bashing the movie. I would hope we are all grown-ups here who can have an intelligent debate, whether we agree or not. I say what I have to say at JJ, and don’t post a favourable opinion here, and then go elsewhere to post c*ap. I will always state my point, no matter how it’s taken.

    Now this is my LAST opinion on this UNTIL I have seen the movie, which I am sure I will enjoy.

  398. 398
    busted Says:


    don’t you love it.. I have seen on a couple of site where this was pointed out and now BAMB.. we get the Courteney and Jenny Poo best friend article.. Like clock work.

    We all know the hags read this blog.. LOVE IT>> LOVE IT.. LOL..

  399. 399
    Agreed Says:

    Gracie & Etta- I agree 100%- The Tourist has only been out 2 weeks and it is quite ironic that the “fail” label is coming from people who haven’t even see the movie yet. I loved it & plan on seeing it again…the movie is a lot of fun- delightful & has some VERY COOL twists. Florian, Angie, Johnny and all involved should be very proud of their hard work- I thank them for making this sweet holiday treat!! Plus, Angie has never looked more gorgeous & elegant- that alone is worth the price of admission.

  400. 400
    dianad1968 Says:


    LOL, that was fast. I wonder where CH was?

  401. 401
    busted Says:

    Regarding the TT last word.

    Let’s just chill until the final numbers. No need to get all worked up for nothing. We are fans, and we really don’t need to give the HAGS something to gloat about.

    Fans stand united.. regardless of whether we agree or disagree..

    PEACE.. Beside we so much to look forward too..

    since the films has been out for 2 weeks all the debate is mute.. OH and to the haters that think you will divide and conquer..

    don’t hold you breath.

  402. 402
    gracie Says:

    MooCow @ 12/27/2010 at 9:20 pm 0


    Huvane just repaired that in PEOPLE Magazine.,,20453303,00.html

    Mustn’t have any besmirchment on the fable of the besties!!!

    Hilarious! That is so fcuking predictable. I swear Huvane and Anuston lurk here. They must have planted that crap after reading the posts here about LONELY Anuston spending her Christmas alone. And CC abandoning her bff and taking off with her new toy boy. It’s so funny, you couldn’t make that up. I’m LMAO.

  403. 403
    Etta (new HO on board) Says:

    Exactly, lets just wait till the final numbers. So far nobody knows whether its going to make 125 or 200mil worldwide for sure.

  404. 404
    gracie Says:

    # 403 busted, I agree. The only people to gain from all these negative comments are trolls and haters. Hope fans know this and reserve judgement and give TT fair time.

  405. 405
    Lauren917 Says:

    People with money who are friendless and metaphorically homeless go to Namibia for Christmas. People with loved ones and families spend time with them. Their Christmas is not glamorous to me; it’s tragic, empty, and meaningless.

  406. 406
    truth is Says:

    @Passing Through: As a fan of Angie I just want to ask you How did you know that the Production Budget is the Actual Budget. They can be over or under the budget. I believe it was under the budget because as what Angie said she made The Tourist just to fill the window of her and Brad’s schedule. They filmed the Tourist really in a short period of time so that it won’t be conflict on Brad’s schedule and her directorial film and Johnny’s next film. Plus the process of it was really short and they release it right away. How can a producer spent too much money in this movie that they did not even use stunt double for Angie, only Johnny in a few stunts and it was just so simple stunts compare to SALT. I didn’t see any reasons why they spent the entire production budget. Probably, the 100 mil production budget was estimated before they started filming but they could had change the story to shorten it to fit both Angie and Johnny’s schedule. Only the producers and directors know the actual costs.

  407. 407
    peacemaker Says:

    Happy New Year to all Fans of Brad and angelina, check the new Bluray of SALT, there are two version of unratedirector extended cuts and you will love it. Phillip Noyce and Angelina Jolie is a great team,in this action movie. They are the best.!, Now I am waiting to own the Tourist, with Johnny Deep and amazing beautiful Angelina Jolie, where both funny in this movie. I love it. Keep the good work Ms. Jolie, and don’t mind the others, bad opinion, they just jealous and can’t accept that your more popular and likeable movie star. Who is genuinely good in nature. Kind, and very charitable, to share your income to the poor and with your humanitarian project. All this virtue, comes from your personality. In your movie Mighty Heart, Danny said in your wedding scene, when you smile, you make him happy.. there is truth in those words mentioned, because when we see you smile in any occassion,either in your interviews, pictures,movies, you make us forget our problem and make us happy. Its like we see angel in you, that brighten our day. We knew your wild younger days, but you never hurt anybody, except your self. Most people, have emotional problem and that’s normal. It’s up to us, how we deal with our personal problem. Since you adopted Maddox and become volunteer in your humanitarian project, in UNHCR, this become your healing process , to make peace in your self, and see the light of goodness on those individuals who are less bless. This is how I see you, and admire you. Keep the good work and don’t mind those negative write up,made up by others. Believe in your self ,for you knew who you are. Let them go Gaga!!(means crazy). They will never win.. God loves you!..More blessing comes your way.

  408. 408
    fly high Says:

    Johnny and Angie were paid 20M in TT

  409. 409
    voe Says:

    @passing through is right: Angelina is doing whatever movie she is dam.m pleased to do, as she had said so repeatedly about decision to do TT? The producer controls the budget. And just because some people like to see her limit herself in action movies (so you can gloat that “her range is limited”) doesn’t mean she “needs” to.
    I like The Tourist. It is smart, elegant and refined. I’d watch it over the lame Eat, Love and Pray and movies whose story line involves one woman in emotional crisis or pursuing feminist crappy fantasy of self-empowerment any time. If crappy movies of X and co can make enough money for them to keep making stupid movies, I am sure TT will return sufficiently on investment for Angelina to make whatever movies she wants to make. Name one actor/actress whose movies always make profit, let alone huge profit.

