Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt: Christmas in Namibia!

Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt: Christmas in Namibia!

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt do some Christmas shopping at a mall on Thursday (December 23) in Windhoek, Namibia.

The 35-year-old actress left the store with Brad, 47, while pushing a cart full of toys.

Last week, Angie said the couple planned to “travel with the kids and go to a random part in the world.” Now we know where exactly they went!

Namibia is a special place for the Jolie-Pitts. Daughter Shiloh was born in the African country four years ago in the seaside town of Swakopmund.

FYI: Inside BP and AJ’s shopping cart is the Mudslinger Ford F150 Remote Controlled Monster Truck.

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Photos: Francois Poolman/AP Photo
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  • http://deleted angierocks

    I agree Brad Hot Dam n!Agie is glowing!

  • Kristin

    Brad looks really good in this picture, really sexy.

  • ccc

    Have a good Christmas, all you JP fans. I can’t blog b/c my school work was not up to my father’s expectation. My brothers keep me informed on JPs. They know I like the family. Bless you all.

  • Vanegasta Jose
  • Media Wh@re MANiston

    The trolls are losing their S.H.I.T. again. I love it.

    Wish all the Jolie Pitt a wonderful Holiday Season!!!!

  • lurker aka angel

    crdt meems jjb happy x mass fans brad and angie look so happy

    Here is an interesting tidbit.

    AS SANTA rides across America with toys on a sleigh, Bono is dropping into Africa on a bush plane bearing gifts from Louis Vuitton. This charity stunt is a little rich — in the literal sense.

    In a current ad campaign, Bono and wife Ali Hewson disembark from their plane carrying a new Vuitton bag and wearing clothing for their African fashion house. Proclaiming that “every journey began in Africa,’’ the ad says proceeds from sales of this bag and Bono’s and Newson’s “fee’’ go to an Ugandan cotton conservation initiative.

    The ad is bizarre on its face. It is not easy to link Africa’s salvation to the world’s largest luxury-goods company and its universe of conspicuous consumption. But then, this is the same Bono who hobnobs with world leaders in the name of Africa’s poor, but occupies a poor rung in the realm of celebrity charity. The New York Post this year reported that his ONE awareness campaign for Africa raised $15 million in donations, but distributed only $185,000 to three charities while spending more than $8 million on executive and employee salaries.

    The nonprofit’s explanation, expressed in the British press by ONE spokesman Oliver Buston, was, ’’We don’t provide aid programs on the ground. We are an advocacy and campaigning organization.’’

    Sorry, but far more important are organizations that deliver money to programs on the ground. In this season of high giving, it can be maddening to try to figure out whether the money going to charitable organizations is really helping people in need.

    On the local scene, Massachusetts Attorney General Martha Coakley last week issued a report that found that of $329 million raised last year by professional fund-raisers, only 43 percent of those funds made it to the actual charity. Coakley urged people to ask solicitors how much of the money is going to charities, and which ones, so that givers’ generosity will not be “diluted.’’

    Dilution can come in other forms. Consider the fabled September car accident of New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady. He was driving a $97,000 Audi that was a perk for laudable involvement with the Best Buddies International charity, which assists the learning-disabled. The accident became an instant symbol of clubhouse charity, where elites convince themselves they must lavish luxury upon one another in order to assist the unfortunate.

    In light of those examples, it is all the more important to praise those who put money where you think it’s going.

    In Massachusetts, the organizations that raised at least $10,000 through professional fund-raisers and received an average of least 80 cents of each dollar from all programs in Coakley’s report included AmeriCares, ChildFund International, the Christian Appalachian Project, UNICEF, Food and Water Watch, and Lutheran World Relief. The first four groups also have excellent efficiency ratings in’s annual list of America’s 200 biggest charities.