  410. 410
    voe Says:

    @Lauren917: To you? Who the hell do you think you are?

  411. 411
    peacemaker Says:

    Angelina’s and Brad kids, don’t need toys, they got everything,but the most important thing they have there Mom and Dad love. They shop toys for less fortunate kids. Teaching their kids to be like them, when they grow up. The spirit of true christmas is with them. Giving and not recieving.

  412. 412
    carla Says:

    MooCow @ 12/27/2010 at 9:20 pm +3


    Huvane just repaired that in PEOPLE Magazine.

    Where is her family? Who are her family? Who cares, I don’t. She & CC are cut from the same cloth. Both are old but very immature. I can’t stand either one of them.

  413. 413
    fly high Says:

    @Passing Through:

    You said ::
    Sony spent $100M on HDYK marketing.
    (How cant it be possible?)
    Sony spent much less money on TT’s marketing (than they did on HYDK)
    Johnny and Angie were paid $15M + incentive, not $20M.
    TT’s budget can’t be 100M.

    Just curious, do you have the grounds for those strong words?
    No offence, just curious again, and I hope you’re right.

  414. 414
    lylian Says:

    The stupidity of this woman just made my day!!
    She says:
    “People who go to Namibia for their christmas holiday are friendless and homeless. ”
    Which of course, begs the questions -:
    (a) Is it just Namibia or would other places like Hawaii and Mehico and Bali and Bahamas and skiing in Switzerland qualify?
    (b) is it only christmas that’s the holiday or is it any other holiday such as Thanksgiving?
    (c) does family have to include extended family or is family mum, dad and children qualify as family?
    Because strangely, Hotels in holiday resorts in the tropics in Asia are at HIGH SEASON over xmas new year holidays. So there must be sooooo many people who are friendless and homeless – but of course, may be, it’s only if they holiday in Namibia.

  415. 415
    mmsic Says:

    @Lauren917: People with money,who is distanced from her own family,with no man,no child,only a nasty,loud-mouthed,evil woman handler as her BFF go to Mexico to spend Christmas for that is the only country Ticky knows to exist in the real world.Brad and Angie,together with their children,the nannies and their bodyguards spend Christmas TOGETHER as FAMILY.Now,what is so wrong with that unless you are as stupid and idiot as you can be!!! CHILL! Brad and Angie’s Christmas is full of love that is long-lasting.Ticky’s is soooo superficial,good for only 60 minutes.

  416. 416
    carla Says:

    fly high @ 12/27/2010 at 11:19 pm

    The actors’ salary alone was over 50m and the MANY locations for the movie gave unwanted budget boost. You are a troll. Go away!

  417. 417
    lylian Says:

    LOL!! and she and this lauren creature seek out a 4 day old JP thread buried deep inside JJ’s blog, – a thread which is of interest mainly to JP fans – coz we are supposed to be loony fans.
    I love it. I love it when haters post on old threads, there obsessive behaviour for all to see.
    And you know, I’ll betcha, everytime these couple of losies who can’t help posting shite on an old thread, you know that they’ve been checking, checking checking on the old thread and checking checking checking for any new threads coz they are so often, the first to post on a new thread. It’s hilarious.

  418. 418
    gracie Says:

    lylian @ 12/27/2010 at 11:31 pm

    I think Lauren917 is drunk on too much vodka and is rambling on. She has no clue what she’s talking about. Vodka makes them lose their sense of logic. She should ask Chelsea Handler after she sobers up.

  419. 419
    lylian Says:

    On a less humourous note, I wonder if the JPs have gone to visit that wild life park that Angelina sponsors? Remember that? I can’t remember the name of the Park. Perhaps someone can help me.
    The JPs where visiting that place when Angelina was pregnant with Marianne and her son. That would be so amazing and so private to go there. And the kids would just have an amazing time in that Park – going in jeeps to spot the wild animals, may be camping, lying on their backs to gaze at the star filled nights.

  420. 420
    fly high Says:


    Why do you think I’m a Tr? I’m just a bit of pessimist, and just need the positive answer! Yeah, as a fan or moviegoer, the profit +/- does not need to be my concern, but I hope TT’s investors do not disappoint their loss in the super power combination, aka J&A. That’s all I cared about.

    If I made you guys feel annoyed, it’s not my intention. It’s just from different angle, a little.

  421. 421
    NHT(now hear this) Says:

    So much speculation, so little time. The foreign market was just updated and increased the total so far to 77 MILLION. Why do we do this every movie? Let’s just enjoy the ride that is The Tourist and see where it goes. It is a gem of a movie and everyone will know that soon enough. Meanwhile go see it again and again and…..

  422. 422
    an oldie Says:

    OT. People kind of raved about Johnny Depp’s looks in Finding Neverland. I am watching the dvd right now, and I can see why I didn’t care for him the first time I watched this movie before. I much prefer his looks now, and in The Tourist. He looks more interesting to me. In Finding Neverland, sometimes he looked like Peeboy. I have to watch Chocolat again to see if I would like him better now.

  423. 423
    lylian Says:

    @fly high:
    Ok!! OK!! You’re not a troll. You’re just a careless losie and an an idiot. You forgot to change your monikers earlier …

  424. 424
    lylian Says:

    Just to clarify: flyhigh #376 & #381.

  425. 425
    an oldie Says:

    Do people predict the end of Reese Witherspoon’s career with the bombing of her movie? No!!!! They can’t say that about Johnny Depp or Angelina either. They both were excellent (Angelina more so than Depp, IMHO) in TT.

  426. 426
    gracie Says:

    BO Mojo The Tourist

    Total Lifetime Grosses Domestic: $40,878,000 52.4%

    + Foreign: $37,100,000 47.6%


    = Worldwide: $77,978,000

    2wks and $77.9m, that’s a pretty good number. I have no doubt Sony will make their money and profit. Go watch it, if you haven’t. It’s a very good movie and you’ll enjoy it.

  427. 427
    an oldie Says:

    I love The Tourist. Watched it twice, and will see it again before it ends its theatrical run. I will buy the dvd for sure.

  428. 428
    lylian Says:

    @an oldie:
    I’ve only watched two movies with depp in it and one was Chocolat and the other POTC – part 3. Haven’t seen the tourist yet but I plan to soon.
    As for depp in chocolat – well, I remember he was OK, but nothing special. Didn’t like him or the movie in POTC part 3. It really made me laugh when some fool said that Depp was trying to distance himself from the Tourist – because it was not a good movie. Anyone who can proudly promote POTC Part 3, cannot possibly be ashamed of the Tourist. I cannot imagine a movie written and directed by Florian can possibly be worse than POTC part 3.
    I’d probably prefer depp in the tourist probably because Angelina will make him look better. and he actually looks cleaned up in the tourist.

  429. 429
    lylian Says:

    Off Topic:
    On Rachel Weisz and Daniel Craig, I make no judgement on them. Life is complicated and relationships are difficult to decipher from the outside. If they are happy for now, if Rachel’s and David aronofsky’s child feels loved all the same, then good luck to Weisz and Craig.
    But, yes, I concur with every post here pointing out the double standards imposed on Angelina and Brad. That’s why the losies are such a joke. Betcha some of those losies are cooing on the internet crying -”oh, Rachel and Daniel, yipppeeee, they are so cute together.” Just like those losies were praying that Dedn and Ben Affleck would hook up because Ben doesn’t really love jennifer Garner and his children anyway.

  430. 430
    LOL Says:

    LOL lamey finally get the memo and talked about Paltry’s constanly calling Brad. But It was funny how she minimize it to just one time or to almost nothing LOL biitch please, Paltry was talking about Brad PItt constatly that became almost a joke. But lamey has to protect her idol l so she went on explaing her first time calling BA to the mix which she did next to B R A D’s name of course.

  431. 431
    LOL Says:

    If patlry call Brad name one more time again,I will die laughing.

  432. 432
    oaktown Says:

    Dear Passing Through,

    I like your posts a great deal. But, with all due respect, I have to disagree with you in terms of TT box office numbers. The Changeling made over 77 million internationally and came close to 120 worldwide. There is no question, TT will make well over 120 million dollars. It is almost 80 million now and it has not opened in most of Asian markets where Jolie is loved. “Friends” was not popular there. No one knows or cares about Aniston. Jolie is greeted as a goddess there. Did you see the way Korean folks went complete nuts over The Jolie this past Summer?

    I have no question TT will make over 100 internationally and probably over 60 million domestically. It will probably end up with 160 to 180 million worldwide, with rest of the money coming from DVD sales and TV rights.


  433. 433
    Lara Says:

    The Tourist is great fun and a real gem of a movie. If critics are wrong to bring it down before even seeing it, that should also go for fans and everyone else. Word of mouth is great, so ignore all the experts and find out for yourself. It’s even better second and third time around, and I’m not finished yet lol, the pefect tonic for all the cold miserable weather.

  434. 434
    woman spanish Says:

    @to woman spanish:

    Ya sé que no soy la única española, pero soy la única que empezó a escribir con este nombre en esta web; si por destrozar tu idioma te refieres al español, la única que lo destroza eres tú que ni siquiera sabes poner un acento; si te refieres al inglés ya he pedido perdón por no dominarlo totalmente y a nadie le importa.
    Así que la única cateta eres tu,que me parece que si te pongo delante una mapa de Europa no tienes ni idea de donde está España.

  435. 435
    gracie Says:

    an oldie, So did I and it is going to be our New Year’s Eve treat about 6 of us are going to watch it again and then crash in my place for the New Year celebration. I look forward to having a blast with my friends at the movie. I hope all fans go and see it again. It is a fabulous movie. It has everything I look for in a movie, romance, suspense, action, beautiful scenery and beautiful woman in beautiful costumes.

  436. 436
    Go Saints!! Says:

    In honor of the Saints clinching a playoff spot last night, here is a great JP Superbowl XLIV video…I think my fav pic is the one where Brad pulls Angie in for a kiss by the lapels- SWOON! Brad looks so happy & proud!!

  437. 437
    Go Saints!! Says:

    oh, the part where Brad pulls Angie’s close to him (via the coat lapels) to kiss her is at 2’12″- I also I like Angie’s little seat dance and Brad’s leg grab!
    In honor of the Saints clinching a playoff spot last night, here is a great JP Superbowl XLIV video…I think my fav pic is the one where Brad pulls Angie in for a kiss by the lapels- SWOON! Brad looks so happy & proud!!

  438. 438
    lyn arcilla Says:

    we’re patiently waiting here in the philippines for the tourist. and i agree that in asia especially here in our country angelina jolie is very much loved and respected here. same goes to brad pitt.

  439. 439
    JPs to Attend the Year? Says:

    I wonder is they will go to the superbowl this year (prob only if saints get in)…anyhow, here is one of my fav from last year- kiss-kiss!

  440. 440
    Marilyn Says:

    You are right, TT hasn’t opened in Asia yet, it’s going to be New Year release in Asia (Dec 30). No doubt it will do well in Asia as we love Angie here. Pirated DVDs are already out in Asia but we will never miss to watch it in cinema of course.

  441. 441
    bdj Says:

    Check out the Tourist. It is a fun sweet movie

    Tonight’s Movie: The Tourist (2010)

    I went to see THE TOURIST today with fairly low expectations. Reviews were tepid, and I had found the trailer somewhat disappointing. I went to see the film for the eye candy — Venice and Angelina Jolie’s dazzling wardrobe.