    Meanwhile, many celebrity charities are far more than mere bullhorns for superstars. You can start with Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt. According to a analysis of their 2008 tax return, the couple, with causes ranging from Haitian earthquake relief to Hurricane Katrina restoration and from Ethiopian health care to refugee protection, gave out $6.4 million, with overhead of only around $288,000, or 4.5 percent. claps1 Other celebrity foundations with overhead of 5 percent or less according to Forbes carry names as varied as Celine Dion, Ron Howard, Stephen King, Bette Midler, David Letterman, Alec Baldwin, and Martha Stewart.

    Last month, the New York Times described Pitt, Jolie, and actors such as Cambridge Rindge and Latin’s own Matt Damon and Ben Affleck as members of a new “Brat Pack’’ who are going beyond telethons, honorary board memberships, and galas to “become experts on the issues they care about.’’ At Christmastime, it’s refreshing to hear about brats like these, rather than loudmouths dropping Louis Vuitton bags into Africa.

  • afan

    They are glowing. The toys is probably for other kids. I read somewhere Angie said she already done x-max shoping and make everything ready to go.

  • HCE

    Love them!!

  • thelookoflove1365

    Merry Christmas to all the JP fans. I wish you all GOOD health, wealth, and happiness this holiday.
    Special shout out to neleh for always including me in her roll call.
    I hope the JPs are having a very merry christmas.

  • gracie


    Total Lifetime Grosses Domestic: $35,463,000 61.0%

    + Foreign: $22,717,724 39.0%


    = Worldwide: $58,180,724

  • chat noir

    Merry Christmas to JP family and all of you!

  • vee

    Merry Christmas, Jolie-Pitt fans! I hope the holiday is bright for everyone. Thanks for sharing, Jared–Angie, Brad, and the six little ones always bring joy!

  • GO


    Hmn I can’t get it, is that good score?

  • http://justjared bermygirl

    Happy Holidays to all Jolie Pitt fans. Have a wonderful time with your loved ones.

    The Jolie Pitts continue to entertain, intrigue and inspire us with their talent, love and compassion. Two people fell for each other and took a chance for love and now eight people are encompassed and bound together by that love. A great family.

  • dark angel

    Trolls, please give a rest at least a day. This day should be filled with happiness and positivity. Can’t you feel the love flowing inside you?

  • trt

    A very Merry Christmas to all the JP fans!!!!!!

  • andrea

    Love them together! Wow, Brad is looking good! Angie, too!

  • aseret64

    Merry Christmas to all the JP fans around the world. The Jolie-Pitts are having a Christmas blasts in Namibia. I can imagine the JP kids are so happy and excited opening their xmas gifts. I read that they are celebrating their New Year with Brad’s parents. How sweet! Well, sorry haters, Im just so full of love in my heart right now so I will just ignore all of you.

  • LYNN

    Merry Christmas to the Jolie/Pitt and family. I hope you are enjoying your holiday and getting plenty of rest. You two have had a very blessed year and I am looking foward to you two having an even better ones in the future. I also want to wish the smartest, the most beautiful, the most intelligent, so very clever and the quickest to give out the correct info on Angie and not allow the enemy to rule these threads with all the lies. The J/P fans have said all along that you have a right to hate on whomever, but the lies will be challenged. You will be shown where you are lying right on this computer, where we all will know what the truth is.. Love you guys. Merry Christmas all J/P fans.

  • LYNN

    I do not believe Jennifer Aniston at all. I think she knew Chelsa was going to go forming at the mouth on Angie. My girlfriend and I said why is she going off like that. She is acting like Brad left her ugly a**


    @teri: DUH! They brought the paps with them. How many paps do you think hang out in Nambia anyway? Get a clue! Angie needs publicity right now. She’s desperate for it. Sucking up to Ryan Seacrest proved it.


    @hongkong fan: Truth!

  • Can’t run from BO tank

    Elephant in the room.

  • Andamentothat

    Merry Christmas!!! Greetings to all fans!
    Let’s enjoy these beautiful pics and go
    support The Tourist !!

  • Slig^_^ cute

    Merry x-mas to you all

  • mmsic

    Beautiful twosome,the real golden couple of Hollywood,period!!!