    To my delight, however, I thoroughly enjoyed the film. There was no graphic violence, no pervasive bad language, and no sex. It was a good old-fashioned caper movie in the best sense of the word, reminiscent of late ’50s and early ’60s films like NORTH BY NORTHWEST (1959) and CHARADE (1963). The movie featured charismatic stars, lush photography and scoring, and a nice plot twist or two. And, as advertised, Venice and Miss Jolie were beautiful.

    I found this film great fun. Jolie has screen presence to spare, and while I was dubious of Depp’s scruffy, mild-mannered character when I saw the trailer, he comes off very well too. Jolie’s glam wardrobe and hair call to mind beautiful actresses of the past such as Grace Kelly or Audrey Hepburn. I didn’t see the plot twists coming and thought they were fun, and it’s a movie I’ll definitely be watching again.

    Sometimes reviewers seem to take pleasant but fairly average films — BOTTLE SHOCK (2008) and (500) DAYS OF SUMMER (2009) come to mind — and build them up unreasonably as the greatest thing since sliced bread. Conversely, sometimes the same critics seem to expect every film to be Oscar-worthy, looking down on enjoyable entertainment like LEAP YEAR (2010). The latter seems to have been the case with THE TOURIST.

    As far as I’m concerned, what’s not to like? I spent a very pleasant holiday week afternoon at the movies. I’m looking forward to taking a fresh look at it on DVD with the knowledge gained from late plot developments.

  442. 442
    bdj Says:

    Too cute. Little Miss Shiloh, trend setter. more at site

    Dec 28 2010 08:00 AM ET

    Look for Less: Shiloh Jolie-Pitt’s Biker Chic

    Every time we spot Shiloh Jolie-Pitt out and about, she always wows us with her oh-so adorable style.

    During a visit to a Paris aquarium with mom Angelina Jolie on Nov. 30, the 4½-year-old rocked a sleek black leather jacket, a printed hoodie, grey pants and Bonpoint‘s drool-worthy Zebra Boots ($280 – $295).

    Talk about mini edgy chic!

    Love Shiloh’s style? You’re in luck. We’ve rounded up a similar look — with items all under $43!

  443. 443
    bdj Says:

    Angelina Jolie among list of most-admired men and women

    US president Barack Obama is apparently the most admired man, according to Internet sources. He comes ahead of former presidents, religious leaders and other icons. Bill Clinton and democracy icon Nelson Mandela were not far behind.

    Obama’s secretary of state Hillary Clinton topped the ladies’ list, with Sarah Palin, Oprah Winfrey, Michelle Obama, Condoleeza Rice and Queen Elizabeth falling in line behind her.

    Check out the rest of the world’s most admired men and women in photos.

  444. 444
    bdj Says:

    Go Saints!
    Thanks for the videos. That was a nail bitter game. Who Dat!!!, Who Dat!!!! Go Saints.

  445. 445
    Passing Through Says:

    OT – I just saw a story that Elton John and his longtime partner David Furnish have become parents via a surrogate. Good for Elton and congrats to him and David. Elton is godfather to a whole passle of his friends’ kids and for years has been saying he’d like to someday have a child of his own…so it’s nice to see him do that before he gets too old to enjoy even the early years. I mean, come on, the man is 62. If he were straight he could just do like all of his friends and marry some 20-something and have all the kids he wanted. But, he’s gay and old, which kind of takes adoption off the table. So good on Elton for getting around the system and using a surrogate. Somewhere Liz Hurley is kicking the window sill because her son just dropped down the inheritance ladder in Elton’s will…

  446. 446
    Passing Through Says:

    BTW – I’m ROTFLMBAO at X and Courteney releasing a statement to Peeps that they spent X-mas together making Coco the priority. I guess Ticky got wind of everyone making fun of her never being with her family on holidays, so now she’s trying to pimp herself as the concerned friend and godmother. Doesn’t this trick ever get tired of famehoing? Rhetorical question…

  447. 447
    voe Says:

    @bdj: TA with these reviews.

  448. 448
    bdj Says:

    In honor of the Saints making the playoffs. Brad Pitt on “Make it Right” during Katrina 5 year Anniversary. There are doers and then there are whiners. Brad Pitt is one Man, who is doing some good. Video at site


    Pitt: NOLA eco-friendly homes ‘exceeded my expectations’

    “These houses here have exceeded my expectations,” he says, looking across the neighborhood. “The goal here was how do you build affordable housing that’s high-performance, and that is going to be strong enough to withstand the kind of weather that we’re seeing down here. Things that drive the price up, we’ve got to get down.”

  449. 449
    bdj Says:

    Johnny Depp: ‘Jolie is a great mother’

    Johnny Depp has praised his current co-star Angelina Jolie, describing her as “kind and caring”.

    The Tourist star also revealed that he is impressed with Jolie’s parenting skills.

    Depp told Now: “She’s a great mommy. She’s very down-to-earth, smart, funny, kind and caring.”

    Speaking about her character and how she deals with press attention, he added: “I was immediately impressed by her. Well, not that I read much in the press about myself or even anyone, but you can’t help but know that she and Brad are globally hounded and tracked down.

    “What I was most impressed with Angelina first and foremost was her normality.”

  450. 450
    bdj Says:

    Wow, when was the last time you saw 50 cents, broke down rapper, on Just Jared. Shoveling snow at that. Huvane got all his clients on Just Jared, boozy, goopy, baby Jane and assorted losers. If Baby Jane alias whiny Jen is the top Actress for 2010, then Just Jared has been paid well. Ole boy can buy a duplex in Manhattan off of Baby Jane. It also helps if I post my observation on the correct thread. Too funny

  451. 451
    bdj Says:

    The Tree of Life (2011)

  452. 452
    bdj Says:

    I guess the PR bulldog could not arrange a photo op of Baby Jane bearing hugging Courtney to coincide with the fake press release. Baby Jane is no where in sight but she spent all day consoling Courtney who is banging her co-star. Meanwhile, Poor little lost child had Christmas alone while Daniel and Rachel spent Christmas together per the Daily Mail. And the hens whine about BP, AJ and their family together for Christmas. Go Figure.

  453. 453
    Sherry Says:

    Re: Lamey the lamest of the Lames: ( I go there so you don’t have to…haha)
    Anyways, it’s 1050 am my time, and she still has not said anything about her fave’s Natalie’s pregnancy and engagement. Meanwhile homegirl has found the time in her intro to bring up the JPs, saying that we can enjoy our holidays, because the Brange hasn’t broken up this Xmas (I guess this was in reference to the Pig’s book on Angie). She’s saying that they have at least two more years in them, if not more… talk about hedging your bets. So it’s official, we have yet another troll actively waiting for the breakup of the JPs. I tell you, it’s sickening how negative people are in this world esp these pigs. Well, as far as the JPs go, I think that the trolls sickness will have to continue to infinity, because these two people are in it for the long haul. If you ever read anything both Brad and Ange have had to say about anything at all, you would know that their family is their priority, which means their being partners as well. They are both very real people who can put aside ego and careers when necessary.
    Lamey can f*c* off and d**!!
    In other news, she says that Daniel’s Rachel might be preggo…. but hey this is Lamey, she never even mentioned Nathalie Portman might even be preggo, that’s how much she’s in on the inside… NOT!!

  454. 454
    bdj Says:

    Not one pix of Your hairness bearing gifts and holding tight to Courtney(smothering) with her hair in her face . Someone is slipping. I guess you can only ambush a grandmother so the rags/hens can whine over who Jane Pitt likes the best.

  455. 455
    woman spanish Says:

    en españa el turista se va a llamar: toma el dinero y corre.

  456. 456
    cee Says:

    So agree about Lamey Gossip. Never says anything neagtive about her GP, or NP but like all the other hens over the past six 6 plus years
    Did I mention it has been SIX PLUS YEARS!!!!. But the hens always have time to try and hurt Angie and her fans but they are so ignorant.
    Angie fans are forever and The Tourist surprise surprise!!! is ruling in European markets. I am so sick of all the hating on Angie when Aniston is such a pathetic loser that they just let her get away with all her crap and lies. Just a note Popeater and Access Hollywood are all part of Anistons PR guy Huvanes posse.

  457. 457
    dianad1968 Says:


    LOL, I was just coming to post about Lamey. I am convinced she lost a bet re the JPs “break-up”. And very soon Brad and Angie would be together for longer than he was with FT, so all these idiots who predicted they wouldn’t last two years are might pizzed. You got to love it. Brad stayed with FT for six years and had no children to think of, but these hags believe he would leave his SIX children just so these bitter b*tches could have something to gossip about.

    And I wish she would STOP claiming she likes Angie. NO ONE believes her. She is freaking annoyed because before it was assumed that Putrid was Brad’s biggest love, EVEN after marrying FT, but now the world sees that whatever love Brad had for Putrid pales in comparison to his love for Angie. Lamey can’t stand it that “her girl” has lost that distinction.

  458. 458
    busted Says:


    Thanks for trudging into the pit for the rest of us..

    I had no doubt she would talk the JPs.. I mean they are her bread/butter. But no she knows squat. But to be all honesty I think at the beginning of their relationship she was a bit more on point. I use to read her in 2005 – 2007. Then she let the haters get in her head. I think Brad/Angie have shut everything down around them. NO one knows squat about what the do or when or where. And for the fools that claim the press was called to Namibia.. YEAH right why if that was the case was there just 2 pictures. None of them arriving or leaving the store or the Country for that matter. There has NEVER been a picture of them really on vacation. No one knows where they are for the holidays.

    ONE thing Angie said that I was YEP.. I knew it. She said that she and Brad have the press follow them so that the kids can have some activity time. I have always thought that was the case. When Brad is spotted out in LA. I am sure Angie/kids are doing something. OR when we get pics of Angie with some of the kids.. bet that the others are out somewhere too.
    I love how she said that when they were in Venice that they had a special place they went to on Sunday’s for breakfast. hmmm no paps shots.

    They are smarter than most. Love that about them and all in all it has been a good year for them..

  459. 459
    Grandpa Freeze Says:

    Crusty old man trying to pass as young. Lainey the bradloon says she thinks “the brange” have at least 2 more years in em. I think If Angie has to be with him for two more years by the time it’s over she’ll be 80 pounds or less. Extremely unhealthy with brad. When will he let her eat? I hope Lainey is wrong and Angie is set free in 2011 so she can get her groove back. Brad has really taken her down . She looks so thin and sad 80 % of the time. Worse than Katie Holmes. At least Katie has the strength to work out.

  460. 460
    Passing Through Says:

    On another note – I’m skimming through the thread and see a bunch of people thumbed down my post on why TT will losing money. Mainly I’m laughing because y’all did the same thing to my good buddy BBOQ and it occurred to me – “OH NO! I’M THE NEW BBOQ!!!” LMAO!
    At the risk of permanently becoming BBOQ – I’m going to explain my thinking a little bit and then I’ll just sit back and wait for the numbers to roll int. Time always tells. I’m a little pressed for time this morning or else I’d pull the numbers to further explain why I’ve come to the conclusion that it’ll only make around $125MIL worldwide total. The good news is…after looking at the remaining foreign markets list I’m going to increase this number to $150-160MIL. It may hit $100MIL internationally, but $150MIL as someone suggested last night just ain’t gonna happen.
    You have realize that for a 2-quadrant film like TT you’ve eliminated half the marketplace at the outset and therefore half of the earnings potentional. This is a movie that appeals mainly to women (quadrant 1), regardless of age (quandrant 2). The tracking stats at THR and other sites reflect as much.
    Secondly, there are only about 12 major international market places where moves make big bucks – UK, Australia, France, Germany, Italy, South Korea, Russia, Spain, Japan, Brazil, Mexico and China. This movie, like Salt, is NOT scheduled to play in China so already it’s at a disadvantage because it’s only playing in 11 of the 12 largest markets. You can check this for yourself at BOM by looking through the foreign numbers on just about any major film. Obviously the numbers for other countries are going to vary depending on what type of film it is. Tentpoles, action, animation and theme movies almost always do well in every international market. You can try sticking to just Angie’s films for a feel for how the numbers will go. JD’s numbers are little more iffy due to the fact that he’s done so many tentpole & kids films – which are generally 4 quadrant films.
    With that in mind, TT is already open in 6 of the biggest international markets – Italy, France, Germany, UK, Australia and South Korea. It opened soft in all 6 of these markets – 2nd and 3rd place with $2.6-$3.4MIL – which is nothing to write home about. It opens in Spain on Dec 30, Russia on Jan 5, Mexico on Jan 11, Japan on March 11, and Brazil on Jan 21. Every other market the movie has yet to open in is a minor market and most of them won’t break $1MIL for the entire run. You can see the entire list of foreign markets at the link below -
    One last thing – to the person who asked where I got my info on the budget ($100MIL) and salaries ($15MIL for both Angie & JD) – check Deadline, THR, The Wrap, Hollywood Elsewhere and Variety. Some of the info was in the dozens of interview articles that have been posted here and at JJB. I don’t recall reading that Angie said the movie came in under budget, but I’m not sure why she’d know that since actors, unless they’re producing, tend not to be given that info – unless the studio wants them to emphasize it in interviews. BOM lists the budget at $100MIL, but they’re not foolproof. They’ve got Bountiless listed as $40MIL when the directory boasted multiple times that it was $50MIL. Also, there were no tax incentives on TT, so therefore there’s no kickbacks from italy or the city of Venice. If the movie was under budget it wasn’t by that much. The main talent alone was about $40MIL (by which I mean Angie, JD, Bettany, FHvD).
    Okay…go ahead and thumb me down if you want…now I’m moving on to the next Gate…it’s never a dull moment around here…well…except for the trolls…

  461. 461
    bdj Says:

    Spanish city seeks revival with Niemeyer project

    Entire article at link

    Tuesday, 28 December 2010

    Spain’s northern industrial city of Aviles hopes a new cultural centre designed by Brazilian architect Oscar Niemeyer will transform it into a cultural capital, as the Guggenheim Museum revived Bilbao.

    The huge white main dome of the building was inaugurated on December 15, Niemeyer’s 103rd birthday. It boasts the sensuous concrete curves that define his distinctive modernist style and which has made him one of the world’s most famous architects.

    The Aviles project has already drawn at least one high-profile visitor to the city – US actor Brad Pitt, who takes a keen interest in architecture, toured the site as it was being built last year with a group of architects.

  462. 462
    bdj Says:

    Passing Through
    It is just botox troll thumbing posts down. Ole girl is on the job, back to whining and spamming. The Tourist is a fun movie. It was a good experience for AJ and her family, the director, cast and Johnny Depp. No ones know how a film will be received but I enjoyed it and others should check it out.

  463. 463
    hohoho Says:

    I think Lainey likes being an outrageous, hateful b!tch (and she is) …trying to play cool…she loves the attention..says she gets a lot of feedback in emails. Wonder why she doesn’t allow comments? I wonder if Lainey really gets emails (stop giving her any attention) at all, or she likes to tell people how “important” she is to the gossip world. Her poor mother and husband, what a ***** she must be to have around.

    Michael Phelps was right about this ugly, wonky-eyed attention-whoring, tabloid style liar.

  464. 464
    bdj Says:

    No one knows how a film will be received. The Tourist is getting good word of mouth. If you have not seen it, check it out this week and weekend.

  465. 465
    groundcontrol Says:

    woman spanish @ 12/28/2010 at 11:04 am 0
    en españa el turista se va a llamar: toma el dinero y corre.
    Isn’t Take the Money and Run an old Woody Allen movie? I wonder who came up with that translated title.

  466. 466
    Hmmmm Says:

    @Passing Through:


  467. 467
    Passing Through Says:

    456 Sherry @ 12/28/2010 at 11:03 am
    LMAO. So Lamey is on the Impending JP Breakup Sometime This Millenium Train, huh? Well, someone did say she was friends with Mr. IUC. Talk about lame. Plus, she’s a fan of Terd’s, so it would be no surprise if she’s now spouting their BS. Like we keep saying – Lamey has ZERO sources on the JPs. All she’s got is the twaddle Terd posts. Then again – this is a woman who believes, and routinely repeats and links to, stuff she reads in UK tabloids.
    Also, Lamey’s saying Rachel may be preggers? LMAO. This is the same women who jumped all over TMZ when TMZ reported that Craig & Weisz had an affair. Now all of a sudden she has a scoop on Rachel being preggers? Seriously – THIS is why we call her “Lamey”….