  • Yxxx

    Why the All guys love they parnet’s Angilena slut

  • furrrball

    @a matter of time: hahahahahaha, here in Africa we havnt seen it yet. thank goodness they dont come further south – we dont want them here

  • furrrball

    I cannot stand these two pieces of oxygen thieves, but one thing is sure. They suit each other immacutely – they are equally the same in many ways from being dirty to being smart. A Pitty he never met up with this person in the beginning – he wouldnt have destroyed so many relationships then. I wish them luck and their children. So how about a brandnew 2011 to them and hope they buy their own country in which they can stay and never resurface!

  • this

    @Bellas: not even close LOL

  • Glee

    So that’s where the miles take them.. Enjoy the journey guys, it took you to the place of your first biological child… Brad & Angie you are the best..God bless.

  • teri

    Merry Christmas everyone.

    Some goon is using my SN again. If it’s a nasty post then it wasn’t by the real teri.

  • http://deleted angierocks

    The name changing hater keeps answering to itself LOL!Yes we get it you are not a fan,can’t stand them blah blah blah what we can’t understand is what in the heck are you doin in an Angelina and Brad thread is beyond us really….but you are definitely OWNED!……Merry Christmas JP fans!

  • mervyn

    I wasn’t aware he destroyed any relationships? Or maybe you mean the press invented illusions? I think the time has come for you to destroy that shrine you built in your attic.

  • 6Yrs Bitter Bi!ch Ex !

    Brad brought Angie and their 6 children to Namibia to celebrating their loves!

    5yrs 8+ months ,their loves are still strong and they’re always together.

    Brad never looked back !

    In 12 days will be 6 yrs that The Barren Cow Ex had been removed her Status & Title !

    Bitter Bi!ch Ex is still living with her past and her set up boytoys + dogs !


  • Really!

    OMG! What a MANLY WOMAN. She looks like guys from 60s.

  • Wondering

    Are they two brothers???? Who is older? Both men look sick. Why his name is Angelina? I suppose it is a girl name.

  • Wondering

    Are they two brothers???? Who is older? Both men look sick. Why his name is Angelina? I suppose it is a girl name. .

  • lurker

    @Really!: You must be talking about Maniston. Chinlike a man, jaw like a man and a pe.nis to boot. You are on the wrong thread

  • tazzy

    @furrrball: I pity you. Instead of celebrating Christmas morning you are here spewing hate against someone who doesn’t know you from a hole in the ground. How sad your life is so empty. I will say a prayer for you.

  • tazzy


    If this is your attempt at humour this morning, give it up you are not funny.

  • tazzy

    Merry Christmas fellow JP fans. Wishing ya’ll a great day. Hope 2011 is everything you want it to be.

  • neer

    Looking at those pics of AJBP in Namibia doing some shopping put a smile on my face, knowing that despite their high profile status, they’re able to live a normal life just like average people. They seem to enjoy what they are doing. The glow on their faces just show they really love doings things together as a couple. I mean, there’s not a trace of pretensions. They are just who they are who love to be away from the limelight once in a while and savor every moment of togetherness. They are normal couple whose jobs are in acting profession. After doing their celebrity duties in promoting their films, they easily go back to their ‘normal’ life. Of course, no matter how much they try to live as normal as possible, they really cannot help but easily attract people due to their “beyond normal” gorgeousness and they should not be blamed for it. It is what it is, so the public should learn how to deal with it as AJBP do not seem to make a great deal of it. In other words, normal people who are not blessed with so much physical attributes should just learn to co-exist with genetically-blessed people and let them live like ordinary folks, doing ordinary activities or errands.Just let them be.

  • they took paps with them GET publicity
    JJ stop take paid from THAT overrated couple!


    Love, love love LOVE it!! They look so happy, and rested and beautiful!! What a X-mas they are having I bet!! I stopped in real quick because I saw THIS post (see below) from ‘observer 2′ on a break from the last of my X-mas wrapping:
    Awww, FT’s perfume has the smell of being a bust. Merry Christmas!