  468. 468
    fly high Says:

    @Passing Through:

    I think you’re right, grasp the gist of your analysis. It seems not absurd or unreasonable at all, to me, in fact. It’s hard to understand the reason why ppl thumbs down your thoughts on the (various) numbers of TT, but at the same time, easy enough to understand such ‘(slight) unwelcome attention’ towards your posts. There’s no wrong side…just the gap of standpoint. I was blamed for my “immature” point in this thread a few hours ago, in fact, I also did not have any ‘hostility’ towards TT at all. I like, of course, TT very much! Hmn, let’s just admit the difference of ‘desire’ for the NUMBER…

  469. 469
    sissysissy Says:

    PT, I heard TT will be played in mainland China on 2/13/2011… hopefully it is…

  470. 470
    Passing Through Says:

    # 460 dianad1968 @ 12/28/2010 at 11:20 am
    You hit the nail on the head. Lamey can’t get over the fact that Putrid is no longer the love of Brad’s life. In fact, Brad did the exact same thing with Putrid that he did with X after they broke up – Acted as if they’d never been a couple and she’d ceased to exist…until she admitted SHE was the one who’d screwed up. Now he’ll speak to her and even cast her in movies he’s producing…but he ain’t ever going back to her. Ditto for Ticky if she ever grew a pair and told the truth. Poor Lamey…to know that Putrid fvcked up with Brad and Angie and Brad have been together 3 times longer than he was with Putrid…the poor thing is probably shoving red hot skewers under her nails…

  471. 471
    bdj Says:

    Hens should just go see every lame rom com of Baby Jane who is fighting to stay on some bogus Forbes list. AJ does not need lists to validate her worth. She is an amazing Actress, humanitarian and Mom. AJ got paid and will continue to get paid. Angelina Jolie is an in demand Actress but her main priority is her family. Something the hen cannot comprehend because they are fighting an imaginary war and fighting to keep Baby Jane in competition with Angelina Jolie. Except Angelina Jolie is in a league of her own and Baby Jane is C list at best.

  472. 472
    fly high Says:


    I hope it’s true!!
    BTW, why China banned the open of TT?

  473. 473
    dianad1968 Says:



    That will be great.

  474. 474
    bdj Says:

    And all that fake concern and instigating are too funny by the hen.

  475. 475
    dianad1968 Says:

    @Passing Through:


    PT, Lamey is a joke, and you can smell her desperation all the way from Canada. We will be seeing a lot of crazy people talking to themselves and pulling their hair out the closer the JPs get to their 10th anniversary together.

  476. 476
    bdj Says:

    oops all that fake concern is too funny whiny paid hen. BP and AJ have their priorities in order. Go whine over the numerous breakups, scandals and affairs in 2010. The hens and Baby Jane are marching into 2011 with the same baggage.

  477. 477
    Passing Through Says:

    # 469 Hmmmm @ 12/28/2010 at 11:54 am
    ROTFLMAO. My stalkers never fail me. Quit lying out of your ass/face. Your memory, like the rest of you, sucks so don’t sprain a wrist searching through old threads looking for any posts from me saying that Salt wouldn’t reach $290MIL because you won’t find any. Now you can return the favor by STFU, eating shite and dying and for good measure, fvcking off and jumping up your own ass.
    BTW, please try not to be so predictible with the stalking. Try surprising us all occasionally and NOT doing it. It’s so last decade…

  478. 478
    Passing Through Says:

    # 472 sissysissy @ 12/28/2010 at 12:17 pm
    PT, I heard TT will be played in mainland China on 2/13/2011… hopefully it is…
    Hopefully it does because that’s a huge market. I just know it’s not on the schedule at the sony TT site. Usually studios schedule China early in the release schedule because of all the pirating that goes on there. Salt would have easily gone over the $300MIL mark if it had played in China.

  479. 479
    bdj Says:

    OT: Rhianna broke up with her boyfriend. I predict Rhi Rhi and Chris Brown will get back together or Just Jared will ask her out on a date. Just kidding.

  480. 480
    anustin Says:

    thank you miss bdj for the daily doz. .

  481. 481
    busted Says:

    @Passing Through:

    Gwenny is jealous.. Jealous of what she sees when she see Brad/Angie. Brad is a good man. Gwenny knew it when she lost him and trust Aniston knows it too. I don’t think Gwenny cared one way or other about Brad and Aniston. I think she knew it would not last. Read some of Brad’s interviews. He was telling the world it was a rebound and that he would stay as long as he stayed. But when Brad/Angie got together.. well Gwyneth saw this as something very different. He adopted Angie’s children. They had children of their own. Something he said he never wanted until Angie.. (slap to jenny and gwenny).

    If you as a woman have ever messed up with a good guy. Let him go or whatever. I’ve messed up before. so just talking from personal experience here. YOU look at him with the next woman. You know what it was like when it was good. and you see him with her and you know more than anyone else that he loves her in a way that maybe he didn’t love you. (I have a boyfriend so all is fine) LOL

    but I think that is what Gwenny sees and I know it is what Aniston sees. Brad is devoted. Always has been. Aniston has to see that Brad has put Angie’s career right up with his own. Supports her in EVERY thing she does. Stays home when she works. Travels and goes where she is. She does the same. He tired to do that with Aniston, but she would not stop working to support him. Thus him away for 6 months. NO that would not happen with the JPs.

    Notice how Gwenny all but kills herself to come across as sexy. That white dress. She looked desperate. And do you see Chris putting a minute of his life on hold to support her at all. NOPE. She had that once and trust she remembers. She can put that nose up in the air all she wants. She has a man that won’t stand by her side for anything. And because of that she has to bring up men she dated 13 years ago. Remember her saying that Brad once told her she has a voice for Country music.. Seriously.. she is married to a musician. yet she has to talk about something Brad said to her over 13 years ago. MAN.

    Laimey has put her money on the wrong pony.. She does it all the time. She is not talking about the negative reviews of Gwenny’s movie. If it had been Angie would be all over it. She is scared that Country Strong will actually be week. So her mouth is shut until the movie does well or not. Phony Bit@h.. Gwenny has been wh@ring herself promoting his film for MONTHS. Angie promoted her film the week before release..nothing more. yet Laimey goes on and on about every sighting of Angie/Brad/kids as PR. but nothing about Gwenny paying for that Star on the walk of fame.. and where oh where was Chris.. what happened to Laimey’s smutty tingle for that..

    she is an idiot that knows nothing. and she is constantly on the losing team.. I’ll stay on team Jolie-Pitt.. I think I have picked the winners in this game.