    ~~Jennifer Aniston’s Perfume Suffers Poor Sales
    It looks as though no one wants to smell like the actress…
    Unlike Britney Spears and Jennifer Lopez, Jennifer Aniston isn’t smelling the scent of success because her perfume doesn’t seem to be selling well.
    The star’s lack of promotional work on her debut scent which was launched earlier this year in Harrods, is reportedly to blame for no one spritzing themselves with Jen’s scent.
    A source revealed to Now: “Jen chose her perfume.. But other than launching it at Harrods in London, she’s done no promotion.
    “No one knew where to find it and now everyone’s lost interest.”
    Although no one from Jen’s camp has commented on the poor sales, the source believes that they will be disappointed.
    They continued: “They’re bound to be disappointed. They can’t figure out why no-one wants to smell like Jen.
    “Marketing shows most people believe Jen smells ‘natural and clean’, which is the opposite of why you’d buy a perfume, so maybe that’s it.”~~

    BAHAHAHAHAHAH!!! Hey trolls, and FF freaks – why didn’t you go out and buy the golden girl’s stink water?? HAHAHAHAHAHA!!! People aren’t really baffled as to why Maniston can’t sell to women are they??!! COME ON, IT’S OBVIOUS!!
    She REPELS men. They LEAVE her. She is a sour faced, poor pitiful whiny wretch who is WEAK, shaky and unstable – who has enablers/azz wipers who ‘keep her together.’
    Women buy products, especially cosmetics and perfume, TO BE ALLURING. Which she is not, never was, and never will be. Women buy things to be seductive, to be irrestible…to be…well, Angelina Jolie. Hahahaha!!
    Not to be the woman who CRAWLS back to peeboy John Mayer on her hands and knees TWICE, even as he’s regaling the public of his lust for OTHER women. Not to be the woman that milks a relationship with a guy who ultimately leaves and then says of his new wife, I never wanted kids before you. (Vince and Brad), not to be the woman that is a dismissive ‘sport fck.’
    This isn’t rocket science. The perception of her, is that she is weak, neurotic, whiny, clingy and pretty miserable.
    Who wants to ‘smell’ or BE, like that??

  • anustin

    unlike Maniston…being for home alone #6 da movie!!! tahahahahaha.lovin it! baby.

  • PassPort Family

    Nambia, LOL. Very Nice Choice. Beats the kids being with the grand parents in Miss. huh? Nambia!! Give me a break…
    DO they even have a HOME BASE? Those kids will forever remember this, Hotel Life. Just like Angie said she never wanted for ‘her kids’, that’s what I do not get. Heard that in her own words in an interview prior to having kids. They are the most traveled couple ever!
    Go figure. He looks happy, even wearing her fav color. lol
    Oh they are good looking, for sure. lol

  • anustin

    family that shops together….fcuk together!!!! bahaahahaha now that life!

  • neer

    A house is not necessarily a home.
    A house is just a structure while a home is the atmosphere…the spirit…..the feel…..
    A home is where your heart is….. with your love ones regardless of the house.
    As someone said, “….the concept of ‘home’ is broader than a physical dwelling. Home is often a place of refuge and safety, where worldly cares fade, with things and people you love becoming the focus. Home is central to one’s life, primarily emotional, and partially physical. It is an environment offering affection and security.”
    What AJBP has created is surely a home, NOT a house!


    Hey moron #98, they’ll be in Missouri (“Miss,” is not the nickname for that state, einstein) w/ the grans and the other relatives for New Year’s. Guess you missed that while stalking them. It’s way more visiting than Maniston ever did, since she wanted to keep her cash/industry/career cow, Brad in LaLa Land doing networking w/ his film friends and try to finagle herself a legit film career (bwhahaha, as if). Maniston couldn’t be bothered with Missouri or Brad’s family. My guess is, she was resentful – he had a family, she had none…so staying ‘away’ made her not think about it, she could also avoid the inevitable questions from Brad’s people re where was her mother and father and family and why didn’t she contact them and spend time with them..she could pretend family/roots weren’t important to Brad. At some point he started saying F* you, and going to visit his family himself (like his parents 40th Anniv party).