  482. 482
    bdj Says:

    What’s up Weng. Happy Holidays. Shoutouts to Neleh, Nan and all the fans.

  483. 483
    Passing Through Says:

    # 477 bdj @ 12/28/2010 at 12:25 pm
    Yep. I’m LMAO at her. Especially the use of caps. She thinks this is 3rd grade or sumpin’. I keep waiting for her to say she’s taking her ball and going home.

  484. 484
    Good One Says:

    Slightly OT- but seems to fit into the disc on lamey- funny comment fr another site re: Nat P pimping for Oscar:
    Private? No, more like hypocrite. As soon as these self-proclaimed “private” folks smell Oscar, their true colors show. Look at Kate W or even Sandy B…one of the funniest parts of Kaiser’s Ryan r/Scarjo divorce post is how she cited that people magazine article where Ryan & Sandy were all smug about how private their relationships were & thus so much better than other relationships!

  485. 485
    Passing Through Says:

    # 478 dianad1968 @ 12/28/2010 at 12:30 pm
    Lamey jumped the shark years ago when she sold out taking the eTalk gig. Now she’s met a few celebs in person and thinks she’s got some special insight on the biz. I’m sorry, but the woman lives in freaking Canada, okay? If she were in LA or NYC I’d maybe cut her some slack, but she’s not. She’s in Canada and not even the largest city. A lot of stuff gets filmed in the Vancouver area and every so often she’ll have some “exclusive” pix, but the gossip she gets from these sets is nothing special. And for a 36 year-old woman she’s awfully fixated on tween-friendly celebs and tv shows. I don’t know any adults at all who talk about Glee and Gossip Girl – yet Lamey talks incessantly about that crap. She needs to grow up and act her age. That’s why she’s always cutting X slack – cuz they’re in the same immature boat.

  486. 486
    bdj Says:
    Aww too cute

    Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt, Shiloh, and Zahara Pose With Their Christmas Hosts in Namibia!

    Angelina Jolie held Zahara while Brad Pitt had Shiloh in his arms as they posed with their host family and a few new friends in Namibia over the weekend. The Jolie-Pitts are in Shiloh’s birth country staying with Dr. Rudie van Vuuren, a famous physician, cricket player and conservationist, his wife Marlice, also a well known conservationist, and their son Zacheo. The family runs the Naankuse Wildlife Sanctuary and Lodge, where Brad, Angelina, and their kids decided to spend Christmas this year. Angelina and Brad were spotted doing last minute gift shopping on Friday, ensuring a special holiday for their six kids. Brad is finishing out his year of facial hair with sexy stubble while Shiloh’s famous blond locks are growing out. The Jolie-Pitt family is always among the most talked about stars and in 2010 Angelina and Brad kept their passion strong all year

  487. 487
    Passing Through Says:

    # 482 bdj @ 12/28/2010 at 12:53 pm
    To quote Queen – Another one bites the dust. They must be the 100th couple this year to break up and none of the gossip shows or sites saw it coming, yet they keep sitting around waiting for a couple with 6 young kids to call it quits. Amazing…

  488. 488
    anustin Says:

    the cross-eyed lainey is a buddy of all the E talk show people along with the pig heparin.

  489. 489
    Some Bunny Says:

    @bdj: TY Sooo much! I love how they are spending time with two well known conservationists. Loving the earth. <3

  490. 490
    dianad1968 Says:



    Putrid and FT know very well that they lost a good man in Brad, and their hens and hags know it too, which is why all these years later, they still can’t move on. Worse yet is when Angie praises her man to high heaven. The hens can try to berate Brad and call him “old” and “ugly” and “dirty” all they want, but they see how happy and in love he is with Angie and his kids, and they know there is no hope for the two loser rejects he left. That has got to hurt. I think the worst slap in their faces, was when Brad jumped on a plane just after wrapping Moneyball, and hightailed it to his family in Budapest, and even more, showed his devotion and support to his woman in her directoral debut, by being on the set every day debut. Who wouldn’t want a man like that?

  491. 491
    bdj Says:

    NEW Thread

  492. 492
    Lara Says:

    ————————————–New Thread———————————————

  493. 493
    busted Says:


    yeah I loved how he headed out the minute that movie wrapped. The Hags were so pissed.. remember they were claiming he was texting the ex and was going to see her in NYC.. funny how that never happened.

    But that picture of them outside with Shi/Zee the next morning. Brad in his silk pjs.. Angie wearing either his top or nothing under that coat…

    What a reunion it must have been. Same thing when he flew to the Megamind Premier and then flew right out.. Back on the set with Angie the next day.. and I saw the hags screaming Brad was whipped because he was there by Angie’s side.. Can you believe it. Women are idiots sometimes. When a man is never with a woman they say nothing, but when a man supports his woman they scream whipped..

    NO wonder most of those fools don’t have a man.

  494. 494
    jeeen Says:

    Why don’t these 2 get married? They need to get some morals.

  495. 495
    sh*t Says:

    me no pisher. You are. I said my openion, you paidmanhos enjoy never again post in here.

  496. 496
    feedback Says:

    lol….All of the “hidden due to low comment ratings” are cracking me up!! There’s lots of really witty, spot on posters!!

  497. 497
    feedback Says:

    Someone on here said,” when you have the likes of CH as a friend you’ve hit the bottom”. I guess Katie Couric “hit the bottom” . At the end of Katie’s interview with Chelsea, she told Chelsea she was getting a group together to go see Chelsea’s show…..That’s what Katie said after CH dissed Angie when interviewed. …lol

  498. 498
    Click to see Says:

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